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Lights Turning ON and OFF by Themselves: Spiritual Meaning

Lights Turning ON and OFF by Themselves: Spiritual Meaning

You probably have an answer to this question concerning lights, and I can bet that you got it from movies. Do you remember what happens when a light goes off and on by themselves in horror movies? It indicates the presence of a ghost or a vampire.

Automatically, there is a belief in your heart that spirits have come into your house because of the fluctuating light.

Now, you might be right or wrong; and this depends on the situation around the turning on and off of lights.

Whenever lights turn on and off, it is a spiritual sign.

Now, physics might talk about a glitch in the transfer of currents. As true as that can be, there are also spiritual meanings to having such an experience.

Recently, we got a report of 3 couples that abandoned their rooms because of the turning on and off of lights. After conducting a series of interviews, it was realized that they believed that their room was haunted by ghosts.

We further asked questions concerning the situation and realized that there the lights turning on and off by themselves brought a different message.

Therefore, it occurred to me that countless people out there are probably going through the same issue. This is why I have put together everything you need to know about the meaning of lights turning on and off by themselves

Lights turning on and off by themselves: Spiritual Meaning

Lights turning on and off by themselves: Spiritual Meaning

You are in a state of confusion:

Whenever lights begin to turn on and off by themselves, it is a definition of the state of your heart. The turning on of the light shows that you have clarity concerning what to do.

The turning off of the light shows that you don’t know what to do. It is just like knowing what to do, and the next minute, you are suddenly clueless.

The solution to this is by seeking counsel from people around. Doing this will assist in organizing your thoughts properly; thereby, eliminating confusion in your heart.

Your guardian angel is around:

Whenever the light in your room turns on by itself while praying, it means that your guardian angel has come to visit you. In the bible, God sends his angels to grant us the requests of our hearts.

Therefore, take this message with utmost importance.

If you had this experience in the place of prayer, then it means that an angel has come to grant the desires of your heart.

This is good news.

This is a clear message that you are not alone. It is a message of hope, which breed confidence in your heart concerning the ability of God to grant the desires of your heart,

Good things will happen to you:

When you find your light turned on in the morning, it is a sign that good things will happen to you. This might be during the day, or some weeks after.

Seeing a light turned on brings good things into the lives of people.

Therefore, always expect good things to happen when the light bulb turns on by itself. In the spiritual realm, you will discover that light is a sign of angels, good luck, and positivity. Therefore, take this as a prophetic sign to give you hope.

Bad news is coming:

When a light suddenly goes off by itself, this is a bad sign.

It means that bad news is coming.

This might be the news of an event or the demise of a loved one. This is something you have no control over.

Therefore, prepare your mind to receive such news.

However, you can trust in the universe to be your strength even during such hard moments. Seeing a light bulb turning off is not a good sign – most especially if you were prepared to go out to work.

It gives you an idea of what will happen during the day.

You feel insecure:

Whenever light bulbs go off by themselves around you, it is a message to eradicate your insecurities. This is a message to reveal your insecurities and help you to overcome them.

Seeing a light bulb going off means that you have allowed your creativity to be turned off because of the fear of rejection.

This sign has come to awaken your confidence, boost your esteem and make you courageous enough to put your abilities to good use. 

There are other questions to answer. Do you want to know what it means for lights to turn on at 3 am? Then, you should read this article further. You will discover amazing facts about lights turning on and off by themselves.

Lights turning on by themselves: Could be spirits?

Lights turning on by themselves

After understanding the different spiritual meanings of lights turning on and off by themselves, it is time to answer the common question surrounding this event. 

Whenever lights turn on by themselves, they can be spirits. However, before you conclude in this manner, you should pay attention to a lot of factors. These factors are what determine if the turning on of lights is a sign of spirits or not. 

  • If you hear the sound of the light switch without anyone turning it on, then it is the sign of a spirit. Whenever lights turn on by themselves with the sound of the light switch, then it means that a spirit is in your home. 
  • If a wind blows across your face before the light turns on, then it is an indication that a spirit has come into your home. 
  • Another sign to look out for is hearing voices. Whenever you hear voices with the turning on of a light, then, it is an indication of a spirit in your home.

Could it be negative energies?

Negative energias in lamps and lights

This depends on what happens. If the light suddenly turns on by itself, it is not a sign of negative energies. However, if it turns off by itself, it is a sign of negative energies.

In the spiritual world, light is associated with goodness, good luck, prosperity, abundance, and positivity.

Therefore, the turning on of light can be associated with good luck. As scary as this might be, the sudden turning on of lights by themselves might be a message from the universe that something good is coming.

Darkness does not necessarily mean evil.

However, it also represents evil and negativity.

Therefore, whenever your light suddenly turns off by itself, it means that the energy around you is full of negativity. Before this incident, you will have felt a sudden change of mood, which will release further negative energy to darken your environment.

The turning on and off of lights can bring positive or negative energy.

Now, if the light turns off by itself, it means you are in a negative environment.

With your affirmation, you can transform the energy into positivity. To overcome this situation, you need to release positive words into the atmosphere and turn on the light with your hands.

Spiritual Meaning of light turned on by itself at 3 am.


3 am is an auspicious time in both worlds. This is when spirits come into the physical realm. It is also a time when the souls of men are traveling back to the physical world.

Therefore, anything that happens during this time is strategic.

Now, whenever a light turns on by itself at 3 am, it means that a spirit is trying to come into your room.

This does not mean that the spirit is in your room; it is simply an alert that a spirit is trying to open a portal in your room.

Another spiritual meaning is good dreams.

It is believed that whenever a light turns on by itself at 3 am, it means that people are having good dreams. Therefore, if you live alone, and find your light turned on at 3 am, it means that you should sleep immediately.

A good dream awaits you in the spirit world.

Furthermore, seeing a light turned on at 3 am is a sign that your spiritual atmosphere is full of positive energies. 

Spiritual Meaning of street lights going out

Street lights

Now, this can be a lot scary. Imagine yourself walking down the street at night, and the lights suddenly begin to go out. You will probably holler out loud and run at your fastest. This is a spiritual situation.

Therefore, you should also pay attention to it. Below are the spiritual meanings of street lights going out.

  1. You did not accomplish your goals for the day: Whenever Street lights begin to go out, it means that your goals for the day were not accomplished. This is more of an insight than a message.
  1. You are not a failure: If the light suddenly comes on for a second before going out again, then, this is an affirmative message from the universe that you are not a failure. The fact that you were unable to crush your goals does not make you a failure. The next day is another opportunity to become better than yesterday.
  1. You are forgetting something: Our minds are associated with light. When street lights go off, it means that you are forgetting something. This might be a grocery, an ingredient for dinner, or something as important as an official document.
  1. You have to learn how to adapt to changes: Whenever Street lights go out, it points your attention to adaptability. The darkness can embrace every form of change. Therefore, the street lights have gone out to remind you of the importance of adaptability. Indeed, you cannot fight against change. The best you can do is to embrace it and adapt to it.

Spiritual Meaning of Light bulbs burning out

Light bulb

When light bulbs burn out, 3 spiritual meanings are attached to this.

  • You have come to the end of a phase. The light bulb will burn out because you have reached the end of a phase. This might be academic-based, career-based, or relationship-based. Therefore, brace up for what comes next.
  • It means that you are indestructible. The African culture believes that the burning out of light bulbs is a sign of victory over the attacks of demons. Therefore, take this as a sign to think about. Whenever light bulbs begin to burn out around you, it means you are untouchable. It is a sign that you are enjoying protection from attacks.
  • Whenever light bulbs begin to burn out, it means that you are not paying enough attention to your inward witness. Your inner consciousness demands a high level of attention. Therefore, take the burning out of light bulbs as a sign to pay more attention to your inward self.

Should I be worried?

Spiritual problems

Whenever you have this experience, you should pay attention. You have to be extra sensitive at this moment because the universe is trying to communicate with you.

Now, whenever it is clear that a spirit is in your house, or trying to get access into your life, then, you should be worried.

Spirits will not just come into your life for fun. There must be a reason behind this sudden interest in spirits in your life.

If you cannot find this out by yourself, then, it is time to consult psychics or spiritual leaders. You might need to ward off such spirits from your environment.

However, if the sign does not indicate the presence of a spirit, then you don’t have to be worried negatively. All you have to do is pay attention to the message it brings, and act on the directives of the universe.

Final Words

Directions will come through lights. Therefore, pay attention to them. If you find yourself startled by the turning on and off of light, then it is clear enough that the spiritual realm is trying to get your attention.

This article has answered all the questions surrounding the turning on and off of lights by themselves.

Therefore, make use of them.

Never forget that the spiritual realm watches over you. Therefore, every sign that seems beyond the natural requires scrutiny. Living with this consciousness brings clarity to your mind.

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  1. When I leave my office in the evening, I switch lights off. But in the morning next day I sometimes find lights are on! That’s interesting. As this strange thing happens to me from time to time, I pay attention to the fact that I switch off lights in the evening. I remember that I did switch lights off. I don’t think that someone entered the room. Anyway, I like that because it makes my life more romantic. I can say hello to the invisible world.

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