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Biblical Meaning Of Feces In A Dream: 7 Feces Dreams Meaning

Biblical meaning of feces in a dream

The biblical meaning of feces in a dream seems like a bad sign, but it might be a good sign too.

It might be a sign of manifestation or rejuvenation, and it means the time has come for you to leave the unwanted things and move on.

You probably woke up and thought “Jesus Christ, what did I just dream of?” Well, don’t worry.

Feces does not only mean nasty, bad, or yuck. If you consider that feces are the waste and unwanted material of our body, then it’s a good thing. They’d harm our bodies if not removed.

In this article, we’ll talk about different situations you might dream of and their meanings. If you know the meaning of the signs, then you’ll be able to act accordingly.

Yes, there are some situations where it’s a bad sign for you, but not always. So you need to recognize the meaning.

Keep on reading to see the biblical meaning of feces in a dream and this dream interpretation.

What is the biblical meaning of feces in a dream?

Very old toilet

When you dream about feces, you might feel disgusted. But you should first consider: What are feces?

When the food is digested in our body’s unwanted or waste materials are ‘feces.’ So, when you dream, it’s about getting rid of the unwanted materials from your life:

  • You need to assess the mistakes you have committed and rectify them. 

  • You need to assess the decisions you have made, and how they have affected your life, you need to learn from them and take steps accordingly.

  • And you need to assess your thoughts and distinguish between destructive thoughts and constructive thoughts.

You should keep your focus on the thoughts that would serve you rather than stressing the destructive ones. God is trying to help you keep a positive mindset.

The things you dream about are actually the things going on in your subconscious mind. So, seeing feces in a dream is no different.

Whatever pain you are going through in your life, usually you dream about it.

If you have lost any of your closed ones and you think a lot about them, then you might dream about them. This happens due to your subconscious mind. 

Your subconscious mind also sometimes predicts your future or sometimes aware of the unknown danger you are in.

Also, read about the meaning of dreaming about killing someone and hiding the body.

So, when you dream about feces around you, then it might mean that you are surrounded by danger you aren’t aware of.

You need to act carefully and overcome the hindrances around you. Don’t ignore what God is trying to tell you.

Though a dream about feces isn’t expected, it might be a sign of sudden change in your life. You might want to prepare yourself for an occurrence of unexpected change in your life, be it in a good way or bad.

Dreams about feces in bible can be of different types: Human feces, baby feces, animal excrement. You are defecating, seeing someone defecating.

All these have different meanings. Let’s discuss the points by learning about this dream interpretation.

Dream of human feces:

In a dream, human feces might refer to the bitter truth you have to face in your life in order to achieve your ambition.

No path towards success is easy. You have to face difficulties or awful truths, which would not be easy for you, but you have to overcome them to move forward.

This means that your unanswered prayers will soon be heard. But, you need to pray to God. Remember that God is our best friend and all you need to do is ask for his help whe you need.

Seeing feces or poop in a dream can also refer to ‘rejection.’ Dreams about human feces can sometimes refer to the evil spirit around you.

This dream means that evil strangers are planing a spiritual attacks on you. Get rid of this kind ok energy around you.

You might be surrounded by an evil aura, due to which you could get stuck in a particular stage of your life. The things around you also might not work out according to you. So, you have to be strong and determined towards your objective in your real life.

Biblical meaning of baby feces in a dream:

Full Head of Hair baby

Seeing feces from a baby signify innocence and simplicity. When you dream about baby feces, close then, you might need to slow down at some point in your life and reduce your stress. Maybe you are overthinking about things and stressing up yourself too much. 

It can also refer to a bit of loss you are about to face, but you need to think past it. When you do, you will get a good outcome that would make you happy. But dreaming of baby feces always doesn’t refer to you. Maybe it’s about your baby, about his health condition.

Animal Excrement:

Golden Retriever Symbolism

Like I said before, you probably woke up and just asked Jesus christ what is wrong with your self for dreaming of feces of animals.

But, actually, you should be glad to have this dream. Animal excrement is considered a sign of luck, health, and good wealth. Yes, it’s considered a sign of prosperity.

Animals can’t talk or communicate with us, but they help us in a lot of ways.

So, seeing feces from animals in a dream, could be a sign that you might get help in your professional or personal life from an unknown source.

You can also expect luck, so everything would work how you want them to.

I believe you will also enjoy learning about the spiritual meaning of broken glass.

You are defecating:

  • When you dream of yourself defecating then it might be a good sign, feces are the waste material of your body, and dreaming about getting rid of them might refer to getting rid of the things around yourself which might not be good for you or which might put you into trouble or hurt you. 

  • So you should not think if anything bad is going to happen if you see yourself defecating in your dream. It might refer to the negative aura around you which is harmful to you is leaving you or has already left. So it’s just about the disposal of all the undesirable things which might harm you and be a barrier to your growth and prosperity in your life.

  • Dream of seeing yourself defecating can also refer to ‘overcoming shame’, maybe you are too much shy to perform a particular task that is acting as a barrier for you, and you are again stuck at a specific stage of your life. So you just have to keep the faith and work hard towards your intent. 

  • You have to overcome your shame, it just shows that everybody has a body and it works in the same way so, if you don’t defeat your shame you will not be able to compete in this highly competitive world where everybody is ready to give their best with what they have. Don’t be shy, overcome your fear and try to be happy with what you have. You can undoubtedly perform better if you have self-confidence.

  • If you dream of decating and then eating feces is a sign that you are ignoring something important in your waking life. It means God is not happy with you and sent this dream as a warning.

Seeing someone defecating:

Seeing feces in a dream from someone you know might not be a good sign for you.

You might face betrayal, you might get deceived by someone else which would hurt you. Someone else would get the profit by hurting you. 

It’s time to get rid of those who don’t longer add any value into your life.

So, you should be careful about the people around you and their activities, you should not take steps blindly without thinking thoroughly because even little mistakes and lead you to betrayal which might cost a lot.

It’s also possible that you might get neglected by your friends or colleagues or even family members so you should make your move accordingly and try not to get ignored.

Remember Deuteronomy 23:14, God is always there to protect you:

“For the Lord your God moves about in your camp to protect you and to deliver your enemies to you. Your camp must be holy, so that he will not see among you anything indecent and turn away from you.

Deuteronomy 23:14

Cleaning feces:

cleaning toilet

The biblical meaning of cleaning feces in a dream talks about the mistakes you have made in the past.

This dream means that it’s time to ask for forgiveness to those who you have wronged with and move on.

Feces is evil food and this dream is a sign that the evil is taking advantage of the “shit” you have done to those you care about.

So, by cleaning feces in a dream, God is telling to do the right thing or the devil will enter your loved ones mind. Clean up your mess right now or you will be facing disappointments as it will too late.

Why will it be too late? Because this dream is also a sign that the person you hurt in the past will soon be ill.

Ask God and Jesus Christ to protect this person and remove any health risk they may be facing soon. Divine healing will cover this person.

This dream speaks about important aspects of your waking life that you are ignoring.

Can dreaming of feces be a negative sign in the bible?

sleeping with hands on the throat

No, it’s not always taken as a negative sign rather it is mostly taken as positive.

Dreams about feces might seem shameful or disgusting to you. But you should not take it that way. Any kind of dream talks about our spiritual life.

So, I’m glad you decided to research about the biblical meaning of this dream. And, just because it’s disgusting, seeing poop in a dream is not a sign of bad luck!

It’s believed that dreaming of feces can result in affecting your financial condition. You might expect your financial condition to be improved. Money won’t be a problem anymore.

You will ecounter fruitfulness and profitable success in your work.

The impurities or unwanted stuff will vanish from your life and eventually, you will get profit from that. This financial belief is accepted widely throughout the world.

You have to believe in yourself, keep faith in yourself, if you don’t have confidence on your own then you will not even be able to execute a plan you had thought of.

You should increase your self-esteem and be confident enough in what you do. Confidence is also defined as half victory. You have already have an upper hand in a situation if you are confident enough.

God might make us have weird dreams from time to time, but this dream means victory in your waking life. You are being protected from a spiritual attack.

Is it normal to dream of poop regularly?

Overflowing Toilet in Dreams

Many people have dreamt of poop before. But, it’s not that normal to dream of poop regularly, you need not worry if you are continuously dreaming about poop recently.

You have to observe the situation you were in, in your dream. That plays a great role in defining the meaning of your dream. But, usually, it’s not a bad omen or a bad biblical meaning.

It’s actually a good omen and that God is by your side. Don’t forget to pray and ask for him to be a part of your life.

Before you leave, take a loo at the spiritual and biblical meaning of ringing in the left ear.

Final Words

Now that you know about the biblical meaning of feces in a dream, you need to recall the circumstances and act accordingly. Seeing poop in a dream talks a lot about your present life.

If you are afraid or worried, speak Deuteronomy 23:14 before going to sleep and ask for God’s protection.

What do you think about the biblical meaning of feces in a dream? Have you ever dreamt of feces? Do let us know in the comments section below. May God bless you.

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  1. I had a dream that I’d went poop in a bucket but once I was finished I seen myself flushing it in my friends toilet, what does that mean?

  2. I have dreamt of seeing poop. Someone is installing a new toilet bowl and the guy ask me who pooped on the new toilet bowl and i said it was my husband’s… then he removed it and installed…

  3. I dreamt of being given a female infant ,i held up the baby in my arms then it poop on me. Thereafter I gave back the baby to it’s mother I felt disgusted.

    1. Yes I’ve dreamt my grandsons poop it’s so big but I’m just asking God for a sign because I need to sell my car for our business needs by God’s grace I dream feces of my grand son

  4. I dreamt dat i was on a land full of poop and a dog was eating it all of a sudden i was serve food to eat immediately i put the food in my mouth it turn to poop i spat it out and clean my mouth

  5. I dreamt that i saw myself on a land full of poop and a dog was eating the poop all of a sudden i was served food to eat immediately i eat it it turn to poop i spat it out and clean my mouth

  6. I saw myself with rainboot and someone at my back who I was directing when jumping over feces to follow my footsteps,what does that mean?.

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