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Why do I keep dreaming about the same person?

Why do I keep dreaming about the same person?

Why do I keep dreaming about the same person? How can you make it stop? Well, we are here to answer all your questions. All you have to do is be a little patient and read the article further. 

Are you dreaming about the person or the same situation again and again? This phenomenon is known in real life as recurring dreams. It must be interesting but scary at the same time to dream about the same person who can also be made or away from you. 

Also, you must be having millions of questions in your mind about what it is? Why is it happening to you? is something wrong with me? What does it mean?

What does it mean when I keep dreaming about the same person?

What does it mean when I keep dreaming about the same person

There are several explanations for this dream. So, let’s leave the most common ones below:

  • This phenomena of reassuring dreams occur to a person for any reason. According to a psychologist, if you are dreaming about the same person or same situation over and over again, your heart and mind are so eager to see that person that you keep on thinking about the same person. Then you even keep getting dreams about the person. 
  • But this can not be the only case you should look up to. There can be several other reasons for the same. For instance, you can be guilty of something you did wrong to that person or something you did wrong in the situation. 
  • Another situation about recurring dreams, according to psychology, is that you can be in love with that person or be emotionally and physically attached to the person; you can not stop thinking about that person even in your dreams. Talking about why you see the same situation in your dreams repeatedly. It can be because you want the situation in real life. 
  • That situation may not exist, but you want it to happen. For example, your dreams are coming true—you are traveling the world alone or with your loved ones. Or you get your dream car or dream job etc., well, these are some situations holding your answers for your question: why do I keep dreaming about the same person? 
  • However, whatever will be the case. It can sometimes be challenging to handle those dreams on your own. It is suggested that you contact a psychologist or a person specialized in this field to help you out with the problem. 
  • Is the person you are dreaming about missing you badly? Or are you missing him/her badly? What if they are trying to send you a message? Here are some reasons briefly explaining why you keep dreaming about the same person.

Guilty conscious

Whatever you do, be careful about it. Our actions affect other people around us and us positively and negatively.

Whatever we do, we live with it for the rest of our lives. If we do something wrong with someone and we are guilty of it, it always finds a way to come back.

Guilty conscious

Suppose you dream about the same person repeatedly because you have hurt them later, and you know it.

You are guilty of it but are afraid to accept it or confess that in front of someone. Even if you try to forget the incident or person, our mind can save many memories at the same time, so you won’t be able to forget the incident.

And it will haunt you if you take it too seriously. In this case, the best thing to do is refer to a doctor specialized in this field to help you out. 

Wondering if some scenario to be real

If you want the imagery scenario to be true-to-life and you are thinking of it when you are awake, there are chances that you dream about the scenario. This is because you want that scenario to happen in real life badly. 

So, you’d think about the scenario to be real all the time, even when you are awake. Your brain holds the capability of working and thinking about the person or scenario even when we are asleep.

Getting rid of it can be a bit difficult. Even if you try to keep yourself busy while you are awake and avoid thinking about it, there are chances that you still see the scenario in your dreams. This is because our brain takes time to adjust. 


Nightmares can be considered the worst part of life. They are traumatic, negative, and hold the capability to shake our souls inside out.

The same nightmare can occur repeatedly. There are fundamental reasons behind this too. This can happen if something scary happens to you in your childhood or at any stage of life. 

Recurring dreams about the same person can be love?

Recurring dreams about the same person

We usually avoid people we love and are afraid to confess it. We make our minds believe that we don’t love them.

However, dreams are the only time when our mind is free to do its own. Our minds can dream about anything in this world. Rather, it chooses to dream about the random person and reminds you how important that person is to you. 

  • If you are dreaming about a person over and over again, yes, it can be a sign that you are in love with that person. Your mind is giving you a sign that you need to make a move and that the person you are dreaming about can be your other half. 
  • If you were hurt in the past by someone, you need to move on because love and being loved is like being in the seventh heaven, sharing your feeling and the deepest darkest secret to a person who advises you with the best, who is with you whenever needed. 
  • Dreaming about the same person is also common when you enter into a new relationship with somebody, and they give you the proper attention, love, advice you always needed. Moreover, do not feel ashamed of being attached to someone.
    This shows how kind and soft heard you are and how much you care about other people. You also dream about a person when you miss them badly. 

This indicates that you want to meet them in person as soon as possible. And that you are waiting eagerly. Even if you try to forget them, you won’t be able to ignore them as your mind will keep reminding you of them while you are awake or while you are asleep. 

What can I do when the same person keeps appearing in your dream?

The same person keeps appearing in my dream

Well, there can be many reasons why a person would appear in your dream over and over again, which are discussed above.

If you aren’t attached to that person, it can be a haunting experience for you if he/she is not one of your loved ones. In this scenario, you should first consult an older person, such as your mom/dad or any other guardian. 

Further, you can consult a physiologist who can tell you more about why you have these dreams? What to do? What does it mean?

He will also answer all your questions that your parents or any other person will be unable to answer because they have studied about it in detail. He’ll be able to answer your question: why do I keep dreaming about the same person.

Moreover, if you think you know that person. If you have done something wrong with him/her, you should always tell the psychologist. That way, it will be easy for them to handle you.

If you think you don’t want to hire a specialist for this situation, you can try another method. Our mind during these times is unstable.

You need to settle your mind if you want to get rid of it. In order to do it, you’ll have to meditate. It will calm your mind and relax your body. Eat healthy food, stay busy, be happy, talk to your loved ones. 

Is there any pattern?

Yes, recurring dreams do have a pattern. If you dream about the same person, you can be imaging the same surroundings or different surroundings. The most commonly reported patterns in a recurring dream are flying, falling, being naked, being attacked, or chased by someone. 

Losing your abilities, getting trapped or your fears being real, getting to an important day of your life, crashing through a vehicle, unable to speak, hear or run. 

I hope I have clarified all your doubts regarding this matter. Any additional questions, please feel free to comment below.

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