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9 Spiritual Meanings of the Tabernacle (Symbolism)

9 Spiritual Meanings of the Tabernacle (Symbolism)

“Who sees a tabernacle these days?”

Well, this was the same question I asked after dreaming about it for more than 6 days in a row.

Later on, I discovered that those dreams were vivid messages I had ignored. 

This event prompted my search for answers, and I discovered what you are about to read in this article.

If you have seen a tabernacle either in your dream or in real life, I have some news for you. This is nothing natural.

Below are the 9 spiritual meanings of what you just saw, and how to use them in your life

What is a Tabernacle?


A tabernacle is commonly known as a place of worship. Several religious sects use this word to describe their places of worship. Now, let us do a bit of history.

Where did the word tabernacle originate from?

The first place this word appeared was during the biblical days of Moses. In the Hebrew language, “tabernacle” is the word “mishkān”, which means dwelling place.

Another word for this is a tent. 

God instructed Moses to build a tabernacle.

This was where the ark of the covenant will be placed.

Also, offering for sins will be made to Yahweh in this structure. The idea of a meeting place for religious purposes originated from this instruction. 

History has it that the tabernacle was referred to as the temporary dwelling place of the God of Israel.

This continued until the Israelites conquered the land of Cannan, and settled there.

In modern times, it is impossible to find a structure like this anymore. However, wherever people gather to meet their God can be called a tabernacle

God can speak to us through this structure in many ways beyond our imagination. Do you want to know more about this? Read what comes next.

The Tabernacle Symbolism

Tabernacle Symbolism

This is a spiritual sign of the meeting place between God and man. This structure inspires fellowship and communion between God and man. Whenever God wants people to meet with Him, he sends the tabernacle as a spiritual omen.

With a perfect understanding of what this structure means, it is easy to understand the message it is passing across.

Through this symbolism, your mind will desire to fellowship with God, and get to know him much more.

Furthermore, the symbolism helps Christians to remember their past.

Compared to the Israelites, we have become living tabernacles for the holy spirit. God can dwell in our hearts because of the sacrifice of Jesus.

Whenever you see this holy structure in your dream, it reminds you of the old covenant and shows you how beautiful the new covenant is.

Unlike the old covenant, we don’t need to visit a physical place to meet God.

We can relate with our father in our hearts. 

The tabernacle symbolism also helps us to learn about obedience.

The reason for its existence is that Moses obeyed God’s instructions.

Therefore, this helps us to obey God more than ever before

The Tabernacle Meaning in the Spiritual World


In the spiritual world, this is a portal for spirits to travel through.

Anytime you see this, it means you are standing before a portal.

Now, you need to guard your mind at such moments. Your thoughts emit energy.

These energies attract certain types of spirits.

For example, if you ponder on negative things, expect to be visited by evil spirits. 

Seeing this building also helps people to become more spiritually conscious.

It takes away spiritual insensitivity.

If you find it hard to maintain a consistent spiritual fire and fervor, the tabernacle can help you. With its energy, you can fan yourself back to flame.

This can also be a sign of visions.

Because of its high spiritual significance across all ages, your inner eyes can leverage it for clearer and deeper visions.

It is believed that tabernacles appear to people who are called to become psychics or highly spiritual people. 

Spiritually, this building can also speak of the place of sacrifice. Biblically, sacrifices are made in this structure.

Therefore, it could speak more of consecration.

Living a consecrated life means you are ready to sacrifice a lot for the cause of spirituality. 

9 Spiritual Meanings of the Tabernacle

Spiritual Meaning of the Tabernacle

Let us discuss the 9 spiritual meanings of the tabernacle, and why it is a spiritually significant creation. 

1) A place of unity

Irrespective of their beliefs and cultural differences, the Israelites gathered in a tabernacle with unity of mind and purpose.

What does this tell you? It tells you to embrace unity.

People will never be like you.

If you don’t learn to accept people for who they are, it might be difficult to enjoy life as you want to.

Therefore, getting this sign from the spiritual world is not only a call to spirituality.

It helps people to embrace themselves irrespective of their differences. 

2) Spiritual Sensitivity

Have you ever wondered why you keep seeing pictures of tabernacles around? There can be one reason for this, and it is called spiritual sensitivity.

This structure is meant to call your attention, and also get your spirituality back in shape.

When you become spiritually insensitive, your mind will fail to pick up certain spiritual signs

Therefore, take advantage of this message. Let it inspire you to train your spiritual senses, or go on a spiritual awakening journey.

This spiritual sign calls for urgent attention.

3) The presence of God

Have you lost sight of God’s presence? Then, seeing a tabernacle in your dream is a call to attention.

It has been given to remind you that God’s presence is everywhere.

If you feel lonely, this could spark up hope in your heart

Furthermore, it means God is watching all of your actions. If you are doing good, expect a positive result.

However, if your actions are bad, it could be a warning sign

4) Love 

The Bible records that God is love.

Anywhere his presence lives, expect love to abide there.

This is why a tabernacle spiritually means love. Apart from a revelation of the presence of God, it could also reveal the nature of God, which is Love.

This is why you should watch out for this spiritual sign

God might be telling you to embrace other people for who they are, and love them genuinely irrespective of their faults and irregularities.

Additionally, it means forgiveness.

Because of the offering made in this spiritual edifice, you can also learn about the power of forgiveness.

Loving people also means learning to let go of their faults and mistakes without ever calling their attention to them again

5) You have a smooth relationship with Jesus

In the tabernacle, there are 3 sections.

  1. There is the outer court;
  2. The holy place;
  3. And the holiest of all.

The holiest of all is where God dwells. Only the high priest can go to this place once a year.

Now, if you dream of entering this compartment, it means you have a smooth relationship with Jesus.

Oftentimes, this message is sent to people who feel condemned, or feel far away from God.

God uses this message to encourage them and motivate them to feel loved and accepted

Standing in the holiest of all is a sign of a close relationship with Jesus. 

6) You have good friends

In Christianity, God wants you to have friends that inspire you to serve Him.

Therefore, whenever you dream of going to a tabernacle with your friends, it is an affirmation from God that your friends are perfect for you.

This means that you are in the company of godly friends.

They will help you to love the lord much more and obey all of His commandments

However, if you see your friends dragging you away from the door of a tabernacle, it symbolizes bad company.

This message tells you to stay away from them.

7) You have a calling

When you dream of wearing the cloth of a priest in a tabernacle, this is a message that helps you to find your divine purpose and destiny.

This message confirms all other signs you have gotten in the past concerning your calling

Spiritually, this dream means you have been called into the ministry.

You have an anointing to either become a pastor, prophet, bishop or other ecumenical positions.

Rather than deny this message, embrace it and prepare yourself to walk on this chosen path by God.

8) God must be a priority

Do you know that the tabernacle was positioned at the center of the Israelites’ camp? This was to signify that the decisions and movements of the Israelites were determined by God.

In the same way, dreaming about a tabernacle is a reminder that God must be a priority.

Whenever you want to make a decision, seek to consult God.

Never attempt to achieve anything outside God’s will and desire. 

When you have this dream, does it mean you are not godly? No, it does not.

Sometimes, this dream could be a reminder or an encouragement for you to keep choosing God above all. 

9) Clarity

With the presence of the tabernacle, the Israelites always knew what to do

Have you been confused lately? Then, you might want to get an image of a tabernacle.

It is perfect symbolism for clarity and precision.

This means that every gray area of your life will become as bright as white light. 

Furthermore, it spurs you to consult God for every decision of yours. You can get this message with the previous message together.

Therefore, be open to both.

Once you see the image of a tabernacle, it is an omen of clarity. It means your soul needs an answer, which only God can give. 

Tabernacle Dream Meaning

Tabernacle in dreams

When you dream of a tabernacle, it means that your spiritual life needs to be revitalized.

People who dream of this spiritual edifice need spiritual awakening.

Another meaning of this type of dream inspires you to seek God as a priority.

Anytime you dream of tabernacles, God has a message for you, and you should pay attention to the message. 

Is Seeing a Tabernacle a Good Spiritual Sign?

Spiritual signs from God

Yes, it is a good spiritual sign to see a tabernacle

Do you know why? It is because it makes us conscious of God.

When we become God-conscious, our lives fall in shape.

Additionally, our purposes will be discovered and we will walk on the right path. 

Therefore, the purpose of seeing this spiritual sign ends up for our good and to our advantage

Final Words

Just as in biblical days, tabernacles hold a highly spiritual place in God’s heart and ours.

Therefore, we must learn to pay attention to this sign when it shows up in our dreams or in real life

We hope you have gotten answers to the questions in your heart concerning the spiritual meanings of seeing a tabernacle. 

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