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Home » Spiritual Meaning of Tongue Piercing: Is It a Good Sign?

Spiritual Meaning of Tongue Piercing: Is It a Good Sign?

Spiritual Meaning of Tongue Piercing: Is It a Good Sign?

Before you go for that tongue piercing, pause to read this article right away!

In the spiritual world, tongue piercing has several implications and meanings. Across different cultural and religious contexts, it carries specific messages and spiritual connotations. 

You need to understand this before piercing your tongue. 

Does it bring good luck or bad luck?

What is the spiritual meaning and implication of piercing your tongue?

These, and many more will be addressed right now

Therefore, sit tight as we journey into the world of tongue piercing and its spiritual significance. 

Spiritual meaning of tongue piercing

Spiritual meaning of tongue piercing

In this section, we will discuss the 5 spiritual meanings of tongue piercing. The practice of tongue piercing is symbolic. Through it, the universe can speak to you. Also, understanding the spiritual meaning of a pierced tongue gives you an answer to either pierce your tongue or not. 

1) Protection

Across several cultures, tongue piercing has been seen as an omen of protection. It is believed to be a sign of protection from negative spirits, bad energy, and misfortune. 

In the African tradition, tongue piercings are believed to shield people away from malevolent spirits. 

For example, if you dream of having tongue piercings, it indicates that you are shielded from dark spirits. 

Spiritually, piercing your tongue means you’ve created healthy boundaries around yourself. This is to shut out manipulative people. It’s also a great way to build your esteem

It is believed that demonic forces enter the body through the tongue, ears, or mouth. Therefore, piercing the tongue is a way to block every entrance pathway in your tongue. 

The metal also serves as a spiritual shield – bringing protection and keeping you safe from spiritual attacks. 

If you desire protection, pierce your tongue.

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2) Control

It is believed that tongue piercing releases emotional, mental, and speech control. If you talk too much, then, the piercing in your tongue is a sign of control. If you pierce your tongue, one of the spiritual benefits is control. 

Not only does it keep your speech under control. It also ensures that your emotional and mental selves are under control. It protects you from releasing emotions out of control. 

Whenever you dream of piercing your tongue, it’s a warning sign from God. This is telling you to become conscious of the words you speak. 

Therefore, to achieve control, opt-in for tongue piercing

Tongue piercing means you need to become mindful of your words. Carefully select how you speak, what you say, and when you say it. Doing this will save you from mistakes. It’s also a great way to put yourself under overall control.

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3) Inner strength

In the spiritual world, tongue piercing is seen as an omen of inner strength. This is defined as the ability to go through pain without losing your control. It’s the ability to hold yourself together whilst going through pressure. 

Therefore, piercing your tongue could be a demonstration of your inner strength, which is your ability to withstand pain.

The act of piercing the tongue is a painful one. It comes with bleeding and requires endurance.

Successfully going through this pain means you have developed inner strength. It is an omen of resilience

Sometimes, you’ve got to go through pain to get what you want in life. At this point, you will be tested on all sides to see if you are strong or not. 

With the piercing on your tongue, your resilience level will be boosted. You can go through any form of pressure without losing yourself in the process. 

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4) Self-confidence

A tongue piercing is an omen of self-confidence. This isn’t one of the common body piercings you will find around. In some parts of the world, it’s usually frowned upon or seen as a sign of promiscuousness. 

If you live in those parts of the world, piercing your tongue requires a high level of confidence and self-awareness. It’s a sign of a healthy self-esteem. This means that you’ve chosen to damn the consequences by going after what your heart wants. 

With this, you can stand strong in the face of conflicting opinions

If you dream of having a piercing on your tongue, it’s telling you to embrace your authenticity. If you have a life goal, don’t back out. Go after all your desires whether people agree with you or not. 

A tongue piercing is a spiritual sign of self-confidence. It means you are becoming more aware of your potential. This is a positive omen. 

5) New beginnings

Spiritually, tongue piercings are an omen of new beginnings. When you pierce your tongue, a bit of blood will be shed. 

Across several religious quarters, blood is an omen of newness. It’s involved in the birthing of a baby. Therefore, it could be seen as a sign of a new life. 

When you pierce your tongue, this means that a new moment is about to unfold in your life. It also prepares you for change – revealing that everything is about to get different from what you’ve always known. 

Therefore, if you dream of having a piercing on your tongue, this could be preparing you for a new season, adventure, or challenge

Once you pierce your tongue in real life, a lot of new experiences will begin to happen. These give credence to the fact that something new has started. It also gives you an open mind that embraces new experiences.

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Is a tongue piercing a good sign?

Woman with tongue piercing

Yes, a tongue piercing is a good sign from heaven. It does not bring bad luck or misfortune. The moment you get pierced on your tongue, expect a lot of good things to happen in your life. 

Furthermore, a tongue piercing is seen as a spiritual omen of protection. Across several cultures, this is believed to shield people from negative energy and spirits. 

The pain you feel while piercing your tongue does not bring bad luck. It’s mostly a reminder of your inner strength, which is the ability to withstand pain


As I wrap up this article, let me answer the question in plain terms.

“There is nothing wrong in piercing your tongue.”

If you are contemplating it, then, you have a green signal from this article. A tongue piercing comes with numerous benefits and spiritual messages. 

Therefore, if you like to pierce your tongue, go ahead! It does not bring any misfortune. 

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