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7 Lokai Bracelet Color Spiritual Meanings (and Benefits)

7 Lokai Bracelet Color Spiritual Meanings

Have you ever heard of the lokai bracelet before?

If you have not heard of it, then, you have found just the perfect article to not only explain the meaning of this bracelet but define its specific qualities for your comprehension.

In spirituality, there are several types of beads and bracelets for numerous purposes.

Each of these beads comes with certain specific names, which seek to encapsulate the essence they carry.

One of such bracelet is the lokai bracelet. It is not as popular as evil eye bracelets, or the eye of Horus bracelet.

However, it also possesses deep spiritual qualities you need to know. 

I predict and see an increasing demand for this bracelet soon because a lot of people are beginning to hear of it.

Therefore, you have a chance to take advantage of the information in this article for yourself.

In this article, I will explain all the different spiritual concepts, meanings, and benefits of using this bracelet

Furthermore, I will answer salient and important questions about this bracelet with a focus on facts and details.

While you plan to buy this bracelet already, ensure you read this article till the end to know why you should buy it and how to harness its energy for yourself.

What is a Lokai Bracelet?

Marvel Lokai Bracelet
Marvel Lokai Bracelet

Just like every other spiritual bracelet, it has deep historical symbolism. Let us start from there, shall we?

The word “Lokai” is derived from the Hawaiian word “Lokahi”, which means to blend two opposites.

This concept is derived from the idea that impossible variants can coexist together.

Therefore, the lokai bracelet was fashioned with this concept in mind.

This is why you will observe that one end of the bracelet has a black bead, while the other end has a white bead.

Then, they are held together by beads of other colors or similar colors in a half-cyclic fashion

Additionally, it is said that the black bead at the end contains mud from the dead sea while the white bead contains water from mount Everest.

Now, if you try to break the bed, you won’t find any form of sand in the black bead or water from the white bead.

Therefore, that claim might be superstitious, but it has a significant impact on the spirituality of this bracelet

This is why you should read on to find out how to spiritually harness the energy of this powerful amulet for yourself. 

What’s Inside a Lokai Bracelet?

White Lokai Bracelet
White Lokai Bracelet

The lokai bracelet contains clear beads. However, it is said that these beads have water in them.

Now, the black bead at the end of the bracelet has mud from the dead sea, which is believed to represent the lowest point of the earth.

The white bead at the other end of the bracelet contains water from mount Everest, which represents the highest point on the earth

Furthermore, you won’t find these materials when you break your bracelet.

Therefore, don’t bother breaking them to find out if these claims are true or not.

However, one fact you must keep in mind is that the power of this bracelet proves that the claim might be true.

This bracelet can balance people’s emotions by letting them flow without pressure.

All of these are spiritual omens of water and the mountain.

Therefore, we might really be dealing with a powerful spiritual amulet. Perhaps, we have not paid enough attention and respect to the lokai bracelet as we should have. How can such a bracelet possess so many powerful spiritual properties at the same time? This feels surreal. 

Now that you understand the meaning of this bracelet and what lies inside of it, the next subject to talk about is the spiritual meaning of the bracelet.

Lokai Bracelet Spiritual Meaning

Lokai Bracelet Spiritual Meaning

In the spiritual world, the first message you can get from this bracelet speaks of maintaining peace and harmony in relationships.

Whenever you get to a point of discouragement due to the issues you face in your relationship, get a lokai bracelet for yourself.

Another way to look at this is to dream about this bracelet

For example, if you find it hard to coexist with people, the universe will bring dreams to you.

In those dreams, you will either be wearing the bracelet or receiving it as a gift from those people.

All of these are spiritual signs and omens that you should learn to understand people for who they are.

Truly, they are not perfect people. However, you are not perfect either. Therefore, embrace forgiveness – no matter how bad they have hurt you.

In spirituality, most of the essence of this amulet resonates with and revolves around building solid friendships, and relationships, and having a happy marital life.

Now, are there other spiritual meanings you can get from this? Read on to find out.

Lokai Bracelet Color Meanings

Bue Lokai Bracelet
Bue Lokai Bracelet

When you seek to understand the spiritual meaning of this bracelet, pay a lot of attention to the color.

There are 7 powerful colors of this bracelet that comes with deep spiritual histories and messages. Let us look into them right away.

Red Lokai Bracelet:

The red lokai bracelet speaks of love and trust in a relationship. Mostly, it focuses on romantic relationships.

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, this is the perfect color you should get for yourself.

It creates the perfect spiritual environment for trust and love to thrive.

Whenever you get a sign from this bracelet, it is telling you to never doubt the love and trust of your spouse.

It means all is going well with your relationship. 

Blue Lokai Bracelet:

Just as the red lokai spoke about love and trust in a marital relationship, the blue is concerning mutual friendship.

It encourages you to accept other people into your life.

There is a need to have certain people as friends – even if you don’t see from the same perspectives or shades of life. 

Therefore, when you dream of receiving the blue lokai bracelet from someone, they might be extending a hand of friendship to you, which you should accept with good faith.

Pink Lokai Bracelet:

This is telling you to put your emotional energy under control.

It is believed that the color pink has a lot to do with our emotional life, and how we express it.

Therefore, wearing this bracelet on your hand means you are only allowed to release your emotional energy within certain boundaries.

Emotional control is very important. Especially when it comes to how you express your love for someone.

To prevent being betrayed, heartbroken, or taken advantage of by other people, take this message seriously.

Get your emotion under control.

Purple Lokai bracelet:

Spiritually, this bracelet is encouraging you to balance your work life with pleasure.

It is true that you need to devote more time to work. However, don’t become too engrossed in work that you ignore other aspects of your life.

This is a spiritual message you will get from using the purple lokai bracelet

This spiritual amulet ensures you strike a balance between your work life and other aspects of life.

If you find it hard to maintain that balance, then you should consider wearing this bracelet every time

With the power of the black lokai bracelet, you can become confident in the universe to protect and shield you from danger.

Throughout history, it has been recorded that this black bracelet can stop a spiritual attack from happening to you.

Therefore, pay close attention to this sign.

The moment you begin to dream about it, then, it might be a revelation from God concerning what is happening around you.

It tells you to be assured that nothing evil will happen to you.

White Lokai Bracelet:

In the spiritual world, this bracelet is seen as an omen of good luck.

Wearing it will bring luck to your life.

For example, if you are having a bad day at work, wearing this bracelet to work the next day turns everything around.

It possesses positive energy, which gives you a positive approach to life. 

Anytime you get this as a gift, the spiritual world attempts to heal you from your past negative experiences.

By accepting this gift, your mind will be purged of every form of negativity, and you will freely emit positive energy all around you.

Pay attention to this message.

Yellow Lokai Bracelet:

With the yellow lokai bracelet, the spiritual world can speak to you about accepting the ideas of other people.

The power of this bracelet helps people to become flexible in their minds.

Therefore, rather than staying away from people and their ideas, you will be open to learning from them and gaining more knowledge. 

7 Spiritual Benefits of Using a Lokai Bracelet

Spiritual Benefits of a Lokai Bracelet

After discussing the different spiritual meanings of using this bracelet, I think it is high time to talk about its numerous spiritual benefits. Below are the 7 spiritual benefits of using a lokai bracelet.

1) You will find it easy to forgive people

With the energy from this bracelet, you will not struggle with forgiveness.

It calms your mind, eases your tension, and fills you with forgiveness by default. 

2) Protection from Negative Friends

Just like the intermediary beads have kept both the black and white beads away from themselves, this is how negative people will be far from you.

Spiritually, this is a positive sign.

3) Good Luck

The lokai bracelet brings good luck to people’s lives.

If you have been suffering from negative situations, keep the lokai bracelet with you every day.

It has the power to repel negative energy.

4) Emotional Balance

With the energy that exudes from this bracelet, not only will you be able to forgive people easily, but your emotional energy will become balanced.

You will not erratically release your emotions.

5) Prosperity

If you need miracle money, try using this bracelet.

It is believed that people will suddenly begin to enjoy a miraculous supply of finances with this bracelet.

Before you wear it on your hand, create an intention in your heart.

Picture yourself having money. It brings your desires to pass.

6) Love and Harmony

In relationships, the lokai bracelet plays a vital role. It connects both dots.

For example, if you are going through difficult situations in your love life, then, the lokai bracelet will restore the love and harmony you once shared.

7) Peace even during a storm

Because of the components of this bracelet, you will be blessed with peace of mind even when everything else is going haywire.

It fuels us with the passion and desire to push through difficult situations.

Should I really Use this Bracelet?

Using this powerful bracelet

Yes, you should use this bracelet for yourself.

There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. When you feel vulnerable, one of the best amulets to use is the lokai bracelet. It helps your mind to not only feel secure but also BE SECURE. Therefore, get this bracelet for yourself whenever you feel vulnerable.
  • If you have been hurt by someone you once trusted, then, this bracelet is important to heal you. Because of the spiritual properties of this bracelet, you can be assured of attaining a level of emotional strength that is more than the pain you feel.
  • For good luck purposes. You can attract the blessing of the spiritual world just by using this bracelet for yourself. This is why you need to use it the right way. For good luck, cast your intention on it before wearing it on your right hand.

Final Words

Make good use of the lokai bracelet.

Not only is it meant for fashion purposes, but also for more spiritual reasons.

This is why you should keep in mind the information you have gotten from this article.

By understanding the different spiritual meanings and benefits of this bracelet, your mind will be rightly positioned to harness its energy and benefit greatly from its spiritual properties.

I am sure that you have gotten deeper insights into the spiritual relevance of the lokai bracelet. 

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