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11 Spiritual Meanings of Snow: Snowflake Symbolism

11 Spiritual Meanings of Snow: Snowflake Symbolism

Snow is a white ball that falls from the sky. Several myths and superstitions surround this divine object.

Some say that it is the leftover angelic foods that were released to the earth, while others say that it is the shredded feathers of angels. We don’t know for sure how true all of these stories are.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that snow is spiritual. It has several messages to communicate – only if we are receptive enough to listen.

Therefore, this article will delve into the 11 spiritual meanings of snow (and snowflake) to enhance your spiritual understanding of snow.

What does Snow Symbolize?

Snow symbolism

Spiritually, snow gives you a sense of timing and seasons. In the physical world, snow indicates the beginning and end of a season.

This is also true in the spiritual realm. Seeing snow can tell you that an end has come to a season of your life.

  1. If you are going to work, and snow begins to fall, the spiritual realm is saying that you are going to be promoted or given a new role.
    • That is, an end has come to your job as you know it. The time has come to step into a new higher season or a different season.
    • Snowfall while going to work gives you a spiritual impression that something is about to change about your career. 
  1. Whenever you dream of walking on white snowflakes, it is saying that an end has come to a phase of your life. Spiritually, this phase speaks about your present living condition or the people you relate with. This is what the universe is trying to say. 

The Spiritual Meaning of a Snowflake


A snowflake is known as an intensifier of emotions. Seeing a snowflake spiritually helps you to become emotional.

People that don’t know how to display their emotions will be imbued with the ability of a snowflake.

In addition to this, a snowflake means that you are special and unique. It comes at the lowest point of your life to remind you that you are not as bad as people think.

The beauty of a snowflake also means that you are more beautiful on the inside than on the outside. Therefore, always draw strength from within.

Spiritually, a snowflake speaks about a clear conscience.

Snowflakes look like clear crystals with different shapes and forms.

Therefore, they are used to talking about having a clear conscience.

  • Have you wrongfully judged yourself?
  • Have you allowed people’s assertion of you to affect your self-perception?
  • Do you think that you were wrong for a past action?

Well, the universe thinks otherwise. The universe sees you as a snowflake with a clear conscience. This is why you are seeing snowflakes in dreams. 

The Spiritual Meaning of Snow in a Dream

Snow in dreams meaning

Whenever you dream of snow, it means peace and calmness.

People that worry a lot will have dreams of snow as a sign of peace.

Whenever you see snow in a dream, it means that there is peace for you.

Irrespective of what happens in your life, snow is a sign of calmness, which bring emotional stability during a time of crisis. 

Furthermore, whenever you dream of snowfalls, it is saying that God is blessing you.

This is in line with the prayers of the past.

Snowfalls talk about answers to prayers. That is, everything you requested is coming into your life.

Snowfalls are also a sign of divine guidance. If you are confused about any matter, dreaming of snowfalls means that the answer is coming. Furthermore, it inspires you to pray for guidance and clarity. 

Dreaming of snow in a dream speaks about insensitivity.

In the bible, being cold speaks about an unresponsive heart towards God’s instructions. Therefore, having this type of dream describes your heart as unresponsive.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Snow: Dreams and Real Life

Spiritual meaning of snow

The following 11 spiritual meanings of snow are the possible messages from the spirit realm to your consciousness. Anytime you see snow in dreams or in real life, it has the following spiritual meanings.

1) Obstacles

If you dream of a heap of snow on your path, this is speaking about the numerous obstacles on your way.

This is saying that your path to progress is filled with a lot of obstacles, and you must be ready to fight your way through them.

This is a prophetic spiritual message from the universe. It predicts the future.

2) You have a fighting spirit

If you see yourself walking through a heap of snow, it is believed to be the sign of a fighting spirit.

This is saying that you are not willing to give in to the negative situation around your life.

You are ready to give all it will take to break through every limitation.

Now, if this message is not true about you, then take it as a message from the universe concerning possessing a fighting spirit.

A fighting spirit does not give up – even if all odds are stacked against him. This is who the snow wants you to be, and that is why you are having this type of dream.

3) Stop giving excuses


If you decide to not go out of the house because of snowfalls, this is a message.

The snowfall is not the reason for your unwillingness to go out. You just gave that as an excuse.

This attitude is the reason behind your unproductivity and ineffectiveness in your business, career, and academics.

Therefore, the snow excuse was a message to show you that the excuse you have given in the past was not justifiable enough. Therefore, make conscious efforts to never give excuses for the things you are meant to do.

4) Marital issues

If you see yourself walking through a snowy mountain with your spouse, it means that you will have marital issues.

This is a prediction of what is about to happen.

Spiritually, this message will come to you because you are going to be the source of the issue.

Therefore, be cautious of the things you say, the things you do, and how you react to issues between you and your spouse. Once all of these can be avoided, there will be no marital issues because the caution signs have been noticed and avoided.

5) Positive changes


Seeing a snowflake in a dream speaks about embracing positive changes.

The reason why people have a negative attitude towards change is that change brings a little bit of discomfort.

However, whenever you see a snowflake in your dream, the universe is telling you that there is nothing to fear about the coming change.

Even if you feel like giving up, or not adapting to the change, walk against your feelings.

This change is going to bring a lot of positive outcomes, and this might be the start of something exciting in your life.

Therefore, embrace the snowflake dream as an inspiration to adapt to the changes that are happening.

6) Your sad moments are over

Whenever you see snow heaps melting off, it is a positive message. This is saying that all of your sad moments are over.

This message fills you with hope and enthusiasm.

Without a spiritual intervention, you will never discover that you are at the end of a season.

However, with this dream, you will realize that your sad moments are over.

Therefore, everything you have gone through in the past will become an experience to never forget. The snow-heaps are melting off because every obstacle is taken away, and you now have access to several life-changing opportunities.

7) You are making progress

Starting to snow

If you dream of shoveling snow, this is a spiritual sign of progress.

This dream will come as a confirmation of God’s message to you.

Spiritually, God is telling you that your life is not stagnant.

Therefore, don’t think that your life is not making progress. Your shoveling of snow in the dream means that you are making gradual progress.

Keep making efforts, be persistent, and the success you desire will become a reality.

8) Having a childlike heart

Whenever you dream of constructing a snowman, this speaks of having a childlike heart.

Spiritually, a childlike heart speaks about a heart of innocence, purity, and obedience. One of the ways to reveal your heart is through this dream.

If you dream of making a snowman with little kids, God is telling you to embrace the heart posture of a child.

This heart posture helps you to listen to instructions.

Furthermore, it keeps you innocent and pure at heart. According to the bible, having a child-like heart is also one of the ways to inherit the kingdom of God.

9) You want more


Snow dreams speak of not being comfortable with the status quo. This is saying that you desire to achieve more levels of success than your current level.

If you dream of seeing snowfalls in your room, it is saying that you are not comfortable with the current state of your life.

It means that you are ready to do all that it takes to scale up. This is a good mindset, which keeps you on your toes physically, spiritually, and mentally.

10) Growth and abundance

Snowfall happens during the winter seasons, spiritually, it speaks about abundance and growth.

Whenever you dream of snowfall and rain, this talks about the good things you will attract to your life in the coming days.

Spiritually, it also speaks about deliberating and creating time for spiritual and physical development.

This dream helps you to realize that personal development is important to attain the bright future you have envisioned.

Therefore, as much as enjoying the cold weather that comes with the winter season is good, it is also important to see it as planting and investing season. It is a time to invest in yourself. Abundance places on you a responsibility to grow.

11) Fear of failure

Whenever you dream of being locked up in a house by a huge snow heap, it is saying that you are not making progress because of your fear of failure.

This is why you are stuck on a spot and it seems difficult to break through.

This dream is a warning sign.

The time has come to blow off the door and walk into the snow heap.

In real life, it is time to overcome your fear and start taking massive action. The secret to success lies in the huge leaps of faith you take.

Therefore, don’t allow your fear of failure to hold you back any longer

Is Snow on your Birthday Good Luck?

Snowing a lot

Snow on your birthday is a prophetic sign, but it does not mean good luck or bad luck. It only comes to reveal what lies ahead of you.

  • Snow at 12:00 am on your birthday means that you should make a wish. Spiritually, a portal has been opened, which will bring all of your desires to pass. Once you see a snowflake or snowfall at 12:00 am on your birthday, make a wish in your heart, and it will come to pass.
  • Destroying a snowman on your birthday means that you have decided to embrace maturity. It means that you are growing out of the immature state of your life. Furthermore, it means that you are ready to abandon the things that don’t contribute positively to your life.
  • If you dream of snowflakes melting under the sun, this means that every limitation of the past will be taken away. Your new year will be filled with ground-breaking opportunities.
  • Walking under a heavy snowfall speaks about blessings. Spiritually, this means that you are going to enjoy good luck and abundance in this new year.

It has just started to snow: Is it a good sign?


It is a good sign if you were prepared for it.

However, if you were not, then this is saying that you are about to lose out on numerous opportunities because of your lack of preparation.

Final Words

You don’t need a weather forecast to enjoy the numerous lessons about snowfalls and snowflakes. Dreaming about them has the same effect as seeing them in real life. Therefore, always be vigilant. Once snow shows up around you, it has a message from the universe.

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