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Can Cats See Spirits and Guardian Angels? 8 Clear Signs!

Can Cats See Spirits and Guardian Angels? 8 Clear Signs!

Cats can see spirits, ghosts and Guardian Angels whenever they are around. They can give off certain signs that will alert us of the presence of a spirit in our vicinity. Let us delve into this topic in more detail so that this can be clear to you.

I love having cats around my house because of the spiritual significance they bear. These animals are known to have sharp vision.

This is the reason why their eyes glow even in the dark. A lot of people have been questioning the ability of the cat to see spirits and guardian angels. In this article, I am going to show you the answer to this question.

As special as cats are, can they see spirits, ghosts and guardian angels? can they sense if a spirit is around and alert me of the presence of a spirit? All of these questions and many more will be answered in this article.

However, you have to understand that this creature has symbolic meaning across many tribes and religions and the different meanings point to how special cats are. Therefore, you should have a cat in your house because of the spiritual aura and energy that comes from this animal.

Can cats see spirits and ghosts?

Can cats see spirits and ghosts

Yes, they can. The eyes of cats are not only for seeing their prey and enemies. It is for seeing deep into the spiritual world as well.

Let me give you a brief history of the African culture. It is said that whenever herbalists want to give people the ability to see into the spirit world, they always use the eyeball of a cat to make a concoction for spells.

Whenever this is done, anyone that takes such concoction will begin to see spirits and ghosts. Therefore, cats are one of the special animals that can be used to determine if a ghost is in an environment or not.

Never underestimate the power of the spiritual vision of a cat. Let me tell you another history.

In Africa, whenever a loved one dies, it is believed that bringing a cat to the house of the deceased will provide clarity on where the spirit of the lost loved one is lurking around in such a house.

The cat is always brought to the house to serve as a detective of ghosts and spirits. Witches also carry cats around because of their spiritual sight to detect the movement of spirits and ghosts in an environment.

Therefore, cats can see spirits and ghosts clearly than humans. This is one of their natural and special abilities.

Can cats see Guardian Angels?

Can cats see Guardian Angels?

Cats can see guardian angels. The ability of the cat to see into the spirit world has opened them to a lot of possibilities spiritually and one of them is seeing guardian angels.

Let me tell you a story of how my cat called Dara brought the feather of an angel to me out of nowhere.

I have been sensing an increase in the vibrations around me for some days. However, because there was no manifestation, I decided to ignore it and hope for the manifestation to happen whenever the time is ripe. 

Suddenly, after 5 days, my cat ran into my kitchen and brought out a soft-looking grey feather.

The intriguing part of this incidence is that I have never seen this feather in my kitchen. The windows of my house are closed off because this was the winter season and everywhere is extremely cold. 

Therefore, I never expected to see any feathers because no bird can enter my house at that moment.

Furthermore, this feather was not in my kitchen when I was there about 25 minutes before the time of this incidence.

This left me wondering how my cat could enter that kitchen and bring a beautiful-looking grey feather out of nowhere. From my knowledge of spirits, I knew that this feather belonged to my guardian angel.

This is just one experience!

This is one of the many experiences of seeing my cat bring things to me out of the blue. Surprisingly, after I learned the lessons and got the message from my guardian angel, my cat ran into the kitchen and came out some minutes later.

I turned around and could not find the feather. I guess my cat told my angel to come and pick up its feathers because I have learned my lesson and gotten the message. Weird right? – that was exactly how it felt.

Therefore, your cat can see your guardian angel. Cats can sense a change in vibration, align to that vibration and see them being that is causing the change in vibration – even if it’s your guardian angel.

Never underestimate the power of the cat when it comes to visions. They can pick up spiritual signals any time and any day.

Once you can be observant, you will be able to know if a spirit is around your house by the reaction of your cat and by how it looks.

There are certain things to look out for if you want to know whether your cat has just seen a spirit or your guardian angel.

8 Clear signs that your cat is seeing spirits

Signs that your cat is seeing spirits

There are 8 clear signs, which show that your cat is seeing spirits.

Previously in this article, I have told you a story of how my cat has given me a hint of the presence of my guardian angel.

I have had a lot of other experiences like this and this is why I am going to share 8 clear signs that your cat is seeing spirits.

Some of these signs are one of their normal behaviors, but it comes with additional strange behaviors. You have to be observant if you have a cat around you.

They can give you a hint into whether a spirit is around you or not. By paying attention to these 8 signs, you will never miss the presence of a spirit in your house again with your cat around.

1) Your cat bringing strange items to you


Just like my experience with the feather. Whenever your cat begins to bring strange items to you from nowhere, then it is a clear indication that it has just seen a spirit.

It might be your guardian angel that is sending such an item to you, or it might be your deceased loved one that is sending such items to you through your cat.

2) Your cat running towards a direction

Cat running

When you see your cat running towards a direction, it is a sign that it has seen the appearance of a spirit or ghost.

This kind of behavior is not when your cat is trying to be playful. It happens suddenly and instantly.

You might be sitting down with your cat and it suddenly jumps down and runs off to a particular location. When this weird behavior happens, then it is a sign that your cat has just seen a spirit.

3) Your cat sitting in a secluded place and staring into space

Cat looking at something

This is another clear indication that your cat has just seen a spirit. Whenever you find your cat sitting alone in a secluded place and staring silently into space, then it is a sign that it has seen a spirit, which has caught its attention.

Don’t disturb the cat. Leave it alone and let it communicate with the spirit.

Most times, your cat will bring the message to you, which will give you clarity and direction about the next phase of your life.

4) Your cat is silent

Silent cat

When you realize that your cat is suddenly silent, then it is a sign that a spirit is speaking with your cat.

Most times, when you try to distract your cat, it either attacks you or ignores you. Therefore, whenever you find your cat silently looking around with rapt attention, then it is a sign that spirits are trying to pass a message across to your cat.

5) When your cat suddenly jumps up and runs into hiding

Cat hiding

This is a scary experience. Most times, it might be a sign that an evil spirit has come around.

This might be because of the negative energy you have allowed to dwell around you for long.

However, whenever you find your cat running into hiding, it is a sign that a frightening spirit is around, and it scares your cat so much. In such cases, you can quickly speak out some protection spell to ward off such a spirit.

6) Your cat suddenly starts making sounds and runs to a secluded area


When your cat begins to make soft sounds and silently walk away to a secluded area while making such sound, then it has seen a friendly spirit and it is trying to talk to the spirit.

This might be the spirit of a loved one that your cat is familiar with. However, it is a clear indication that a spirit is inside your house.

7) When your cat suddenly puts a violent attitude and starts fighting the thin air


Whenever your cat puts up such a violent attitude, it is a sign that there is a spirit that is trying to hurt you, but your cat is fighting it off. Generate more energy for your cat by reciting some protection spell to ward off the spirit.

8) When your cat begins to tap you consistently while sleeping

Black cat

This can be an annoying experience. However, when you have such an experience, it is a sign that your cat just saw a spirit, and it wants you to see the spirit or get a message from the spirit.

My cat is acting like it’s seeing something: can it be spirits?

White cat

Most times, when this happens, it is the presence of a spirit.

When your cat is acting like something is catching her attention, it is a clear sign that a spirit is around. Although, you have to be sure that it is not trying to stalk prey for the kill.

If there is nothing evident in the direction of your cat’s sight, then it has most likely seen a spirit.

Most times, when it is silent, it is an angel because angels fascinate cats a lot due to how beautiful, they are. At other times, it might be a fairy.

Can cats be possessed?

Orange cat

Yes, cats can be possessed by a spirit. These creatures are spiritual animals and they can be a channel of communication between man and the spirit world.

In addition to this, cats can be possessed by evil spirits to attack you. You can easily see this in the violent attitude of your cat towards you.

When your cat suddenly jumps at you and wants to attack you, then it is a sign that it has been possessed by an evil spirit.

Cats can be used by angels and evil spirits to either speak to you or try to harm you. This is why you have to ensure that the energy around you is positive.

By doing this, you will not attract evil spirits, who will take advantage of your cat to hurt you.

Do cats ward off evil spirits?

Evil spirits

Yes, they can ward off evil spirits.

However, this depends on the vibration of the spirit. If the cat cannot withstand this vibration, it will likely retreat.

However, if the cat can withstand the vibration, then it means the spirit can be resisted by your cat. This is why you will find your cat fighting the air and making violent noises.

Final words

Always learn to keep a cat in your house. This can help you to easily know if a spirit is in your house or not.

The power of the vision in a cat can bring great prosperity to your house because with the positive energy you will create, your cat will attract a lot of good spirits that will bring good luck to you in ways you don’t expect.

Cats can also bring you gifts from spirits. This is why you should have a cat in your house. They are spiritual and will help you with the spiritual atmosphere of your house.

So, do you already know if cats see spirits, ghosts and your Guardian Angel? If you still have any question, feel free to leave your comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Can Cats See Spirits and Guardian Angels? 8 Clear Signs!”

  1. My cat was looking in a direction so I was pointing to different areas of the room asking the angel to move to where I was pointing to with telepathy without speaking and my cat kept following it, looking in the direction I asked the angel to move to, several times. About ten different times.

    We can vaguely see angels, but if you want to try to see one in your room, look at a wall, but set your focal point as if you were looking far away into a forest. Keep practicing that until you can see a single eye. You’ll see the single eye first when you learn how to look into space, its an angel in addition to your guardian that has two wings.

  2. Recently moved into a new home. One of the rooms has an antique 1930 singer along with other antique furniture. I have a handed down 5th generation rocking chair from norway that i sit at while sewing. This particular night , nellie came into the room and sat staring at the heater vent which is below off to the right of my singer. She was about two feet away sitting on her hind legs with her front legs straight up and her tail curled around to her front paw. She would not break her stare even when i called her name and snapped. She just starred. Her gaze would break as is something was going left to right flush against where the vent is. Also, the heat was not on as she was two feet away. I immediately got a little freaked due to her never behaving like this. Picked her up and closed the door and hopped.on my phone. Now she is pacing outside the room (door is closed) meowing and scratching at the door.
    Any thoughts?!

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