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Is Rain a Sign of Good Luck? On your Birthday & New Year’s Day

Is Rain a Sign of Good Luck? On your Birthday & New Year’s Day

Is rain a sign of good luck? What does it mean when it rains on our anniversary, wedding day or graduation? Let’s find out!

When it rained on your birthday; have you stopped to think if this is a sign from the spiritual realm? I doubt if you have.

You were probably caught in the euphoria, celebration, and fun that comes with birthdays.

Now, this is not a bad way to celebrate your birthday. I have fun all day long on my birthday as well. However, you should also make out time to observe the events surrounding that day. This can serve as a prophetic insight into the future events in this new phase of yours.

Whenever rain falls on your birthday, it is a spiritual sign.

Furthermore, one more day is important among several days of the year. This is the New Year’s Day. Anything that happens during this day should not be trivialized. Whenever rain falls on New Year’s Day, it is a spiritual sign that bears several messages.

However, the question is about the omen it brings.

  • Does rain bring a good or bad omen?
  • If rain falls on your birthday, is it a sign of good luck?
  • If rain falls on New Year’s Day, is it a sign of good luck or bad luck?

These questions will be answered extensively in this article. Everything you need to know about rain falling on your birthday and New Year’s Day will be addressed. Therefore, keep reading.

What does it mean spiritually when it rains?


The common spiritual meaning of rain is a blessing. Every religion and culture supports this meaning as well. it is believed that rain brings abundance to people’s businesses and careers.

Furthermore, it is believed that rain is a sign of an answered prayer. That is, whenever you are praying to God, he will send rain as a sign that your prayers have been answered.

Now, in the bible, the latter rain is associated with the wisdom of God, which is Jesus Christ.

Therefore, whenever the latter rain begins to fall at the end of the rainy season, let it remind you of the wisdom of God as found in Jesus Christ.

Walking under the rain is synonymous with wisdom.

That is, the universe is revealing the wisdom you have, and how you can harness it to solve people’s problems.

Seeing a rain points your attention to the hidden wisdom you have.

With this sign, you will be confident enough to put it to good use.

Is Rain a sign of good luck?

Rain and good luck

Yes, rain is a sign of good luck. Whenever rain begins to fall, you will observe a sense of peace, comfort, and joy on the faces of people – especially at the night.

This is also applicable to spiritual matters. Rain is also a pointer to abundance and fertility.

For example, if you have not been getting positive results from your business, dreaming of a morning rain might be a sign that your business will begin to yield tremendous results.

Furthermore, rain is also a sign of revelation.

Beyond the physical things that rain accomplishes, it can open your mind to the potential you have.

When you see rainwater flowing down your face, this is a message from the universe to look within. As you pay attention to what you have in you, there will be clarity and a sense of self-worth.

Seeing rain in the dream or reality is a sign of good luck. It can be used to restore health to your body, it can be used for financial luck, it can speak about your spiritual journey, and many more.

Therefore, receive the rain message with optimism.

What does it mean when it rains on your birthday?

What does it mean when it rains on your birthday

Whenever it rains on your birthday, the following are the possible meanings and prophecies about this phase of your life.

It is time to change your circle:

When rain disrupts your birthday plan with your friends, it is a powerful message. The universe has done this to get your attention, and further instruct you about the company you keep.

In this new year of yours, it might be time to consider the possibility of relating with new people.

Now, this does not mean that the people in your past are terrible. It might simply signify the end of their season in your life. Therefore, it is time to move on.


Whenever it rains in the wee hours of your birthday, it is a positive sign of blessing.

Ancient traditions believe that making a birthday wish in the rain leads to a quick manifestation of desires.

Rainfall on your birthday is a sign that the next 12 months’ journey will be full of amazing experiences.

Prepare for good luck, prosperity, and strong health. When rain falls on your birthday from 12 am -to 4 am, it means you are in for exciting moments in this new phase of your life.


Rainfall on your birthday brings clarity. Have you battled with indecision in the past phase of your life?

Well, the rainfall has come from the universe to wash away every confusion in your mind.

This new year is going to be full of clarity, wise decisions, and sound judgments.

Rainfall means that you will not struggle to understand the will of the spiritual realm. It means that you will always know what to do, and devise the best strategy to accomplish what you are focused on.

It is time for renewal:

Birthdays can bring you to this point.

However, rainfall on your birthday intensifies the effect.

Whenever rain falls on your birthday, it means that you should go for spiritual renewal. That is, your spiritual senses are not as sharp as they used to be.

This new phase of your life needs an active spiritual mind.

This is why the universe has sent this sign to you. With it, you can sharpen your spiritual senses to pick the different signals that will come your way in this new year.

These spiritual messages above are important. They will define the next year of your life. Therefore, you must take cognizance of them all.

Rain on New Year’s Day Spiritual Meaning

Rain on New Year’s Day

After understanding the different spiritual meanings of rainfall on birthdays, it is time to look into the spiritual meaning of rainfall on New Year’s Day. Does it have a spiritual meaning? Read on to find out.

You need to become more deliberate:

Were you struggling to complete your goals during the past year? If yes, then rainfall on New Year’s Day has come with the solution.

The reason for the failure of the past year is that you were not deliberate enough to hit those yearly targets.

Whenever rain falls on New Year’s Day, it means that you should become more deliberate.

This comes with discipline as well.

You need to be ready to pay the necessary price for success. You need to be willing to let go of every form of distraction.

When this happens, the success you seek will be accomplished within 7 months of the current year.

Let me give you another hint; whenever rain begins to fall while writing your new year’s resolutions, it is clear that the message addresses your deliberate attitude towards accomplishing your objectives.

Pay more attention to spirituality:

Rainfall on New Year’s Day should draw your attention to spirituality.

In Africa, it is not normal for rainfalls to occur on New Year’s Day. The reason for this is that New Year’s Day falls within the summer.

Therefore, whenever rain falls, attention is instantly drawn to the spiritual realm, and this remains their posture all through the year.

You can also glean from this spiritual message.

With rainfall on New Year’s Day, pay attention to the spiritual world more often. The reason for this is because of the various spiritual signs that will come at auspicious moments of the year (which you must not miss).


Rainfall on New Year’s Day is full of promises. It is believed to be a prophetic message to everyone.

Let us look at these promises:

  • Whenever the rain falls while sleeping, it means that you are going to be comfortable throughout the year. So, it’s a good sign.
  • Whenever the rain begins to fall when you need cool air, this means that all of your desires and prayers for the year have been answered.
  • Whenever the rain begins to fall in the morning, this is a sign of strength. That is, the strength you need to go through the new year has been supplied to you by the universe.

You can start afresh:

New Year’s Day is an opportunity to start afresh.

To intensify this message, the universe can cause rainfall. The combination of both signs should be enough motivation for you to begin a new chapter of your life.

If your birthday falls on New Year’s Eve, then the rainfall is an indication that your new year will be full of new beginnings, success, and prosperity.

What does Rain mean in a relationship?

Rain in the relationship

In a relationship, rain means the following:

  • It means peace: When the rain begins to fall on your wedding anniversary, this is a sign that your relationship is about to experience a higher level of peace. Rain is believed to end every form of conflict between people.
  • It means a perfect understanding couple: When the rain begins to fall heavily, the sound can stop you from hearing others. However, when the rain begins to drizzle with little or no sound, it tends toward a perfect understanding relationship. This means that you will find it easy to comprehend your spouse, put up with his/her faults, and walk in love with him/her.
  • It means that the universe approves of the relationship: Whenever rain falls on the first night of your date, it is believed to be a good sign. Now, this is based on several superstitious beliefs. It is said that the best way for God to approve of your love life is by sending rain on your first night of date. 
  • Rainfall means good luck in the relationship: When rain drenches you and your spouse, it is believed to be a sign of God’s blessing. This is good luck. 

Is Rain on Graduation Day good luck?

Spiritual meaning of rain in the Graduation

Rain on your graduation day does not mean anything in the spiritual world.

However, your intention can harness the power of the rain for your good luck.

For example: if you desire to land a multinational job after graduation, the rainfall on your graduation day might be an affirmation of your desires. This can mean that your desires have been granted.

Furthermore, you can harness the power of the rain for your mental stability after graduation. If you live in underdeveloped nations, getting a good job takes a long time.

Therefore, you need to be mentally stable for the challenges that lie ahead. One of the best ways to be prepared is by creating this intention with the rainfall on your graduation day

Rainfall has positive energy all around it, therefore, it is your disposition towards it that determines what you will enjoy.

Spiritual Meaning of Rain on the Wedding Day

Spiritual Meaning of Rain on the Wedding Day

When rain falls on your wedding day, it means the following:

  • A sign of God’s approval;
  • A message of protection;
  • An assurance of marital bliss and joy;
  • A message of hope.

Rainfall on your wedding day is a token from the spiritual realm.

It means that the blessing of God will abide in the marriage. If the rain falls at night, it is best to take some of it for yourself and say some prayers into it for your marriage. 

Final Words

As you journey through life, expect certain spiritual interruptions to happen along the way. Something like rainfall on your birthday, New Year’s Day, or your wedding day are unusual events.

Therefore, when they happen, it is best to know what they mean. The information in this article will guide you better and create the perfect mindset to receive from the universe.

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