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Home » Dream About Killing Someone And Hiding The Body: 7 Meanings

Dream About Killing Someone And Hiding The Body: 7 Meanings

Dream About Killing Someone And Hiding The Body: 7 Meanings

Have you ever dreamed of killing someone?

Do you think your dream about killing someone and hiding the body (covering it up) or leaving it unburied depicts some dreadful things to come into your life?

For most people, having this kind of vision is quite alarming.

If you are a person with a good heart and intentions and you don’t wish harm to others, then such visions will surely make you sweat and unnerved.

Obviously, taking someone’s life is the last thing you can ever consider. Even if you are extremely mad at someone, your anger doesn’t reach a point where you can inflict pain on others or kill them.  

So, let’s see what it means when you dream about killing someone and then hiding the body.

What does it mean when you dream about killing someone and hiding the body? Spiritual meaning

What does it mean when you dream about killing someone and hiding the body?

Spiritually, murdering someone and covering it up in your dream doesn’t make you a classic murderer. Such dreams symbolize:

  • Your plea to kill or get rid of a part of your own personality;
  • Your hospitality toward a particular person;
  • A sign of offering or your need for power;
  • Your struggle to escape from that influence probably exerted by the person you killed in your dream.;
  • A solution to a problem by killing a part of it;
  • You have the problem of stress, short temper, and self-control;
  • Dreams about killing someone mean you care for someone too much and you’re afraid that you might hurt them accidentally;
  • Aggression or repressed anger. Sometimes you are trying so hard to hold your inner rage and frustrations toward someone or something in reality that your subconscious is releasing these emotions while you are asleep. 

If you dream about killing someone and hiding the body, then it actually means you are strong enough to face your problems and will not be held accountable for the consequences of your actions. 

This dream means you need to fix some things in your real life.

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On the other hand…

On the other hand, if you killed someone in your dream and left the body unburied or ran away from the crime scene.

Then it may suggest that you don’t have the strength to face your problems and you will be held responsible for the consequences of your negative actions.

Killing someone in your dreams appeals to you that you have strong enough impulses that, if unchecked by your waking mind, you could perform actions that might lead to death — not a literal death but the end of something in your waking life.

Depending on the type of murder, it could indicate problems with rage, long standing hate, and repressed anger. 

Even the people you kill in a dream, whether it is someone known to you or someone you don’t know, are a representation of a part of you.

For example, killing friends in a dream means that something about your friendship isn’t right. Maybe they betrayed you in the past and you haven’t been able to move on with it.

Break free and let go of the anger you are feeling in your heart.

God is telling you to watch your anger when you kill in your dreams. So, remember, be angry, but don’t sin.

And murdering someone in a dream is a sin according to the Bible.

When you hate them or want to kill them, you are at this time trying to kill an aspect of yourself that you do not want to face. Dreams represent a part of our subconscious mind that we try to ignore.

But all of those negative feelings and negative emotions will eventually lead to you losing control over your problems and feelings in real life and those you care about.

Murdering someone in a dream is actually about killing a part of yourself.

Killing an unknown person and hiding the body:

shovel on ground

There can be two reasons behind killing a stranger:

  • You are being faced with too many responsibilities;
  • You need to let go of traumas from previous relationships.

Killing a stranger in a dream talks about something that is happening right now in your life or from an old relationship that made you believe that you won’t find love again.

You may be hurt and feel the need to kill someone to protect yourself.

If you dream about accidentally killing someone and then trying to hide the body, it means that you are taking on too many responsibilities at the moment.

You can’t say no when someone asks for your help.

Well, it’s time to start learning to say NO. Because the unknown person you killed, is you. You are killing yourself slowly by letting someone else take advantage of you and your kind heart.

You are dealing with hostile and aggressive people in real life. Don’t feel scared to stand your ground. They should be the ones feeling guilty for trying to take advantage of you.

Also, dreams about killing someone you don’t know and hiding the body means that you have hidden issues and hidden pain because of an old relationship that didn’t work out.

Maybe you were in a toxic relationship or your ex left you for no absolute reason. But, this dream about killing someone is a sign to start healing your heart.

Maybe you encountered difficult times recently when trying to look for the right person, but the thing is you need to stop looking. This person will come into your life when you less expect.

This dream is a sign to be open to new friendships.

Killing your boss in your dreams:

boss arguing

Well, I never had a dream I killed someone but it has definitely crossed my mind that my boss would have been the perfect candidate.

But, even though you dream about killing your boss, it doesn’t mean you actually want to kill them!

The dream about killing someone above you in your work life means that you don’t like being told what to do. You are trying to get rid of these emotions by killing your boss.

Why? Because we look at our bosses as someone who is constantly telling us what to do or where to go.

But, this dream isn’t about them. It’s about your friends and family.

They always have an opinion about your life, what you wear, what you eat, what you do… Well, it probably makes you feel like you can’t do anything right.

You put up this emotional wall around yourself because of the constant judgment and you aren’t letting anyone inside.

The truth is, they just want the best for you but don’t know how to express it. Don’t feel uneasy about having this dream.

You need to make positive changes in your life and say to them that you don’t appreciate when they keep telling you what to do. Or you will end up getting caught in your emotions.

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Killing a Friend:

two friends

When you dream about killing someone and hiding the body, it can be your friend.

There can be many reasons behind that. Usually, your friend is that buddy with whom you can share anything.

Sometimes you share that information about your life with your friend, which you cannot share with anyone else.

Now, if that so-called very good friend of yours betrays you, it makes you feel like you could kill your friend.

Dreams about killing someone are never easy to deal with or actually understand what they mean.

But, whenever you dream about killing someone close to you, it usually means you feel betrayed by them.

Maybe they have done something to you in the past that has hurt your feelings. But, stop feeling overwhelmed. Talk to them. Our friends are people that we choose to be a part of our life.

So, it’s time to take care of unresolved issues and hidden conflicts. Be honest. Trying to hide your feelings will only make it worse.

Get rid of that pain you are feeling. Because a dream of killing someone someone you know is not a joke. It will only get worse.

Killing a family member:

group of friends

Family is always precious to everyone except those who have suffered abuse or loss in the past.

It is always a dream for everyone to save his or her family by any means. We all go through different phases in life, and most of them are dramatic and difficult.

Not all the time the danger comes to your family from outside. Sometimes it can be your relative, maybe the close one who possesses something very bad for your family. 

For example: one of your relatives is trying to snatch the property or all the money you have. And to do that, he or she is leaving no stone unturned. Interestingly, you know everything but can’t do anything because that person is your close relative. 

Therefore, you eventually start keeping the anger within yourself.

But one day, it will explode, and then you will have a strong desire to kill that family member and hide the dead body from everyone.

Killing someone and hiding the body in a dream represents how you are feeling on the inside in your waking life. Especially when you dream of killing a family member.

Talk to that person and let them know that you are hurting because of what they did to you. You are ruining your own energy by keeping those feelings to yourself.

Killing someone you don’t like:

man laying on road

Dreams about killing someone you don’t like in real life are actually a good sign. This means that you are ready to move on.

Killing someone that you can’t stand is a sign that your heart is healing and you are growing up.

Maybe you don’t like this person because they have hurt you in the past or you just don’t simply like their personality.

So, this dream is a sign that you are evolving spiritually and as a person. Because dreams about killing someone you don’t like means that you are putting everything that this person has ever done to you behind you.

You want to leave it in the past and it’s a very good thing to do.

But, dreams about killing someone you don’t like and getting caught means is a sign that you killed someone to protect yourself.

This person is taking away all of your peace and you finally had the courage to stand up for yourself.

So, stand up for yourself in real life too. I DON’T MEAN TO KILL SOMEONE! But make sure to stand up for yourself when this person attacks you again.

Can dreaming about killing someone and hiding the body indicate sadness or bad luck?

woman sad couch

Yes! Of course! Killing someone cannot be a good thing. Initially, it will relieve you that you have killed that person who had done the worst with you.

But, this is also a sign that you are ready to move on in your waking life.

Because dreams about killing someone and hiding the body are a metaphor for killing the negative emotions and feelings you had buried deep inside your heart.

But, before you leave, also take a look at the spiritual meaning of a yellow and black butterfly.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed learning what dreams about killing someone and hiding the body mean. It usually has a deeper meaning and is connected to feelings that you have been hiding.

Dream analysis and accurate interpretation are extremely important because dreams aren’t literal.

So, dreams about killing someone or trying to kill means that you actually want to kill them. This is just a self-defense technique from your mind.

Take time to reflect on these meanings and stop the bad habit of keeping things for yourself.

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