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17 Signs of an Angel in My House: Watching over you!

17 Signs of an Angel in My House: Watching over you!

There are 17 signs of an Angel in your house, watching over you and protecting you. I will talk about all this spiritual signs.

Have you ever wondered if God created someone to look after you? There are many moments in life when you feel lonely and that nobody on earth is with you. That is when you have your guardian angel with you when you’ll need them the most.

Angels are sent to protect and heal you. However, they can’t communicate with you directly and answer your issues. 

So they keep giving you signs all you have to do is pay attention, consider and relate the signs to your recent situations. But what are those signs? Here are the 17 most common signs of an angel in your house. Furthermore, you’ll have more questions regarding the topic and you are at the right place for your answers. 

Do I have a Guardian Angel? How do I know?

Guardian Angel

Everybody has a guardian angel, who looks out for them and clears future hurdles and also helps you get out of the recent issues you are facing.

They keep giving you signs now and then according to your situation. They help you stay out of situations that can cause trouble in the future.

The question is how do you know? You’ll know your guardian angels are with you and are supporting and helping you when you start getting close to spiritual beings and your loved ones. You’ll know you worth better than ever and you will not back off from a challenge

How to know if your Guardian Angel is with you?

How to know if your Guardian Angel is with you

If you believe in angels, you will find it difficult to explain why you are feeling them around. What is the source of this feeling?

The answer is very simple: your guardian angel! Your protector and guide can sometimes leave us blind to their presence; however, there are many signs that they exist. Do these 17 signs mean that your angel is with you?

You can feel his presence

The first sign your guardian angel exists is that you feel his presence. Sometimes it happens that we suddenly become aware of this presence.

We may not see anything or hear anything; all we know is that there is someone near us.

  • Maybe he just spoke to us?
  • Did he encourage us?
  • Or maybe she just touched us?

These signs are not always obvious, but we do certainly feel the presence of the angel.

You are protected

A strong sign that your guardian angel exists and is watching over you, is his supernatural protection. You can be protected from accidents and disasters. We often think of our guardian angel as a child, and thinking like this we just want to cuddle him.

However, this is not the only function of our guardian angel.

Our guardian angel also protects us from all kinds of evil. With his cloak, he covers us from head to foot, protecting us from all the harm that comes from around us.

So if you have a feeling that your guardian angel is with you protectively, the most logical explanation is that he is!

Divines interventions in our life

The third sign your guardian angel exists and watching over you is his divine intervention. When we are in trouble or need help with something, our guardian angel helps us without asking anything in return.

He interferes between us and bad luck; thus making miracles happen. If this has happened to you, the logical explanation is that your guardian angel is with you.

The ability to transform

The fourth sign is our guardian angel’s ability to transform. He can make the impossible possible; he has divine authority over all material things!

If something like this has happened to you, it means that your protector exists and controls everything happening around you.

You can fell his presence

The fifth sign your guardian angel exists and is around you is his presence during feelings of joy. Have you ever felt sudden happiness when thinking about him? This feeling usually comes from the knowledge that our protector is near us.

So if you have this feeling, know that your guardian angel is probably watching with great care!

You can feel his presence after waking up

Have you been searching for another sign that your guardian angel exists? You can feel his presence after waking up.

It’s one of our dreams to have an angel by our bedside while we sleep. But you can also have this feeling when you wake up! If you are filled with the feeling of being watched over, it means that your guardian angel is near you!

There’s something supernatural going on

Every time you see some strange coincidence, you can be sure that there’s something supernatural going on.

This sign indicates that your guardian angel exists and watches over you! Have you ever noticed a strange feeling in scary situations? It may be that your guardian angel is trying to encourage us to stay strong and calm.

You are happy

The eighth sign that your guardian angel exists is the unexpected bouts of happiness! Have you ever been overwhelmed by inexplicable happiness? If it’s not a mere coincidence, this means that your guardian angel is watching over you and letting you know he’s close.

You dream with your Guardian Angel

What about the ninth sign? This one has to do with dreams – have you ever dreamt of an angel? This indicates that your guardian angel is there. He probably wants to convey a message of encouragement!


The tenth sign is the presence of premonitions. If you have this feeling, it means that your angel is telling you some important information – something big and significant may happen soon! You can be sure that he’s right there watching over you!

So, if you have experienced some of these signs, it means that your guardian angel is close by. He exists and cares for us deeply!

17 Signs of an Guardian Angel watching over you

Signs of an Guardian Angel watching over you

If you are curious to know about the signs by which you get to know an angel is watching over you, keep scrolling to the next 17 signs:

1) White feather

Finding feathers on the ground

Any other feather may not be a sign but if you find a white feather in your house you can think of it as a calling card by your guardian angel.

You can further take a note if you find it in an unexpected place. Such as in your bag or toilet or room. It is a message of reassurance and encouragement. 

2) Finding pennies

Finding pennies

If you have found a dime or penny in an unexpected place it is a sign from the angels that they are with you and love and support you.

However, it may also have a personal meaning if you have been in deep chaos lately in your life or you have a very important decision to make. To what they mean you can think of what you were thinking when you found it.

3) Flashes of light

See flashes of light

This can be another sign by your guardian angel. You can see a flash of light in many different ways.

You can have a glimpse of light in the side of your eye and you can have a ray of unexpected light in your photograph or a ray of light on your face when there is no sun around. 

4) Rainbow

See rainbows everywhere

When a rainbow appears, especially when it hasn’t rained, it is often considered a sign of an angel. Rainbow is a sign of hope. It reminds you that if you wait, and do not give up.

You’ll be successful and out of this situation soon. These are also symbols of strength, success, and wisdom.

5) Direct message

Spiritual message in a sign

It is believed that your guardian angel can also give you a direct message for your problem in written text or voice.

For instance, you can see a quote or a saying somewhere in your book or board that will give you a direct solution to your problem.

However, other times you may meet a person, one of their words or lines may give you a solution to your problem or make you relieved about your issues. It is your guardian angel looking out for you. 

6) Goosebumps or chills

Chills in your feet

Sometimes in the presence of angels, you get sudden chills, tingling, your foot falling asleep, and goosebumps.

These can usually happen when you feel low and underconfident. It is believed that angels do it to increase your energy and confidence level to theirs. This is a sign that what you are feeling or doing currently is right and going on the right path. 

7) The feeling of being touched

Being touched by your Guardian Angel

Angels communicate with you by touching you. You may feel someone patting your back, hugging you, or a touch across your face or neck. Moreover, you can feel sudden warmth while you pray. This means that your guardian angel is close to you.

8) Images or symbols in the sky

Message in the sky

Many people say that angels use clouds to send messages to humans as they are stunning to look at and easy to make.

They may also send you a message from other objects that are easy to re-shape. Like tea leaves, foam, and shadow. These are signs of love for you from heaven and its angels.

9) Pleasant smell

Feeling good smells

Angels like to make you feel their presence by pleasant smells of food, flowers, and perfumes, etc.

In cases when you smell something pleasant all of a sudden and do not know from where. When you notice an unknowing smell you think of the person it friends you with and what is going to happen next.

10) Tapping ear

Tapping ear

This can be another sign of having an angel around you as angels often talk to us by tapping your ear with their holy hand. It might be a slight or a strong knock but it is always good news for you from above.

11) In your hearing

Hearing the message from your Angel

This is another way that your guardian angel uses to communicate with you. You may have heard things in your sleep or while awake. Such as some music, the sound of an engine, vehicles, etc.

These are signs from the angels who want to tell you something important. You should always pay attention to what you hear in these moments and relate it to your recent situations.

12) Seashells on the beach

The beach

There are many times you have walked on the beach with your beloved ones. And you have seen seashells all around but have not put any significance to them.

Maybe they are meant for you as an angel of death or a departed loved one may communicate with you through these symbols.

13) Letters


Angels often leave letters near you whether it is in your mailbox, books, walls, or your cupboard. Letters from heaven are a clear sign of an angel wanting to communicate with you. You may also see these as stars, words on the ground, a name in the sand, etc.

14) The feeling of being watched

Being watched by your Guardian Angel

Sometimes when you feel someone is watching over you and looking out for you that means that guardian angel is protecting you from the unknown hurdles you might face in the present or future as well. This may be a good sign that things are going to get better soon.

15) Coincidence

Spiritual coincidence

If you have been trying to get a thing done for so long and now suddenly it is done out of an unexpected way. This is nothing but a sign that your guardian angel is looking out for you and removing as many issues as possible for you. 

16) Angelic number

Seeing angel numbers

If you have been seeing certain numbers or sequences over and over again. It is a signal that your angels are trying to give you. For instance, if you have been seeing 4545 or 77. Consider it as a sign. Since angels love to play with numbers. 

17) Moments of beauty

Happy woman

You may have been under a lot of stress lately with your love life or work life. For instance, you have just gained a new position but it multiplies the stress load on you, you have been in a constant fight with your parents or partners and suddenly you get a moment of peace where you get to know the beauty of everything around you and relax.

Many people have experienced all the signs of angels around them but fail to notice them until it’s too late. They could have been saved if they had realized what these signs were trying to say.

What is my Guardian Angel trying to tell me? 

Talking with Guardian Angels

You are loved: 

Your guardian angel always loves and cares for you and watches over you all the time. Do not forget that even when things get tough one day or many days in a row, they are still there to protect and love you.

Everything is going to be okay soon: you are going to get through your tough patches. Angels come to tell you that things are bad but not too bad and they will get better soon.

Be patient: 

It is all in God’s hands: sometimes even angels cannot help us when the time is not right because everything is in God’s hands who knows what’s best for us. So, never lose hope in God’s words.

Just take care of yourself: 

Sometimes when you are in trouble or things are not going well for you, angels come to tell you that the best thing you can do is to take care of yourself and soothe your soul and mind with nice things like music, food, friends, and loved ones. 

How to know if your angels are talking to you? 

Finding feathers

Angels talk to us all the time. In a very subtle and sometimes physical manner. They try to talk to us often using some symbols. However, we do not always see their signs and consider them. Here is how you can know if your angels are talking to you:


Your guardian angel can be anyone. Your parents, grandparents, or some other person that you lost as a human being.

However, they are looking up to you as an angel. They can appear in your dreams and warn you about making any bad decisions or they can be with you at your lowest. But you will be able to feel their presence when they are with you in your dreams.


If there is someone you love very much, but have not communicated this for a long time because of some reason. Your guardian angel comes in the form of people who want to advertise something that you love or want to tell you about it.

Let’s say you used to love nature but suddenly start ignoring it, your guardian angel may send you some people who are very interested in nature and trying to promote that.


Your guardian angel appears in bright lights when they come to warn or help. If for example, they suddenly take the form of headlights behind the trees when you are driving at night, they are trying to prevent something bad from happening. Hopefully, you can avoid it.


When angels come to tell you that everything is going to be okay soon and things are not so dark in your life anymore.

They take the form of sunlight shining on you on a very bright day from behind the clouds. Or if it’s raining outside, they come to you in the form of bright sunlight that is projecting through the rain.


When things are not going well for you because of your wrong choices and decisions. They appear in the form of smoke or fog to let you know that it’s time to make some changes before something really bad happens.

When they appear like that, it usually means that you are near making a wrong decision or you are not careful about something.


Your guardian angel loves nature and so they will come to talk to you in the form of different scents like flowers or trees.

Any kind of natural thing is their way of talking to you when things get tough for you. They want to let you know they are there and they will always be there for you.

Body pains: 

Your guardian angel can come in the form of sudden body pain or headache. It may seem very strange but it is true.

When you have been thinking about something very hard or making some wrong decisions, they will somehow try to get your attention by giving you a headache or some kind of strong body pain that will start suddenly.

Sudden urge to pray: 

Again it seems very strange but this is something that happened several times to me and also other people I know about.

When things are too bad for you, your guardian angel comes in the form of a sudden urge to pray for help. If you do not pray at that time, the problem may get worse and it’s almost certain that some sudden changes will happen in your life as soon as you start praying.

Can I ask something to my guardian angel?

Candle to your Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel is always there to help you. And you can also ask them any question you want answers to. Especially when it comes to taking you out of bad situations or you getting close to the almighty.

You can talk to them and ask questions all you want while you are praying. It is believed that your guardian angel is most close to you while you are praying. And They answer you with signs as they usually do. You just have to pay attention to their message and consider it.

Final Words

Your guardian angel can always help you in your time of need if you feel them near. They come to protect and guide you while some signs may be very easy to understand and others not so much.

Things like body pains, sudden urge to pray or some bright light appearing when darkness is everywhere around you are all clear signs that someone has sent you a message from heaven to guide you.

You can also hear your guardian angel through your thoughts and feelings. If things suddenly make sense, it is because of them making everything clear to you.

When you feel happy or calm after a situation that made you really stressed out before, maybe they have calmed you down without being noticed by anyone around.

So, do you already know all the sings of a Guardian Angel in your house and watching over you? Please, feel free to share your comments below!

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    Loisy Grant Wilson

    I sometime see beautiful bright lights in different colors when it be dark in my home.and I always feel a shiver in my body. And when I go to bed he slip under my body. I can’t stand the shivers I feel sick so it makes me think he want to hurt me I do smell sweet smell like baby powder and gas smell I do not like.I just want it to go away and leave me alone it frighten me.

  2. You know sometimes I feel like my granddaughter is my guardian angel. It’s a lot of things that she show me that I can’t figure out,God knows I try my best to. She’s 3 bless her heart , I know she really do her best. She is very dedicated to her, shall I say ( assignment). Some mornings she would tell me the sun is shining it’s time to get up. It’s like when I need her to tell me what it is she’s either trying to tell me or show me she’s not allowed to come straight forward to tell me you know!!

  3. Thanks for everything you have said here i always feel been watched and i start to feel it normal. what gave me courage to do research today 14 august 2022 i work as securite guard in a Muslim mosque 🕌 i went to pee the time i finished to zip up my mind taught to my wife which is to another city with kids and suddenly i feel some very light cold ❄ on my spine after reading this i just started crying for no reason and so many signs i always see especially mirror hours i feel myself I’m in high vibration and interesting in spirituality. thank you

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