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8 Spiritual Meanings of Rain – Symbolism and Significance

8 Spiritual Meanings of Rain - Symbolism and Significance

What’s the spiritual meaning and symbolism of rain? What’s this rain wants to tell me? Is rain bringing me bad luck?

Such questions pops-up into the mind every single time we encounter rain. But do you know- Rain always indicates you in one sense or another? To understand its essence, let’s look at the notions or thoughts of our renowned experts.

The history of rain is a beautiful one. From the ancient Greeks to the Christians, everyone has seen it as a blessing from God. Even now in modern society, we still look at rain as something good and something that’s needed for life on Earth to thrive.

This blog post will explore 8 spiritual meanings of rain and its significance throughout time and across cultures.

What does the rain represent spiritually?

What does the rain represent spiritually

The way rain freshens the surroundings all around and shows the beginning of the new season. It washes away all the dirt, revitalizing the plants to germinate and grow again into new ones.

Similarly, it soothes the mind cheering our soul to forget the denial and focus on something fresh out there. It instructs us to Stop revolving around our undone chores and start fresh with determination to complete our goal this time.

In many cultures, rain is a representation of fertility and rebirth.

In others, it symbolizes relief from the heat or drought. When we think about what rain means to us in life, it can be easy to draw connections between our moods and the weather outside. 

Rain is often associated with happiness because for most people, being able to go outside when it’s raining feels refreshing. It also makes people feel more relaxed due to the sound of rainfall which in turn lowers blood pressure levels.

The rain symbolism

The rain symbolism

On the one hand, rain symbolizes revival, re-growth, romance, or self-introspection, whereas, on the other hand, people sometimes consider it a sign of bad luck or unhappiness.

It all depends upon how we feel it. Please scroll down to get the simplified explanation on how rain is seen as: 

Spiritual Meaning of Rain: 8 Hidden messages

Spiritual Meaning of Rain

Crossing the threshold of a new day, there is always an element of uncertainty. The arrival of rain has created not only physical change in your environment but also mental and spiritual changes.

The sound of raindrops on the roof or pavement can be quite soothing to some people while others may find it irritating. Why does this happen? What are these different reactions about? Let’s explore 8 spiritual meanings behind why we might love or hate the sound of raindrops hitting surfaces below us.

1. Rain as a symbol of Revival/ Re-growth

Nature has everything in its hands in one way or another. Removing off the filth and bringing in the new energy into the environment marks the character of rain.

Likewise, it also encourages us to handle situations calmly and ascertain that difficult times are challenging but not impossible to overcome. Unfailingly good times always come after bad ones. So never lose hope and trust nature’s play to make you shine again.

2. Rain In the Bible

The reference of the rain in the Bible is as pure as God’s love. Many phrases in the Bible show that- the shower is a god gift sent directly from heaven to its devotees. The presence of water is not abundant enough everywhere; that’s why rain happens to fulfill the requirement.

It truly depicts how God has been showing mercy to its creations from the very beginning. In this way, we can say that God heartily portrays rain as a sign of compassion and strength through his sight.

3. Rain in Hindu Religion

‘Indra’ is considered a lord of rain according to Hindu Mythology. Cultivation and then selling outcrops in the market is the only livelihood of the farmers.

Therefore, people in India, especially farmers, present their adoration to Lord Indra before every year’s rainy season. It is believed that worshipping will make them have an excellent crop for the season.

It is also regarded that if there is low rainfall during the season, Lord Indra is either angry or upset towards its devotees.

4. Rain in Greek and Egyptian Mythologies

People worldwide worship the constituents of nature as one God or another.

Zeus- the chief protector of all gods and living beings, is the lord of rain in the prehistoric Greek period. As the ruler of the sky, he is responsible for rain, thunder, and lightning throughout his liveliness.  

Tefnut is the goddess of rain or moisture in ancient Egyptian Mythology. As a water Goddess, she is found in the center of the desert civilization and plays an essential role in the sustenance of their livelihood.

5. Rain and Unhappiness

Rain, rain, go away,……… Little Johnny wants to play; As we have sung since our adolescent days. 

We all hate it from a child to adults when rain becomes an obstacle between our games and essential works. No one likes to cancel their plans and spoil their big days because of the rain. 

Therefore, many people look at rain as a gloomy and dreary shower falling from the sky over casting their pre-planned schedule.

6. Rain and unpredictability

Rain is an event that occurs unexpectedly without any foreseen warning or sign. Synonymously, rain represents unannounced and sudden events or things that occur in our lives.

Life is full of uncertainty, and anything will happen anytime. Such happenings can be good or bad as well. Hence we can say that rain even exhibits the unpredictability of life events.

7. Rain and romance

Ever seen a single movie without a rain scene in it. The remembered or famous scenes, especially romantic ones, were always shot in the rain.

There is no denial in the fact that rain and romance have a deep connection with each other. Rain is the language of the soul.

The rain droplets falling onto your body make you recall the touch and warmth of your loved ones, even though you are far away from them.

8. Rain as a symbol for self-introspection

Looking up upon the rain signals shows us how these signs circulate our lives, outlining one important aspect or another. Thus, the most important symbol that is of self-introspection can’t be ignored. 

Depending on the state of affairs you are at present. The rain dreams or hallucinations seek a person to ponder upon his good or evil deeds. Sometimes, rain ought us to soul-search for the decisions we are confused about. Finally, it utters us to have clarity in our thoughts.

The rain symbolism in literature

Raining day

Authors, writers, poets, and novelists all use rain as a metaphor to display one’s character or mark. They cast down a rain’s part according to the need of the plot. The various rain scenarios are:

Rain as Hindrance: 

Most of the writers use rain as a stumbling block to reflect the hurdles or barriers faced by the main character or hero of the story. It shows how hard they have gone through to reach their destination.

For example, He wakes up on cold winter mornings to sell the newspapers. He never got afraid of gloom and nights and worked even more complex as a rock. By watching his willpower and Dunkirk spirit, they often calculate him to be a vital figure in the future.

Rain as Blessing: 

The shower of rain on a dry spell land is no less than a miracle. For farmers or cultivators, the abundant amount of rainfall during the cultivating season is pure bliss. Story writers or movie makers use rain as a highlighter in such scenes to show its importance.

For example, It was an ordinary day; Samira prayed and slept calmly on the field side facing the sky. She felt raindrops falling onto her head eventually.

She woke up in surprise and looked up at the sky. Watching the breeze and thunder left her with a smile which has never seen in years before.

Deep down, she realized that her patience was worth it, and the creator did not leave her prayers unheard.     

Rain as Cleanser: 

Rain has often been used as a washer of sins or negativity and a welcomer of morality and kindness. The win of good over evil is forever picturized concerning rain by the author.

For Example- They were fighting in the extremely harsh weather.

The lightning in the sky, loud thumping of Clouds hadn’t stopped until the triumph of victory was with the righteous one. As soon as the evil clown died, the heavy rain beat down the ground, and the sinner was washed away.   

What does it mean when it rains on your birthday?

When it rains on your birthday

Our parents remember everything that happened on the day we were born by heart if you were also born on a rainy day, Hello twin! The feelings are mutual.

It has been mentioned by a lot of astrologers that the kind of weather on your born day tells a lot about your personality. People born on a rainy day are said to be tranquil and cheerful sort of a person. 

Some believe that it’s natural to have rain on your birthday, whereas others think it is a sign that something good will happen that you have never imagined.

Our loved ones even use rain as a parable for sky tears falling when he sent another angel to the earth. They look at us as pure bliss from God by fortune.

Can rain represent good luck?

Rain and good luck

There comes a long-running debate into our minds about – Is rain good or bad luck for me?

Before moving forward, let’s get this thing straight within our brains, that trusting and accepting things by labeling them as your luck is a delusion we all live. When something good happens to us, we consider it a result of our dedicated work, but when we do not get the desired outcomes, we wrap it around to the neck of the hard luck

Rain fills our hearts with rejuvenation and, as per its portrayal, is a motion for fresh arrival and bringing into our lives. Rain timelessly transforms all encircling environments like a pristine ones.

The celestial sound of the shower makes one forget all worries, comforting mind and body.

When the heart is at ease, such days of joy and distress allow a person to clear out negative and initiate with positive thoughts.

If we think practically, Raining on our special days always spoils the mood. We all have plans on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Wedding Day, etc. So when rain without any warning occurs on events, as mentioned earlier, it’s annoying and troublesome. Drearily soft or shadowy cloud cover can make anyone feel cranky and bad-tempered over fate.

5 Superstitions about Rain

Rain superstitions

We all are familiar with some or another rain superstitions, and some of us even believe in them. The following are:

  1. People born on rainy days are said to be chatty and talk a lot.
  1. Most of the time, our parents stop us from eating in oversized utensils like pressure cookers or pans, saying that this will rain on your wedding.
  1. Once in a time, we all have tied the rain charms and put an inverted pan into the back of the courtyard or garden of our home. It is believed to stop and clear out the rainy weather.
  1. Many people believe that when many snakes come together at a particular place, they represent that the rain is about to happen.
  1. Some sayings also define the rain shower occurrence because of the marriage of the frogs.


 Whenever such a question knocks your mind in the future ahead, I will clear-cut recommend you to focus on the bright side with a hopeful heart and always take Rain as God’s grace. Consider it as a Creator’s love and care for you. 

How a person thinks possesses his mindset and shapes his existence similarly.

“THINK FOR THE GOOD AND GOOD WILL COME TO YOU” Live your life with this thought and leave the rest to God.

Let us know too, how do you look at the rain shower spiritually? And, If you have any queries regarding the same, feel free to ask in the comments section below. Our team of experts will be privileged to help you.

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