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Is it Bad Luck to Keep Ashes in the House? Is There Bad Energy?

Is it Bad Luck to Keep Ashes in the House?

The Indian culture made the keeping of ashes in the house a common thing. Many other cultures have gone on to replicate the same.

However, it is important to know the implication of keeping ashes in the house.

Keeping ashes in the house will have spiritual implications, which can be good or bad. Several reasons are behind the act of keeping ashes in the house. However, the most important factor to consider is what keeping ashes bring to people’s lives.

Some people have argued that keeping ashes in the house attracts wealth, prosperity, and protection; while others have maintained a stance that keeping ashes in the house will attract evil spirits, and lead to bad luck

This article seeks to look into all of these and draw a conclusion based on spiritual facts.

After conducting extensive research about the spiritual energy that ashes bring, I have discovered certain truths about keeping ashes in the home, which I will discuss in this article.

If you are concerned about the implication of keeping ashes in the house, then, this article is the right haven for you. Therefore, read till the end.

There is energy in cremated ashes?

Cremated ashes

Yes, there is energy in cremated ashes. While on the journey to discover the spiritual meaning of having ashes in the house, I stumbled upon this question.

One of the reasons why people feel the need to keep ashes in the house is because of the hope that something spiritual surrounds cremated ashes. 

Surely, spiritual energy emits from cremated ashes. Therefore, whenever you keep it in your home, there is energy. 

Now, why is this so?

  • The ash is from a deceased person. Therefore, it is expected that a level of energy will be around such an individual when he/she was alive.

    After burning the body of the dead to ash, the energy will remain, and the effect will be felt in your house. In some cases, the effect will be felt in your workplace as well.
  • Another reason why there is energy in cremated ashes is that the ash invites the spirit of the dead. In the spiritual realm, spirits are made of energy. This is why your body reacts to their presence.

    The energy in the cremated ash is believed to attract the spirit of the dead. This is why a level of energy is found in the environment you keep cremated ash.
  • In cremated ashes, some cultures perform rituals on the ash. Others perform rituals on the body of the deceased before cremating it.

    Those rituals release a level of energy on the body of the dead, and when it is eventually cremated. This is why it is advisable to always be present during the cremation process.

    Certain rituals make it dangerous for you to keep cremated ashes in your home because of the negative energy that comes from them.

Now, these three reasons are cogent!

Therefore, before you keep cremated ash in your home, check out the following:

  • Understand the personality of the person before they died: If the person was wicked, then you are about to bring a spiritual enemy into your home through the ash.
  • How did the person die? If the death was tragic, then, it is not advisable to keep such ash in your home. 
  • What ritual was carried out on the body? This is also very important. Before you keep the cremated ash in your house, check out the different rituals and incantations that were carried out on the body of the deceased.

All of these are important. The energy of cremated ashes can either be good or bad. However, this is based on the variables above. 

In the next section of this article, we will talk about the 7 spiritual meanings of keeping ashes in your house. This will be an eye-opener. Therefore, read on.

Is it bad luck to keep ashes in the house?

Is it bad luck to keep ashes in the house

Are you contemplating keeping the ash of your late brother, sister, or parents in your house? Then, you need to read what comes next.

I am about to answer this question in a simple, but precise manner.

Several people have assumed that it is bad luck to keep ashes in the house. They might be true, and they might be wrong. The following seven spiritual meanings create a balance between the good luck or bad luck energy of keeping ashes in the house.

With these spiritual messages, you will know how to decipher if keeping ashes in the house is good luck or not.

Dwelling on your past:

Now, when it comes to keeping ashes in the house, several spiritual messages can come through it.

Several implications can arise from this single act.

One of the prominent implications is a constant act of thinking and living in your past.

Whenever you keep ashes in your home, it is believed that the energy from the ash will force you to live in your past. Now, this is a bad omen.

There is something more to this; it is said that the location of the ash will determine this.

For example: if you keep the ashes behind your bed furniture, this effect will take place. Therefore, make sure that the ash is kept right in front of you and not behind your head – if you are keeping it in your room.


This is a scary one. Just like all the horror movies, you have seen; whenever you keep the ash of your loved one in the house, there is a high possibility of having nightmares.

Now, there is a little detail I must add; you will have nightmares if the dead was killed unjustly.

For example: if the dead were killed by wicked people, or for speaking up against evil. If this happens, you will have nightmares. This might not harm you, but it will disturb your sleep and might disrupt your entire life.

You will constantly have dreams of your deceased loved one seeking revenge. This is why you have to investigate the reason for the death of your loved one before keeping the ash in your house.

Ghost invasion:

Keeping the ash of 6-7 deceased loved ones in your living room will lead to a ghost invasion. The energy will be too intense, and it will begin to attract nearby ghosts into your house.

It is almost the same as having a graveyard in your home. The same spiritual energy in a graveyard will become real in your home.

Therefore, learn to release some ash into the ocean, or send some to your other family members to keep. One of the ways to know if it’s bad luck to keep ashes in your house or not is to check the number of ashes you already have in your possession.

Don’t keep more than 2 ashes in your house. Having too many ashes will open your house to a ghost invasion, which might become a haunted house in the long run.


This is a good sign. If you keep the ashes of your parents in front of your house, there will be protection for you.

The love of your parents will form a spiritual cloud over your house, which will be practically impenetrable to evil forces.

Therefore, it is good luck to have the ashes of your parents in front of your house.

Their spirits will come to protect you whenever you need it most. It does not matter how they died; the bond you share with them goes deeper than what can hurt you.

Their love for you will protect you from harm. You will feel peaceful and free of anxiety.

You are exposing yourself:

If the deceased was not cleansed before it was cremated, then don’t keep it in your house.

Keeping such ash will expose you to negativity at its peak. If care is not taken, you might eventually take your own life in the process.

Every dead body must be purified before being cremated; this is how every negativity surrounding the spirit of the dead will be expelled.

Therefore, ask questions about the dead body to know if it was purified or not.

In the case of no purification, release it into the ocean and let the ash wash away to the underworld. No matter the tie you have with the deceased, never keep the ash in your home if the body was not purified.

You will develop the trait of the dead:

This is why you should conduct your research about the deceased’s lifestyle.

The reason for this is because there is a high tendency of becoming like the dead by keeping their ashes in your home – most especially your room.

If you don’t desire to be like the dead, then, keep it away from your environment. The smell from the ashes and the energy from it will begin to impart certain similar traits to the deceased. 

Answer to prayers:

This is common in Indian culture.

They receive answers to prayers faster than praying to idols. In the Indian culture, you will observe that the faithful pray to the ashes of their lost loved ones. It is believed that the spirits of the dead are present to grant speedy requests to your prayers.

Therefore, this is a good luck implication of keeping the ashes of the dead (most especially your parents) in your living room. With these ashes, you can set up an altar of prayer, get fast answers to them all.

Is it bad Feng Shui to keep ashes in the house?

Feng Shui

In feng shui, it is not bad to keep ashes in the house. The following are the reasons behind this verdict.

Feng shui tradition believed that the ash will establish a permanent connection with the dead.

Whilst it is true that spiritual connection with the dead can be established through diverse means like having a belonging of the dead and so on; a more potent way of keeping that connection strong is keeping the ashes of dead people (family members) in the house. 

Feng shui tradition also believes that keeping ashes in the house will create a spiritual atmosphere of sensitivity.

That is, the people that lack spiritual sensitivity will suddenly become sensitive because of the energy that will fly around their homes.

Feng shui tradition also believed that ashes can lead to rebirth and renewal.

Just like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, you can rise from every failure you have experienced. You can bounce back from every setback you have suffered.

Therefore, keeping ashes in your home will remind you of this. It can be a powerful sign of encouragement.

Is it a sin to keep ashes at home?

Is it a sin to keep ashes at home

As long as you don’t idolize it, it is not a sin. Other religions don’t count it as a sin. However, Christianity counts it as a sin to God.

There is an exception to this.

If you keep the ash in your home for memorial’s sake, then it is not a sin. However, if you idolize the ash, then you have trespassed to God’s law.

What does the bible say about keeping the ashes of a loved one?


We don’t have an exact biblical passage. However, the bible does not support keeping the ashes of a loved one.

The bible recommends that the dead should be buried.

The bible also discourages you from dwelling in the company of the dead.

Therefore, all of these point to the fact that the bible does not encourage keeping the ashes of a loved one in your house.

Final Words

Certain factors have to be in play for you to conclude if keeping ashes in the house is good luck or bad luck. This article has done justice to that.

Therefore, we hope that you make good use of every piece of information for your benefit, and protect yourself from exposure to evil energy by keeping the wrong ash in your house.

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