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Which Hand to Wear Evil Eye Bracelet & Ring for Good Luck?

Which Hand to Wear Evil Eye Bracelet & Ring for Good Luck?

Who hasn’t seen an evil eye?

Normally depicted as a dark blue circle in a light blue one, it depicts an eye. An eye that protects us from the gaze of other eyes!

The evil eye has always been a symbol of protection, warding off bad energy and luck, pulling good fortune to us.

This evil eye is an energetic shield when we wear it in our jewelry and clothes.

Some people believe the image of the eye reverts the bad energy to whoever has directed it. Others believe it absorbs whatever bad energy is sent our way, like a filter, and breaks once it has done its job effectively.

At the same time, this bracelet is considered very popular with people afraid of bad energy vibes, karma, or generally bad intentions.

The evil eye symbol is used throughout jewelry for safety.

The wearer feels a sense of reassurance and is being taken care of once you get into the habit of wearing them. 

Today you can explore the superstitions surrounding this evil jewelry and how wearing them on a specific part of our body impacts us. 

Should I wear good luck bracelets on a specific hand?

Good luck bracelets

Wearing good luck bracelets on a specific hand allows us to hold the intention for that good energy to flow a certain way. It’s like putting the energy in a compartment so we can use it for a purpose. 

In the same way, we put water in a freezer to get ice, but putting it in the fridge will chill it.

So when you’re looking at putting on your good luck bracelets, see what each hand means if you want the good luck energy to go a specific way! 

Humans have collected these beliefs and superstitions over the years.

Understanding each side might be confusing, but being clear about each side will help you.

Wearing it on your right side to have more clarity makes it as much sense to wear it on your left to protect your heart space. With each side having a specific meaning, we connect to different parts. 

Otherwise, if you generally want good luck, each hand is okay! You can even stack the bracelets up and choose different colors.

Conversely, this process requires a lot of intention and awareness of what you want.

Did you know that when your bracelet smells of negative energy, it breaks?

Can you wear an evil eye bracelet on the right hand?

Using an evil eye bracelet on the right hand

You can definitely wear an evil eye bracelet on your right hand!

When understanding which hand to put an evil eye bracelet on, we need to look closer at the implication of the right side of the hand.

The body’s right hand is associated with logic, doing things, and practicality.

Wearing an evil eye bracelet on this part will protect your thoughts, ideas, and how you process things, allowing you to be more practical.

This is protection from your mind, overthinking, and unwanted thoughts.  

This will bring clarity and space for you so you can take some time to focus slightly on your goals!

It will protect you from misdirections, allowing you to move past challenging obstacles more easily.

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Which hand to wear bracelet for good luck?

Using an evil eye bracelet on left hand

Either way, the bracelet will protect you from unwarranted, dangerous, and bad energies. It will repel anything that will be dangerous to you. 

However, at the same time, it will attract things for you.

For prosperity, good fortune, and all the good vibes, simply shift your bracelet on your right hand! 

The right hand can hold a lot of energy for practically bringing abundant manifestations into our reality.

The right-hand placement pushes you to embrace your masculine energy of going and getting things. So if you’re going for a financial, educational, or even logistical goal, this is the hand to choose!

This will bring good luck to such endeavors. 

The left hand is best for good relationships, great friendships, emotional growth, and protection, with a strengthening of intuition. 

If we are expanding how we process our emotions, this is a good time to wear the bracelet on this side.

This side holds the energy that helps us move through difficult emotional cycles in your life. It helps offer grounding during uncertain times.

At the same time, wearing the bracelet on this side will help you. Harness your feminine energy!

This looks like you are in your power and ability to receive abundantly and in good luck.

So if that’s the energy you want, you’ve won the lottery by wearing it on your left side.

Which finger should I wear an evil eye ring?

Evil eye ring

Index Finger:

Wearing your evil eye ring on your index finger allows all the energy to transfer in one place, allowing for intentional manifestation.

This is a powerful finger to place your energy towards a special focus.

This protects our ambition, our drive, and our moves forward!

Middle Finger:

Then comes the middle finger, which is used to protect balance.

This means being protected from the imbalance of energy as you learn to divide responsibilities in your life, whether external or internal.


The pinky is another matter. This short finger holds the power of our communication and your intuitive side.

We shield our magical and communicative side when we wear an evil eye ring on our pinky. 

Big Finger:

Wearing jewelry on your big finger or thumb is supposed to be a sign of having made it or luxury, but in the concept of knowing things, this protection energy would follow to protect your material wealth.

So choose wisely which finger you wish to adorn, for it will redirect the protection energy to a particular area of your life!

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Can you wear an evil eye bracelet on both hands?

Beautiful evil eye bracelet

Yes, you can absolutely wear an evil eye bracelet on both hands.

There is no restriction when making that choice, as these bracelets have no harmful effects and keep you from harm!

With the power to ward off negative energy, one on each hand benefits you. 

Double the eyes, double the shield from harm!

It will make you feel extra protected, within reason.

Many people stack their bracelets on their wrists, and even some even prefer to wear evil anklets, so by all means, do not be afraid of going all out!

Do what you would like best!

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Should I use a lucky charm bracelet left or right hand?

Should I use a lucky charm bracelet left or right hand?

A lucky charm, on the specific hand, will bring its distinctive meaning and energy to your life.

Let us explore what hand means and how we can apply it to understand the energy better: 

Right hand:

Using a lucky charm bracelet on our right side brings luck and good fortune into our life.

This good luck energy adds to the power and strength we hold. 

While many people are superstitious about the right side of the body, this position of the bracelet gives us clarity and spiritual awareness.

Thinks of a shield on our thoughts and our creativity!

This energy leans into you, providing you with grounding and stability in your lives, giving you the ability to move forward with focus.

At the same, it will help with your belief in our purpose and increase your conviction to meet your goals.

This bracelet transforms your emotional and mental reality, just like the Lokai Bracelet.

It will protect our innermost thoughts, allow us to stay strong during difficult times, and gives us the stamina to get through things energetically.  

It will emotionally support us in going down the right route.

Left Hand:

The left hand is associated with the emotional world, considered closer to the heart. This drives our passion.

Wearing a good luck bracelet on this side promotes a sense of protection and harmony in our emotional world!

This means our relationships of love are now protected, whether it is romantic or loved ones. 

At the same time, wearing a lucky charm bracelet on our left hand can provide us with moments of protection and care while warding off negative energy intruding into our life. 

A left-handed bracelet increases one’s intuitive nature, helps in healing, offers a spark to your feminine energy, avoid bad karma, and helps in fertility.

Those struggling with mental health will also find wearing it on this side useful, as it helps one move through the heaviness. This bracelet can remind you that you are protected and cared for despite your anxiety!

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Final Words

Knowing which hand or finger to place a bracelet on can become a beautiful ritual where you cleanse your energy.

It provides us with a safe sense of direction. 

If all of this passes over your head, remember your intention matters the most when you wear evil eye jewelry!

The protection energy of them and your energetic intention is the best way to draw out the most meaning. 

This is why if you intentionally place them on a certain hand with a certain purpose, know that your intention has gone out to the universe and added to your purpose. You are in good hands, your own!

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