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7 Spiritual Meanings of Septum Piercing

7 Spiritual Meanings of Septum Piercing

Let’s talk about the spiritual meaning of septim piercing in woman and man?

Septum piercing has arguably become more fashionable these days. It wasn’t like this several years ago when I was growing up. 

In fact, as a child, there were only a handful of people I saw with septum piercing and they were mostly men.

But these days, there are more people with piercings on the soft parts of their noses for both sexes. Clearly, more people are more open to body piercings.

But this is not merely a fashion choice. In fact, there are spiritual meanings and messages behind a septum piercing and this is what I intend to discuss in this post.

What Does a Septum Piercing Mean Spiritually?

Girl with Septum Piercing

Spiritually, septum piercing means one’s acceptance of uniqueness.

We are different from one another. We may have some similarities but at the end of the day, each person is unique.

Spiritually, a septum piercing means the acceptance of our unique traits and qualities.

Our creator made sure that we are different from each person and that no one is ever the same. 

The piercing in this part of the nose carries that spiritual meaning that we are unique in our own ways because our creator has made us exactly just like that.

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Spiritual Meaning of Septum Piercing

Spiritual Meaning of Septum Piercing

Septum piercing has this spiritual meaning: we are all created equally.

Often, we think that life can be quite unfair.

We question why others have so much more than we have. We compare and question the wisdom of our creator.

But the septum piercing is actually a reminder that we are all equal. We may not feel this way as we think others seem to be more blessed than we are or that other people simply have so much less.

But in truth, the creator made sure that we are equal. In his eyes, no one has been more blessed than others.

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Some Spiritual Benefits of Septum Piercing 

Spiritual powers and benefits of piercings

Septum piercing offers various spiritual benefits. 

Calmness and peace of mind:

For one, knowing that the creator has made us equal results in more calmness and peace of mind.

This is because the message of septum piercing helps us accept what and where we are in life.

So, we feel calmer and we have peace of mind.

Deeper spiritual understanding:

Another benefit is deeper spiritual understanding.

The septum piercing helps us understand how the ones above work. And so we have a deeper appreciation for what the heavens are doing and have done for us.

We seem to have more clarity on how we were created, which leads to a deeper desire to understand the words of our creator.

Better connection with others:

Septum piercing helps us connect and communicate better with other people.

Understanding and accepting that we differ from each other but are the same in the eyes of our creator enables us to connect more openly.

We become more accepting of other people’s strengths and shortcomings and we can communicate with each other more clearly.

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7 Spiritual Messages and Meanings from a Septum Piercing

Woman with a Septum Piercing

1) Prioritize being kind

Septum piercing carries the message to be kind to everyone.

It seems like a straightforward thing to do but sadly many people do forget to be kind.

Many times we end up being unkind to: 

  • Strangers;
  • Co-workers;
  • Schoolmates;
  • Family members.

For example, we can be unkind to people we barely know like a waitress who accidentally spills something.

If you end up giving her a mouthful then you are being unkind to someone who you barely know.

We can also come home to our loved ones and say harsh words to them.

The septum piercing has the spiritual message to choose kindness at all times.

2) The heavens are protecting you

Many times we would wonder if the heavens are on our side and are actually protecting us.  

The septum piercing tells us, yes, the heavens are looking after us. It may feel that we are alone in our difficult journey but they are actually there with us, silently protecting us.

Sometimes, we may be harmed but the heavens are still by our side guiding us all the way.

3) Don’t belittle your progress

Septum piercing also spiritually means not to belittle your progress.

Are you doing any of these things?

  • Constantly fear change or new things;
  • Comparing yourself to others;
  • It is too late to achieve your dreams.

Many times, these feelings or actions reflect our lack of appreciation for our progress.

For many of us, we feel that we are already too late in our life, in the year to achieve what our goals are.

But the septum piercing should remind us that we are not late yet. The heavens have set perfect timings for the milestones in our lives.

As such, we should not belittle whatever progress we have made but instead keep moving forward to where we want to be.

4) Use your intuition

How do you decide on things?

  • Are you the type to overthink things when making a decision? 
  • Do you write down every single pro and con and spend many hours thinking about each of them? 
  • Do you go out of your way to solicit advice from different people?

We have different ways of making decisions, especially hard ones.

Thinking and weighing our options are never wrong but the septum ring should remind us that we can also use our intuition. 

5) Learn from your mistakes

We will all make mistakes all the time. After all, no one is perfect, and making mistakes is how we grow and learn.

Sadly, many of us don’t take the lessons from our past mistakes. Instead, we either play the victim or blame others for our predicament.

This also means that we do not learn from our mistakes as we never really acknowledged that we did wrong.

The septum piercing is a strong reminder from above to learn the lessons well from our mistakes. Otherwise, we will never grow and become better people.

6) Do not be arrogant

Many people think they are better than others. Never apologize for their mistakes, thinking that others will simply let them be even if they are doing wrong.

The heavens above do not like this attitude and it sends messages to us to remind us not to be arrogant.

The septum piercing is one of heaven’s ways of telling us that being arrogant is never good.

7) Don’t be afraid to show your soft side

We all have our soft side much like noses have soft areas where the septum piercing is.

This is why the heavens through this kind of piercing are reminding us to let our soft side show. Sadly, many of us hide whatever softness we have in our personalities for fear that others will perceive them as weaknesses.

Our soft sides are and never should be considered weaknesses.

They aren’t as in fact, they can be our strength. That soft side of us can guide us to be kinder, considerate, or even more loving.

This is why the heavens remind us to never hide that side of our personalities.

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Is a Septum Piercing a Good Luck Amulet? 

The good luck associated with these piercings

A septum piercing is not really a good luck amulet.

This means that just because you wear one doesn’t mean that good things and tidings will come your way.

It is not a protection amulet either that will keep you 100 percent away from harm.

Final Words

A septum piercing is not just about a fashion statement or choice. It carries several spiritual meanings and messages that we should try to decipher and adhere to as needed.

These messages can help us be better people.

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