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How To Dispose Of A Mirror Without Bad Luck?

How To Dispose Of A Mirror Without Bad Luck?

How can we dispose of a mirror without bad luck? I’ll teach you exactly how you can do that!

If you are a superstitious person by your nature, then you must know that breaking a mirror brings bad luck of seven years. We see mirrors as they reflect our image, and when we break them, they take a part of our souls away.

Therefore, we may end up having our souls stuck in the mirror.

A broken mirror that shows a distorted image can further affect our lives in other ways.

For instance, in a broken mirror, we see our broken self-images that can impact our relationships and health in different ways. Hence, it is believed that having a broken mirror can bring bad luck to our lives. 

Looking back at the ancient age, you could find the use of mirrors for several purposes.

It was once a medium to predict the future. Magicians also used mirrors for magic tricks. For this reason, mirrors are symbolic and mystical.

Some religions and cultures associate mirrors with the soul. For instance, in Judaism, one should cover the mirrors when someone has died. It prevents the spirit from getting trapped in the mirror.

Other cultures use mirrors for burying dead persons. It ensures that the spirits will not come out of the grave.

On the contrary, Chinese people think that mirrors will bring good luck and remove evil spirits. Similarly, other cultures also try to relate the mirror to prosperity and love.

I broke a mirror, and I’m scared! Is it a bad sign?

Broken mirror

If you possess a broken mirror, then you may think that you will be cursed with bad luck. This belief can further be strengthened if you start to see that nothing is going right in your life.

History also talks about the same things when it comes to broken mirrors.

Romans first associated broken mirrors with seven years of bad luck. They believed that your life changes and takes a new form once every seven years.

So, if there is anything that is broken in your life, it will get fixed within seven years.

Therefore, if before breaking a mirror, you saw your reflection in it, then you will have to suffer for seven years.

Once the years pass, you will gain back good luck in your life, and you will be able to rid yourself of all bad luck.

But, there are also ways by which one can eliminate this bad luck from their life to avoid its consequences. Doing these things will help you to be in a position where you can avoid any bad luck.

This way, you will not have to suffer for seven years and wait for good luck. 

How to dispose of a mirror without bad luck?

How to dispose of a mirror without bad luck

In case you happen to break a mirror, then to avoid bad luck, it is better if you do not discard the pieces of glass.

You can take the pieces and then grind them. After they turn into dust, you can spread them into the wind

Another thing which you can do is take one piece of glass and select the largest piece. Once you have made a selection, you can look into the full moon and look at it.

This will help you to eliminate any form of bad luck that comes to you because of the broken mirror. Then you can bury it in-ground or keep it with you but avoid discarding it.

Can I throw the broken mirror in the trash?

Broken mirror

If you throw away a broken mirror, then it can increase your chances of suffering from bad luck. Therefore, it is better if you do not throw the broken mirror in the trash.

You can cover it with bubble wrap or a newspaper and give it away to charity.

But, if you need to throw away your broken mirror in the trash, do not keep it anywhere near your home.

You can keep it on your garbage disposal can on Thursdays, sprinkle a bit of salt on top of your floor, and then you can take it outside.

You can further keep it near the trash can and let the workers dispose of it.

So, you must not have a cracked mirror in your room. It not only symbolizes bad luck but also causes accidents to anyone in your house.

It is better to grind the mirror into a fine powder. It will prevent you from seeing your reflection if it is broken and damaged shards. But, you must be careful while doing it. There are several ways to do it.

It is always safe to put on a pair of goggles to keep your eyes secure.

Some individuals with an artistic mind like to reuse their broken glass and make a craft. Be more creative and find DIY solutions for your broken mirror glass. A broken glass creates a beautiful effect and adds a flare to any décor.

Is breaking a mirror bad luck?

Is breaking a mirror bad luck

A mirror reflects the soul of a person. When you are breaking a mirror, you are breaking the soul of a person.

Since, in the process of breaking a mirror, you break the soul of a person or yourself to whom the mirror belongs or reflected last; it curses you or its owner with bad luck.

Greeks further believed that spirits resided in the reflective surface of the water. From this came the belief that mirrors reflected the bad luck of people.

Other cultures, such as the Chinese, American, and Indian, also held the same notion.

When a mirror breaks, it breaks into several pieces. Therefore, the breaking of a mirror brings disorder into your life, just as breaking pieces of glass.

As a result, your life will not ever be the same if you break a mirror for the next seven years.

To prevent such a thing from happening, what one can do is to take the broken pieces of glass and bury them under the light of the moon.

But it is not proven that it will effectively eliminate bad luck from your life in the form of the death of a loved one and so on. 

What happens if you break a mirror? 4 Spiritual consequences

Mirrors and bad luck in our life

One of the major reasons why a mirror gets cracked is that it is old. It has not been annealed properly. Moreover, temperature fluctuations can cause mirror glass to crack. Still, some of us try to find the spiritual symbols related to the broken mirror.

1) Misfortune

If you break a mirror, then the primary consequence will be a misfortune for the next seven years. So, it does not matter if you have good health or bad health, as breaking the mirror will bring misfortune in your life. As a result, you will be suffering from poor health.

Romans believe that after seven years of bad luck due to the curse of a broken mirror, your life will rejuvenate itself.

Therefore, you will start to feel healthy and physically fit once again, provided you try to remain strong during the seven years of bad luck and misfortune.

You will start noticing the changes in your life. For instance, you will suddenly see that your health is improving to a great extent.

2) Deception

Mirrors often reflect light. Lights symbolize wisdom, awareness, and illumination.

For this reason, mirrors symbolize the truth. If you break the mirror, then you will experience bad luck in a way that you unintentionally invite untruth in your life.

Untruth can thus manifest in your life in different ways. For instance, you may have a close friend in your life who may lie to you or deceive you.

Similarly, you may have a family member or a colleague who will cheat you. This will also trigger a series of bad lucks in your life that can haunt you emotionally for a long time. 

3) A negative self-image

A cracked and damaged mirror symbolizes that you are going to lose your positive image. You may also have a chance of underestimating yourself. You will not be able to appreciate your good qualities.

4) Lack of responsibility

Another meaning of a broken mirror is the lack of a sense of responsibility.

It indicates that you are not careful about valuable things. Some persons break mirrors frequently, and it turns into a bad habit. Thus, breaking the mirror represents your bad personality.

How do you reverse bad luck from breaking a mirror?

Reversing bad luck

Put some salt on the shoulders:

If you put some salt on your shoulder, then you can get back your good luck.

It is one of the best ways through which you can prevent ill luck. The salt will enable you to make the devil blind, who is responsible for bringing bad luck to your life from a broken mirror.

With the help of this, you can avoid any negative effects or bad luck that can arise from a broken mirror.

Wait for the full moon:

You can take a piece of broken mirror and keep it with you until the full moon. It will help you avoid bad luck. In addition, you can select the largest piece and then keep it with you.

Blacken the mirror:

You can flame the broken pieces of the mirror and blacken them. Then you can bury it after a year to get rid of any kind of negative energy. The broken mirror will then carry away all the darkness of bad luck from your life.

Spin it thrice:

To remove misfortune that comes as an outcome of a broken mirror, you can spin it three times in a counter-clockwise manner. It is the best way by which you can take charge of your luck and gain back confidence in your life. 

Final words

A broken mirror symbolizes bad luck. It is a curse that can last up to seven years. In addition, it is a belief that is held by different cultures. Due to such bad luck, many misfortunes can happen in your life.

For instance, mirrors symbolize truth. Therefore, breaking a mirror can pave the way for untruth in your life.

However, you will not require to worry as there are several ways through which you can remove bad luck. For instance, you can spill salt on your shoulders, wait for the full moon, spin it thrice, and blacken the mirror. 

So, do you already know how to dispose of a mirror without bad luck in your life? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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