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Seeing a Dead Person Alive in a Dream Meaning: 9 Messages

Seeing a Dead Person Alive in a Dream Meaning: 9 Messages

When it comes to dreams there is a thin line between what is in your subconscious mind and what is spiritual. Dreams are a mystery.

Sometimes you dream and find an interpretation and sometimes it’s just your scattered thoughts without any meaning behind.

Dreams act as a channel for communication between the dead and the living. Spiritual dreams deals with the realm you cannot articulate.

It is also believed while you are being asleep your soul leaves the physical realm and enters into the spiritual realm interacting with other souls.

Dreaming about a dead person being alive can be nostalgic and could also scare you to the core.

Without further ado let’s dive into the world of dreams and their meanings.

What does it mean when You Dream of Someone who is already Dead being Alive?

What does it mean when You Dream of Someone who is already Dead being Alive

A person never dies they are always alive in your hearts, in your subconscious and also in another realm you cannot articulate.

They are still with you in spirit. You might be emotionally so close to that person that your heart could not let them go.

Your mind searches them everywhere!

Ultimately when you dream of that particular person it could be your body’s way of coping mechanism or could also be a visitation dream.

There is also a possibility that while you are dreaming about that dead person being alive in your dream, your soul is actually interacting with that person’s soul. Dreams are symbolic.

It is also a way of universe delivering you a message.

One should pay close attention to the details of the dream. I myself had similar experience.

When I was expecting my second child I had a dream in which my late grandmother visited me and presented me with sweets and a few days later we welcomed our second child to the world.

Often the dead visit you in your dreams to give you messages or help you process something.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing an Alive Person Dead in a Dream

Seeing an Alive Person Dead in a Dream

Dreams can be symbolic and can have different meaning for different persons. Seeing alive person dead in your dream could be horrific.

It could be a bad omen!

  • Or the universe warning you about something.
  • Or perhaps you might be dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety lately. Those tough situationsmight have affected your subconscious mind.
  • It could also indicate loss.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Dead Person Alive in a Dream

Seeing a Dead Person Alive in a Dream

You mostly dream about those dead individuals being alive who used to be your beloved ones.

It is mostly a visitation dream in which your beloved ones visit you in your dreams they left physically but are always around you in spirit.

They might visit you to:

  • Deliver a message.
  • Or maybe to warn you about something.
  • Or to help you to process something.

Different individuals symbolize different meanings.

Dead people can contact you if they have something to tell you.

I would suggest you take special notice of what they say to you in your dreams.

Dead Friend Alive in a Dream:

Dead Friend

Seeing dead friend alive in your dream shows they’re part of your life.

They’re in your subconscious and that’s why you keep dreaming of your dead loved ones.

Being alive in your dream is just a reflection of your subconscious desire.

Your subconscious mind is occupied with puzzle of life to awake your memories, fears or a sense of hope.

It reflects how much you yearn to be with them and reflects your sense of loneliness hidden deep in your hearts.

Dead Ex Alive in a Dream:

Dead Ex

It could also be seen as a representation of your own fears and anxieties about death or your own mortality.

Seeing a dead ex in a dream can be a symbol of unresolved feelings or unresolved issues related to that person.

Seeing a dead ex alive in your dream could be a reminder to cherish life and make the most of the time you have.

Dead Husband Alive in a Dream:

Dead Husband

Dreams are insights into our daily lives, and some of our deepest desires and pains.

Dreams are clues into your psyche.

Seeing a dead husband alive may be related to your own feelings of loss and grief.

The dream could be a way for you to process your emotions and come to terms with your late husband’s death.

It indicates how much you yearn for your partners company.

It shows your deepest sorrows and grief in your subconscious mind.

Dead Mother or Father Alive in a Dream:

Dead Father

Parents are like that tree which stand strong in every season and provide you with shelter and food, which never bend to the harsh storms of life and protect you.

Losing your parents will leave you hollow and raw to the world.

Dreaming about your mother or father shows that they haven’t left you they are still out there watching out for you.

All you have to do is to never lose that courage and strength that they had given you.

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming of a Dead Person being Alive in a Dream

Dead Person being Alive in a Dream

In bible dreams are often used as a communication channel between God and a person. Those dreams have symbols through which God conveys his message.

Then these messages are interpreted carefully and accordingly by individuals or spiritual leaders who have deep knowledge about it.

Those dreams have different meaning s according to the context.

It could be:

  • A Message from God;
  • A warning from God;
  • A reminder of hereafter;
  • Importance of faith.

9 Messages from Seeing a Dead Person Alive in a Dream Meaning

Seeing a Dead Person Alive in a Dream Meaning

Dreams have symbols and are interpreted accordingly.

These dreams are from the divine source to guide you when you feel lost, to help you proceed further in your lives.

To get the most out of it lets discuss further meanings of dead ones visiting you in your dreams.

Without further ado let’s start.

1) You are not alone

Often when you feel lost and abandoned you see your deceased loved ones in your dream.

Which bring you warmth and peace. It is message from the universe that you are not alone.

You are being watched and taken care of.

2) This spirit need to see you

When you fell asleep your soul may enter into a spiritual realm and might interact with other spirits.

After the death of a person that person’s spirit is also present in the spiritual realm so oyur beloved ones might miss you and they may want to see you.

3) Good Luck

Dreaming about dead ones alive in your dream is also a good omen.

They bring peace and happiness with them.

It is a sign that indicates something good might happen which will bring peace and prosperity into your life.

4) Grief

After losing your loved ones you might me drowning in grief and despair.

No matter what you do it would be hard for you to take them out of your heart and mind and move on.

You could still smell them feel their touch might hear them feel their voice echo around you.

Having them on your mind all the time might lead you to also dreaming about them.

5) Closure

You might have lost your loved ones without having a proper closure which might be causing you anxiety.

Dreaming about dead ones alive in your dream might give you the closure you deserve which will bring you peace of your mind.

6) Fear

Dreaming about dead person being alive in your dream may be uncomfortable and may make you anxious.

It could also indicate your fear of dying or ending up like that person.

Those dark thoughts in your subconscious mind might have led to certain horrifying dreams.

7) Guidance

Sometimes your deceased mentor or guardian might still guide you through dreams.

You might be feeling lost and unsure about your life.

It might be tough making big life decisions but your deceased guardian may be still watching out for you and guiding you through the storms of your life.

8) Conveying a message

Your deceased loved ones might want to send you a message or warn you about something or maybe you might be stuck into something and they are helping you out to proceed into your life.

Since dreams are symbolized one should pay close attention to the details of their dreams and then interpreted.

Even small details should not be ignored and should be interpreted by spiritual leaders since they have more in depth knowledge.

9) Ghosts from past

Sometimes life happens and you commit grave mistakes and since every action have consequences and one have to endure them.

You might have moved on but sometimes your past catches up with you or maybe you might have forgotten about it but it is still there in those dark corners.

Whenever you close your eyes you still might have flashes from your horrible past.

Ghosts from your past might still visit you from time to time which is causing you stress and anxiety.

This anxiety might have lead you to those dreams or these dreams might be a sign or a message from universe for you to move on and to let go of those things which cannot be changed.

What Happens if We See a Dead Person Alive in a Dream every day?

Signs from spiritual world

Well there are two aspects to this specific question

Dreams have symbols or indicators!

There are many ways to interpret it we often dream about things which are already submerged deep into your subconscious mind.

Those unresolved feelings and thoughts are reoccurring in your dreams.

It’s important to note that dream interpretation is a personal and subjective topic.

If you find yourself having dreams about specific person frequently or are being affected by it, it may be a good idea to talk to a therapist or counselor for further understanding and to help process any unresolved feelings or issues related to the deceased person.

It may also be a sign that a deceased person may want to tell you something and you are ignoring his message.

I suggest paying close attention to the details of the dream and whatever the person wants to tell you and then interpret it carefully and accordingly.

Is Dreaming about a Dead Person Alive a Bad Sign?

Dead persons in dreams: Their message

Dreaming about a dead person alive indicates the deep sorrows and grief which was created with that person’s death.

That void have affected our subconscious mind deeply.

It shows how much you have been yearning for that person.

You miss all that time you spend with that person. Thinking about them all the time lead to also dreaming about them.

One should let go and move on with life.

Could it be a Bad Spiritual Sign?

Bad spiritual signs from Universe

Seeing dead person alive in your dream make you question whether it’s a bad spiritual sign or a good spiritual sign?

Well it’s a good omen and doesn’t indicate any bad luck.

Seeing dead people alive in your dreams could bring you peace of your mind and maybe the closure that you always wanted.

They could bring you messages or warn you about something.

Final Words

Dreaming about dead person alive could be a good omen.

It could bring you closure and the peace of mind that you deserve after losing your loved ones. It could also bring you a message or a warning.

I suggest to pay close attention to the details of your dream and then interpret it accordingly by spiritual leader or by someone who have deep knowledge about dream interpretation.

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19 thoughts on “Seeing a Dead Person Alive in a Dream Meaning: 9 Messages”

  1. I have been having dreams of people that have passed away. in my dreams I am doing things with them, riding bikes, working in the yard, and just visiting with them. I have dreams about people who have passed a while ago not only just recently. they seem so real. I have actual conversations with them. most of them I remember when I wake up, they seem so real.

  2. A close friend has just passed on and in grieving period, my late mother appears in the dream, holding, wipes my tearing eyes and indicates with her hand and head that I should stop crying. I loved and still love my mother so much and I felt it that she did not want me to cry. And then, I saw my close friend who passed on naked in the dream another night. Been reading about this scenes.
    I love to dream and check interpretation of my dreams.

  3. Avatar
    Sherron Williams

    My mother passed in 2003. I loved her very much but do not dream her often. Recently l dreamt her wiping around odd places without moving anything in my bedroom, which l believe is always tidy but hoarded.
    I speak to her in the dream and she glances at me non verbally as she continues moving around the room and wiping.
    I am a mother grandmother and great grandmother of faith and hope that some clarity will cone from my prayers regarding my lack of understanding the dream.

  4. My lovely Daughter passed 5 weeks ago. Last night I dreamt myself and a few other people were looking at her in her coffin…I saw her eyes move…then she fully woke. She stood up..she was smileng at me..sge put her arms around me and we were kissing each other..she said to me…”Mam..I love you so much”..I told her I loved her…then I woke up.

    1. Mary I am so sorry for your loss. I cant imagine as a father

      I have similar dreams with people that I love. For 20+ years now. I see and feel them and its real. I think you are experiencing something real..

      I think your daughter is visiting you. I think its half amazing half sad. When I dream of the people I love who have died, I am half happy but I wake up in tears. I am sobbing bc I know I miss them.

      Its one of the hardest things we deal with. Much love to you.

    2. Always a dream of still
      Doing things and him .still
      Wanting to help me in
      Many ways now each .night I see same pigeons flying on my balcony
      Light until 7.00am then flies about away and returns back could this be my good friend reincarnated as a pigeons to watch out me a n his .pigeon form after all he did
      Me too when still alive that he would like to come back as a pigeon to keep watch on me.

  5. I had e dream about my young brother who was murdered by community bcs of things he stole now I’m dreaming of him going to jail nd I kept telling him he’s going to come back. BUT he was not fetched by police car it was an ambulance car nd after it happened I saw him again lying on bed I was surprised bcs I knew he was at jail nd now but I call thr name of jesus cos was scared

  6. My daughter passed away a year ago I have been waiting for her to come into my dreams, she committed suicide I saw her in my dream iasked her a question she looked so beautiful and she smiled at me and answered my question it has made me feel happy but why did it take so long for her to come into my dreams x

  7. One of my closest friends passed away s about a year ago now. Because of the pandemic and different work schedules I let postponing our next outing. Unfortunately she passed before we got the chance. I’ve felt so guilty and in disbelief when it happened and still do. I dreamt of her being alive and telling me it was all a misunderstanding and that she was still alive and I was helping her solve the mystery of the “misunderstanding”. I was sad remembering the dream later the next day.

  8. my best friend died and the first dream i had, i just sobbed to her about how she should be dead how is she here, but she had kids in the dream

  9. Last year in December i dreamed about a deceased family but he was alive one month after the dream my family lost another love one. Last night i dreamed about the exact same family member again now I’m afraid that he is giving me a sign that something tragic is about to happen again. 😢😢

  10. My brother died 3 years ago when I was grieving I didn’t dream about him but for the past 1.5 years I always have the same kind of dream. He died from drugs but in my dream I find out he didn’t actually die and I’m so happy I’m crying because I’m so happy its so nice cuddling him and telling him how much I miss him but when I wake up in the morning it hits me that he isn’t actually here and the heartbreak hits me all over again.

  11. I had a dream that my dad rose up from the dead and turned around and gave God praise. I was so happy and excited to see him breathing and the funeral Director who is my cousin, kneel before him and started praising God. I don’t know how I ended up at the scene of his funeral because I was at my apartment. But at his funeral he was in a gold casket. And it was at my home church. And for some reason they let my aunt do the program. I was upset because the program paper had nothing that pictures of my parents wedding which she claims that she had planned the whole thing. I remember feeling upset in the dream and I had told my friend Jennifer who was showing me the program . And when my sister got up to sing a song. He started taking breath and Jennifer tells my cousin hey you need to control your dead. And my dad starts breathing taking deep breaths of air he sits up and he’s in a daze and he recognizes where he’s at And he turns around and he just says thank you Jesus, praise God.

  12. I had a dream about my husband who recently died he surprise me alot of flowers on the bed, I was surprisingly amaze and that time woke up and I wanted to sleep again and can’t be continued, just wanted to talk to him by my dreams but I failed he seems his happy now the way he surprised me.

  13. My good friend recently passed away
    And have this pigeon Dutta on my balcony
    Light and flies off a bit at7.00amcomes back.think my recently death of my best .good friend all seems sad to me
    Though I still occupy with booksto read but
    Just wanna listen to more sad songs I don’t even really care if my support workers are off sick rather be left alone from them to spend more time with my books in case my time will tell be day come

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