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Home » 9 Meanings Of Dreaming Of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive Or Dead

9 Meanings Of Dreaming Of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive Or Dead

9 Meanings Of Dreaming Of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive Or Dead

Did you just wake up feeling bad because you had a dream where your loved one was dying?

These kinds of dreams can be quite disturbing as they make us see the death of someone who is close to us. Dreams of death may seem like negative omens, but they are not a cause of concern. 

Most of the time, death dreams signify an ending of something. It can be a career or a relationship.

Therefore, it does not necessarily mean that the person whose death you saw will actually be dying in real life.

To help you know more about such dreams, we will talk about the significance of these dreams and their possible meanings.

9 Spiritual Meanings of dreaming of someone dying who is still alive

Spiritual Meaning of dreaming of someone dying who is still alive

1) Fear of losing someone special

You need to think about the people who matter most in your life.

Are you afraid of losing them, and does the thought of them passing away make you feel sad and anxious? You may have this feeling of fear if one of your loved ones is presently ill, or you may feel that your partner has fallen out of love.

This can be a cause of you having death dreams where the subconscious mind echoes what you fear in real life.

2) A change in situation

If you saw a death dream, it can mean that you are going through a change in your life.

This change can signify a rebirth or end of something.

When you dream of someone dying, it may mean that the rebirth or change is about to take place. This change can further imply a change in your career, setting new goals, or finding a love interest.

3) Pregnancy

Death and pregnancy are two polar opposites.

However, when you see a person dying in your dream, it can be that you are about to receive a confirmation of your pregnancy.

It signifies a direct connection between death and rebirth.

4) Managing your life

You seeing the death of a person in your dream can represent the stress and anxiety you are currently having in your life.

Maybe the death that you saw is of someone who often pressurizes you, and you may desire to escape from them.

In such cases, it can mean that you need to know to manage your life by managing your anxiety and by removing the person from your life.

5) Accept changes in life

You may be having a hard time accepting the changes that your life is bringing.

It can be a reason for you having death dreams, and you may have a hard time sleeping. But, once you start accepting such changes, you will stop having these dreams.

6) Betrayal

Another reason for you having death dreams is that you are feeling a sense of betrayal in real life by the person whom you saw dying in your dream.

You can get this feeling if one of your close friends or family members is dying or if they are dead. So, you dreaming of them dying can mean that you are angry about them leaving you and passing away.

7) Lack of qualities

You can have a dream of a person dying if you believe that they possess certain qualities that you do not have.

Do you feel a sense of jealousy when you think about this person?

If so, then it can mean that you do not want them in your life anymore, and you must remain away from them in real life.

8) Missing someone

When you are dreaming of someone dying, it can mean that you have not met them in a long time.

The dream can be a sign that you are missing them. In addition, it can also mean that you are no longer a part of their life and you miss being a part of their life.

9) Coping with loss

We can even dream about the death of a loved one if we feel a sense of blame and grief at their passing away.

It may mean that you are still coping with their loss.

These types of dreams generally happen if you have seen the death of a family member and are finding it hard to let them go.

What does it mean when you dream about someone dying who is already dead?

What does it mean when you dream about someone dying who is already dead

The need for guidance:

Did you often go to your deceased loved one for guidance while they were still alive?

If yes, then you may see them appear in your dreams, especially if you are finding it difficult to make a decision regarding a tough situation in your life.

So, you may be subconsciously looking for some encouragement or advice from your deceased loved one.

In case you are facing such a scenario, you need to first think about the type of advice they would give to you if they were alive.

You can even consider how they dealt with problems and issues in their own life.

Thinking like this will enable you to find more clarity and better understanding in your life so that you can solve all the problems that you are currently facing.

End of a relationship:


In several cultures, death can be a symbol of an ending.

We often use phrases like the end of life, expire, transition to symbolize the finality of death. This refers to the end of something that we hold near and dear to us.

When you see the death of a dead person, you may be mourning that your break up with someone who you love in real life.

Breakups can be painful, and the feeling you get after a breakup is similar to the pain of losing someone to death. 

Struggle after a breakup can resurface memories of a deceased loved one who was close to you.

We tend to store these memories and feelings in our subconscious, and they can manifest into a dream where you encounter this deceased acquaintance, friend, or family member.

A positive change:

Spiritual change

Dreaming about someone dying who is dead can symbolize:

  • A pleasant advancement;
  • Self-discovery;
  • Transformation;
  • And internal change.

You can be in a transitional phase in your life that can make you more spiritual and accessible. So, your life can be changing in a significant manner.

You will therefore have to start by leaving your past behind.

In addition, you may see this dream if you are moving to a new country, getting a promotion, or are about to get divorced or married. Hence, such dreams may symbolize major changes in your life. 

Becoming aware:

becoming aware of reality

When you are dreaming about the death of someone who is dead, it can mean that you are trying to take a break from your life’s responsibilities.

Your unconscious mind may be asking you to become more aware and invite order back into your life.

The responsibilities that you have may involve certain obligations that leave you feeling unfulfilled.

Such dreams may also urge you to become aware of things that are not working out in your life.

Therefore, these dreams can imply a personal sacrifice that you are making by constantly putting the needs of others before you. This dream can be a sign that you have to change this situation and care for yourself before you take care of others.

Spiritual meaning of seeing deceased loved ones in dreams

Decreased loved one

Dreaming about dead loved ones means that you are finally going to have fulfillment in your life. So, if you feel that life has been testing you, you will be able to succeed over your trial and receive what your heart wants.

A dead loved one appears in your dream when you are about to do or get something great in your life.

These dreams are also a reminder that in life, you are on the right path. Your deceased loved ones visit in your dream when you feel like you are losing track of things in your life.

So, this dream symbolizes that you do not need to feel anxious as your dreams are about to be true.

Do you have this dream repeatedly?

If you repeatedly see a dead loved one appearing in your dream, it can mean they are trying to communicate something to you.

It can mean that you are going to face changes in your life. In addition, it can mean that the work you are currently doing will turn out to be successful.

Is this person no longer sick in the dream?

A dream where you see your dead relative healthy who was sick before they passed away can mean that they are happy.

In case you are still finding it hard to come to terms with their death, it can be an indication that now is the time you need to move on.

They may even come in your dreams to tell you that they have found peace and urge you to find yours.

It could be a warning sign

Dreams of deceased loved ones can also come as a warning.

Many of our dead loved ones visit us in our dreams to tell us about an upcoming problem that we are going to face in the future.

If you can interpret these signs, you will be able to solve your problem easily.

At times, you can dream about your dead loved one if you think that you are making mistakes in your life.

You may want their advice, so they come in your dreams as a sign that you need to change your behavior and perspective towards life.

Meaning of dreams about dead loved ones coming back to life


You dreaming about a dead loved one coming back to life can mean that you are about to reconnect with an old friend.

In addition, it can signify that you may embark on a new relationship with someone whom you have not met in a long time.

You may see this person in the street, at work, or in a café.

As a dream, it can mean that both you and that person will be glad to see each other after a long time, which will help you reconnect with them easily.

The other person can be someone who may have had a great time with in the past. It can also mean that they are special to you. You may have lost connection with each other. But life is going to bring them back to you.

Apart from an old friend, this person can also be an old love interest.

This person will try their best to bring you back into their lives.

If you are in a relationship:

If you are in a relationship already, a dream of your dead loved one can be a sign that you need to stay away from your old love interest and save your present relationship at all costs.

Dreaming about dead loved ones coming back to life can mean that they are trying to offer us comfort while we are mourning their death.

They can also appear in our dreams to provide us with closure.

It can be a sign that we finally need to accept their death. These dreams come to us when we are finding it tough to accept the death of a loved one.

A dead loved one appearing in our dreams can be their way of showing us that everything is going to turn out alright and we must stop worrying.

It can also be their way of telling you that someone is taking care of them and they are no more in pain.

Can it be a good spiritual sign?

Sign from the spiritual world

Dreaming of dead people who were close to us while they were alive can be a good spiritual sign. It is because when we are in our waking state, they cannot communicate with us.

So, when we are asleep, they visit us to reconnect with us and to give messages that we need in our lives.

Sometimes when a dead loved one visits us in our dreams, it can mean that they have certain unfulfilled desires in their lives.

They may contact you in an attempt to fulfill those wishes of theirs that they were not able to make them come true. So, they want you to help them fulfill their wishes and make them happy.

If one of your dead loved ones passed away due to unnatural causes, they might visit you in your dream.

Therefore, you seeing them in your dream is not something that you need to worry about.

It just means that they are seeking a sense of closure for their death.

In case you see such a dream, you can contact a person who has religious affiliations to help your loved one go across the realm of living to the realm of the dead easily.

You may see a dead person coming back to life or a living person dying in your dream when you are processing your emotions after a great loss. This loss can be a change in relationship or job status or the death of a loved one.

No matter what it is, seeing a dead person in your dream is a sign that everything is going to turn out okay for you in the end. So, you have to be patient and wait for the good times. 

Should I be afraid?


There is no reason to be afraid when you see a dead loved one appearing in your dreams.

It is because we already know that if someone was near to us in our lifetime, they would not harm us when they are dead. So, seeing them in your dreams is not a bad sign in most cases.

When you see them smiling in your dream and if you are facing a hard time to coping with their loss, then it can be a sign that they are asking you to move on.

Therefore, you have to learn when it is time to let go so that your loved one can pass on peacefully. At the same time, this dream will also offer you a sense of relief.

If you are having a hard time with each and everything that is happening in your life, seeing a dead loved one can signify that times are about to change.

Your loved one may be appearing in your dream to tell you that you are going to overcome all the hurdles that life is currently throwing at you.

As a result, slowly but surely, all the things that you wish for will come true.

Final words

We have discussed all things that can mean when you see a dead loved one in your dream. You do not have to necessarily think that it is a bad omen.

We see the people who we care for or who cared for us while they were alive simply because they want to assure us that we are going to be happy.

When we are coping with loss, seeing a dead person in our dream can help us to move on. It is their way of helping us accept their death and process our grief.

So, do you already know what is the spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone dying who is still alive? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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  1. I have a similar dream twice.At first i saw my close friend die in a dream of mine and on their way to bury him,I only saw the ghost of my friend,i was very afraid and the ghost is calling me to follow him.I shouted and close my eyes in the dream and i said i will not follow you,and i automatically woke up from that dream.

    Second,i dreamt the following week like someone gave me a vehicle to take care of it,but in the dream,I only know how to drive forward and don’t know how to reverse backward.So i decide to give someone the vehicle to assist me on driving it.On our way going,we were so much in the vehicle and we got an accident.Most of the strange people die in the dream and i was ok.Within myself,i have a remorse that am the cause for those people death. The same night again,i dreamt a close neighborhood of mine die,and i also saw the casket of her while they were on their way to bury her.
    Please i need someone to assist me with these dreams of mine.Am very much desperate to know the exact meaning of them.

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