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What Does it Mean to Hear Bells out of Nowhere? 7 Meanings

What Does it Mean to Hear Bells out of Nowhere? 7 Meanings

In the spirit world, hearing a ringing bell out of nowhere has a spiritual meaning. This is what we are going to look at in this article. Several events unfold in life that go beyond the ordinary, and hearing bells out of nowhere is a clear example. 

Bells in the spirit world are believed to be a voice of the universe. It is said that whenever a man hears a bell, it is the voice of either an angel or the universe that is calling out to such an individual.

Therefore, enough attention should be given to this incident. 

Hearing bells sound out of nowhere is a definite spiritual sign, and this should not be taken with levity.

There are several superstitions about this incident, and I will talk about them in this article.

Several questions surrounding hearing bells out of nowhere will also be answered.

Do you know that bells have a magical sound that attracts good luck?

Yes, they do.

Now, this seems to be a discovery to you right? Imagine the other amazing discoveries that await you in this article. Therefore, stick around to understand the spiritual messages and superstitions surrounding hearing bells out of nowhere.

What does it mean when you hear bells ringing?

What does it mean when you hear bells ringing

Whenever you hear bells ringing, it is a sign that the spirits want to communicate with you. This is the common spiritual message of bells.

Bells are one of the common ways to get your attention in the spiritual world. In the physical world, hearing bells will strike a chord within you and also get your attention. This is the same in the spiritual world.

Therefore, when you hear bells ringing, it is to get your attention

That is, if you have not been paying attention to the things around you, bells will bring a reminder that you should have a change of attitude. 

Another spiritual reason for hearing bells ring means that your inner self is calling out to you. If you have failed to believe in the spiritual realm, the sound of a bell will awaken that consciousness

Furthermore, hearing the ringing sound of a bell is a call to action. If you have been battling with indecision and laziness, a bell will inspire hard work in you.

It will teach you the power of hard work, and clear your mind off distractions, which will enhance your decision-making process.

What does it mean when you hear a bell ring out of nowhere?

What does it mean when you hear a bell ring out of nowhere

Hearing a bell ring out of nowhere is believed to be tied to the time of day.

If you hear a bell ring out of nowhere in the morning, it is believed to be a sign of good luck.

The sound of a bell in the morning will attract good things into your life, and they will come during the day.

This might not necessarily be huge sums of money, and so on. It could be getting a free ride to work, meeting your long-time friend, and so on.

If you hear the bell ringing in the afternoon, it means that you should be careful about the next step you are about to take. You might think it is the best step ever, but it isn’t. Therefore, endeavor to think critically about the next step you are planning to take.

If you hear the bell ringing in the night, it is a warning sign. It is a red alert that danger lies ahead.

Therefore, you are in the season to become more cautious about your actions. Hearing a bell ringing out of nowhere in the night is a warning sign.

What does it mean when you hear a bell ring out of nowhere? 7 Messages

Spiritual messages from a bell ringing

7 spiritual messages surround this incident and will look into this in detail. Whenever you hear a bell ring out of nowhere, there are several spiritual messages and signals to pay attention to.

However, these 7 messages are glaring to the eye, and they are important for your transformation, success, and a positive upward shift for your life, career, or relationship.

Therefore, be attentive to what you are about to read next.

1) Hard work

While in school, a bell will ring for the next class. Even if don’t feel like going to the class, the bell has compelled me to do so. This ingrained hard work into my consciousness, and it has become my watchword ever since.

Therefore, if you hear a bell ringing out of nowhere at your place of work, it means that you should be hardworking.

If you are hardworking, this is a sign that you should become more devoted to your work, and put in the required efforts to scale up in your career or business.

Hearing a ringing bell out of nowhere means hard work.

2) It is time to move over to a new phase

While writing this article, an incident flashed back into my mind, which reminded me of my workplace.

Whenever it was time for a shift change, a little bell rings from the management section. Once this happens, the present workforce logs out of the system and gives room for the next workforce to take over.

Therefore, in the spiritual world, this will indicate a change in your phase.

For example, if you have been in the phase of spiritual development, hearing a bell ring out of nowhere might be a sign that it is time to focus on your career, or building a marital relationship.

However it goes, ensure that you follow the direction of the bell.

3) Increased spiritual vibration

Have you ever heard about the superstitions that the sounds of the bell increase spiritual vibrations? Even though we don’t have proof, we believe that it is true.

The sound of the bell will increase your spiritual vibrational frequency, and this will open up a possibility of good luck for you.

The increase to a higher frequency will fill your mind with positivity, and this will protect you from negative emotions that might render your chakras imbalanced, and faulty.

4) Prepare to take immediate actions

If you have been looking for a spiritual sign to affirm the decision you have made, the sound of a bell ringing out of nowhere might be something to look out for. Now, the sound will have a distinct sound.

Therefore, look out for these two things:

  • The bell will sound very far away.
  • The bell will sound three times.

Once this happens, take it as an affirmation to take action immediately. You have stuck on the same point due to your inactions. Therefore, let the sound of this spiritual bell push you to act immediately.

5) Stop taking action

Now, this might sound confusing right? But it is not. The sound of a bell that is warning you to stop taking action is different from the one above.

Whenever you hear a loud bell ringing at the end of the week, and in the middle of the night, it is reminding you of the mistakes you have made during the week, enlightening your mind to see how better you could have done some things, and warning you to not repeat the same process in the coming week.

Whenever a bell rings out of nowhere in this fashion, it is warning you to not repeat certain actions as this might be negative in results.

6) Wedding bells are ringing

Alright, this is cool!

  • Have you desired to get married?
  • Have you asked the universe for help concerning your marriage?
  • Are you ready to get married, but waiting for the right sign?

Then, hearing the sound of a bell out of nowhere is a clear indication that it is time to pursue your marital ambition.

Whenever you hear a bell ring while thinking about getting married, it is an indication that you are at the right time to get married. This might also be a sign that someone close to you is going to get married soon.

7) Good news is coming

The sound of a bell in the morning is a sign of good luck. It means that you will hear a piece of good news during the day, which will change your life.

Mostly, if you hear this sound while praying, it is the best sign of good luck for your day, and it is always backed up with evident proof.

Therefore, be full of faith, and expect amazing things to happen during your day as you hear the sound of a bell ringing out of nowhere.

Hearing doorbells ringing: Spiritual meaning


Whenever you hear a doorbell ringing, it is a sign that spirits are trying to come into your life.

The bible says that the heart of a man has a door, and either Jesus or the devil can knock on it.

Therefore, you have the decision to either allow these spirits to come into your life or not.

This will be decided by the thoughts you ponder on for long, and the energy you release through your words.

Could it be a spiritual sign?

Sign from the spiritual world

Yes, it can be a spiritual sign. Without a doubt, hearing doorbells or any bell ring out of nowhere is nothing physical or normal.

It is a spirit that is trying to get your attention. Therefore, opening up your inner consciousness will enhance your discernment, and allow you to understand what the spiritual realm is trying to communicate to your consciousness. 

In addition to this, you can take advantage of the messages in this article to get what the universe is trying to say with the ringing sound of a bell out of nowhere.

Could it be my Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angel

Yes, it could be your guardian angel, and it could not.

Hearing the sound of a bell out of nowhere does not automatically imply that your guardian angel is around.

If you hear a doorbell ringing, and confidence feels your heart, then it is believed to be your guardian angel announcing its presence.

However, if a doorbell rings, and you are suddenly filled with confusion and every other form of negativity, then, it is a clear sign that a demon is trying to get access into your life.

Final Words

Whenever you hear a bell ring out of nowhere, take notice of this event. A consistent appearance of this incident will mean a spiritual message.

With the information you have from this article, you can perceive the meaning, interpret the messages, and make use of them for your transformation.

So, do you already know what is the spiritual meaning of hear bells out of nowhere? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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26 thoughts on “What Does it Mean to Hear Bells out of Nowhere? 7 Meanings”


    1. I hear bella ringing out of no where. Sometimes it feels good and fills me with joy. Sometimes it fills me with fear. I then move faster. I feel a warning and sense of dread. I am absolutely certain this is meaningful. I can tell sometimes good spirits are contacting me. Sometimes bad ones are. I still am not sure how to sort through this or the meanings this has for me.

  2. Avatar
    Laura Rodriguez Mann

    I was driving home alone after I dropped off my husband at work around 11pm,we had been arguing.As I drove home on a dark road leading to our house I heard a bell as someone was behind me.I stop turned on the light and there was nothing there that would make that nosie.So I drove off and it begins again,I got a uneasy feeling so I started to pray and it just stopped.Im really confused at this point.I just kept praying till I got home .. anyone got and answer to this.

    1. A warning not to argue with your husband before driving him to work. The Holy spirit is dynamic and has taken action to communicate with you and to warn you to try to resolve your issues with your husband before you get on the road. It would be best if you resolve that you do love each other and rather than arguing; communicate and pray that the end result of your communication will be Godly. God loves you and you all are very special. He wants to spare you.

  3. As a child, I was terrified of the dark. Every night, I wouldn’t even dare to leave my room because of how scared I’d get. One night, I decided to go get a bottle of water from downstairs in the kitchen. As I’m walking down the steps I come to a stop at the end of the stairway, and I’m now on the first floor. As I was about to move into the kitchen on my right, to my left in the living room, I hear bells ringing. I froze in fear and glanced over to see what it was. The living area was pitch black, so I couldn’t see anything besides the area outside the window. I stood there for a couple of seconds after the bell had rung a few times. Nothing but silence, I was petrified. I didn’t even go into the kitchen to grab a water, I just ran back up the stairs and into my room without a thought. I know some may think I was just hearing things since I was so little, but I know I wasn’t. I can still picture the moment and hear the sound in my head. I still continue to have an uneasy feeling about the dark, just not as extreme as I used too. As of now, I’ve never heard that bell again, nor have I found out what it was. This article gave me an idea of what it COULD be, but of course I can never be certain. Anyone else have a similar experience? Thank you.

  4. Avatar
    John Simon Peter A. Sayo

    my name is jasper and I live in the philippines my age is 18 years old I experienced hearing a bell outside my room starting on August 13, 2022 at 3 AM until around 3:30 AM three times I prayed again and again to the angel of God my guardian angel when I prayed the sound of the bell disappeared so I fell asleep, only now I was enlightened to its meaning when I read your article… thank you…

  5. Today at work i heard a bell ring, Also when i got home i heard the same bell rining, Then i went to visit my mum and heard the bell rining again. What could this mean.

    1. it could mean that you are about to receive a large sum of money! this exact thing happened to me and i found $500 on the street! hoping that this is a good sign!!!

  6. I got a bell ring sound I was awake in bed when it happened I was thinking of my late grandparents hoping there happy finally together.even my kitten hear it .don’t know what it could mean ?

  7. Me and my son(are Christians) was walking down the stairs it was night time in the house coming down from the first floor to second floor in her home, heard two bells rings, one after another. but I did receive a phone call after that my who was serving satan) passed, who was trying to get rid of me and my son through witchcraft, but instead lost her life.

  8. I was setting in my living room watching TBN
    Had my front door open, I was alone is was about 4:20 in the afternoon. Then I heard a sound like wind chimes 2 times very close by like just outside my door!Never had heard them before I don’t hav wind chimes either. At first I just thought someone was walking down the road with wind chimes but then I thought no one would do that around here n why would they. My neighbors live quite a distance. Then later that on I began to wonder maybe what I was hear is spiritual?
    Plz tell what u think?

  9. Me and 3 other of my friends when to a graveyard we have been to multiple of times and have seen stuff on some occasions. Tonight we went back there and on the way there my brother kept saying he hopes we see something. When we got there we were walking around for about 5 min then we all heard bells ring at the same time and all got a sense of dread and fear, and there is no bells in the graveyard as it is from the late 1800s early 1900s. It is Talley cemetery in Alabama for anyone wondering. What could this mean?

    1. I believe I wrote about that cemetery in my book, Ghosts of the Southern TN Valley. But I don’t recall learning anything about bells there.

  10. I’m on this page because I just heard chimes just after 3am as if the front door downstairs had been opened. Except we don’t have chimes on the front door and no-one else is home. I had just read messages from a client (Meth addict/schizophrenic) who has an affinity towards me and keeps trying to get my attention but then self realises how inappropriate it is. I’ve been considering giving them sessions online as opposed to in person or asking them to get clean before receiving sessions through me as it’s timeline therapy/unconscious mind type of work. A woman who I see as a mentor insisted they get clean before doing anything sort of unconscious mind type of work. Thanks for this page!!!

  11. I am slowly wondering if I lose my mind
    Every day I hear church bells all day
    Sometimes is soft in the background and I don’t always notice it then and sometimes it gets louder
    I do have 3 churches around me so o thought I heard those since I do hear them at times but when I open my window or door it’s dead silent and when I ask others if they hear the church bells they don’t hear them. It’s the same sound of when they start and call people to church on Sunday. So just the standard typical sound. I have no idea if this is a sign or if I have something medical. I do am someone that believes in signs but I never had this before and for so long it’s been weeks now. I hope someone knows what it is cause I’ve been reading online a lot and I only see about normal bells.

  12. I just heard jingle bell ringing right outside of my room door today around noon. I thought Santa was here. It lasted about 2-3 seconds. I’m sure I was the only one home.

    Anyone had similar experience?

    1. Yes I had a similar experience a few days ago. Sat at home alone when suddenly I heard what I can only describe as Santa sleigh bells. It was getting louder and I thought any minute now I would see someone walking past the window with bells attached to a hat or trolley.
      The sound stopped right outside my front door then started to recede.
      I ran outside looked up & down street no one about.
      The sound brought me a good feeling so I’m holding on to that!
      A very strange experience though, would love to the meaning of it😁

      1. Hello,

        That experience can be a little overwhelming and scary at first.
        But it also means God has a special connection with you and is sending good things into your life. That’s why you felt so good while hearing the bells.

  13. I have been hearing bells here and there around my house. I also have a cat that has a bell but she don’t have it on right now and it’s a soothing bell just like her bell on her collar it sounds like her bell but its not her and she is laying down somewhere and when everyone is gone and it’s just me in the house I can still hear it. And when I go try to find it I never can find it

  14. Avatar
    Laura Lynn Hedgecock

    I was in my living room straightening the pillows up I heard a really loud bell ring 4 times it sounded like a wrestling match bell. It was around 3:00 am. It frightened me. It was so loud and alarming. I locked myself in my bedroom. Do you know what this could be. I recently started using tuning forks to clear my chi and energy

  15. Yesterday around 12:50 when I was about to sleep I suddenly starting to hear church bells that grew louder and louder. After like a minute it slowly went away what does this mean? I was so startled and scared that I didn’t even open my eyes and just covered my my whole body with a blanket XD.

  16. Avatar
    Anuhea Coubertier

    In my dream last night I heard “two” nice gongs sounds. Which woke me up because it sounded so real. What does it mean? I was actually going to go outside to see if something was out there.

  17. @3:30 pm CST for the 1st time I distinctly heard a Bell 🛎️ Ring
    It wasn’t loud , its sound, harmony, projected and made its presence known. Something else,
    I instinctively saw a “ Gold Bell 🔔 “

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