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If You Remember Your Dreams, is it a Message? Answered!

If You Remember Your Dreams, is it a Message? Answered!

If you remember your dream, is it a spiritual message? Let’s find out!

Dreams are a part of our realities. They set the pace for certain events in our lives. This is why you should not take dreams for granted.

In spirituality, dreams are referred to as visions. This means that they can come to us for a specific purpose.

They can reveal the future to us, and prepare us for what lies ahead.

Therefore, whenever you remember a dream, it is something to pay attention to. This might look normal on the surface, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

This article is focused on discussing the different spiritual meanings of remembering your dreams. With this, you will understand how the universe uses your dream memory as a spiritual sign.

Is it normal to remember your dream?


Physically, it is normal to remember your dream. There is a spiritual side to remembering dreams. This is based on some facts.

  • If you normally forget your dreams but remember a particular one, then it is a spiritual sign. That dream is a message from the universe, which you need to be attentive to. 
  • Whenever you wake up in the night with remembering dreams, this is not normal. Normally, you should remember your dream in the morning. It is not normal to remember your dream at night. When you wake up at the midnight with a dream on your mind, it is a spiritual sign.
  • When the only dreams you remember are negative, it is not a normal sign. This is a caution sign. It means that something is wrong somewhere, and you need to discover it. 
  • Another spiritual sign to watch out for is having a flash of your dream as you remember. This is believed to be the resurfacing of your past life. It is also a spiritual message.

What does it mean when you remember your dreams?

What does it mean when you remember your dreams

In the spiritual world, remembering your dreams is a sign of spirituality. When you remember your dreams, it means that your spiritual senses are functioning properly.

Apart from remembering dreams, you will observe that other spiritual senses are functioning properly.

Another spiritual meaning of remembering your dreams is a pullback to your past. This means that the universe wants you to return to your past, and draw a life lesson from there. This might be a past mistake or a past triumph.

Whatever it means, ensure to draw from the events for your enlightenment.

Furthermore, remembering your dream is a sign of positivity. This means that your spiritual atmosphere is functioning properly.

It also means that you are protected from negativity.

Whenever you continually remember your dreams, it is a good sign that releases positive energy into your consciousness.

If you remember your dream, is it a message? 7 Possible messages

If you remember your dream, is it a message

Remembering your dream has 7 possible messages. Understanding these messages is crucial. Therefore, make use of it to your advantage. Without beating about the bush, here are the 7 spiritual messages of remembering your dreams.

1) You have a prophetic ability

One of the spiritual qualities of prophecy is the ability to remember dreams. The prophetic is not about dreams alone.

However, dreaming is one of the channels of prophecy.

When you always remember your dream, it means that your prophetic ability is working perfectly. Now, this does not make you a prophet.

Having a prophetic ability is different from standing in the office of a prophet.

Remembering your dreams means you have a divine gift, which is prophecy. This means that you can see visions of people, and remember them. This makes you a haven for several people.

In 7 days, if you remember all your dreams, it is a sign of prophecy. That is, you have this ability. If you have never paid attention to this, now might be the right time. Understanding your prophetic ability will help you to uncover the possibilities in you.

2) You are spiritually active

Remembering your dreams also means that you are spiritually active. Physically, there are 5 spiritual senses. This is the same in the spiritual world.

Whenever you dream, it is based on the function of your spiritual eyes. When you constantly remember your dream, it also means a sharp spiritual mind.

Combining both events makes you spiritually active. Having dreams and remembering them means that your spiritual senses are working perfectly.

Furthermore, it is meant to keep you on your toes.

Remembering your dream means that you should consciously keep your spiritual senses active. This is an important message. With spiritual sensitivity, you will be blessed with foresight, which is a major factor behind remembering dreams.

If you discover that your ability to remember dreams is dwindling, take it as a sign that you are not spiritually active.

3) The dream is important

Whenever you constantly remember a single dream, it is a sign that the dream is important. It is not a coincidence that you constantly remember this dream.

The universe is trying to call your attention to this dream because of the message attached to it.

Whenever you remember a particular dream, it is a sign that you should pay attention to it. Doing this will bring clarity to your mind, and resolved every conflict in your soul.

If you remember more than one dream, then it means that you can dwell in 2 dimensions.

It means that you are comfortable in the physical and mental dimensions of life. When you remember your dreams, it means that those dreams are important. Especially if you don’t remember every dream you have.

The specific ones that you remember are important.

Therefore, pay attention to them.

Now, this article is not intended to interpret dreams. Therefore, if you are finding it hard to understand the meaning of your dreams, you can reach out to us, and we will write an article about it.

4) Focus

When you discover that a particular dream constantly comes back to your mind, it means that you are focused on what you want to accomplish.

Does focus come in dreams? Yes, it does.

The universe will show this to you through your ability to remember one dream. For example, if you forget many dreams but remember a particular one, this is a sign of focus. It means that you are not distracted by the things around you.

Apart from this, it can be a motivational message that inspires you to maintain your focus.

That is, avoid every form of distraction.

By doing this, you will attain a higher level of success in a short time.

Whenever you keep remembering one dream, it is believed to bring a message of deep focus and reflection. Therefore, make use of this dream for your business, career, or relationship

5) Clarity

Forgetting dreams is a sign of confusion. Therefore, it is only right that remembering dreams is a sign of clarity.

Have you been praying for clarity in recent times? Then, you will observe a trait of remembering dreams.

Once this happens, it means that the universe has brought answers to your heart concerning pending issues.

Yes, you can get answers through dreams.

This is why you should pay close attention to the dreams you can remember. In these dreams are the answers you seek.

These dreams are laced with a series of events that culminates in a clearer picture of what you need to see. Remembering your dream is a function of a clear mind. This means that every issue in your heart has been resolved.

6) Your chakras are functioning properly

A disruption in your energy levels can lead to forgetfulness. However, when your chakra points begin to function properly, they will positively trigger your memory.

Therefore, remembering dreams is a sign that there is no disruption in your energy flow.

This is a good sign of positivity.

When negative energy is around you, disruptions will happen in your mind, which will stop the free flow of your energy level.

However, whenever you observe a free flow of energy, it means that positivity is around you. Therefore, remembering dreams is a good sign of positivity. This means that there is no negativity in your spiritual atmosphere.

7) You have leadership qualities

When you remember your dreams, it is a sign of strong leadership qualities.

This means that you are going to be a great leader in the future.

This can also lead to spiritual discovery.

Remembering dreams means that you have a strong retentive quality, which is a good sign of leadership.

This means that you are going to be influential. Therefore, it is time to get out of your mold and explore the world around you. 

Why do I always remember my dreams?

Remember our dreams when waking up

Whenever you remember your dreams, the first thing you have to realize is that it is nothing abnormal.

However, there can be certain spiritual triggers here and there that might cause a sudden remembrance of dreams. 

You will remember your dreams whenever the universe needs your attention. Spiritual activities go on around, and we need to be aware of the things that happen in our environment.

When you become oblivious to spiritual activities, it will trigger your inner consciousness, which suddenly brings a dream to your soul.

For example: if you remember having a dream that has something to do with the river, it is a sign that the spiritual realm needs your attention. That is, you need to observe the changes in the spirit realm.

Whenever a message needs to be delivered, the universe can trigger a dream in your past. This dream has to be related to the message from the universe.

For example, if the universe wants to speak to you about patience, you might remember having a dream 5 years ago about patience. Once this happens, your attention will cause you to understand what the universe is communicating.

If you remember your dreams, is it a warning sign?

Warning signs

Yes, remembering dreams can be a warning sign. Especially if the dream is a negative one.

One of the spiritual reasons for remembering dreams might be a warning.

For example: if the universe has given you a dream concerning a negative situation, such a dream will come back to your memory whenever you forget. Once this happens, it is a warning sign. 

Also, if you are about to repeat a cycle in your past life, a similar dream will come to your memory. This means that your past life can be played to your mind as a dream. This is meant to warn you against making mistakes that might affect you.

The spiritual world can use your dreams to warn you. Therefore, whenever you remember any dream, it should sound like a warning alarm

  • What type of dreams do you remember?
  • Is it negative or positive?

If the dreams you remember are negative, then this is a warning sign. The aspect of your life you need to watch out for will be unveiled in the dream you remembered. 

Should I be afraid?

Spiritual problems and signs

No, there is no need to be scared of remembering your dreams. One of the spiritual signs of a healthy consciousness is remembering dreams.

There is nothing to be scared of in dreams. A little amount of caution is needed, but not negative fear. 

When you release negative fear, it will disrupt your chakra and you will begin to forget dreams.

Therefore, guard your mind against negative emotions and energy.

If the dream you remember is scary, this does not mean anything bad. It is simply a caution message concerning an intending danger that lies ahead of you. 

Once the necessary steps are taken, you will be fine.

Most times, you will stop remembering that dream.

Final Words

Do you remember dreams? Then, you have been blessed with a gift. All that is left is for you to learn how to harness this gift. Luckily enough, this article has some amazing information for you concerning this.

Therefore, keep everything you read in mind, and you will be amazed at the transformation that happens.

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4 thoughts on “If You Remember Your Dreams, is it a Message? Answered!”

  1. Hello my name is elaine and I have been having dream that are so really and I have been dream since I was about 12 years old or younger and I see visions too and I had a dream about that I can’t see in my dreams . I don’t know the meaning about this?

    1. Hi as far as what ive read on this article if ur constatly dreaming that is surely a message of your inner self to you

      (btw just woke up because of a negative dream i remembered 😅)

    2. btw to fully answer you question maybe ur inner self wants to send a message to you wether there is something wrong or maybe theres something to avoid or to pursue. You should try to reflect on that dream and see whats the best it can do for you. I really do believe that it will matter what lies ahead in the future for you.

      im not an expert tho😅 just sharing my thoughts on this one and i just saw ur comment maybe
      i can give u a help 😅

      Godspeed ! ❤️

  2. I saw in my dream that people/police (not clear) are taking my brother to jail and they have wrapped him in while cloth and they are bringing him to our house in childhood just to show us and again taking back and he is asleep mostly. What this means! I remember this clearly. I dint see my brother’s face clearly but the dream was telling me he is your brother. I saw this in morning around 8.30-9am and I suddenly got up and once again when I tried to sleep, it again continued. What this means ! Do I have to be scared? Do I have to inform my brother to be careful about something? Please guide.

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