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Home » Flies in the Bible: 9 Negative Biblical Meanings of Flies

Flies in the Bible: 9 Negative Biblical Meanings of Flies

Flies in the Bible: 9 Strong Biblical Meanings of Flies

Today I will talk about the meaning of flies in the Bible and reveal the biblical meaning of flies.

Almost everyone has seen flies roaming around their house and quickly sprayed them dead.

Flies are not only disgusting but ar agents of infectious diseases.

Even so, spiritual consultants believe flies have a Biblical significance, associating them with different events and beliefs

Whenever you see a fly in your house, in dreams, or outside, there’s something more than just its physical appearance and sounds.

Understanding the Biblical significance of flies will help you change your perspective regarding these tiny insects and act accordingly. 

This post discusses the Biblical meanings and symbolisms of flies.  

What Do Flies Symbolize?

Flies inside an house

Flies are largely disliked due to their ability to spread various diseases. However, flies have different symbolisms, which are both negative and positive, but the former outweighs its counterpart. 

Traditionally, the presence of flies could indicate an upcoming threat.

Consuming food a fly has set foot on could cause and spread severe illnesses such as cholera. 

Spiritual experts translate the fly’s ability to cause diseases as an incoming danger in one’s life.

Just as you’re required to protect your food from access by flies and stay vigilant when handling, you should remain watchful for any possible threats and act accordingly

Prophetic Meaning of Flies 

Prophetic Meaning of Flies 

Flies have various prophetic meanings, some of which are positive, while others can be harmful.

According to different spiritual beliefs and cultures, the presence could prophetically mean there’s a bad omen one must watch out for
Sometimes, when the fly is endlessly roaming around your house, it could pass a particular message. That explains why you may try to kill or scare them away in vain. 
Another profound prophetic meaning of flies around your house or in your dreams is that you should strive to avoid your awful habits.
The divine universe uses flies to warn its creations about their wrong ways that often contradict the laws or teachings. 
These habits could impact us negatively if we don’t avoid them early enough. Instead of awaiting the repercussions, it’s essential to look into this prophetic message with the guidance of a spiritual specialist. 

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Meaning of Flies in the Bible 

Meaning of Flies in the Bible 

The Bible talks about flies in Exodus chapter 8.

God ordered Moses to confront Pharaoh to let His people go and worship Him, unless He would send a swarm of flies to attack the Egyptians.  

When Pharaoh failed to adhere to God’s command, the Lord sent a dense swarm of flies, which tortured everyone in Egypt except the Israelites.

The Bible recognizes flies as a form of punishment from God for not adhering to His word and teachings. 

Ecclesiastes 10:1 also refers to flies as a symbol of plaque and the severe consequences of one’s ungodly practices. It says, “Like dead flies grant perfume a foul smell, so a little folly outweighs honor and wisdom.”

Therefore, believers should live according to God’s teachings so as not to associate with the impurity and evilness of flies as perceived in the Bible. 

Biblical Meaning of Flies in a Dream 

Black fly

Dreaming about flies has different Biblical significances from seeing them physically in your house or outside.

Although the Bible doesn’t directly speak about flies in a dream, spiritual experts believe that they could signify an ungodly belief or practice that one needs to let go of

This could be because you’re holding onto something draining your energy or going against God’s plans.

Sometimes, the opposite – you’re ignoring something that would positively change your life could be true.

Another symbol of the presence of flies in a dream is the tragic end of something in your life.

It could be the death of a loved one, a breakup in a relationship, loss of a job, or a business failure. It’d be best to seek intervention from a spiritualist to understand the significance of seeing flies in a dream. 

Biblical Meaning of Flies in Dreams and Real Life: 9 Signs

Biblical Meaning of Flies

Here are nine Biblical meanings of flies in dreams and real life. 

1) It would help if you cut off some people from your life 

No man is an island, right? Everyone has different people with whom they connect, whether from your family, at school, Church, work, or neighborhood.

As years proceed, we tend to bring some people closer than others, giving them a slight or significant influence over our lives

Unfortunately, not everyone you meet in your life means positive impacts.

Others could be the source of the significant problems you face.

These include anyone who:

  • Makes you less confident;
  • Betrays you;
  • Bothers you;
  • Or sets themselves as your competition despite your honesty to them.

The best thing to do is to cut off such people. 

2) A sign to continue trying 

Consistency, persistence, and determination can be more challenging than they appear.

Flies in a dream or real life could remind you that you should keep working hard to achieve particular goals. 

As the insects produce the disturbing sound, they evoke feelings of resilience, patience, and persistence in you.

Maybe you’ve been striving to accomplish something, but there are many challenges. 

Seeing a fly seeks to eradicate every second thought of giving up and motivates you to hold on until the end.

This is because the divine world is happy whenever we achieve success in different fields and give up on none. 

3) A symbol of death 

This is the most unfortunate Biblical symbol of seeing flies in your dreams or real life, but it’s important to acknowledge it.

Spiritual experts believe that flies in your house or dreams could indicate the approaching loss of a loved one through death. 

However, this message can be challenging to interpret because its practicality can only be proven after someone has died.

Therefore, some spiritualists believe that it doesn’t have to be the actual death of someone

It could be the sudden end of certain relations, such as:

  • Family ties;
  • Romantic relations;
  • Or friendships.

Loss of a job, a tragic loss in business, or something else could also lie in this interpretation. 

4) Rebirth or change is knocking 

Besides death, flies could also mean that change is approaching your way, and you must be prepared enough.

However, these changes are often negative, but there could be a few positive ones. 

Flies in your dream or house seek to alert you to take suitable measures because something is about to change in your life.

It can be challenging to interpret this Biblical significance on your own. 

That’s why you should find a spiritualist, especially if you feel a phase of your life is fading away or starting.

That way, you’ll be more prepared for whatever comes and take the proper steps to create a positive effect. 

5) Something or someone wants your attention

Seeing flies in your dreams or real life could signify that something or someone needs your attention.

Spiritualists associate these insects’ constantly annoying and distractive noise to notify that you should focus on a particular thing or person. 

Maybe someone or something has been trying to capture your attention for a while, but you’re not keen to.

  • It could be a potential investment idea;
  • A job opportunity;
  • A dying relationship or friendship;
  • Or a secret admirer. 

Whenever you see some flies, carefully analyze what you might be neglecting and save it before it’s too late.

This interpretation mainly seeks to yield positive outcomes in one’s life as the divine universe wouldn’t constantly draw your attention to evil things. 

6) You may need a spiritual rebirth 

The endless buzzing could be more than just an annoying sound but a message to look deeper into your spiritual ways.

Seeing flies in your dreams or house may signify that it’s time to take a positive turn in your spiritual journey

In this case, a spiritual turn refers to eradicating every ungodly factor you might have welcomed into your life, neglecting your sinful ways, and starting a fresh journey with God. 

Many believers believe that only those who have significantly or entirely neglected the Lord’s teachings should undertake spiritual rebirth.

The truth is the extent to which you’ve deviated from God’s word doesn’t matter when it comes to spiritual renewal.

7) You’re about to succeed

Black flies in your dreams or real life don’t have to signify something negative.

Spiritualists believe seeing these insects could indicate that success is approaching your life from different angles

This interpretation is associated with the flies’ ability to adapt and thrive in different climatic conditions and environments unfavorable to other animals.

Despite their tiny size, this adaptability attribute reflects success, even though the road may get rough sometimes

If you’ve been striving to succeed with a particular milestone and see flies in your house or dream about them, you’re not far from victory.

However, success needs effort, hard work, and endless persistence

8) You can do this! 

Another positive interpretation of seeing flies is that they could indicate that you can and will surpass every challenge and emerge victorious.

The insects’ ability to buzz endlessly and distract humans as tiny as they are means you can also beat more significant challenges and succeed. 

This could also be a reminder that you should be highly focused on your responsibilities so you may achieve the best.

So, the next time you see flies roaming around your house or dreams, take a moment to reflect on the challenges you’ve been facing lately and dedicate more energy to them. 

9) A sign of an underlying disease 

Flies have been linked to the spread of diseases for years as they’re known to bear several pathogens like parasites, viruses, and bacteria.

While this interpretation is scientifically proven, some spiritualists believe that seeing flies in your dreams or real life could signify an underlying disease or condition

In this case, the best thing to do is to examine if anyone in your household is suffering from a particular disease or condition.

Since the conditions could sometimes be hidden from the typical human eye, it’s essential to consult spiritual and medical specialists for further understanding.

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Are Flies really mentioned in the Bible?

The message from God with about flies

Yes. Flies are mentioned in the Bible from Exodus 8:10 when God ordered Moses to warn Pharaoh against oppressing His People.

He warned that He would send a swarm of flies, which He did after Pharaoh failed to adhere to the commands.

Another scripture is Ecclesiastes 10:1.

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Although flies are often linked with death and other unfavorable occurrences, they can also serve as a warning to help you prepare early enough to prevent misfortunes. 

Additionally, flies can positively change our perspective, including working hard for our dreams. So, the next time you see a fly, you should be ready to experience any of these interpretations in your life. 

9 thoughts on “Flies in the Bible: 9 Negative Biblical Meanings of Flies”

  1. Very interesting information as I saw alot of flies in my house after a man who is interested in me came to my house when I was not around. Is the symbol of bad fortune on me or him?

    1. I was in church today and a black fly landed on me today . I had been praying for my future husband to come home to me.. he is the military . And praying for a new job . I don’t understand the meaning behind it .can you explain this to me . thanks

      1. Hello,

        This fly carries an important message to you. It means your prayers are being heard and God is protection you and your future husband.
        The time for him to come back home is getting close. A new job opportunity will appear soon but you need to be patient.

  2. The angels send us messages through the animals, today i killed 4 days in my room, I went through all of summer and didn’t notice one fly, but today I killed 3, and let the 4th live.

    The signs are there, we just fail to notice them.

    If anyone is interested I awakening, seek out a master called Mr Sky.

  3. Would like to know what it means of me seeing a total of 4-5 flies in my house I killed I killed 4 flies and 1 was already dead on my bedroom windows pannel behind blinds is this a good sign that my guardian angles watching over me or giving me a sign that a blessing is near to change my life I never knew they were in there until I got up to do my hair I killed 3 in bathroom and 1 in bedroom on bedroom door. Really would like to seek out to someone for a understanding to not be worried.

  4. My window in the kitchen was covered in flies. It happened twice. I sprayed both times and finally got rid of them. Does anyone have an idea spiritually what this means?

  5. Hi there.
    I’ve been at a new job for the past 2 months . I
    A fly have been sitting on my desk at work. For this past week now. I keep waving it away but it keeps sitting there. Then it flies up & sit on me, then fly back to the desk . Everywhere I go , the fly go. I’ve tried citronella oil it’s not working.

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