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9 Spiritual Benefits of Rosemary: Good Luck? Yes!

9 Spiritual Benefits of Rosemary: Good Luck? Yes!

One of the herbs that can transform your life is rosemary. It has several spiritual benefits that can help your private space. 

In recent times, a lot of questions have been asked concerning this spiritual plant.

Many people want to know if the rosemary herb brings good luck, or not. 

Well, you are in the right place!!!!

Everything you need to know about this spiritual plant will be unveiled right here. 

Read on to find out if rosemary brings good luck. Also, understand the spiritual benefits you stand to enjoy. 

The main spiritual benefits of rosemary

Dry rosemary

In ancient cultures and traditions, the rosemary plant is known for its highly spiritual properties, which have been used for several practices, rituals, and prayers

One of the main spiritual benefits of this plant is spiritual activation. If you are losing your grip on spirituality, it’s time to get this plant for yourself. Its beautiful aroma coupled with spiritual properties will open your awareness. It brings you into a heightened state of awareness. 

In addition to this, another main spiritual benefit of rosemary is inner peace and calmness. I was easily agitated by things in the past. I tried to control it, but nothing seemed to work – UNTIL I GOT A ROSEMARY PLANT

This is why I AM SO SURE that it has therapeutic properties for the mind. Just its scent can flush out your worries, fears, and anxieties. Never forget this. If you returned from work feeling a little bit tense, it’s time to get your rosemary plant.

  • Sit next to it;
  • Let’s its aroma flood your mind;
  • Gradually, the inner peace you need will be released. 

Later on, I will discuss 9 powerful spiritual benefits you also need to know. But keep what you just read in mind. They might come in handy in the future.

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Can I use rosemary for good luck?

Rosemary branch

Yes, you can use rosemary for good luck purposes. This was a common spiritual practice in ancient times. It’s nothing NEW!!!

Rosemary has been used to bring good fortune, wealth, abundance, healing, and positive energy into people’s lives. 

It has the positive energy to attract good vibes into your life. 

Therefore, embrace it with all your heart!!!

Now, here is how you can use rosemary to attract good luck!!!

  • The rosemary oil is highly spiritual. Ancient cultures – especially in Africa believe that this oil will make things easy for anyone who uses it. Spiritually, oil has smoothness, which makes friction easy. Therefore, if you are having a difficult life, here is what you need to do:
    • Get the rosemary oil for yourself. 
    • Rub it on your feet. 
    • Speak words of affirmation.

By doing this, everything will become easy in your life. 

  • The rosemary plant brings spiritual connection. If your spiritual senses are heightened, it’s easy to sense the coming of a new season, prepare for it, and take advantage of what it has to offer. Just by keeping this plant around you, your mind will be highly sensitive, and this brings you into a new world of spiritual activity. 
  • For healing, you can use any of the rosemary derivatives – like its herbs. This spiritual plant possesses healing powers, which is a part of GOOD LUCK. Therefore, if you are sick, leverage the healing power of rosemary today.
  • While practicing your wealth spells and rituals, use rosemary incense. It works perfectly for money. Using this incense attracts fortune into your life.

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Spiritual uses of rosemary

Spiritual uses of rosemary

You can use rosemary for several things. 

Let’s talk about them in this section right away.

Rosemary oil can be used for aromatherapy. Just by keeping it around your home, a warm atmosphere will be created, which inspires focus, clear thoughts, an awakening of the inner self, and so on. 
During prayer moments, meditation moments, or even during yoga, it’s okay to use rosemary incense for yourself. The aroma from this incense promotes clarity of mind and focus as well. It also restores your inner strength. 
For spiritual baths, infuse your water with rosemary oil, or soak a rosemary plant in the water. When you do this, the power of the plant is released. As you have your bath, speak positive words to activate the energy of this spiritual plant. 
If you need to perform any ritual with candles, the rosemary plant can be used as a spiritual cleanser. What you need to do is place dried rosemary at the base of the candle, or rub the candle with rosemary oil. Once this is done, the candle will be clean, and ready for use. 
In some cultures, the rosemary plant is used while engaging in a spiritual practice called “ceremonial tea”. This is when you take tea for spiritual purposes. Well, rosemary tea is perfect for this type of practice. 
Indian culture uses the rosemary plant for altar decorations. This is believed to represent intentionality, respect for the gods, and a symbol of remembrance for the dead. You don’t have to be an Indian to do this. Dress your altar with rosemary today!!!

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9 Spiritual benefits of rosemary

Spiritual benefits of rosemary

In this section, we will discuss the 9 spiritual benefits of rosemary. Earlier on, I spoke about the 2 main spiritual benefits of this plant. Now, let me reveal 9 other spiritual benefits you WILL find helpful.

1) Good Luck

As we have discussed so far, the rosemary has positive energy. This releases positive vibes around you and attracts good luck to your life. If you want to constantly attract good luck, then, rosemary is the best spiritual plant for you. 

It has been used in several cultures for years! Its potency remains to this day. 

2) Warding off ghosts

Do you live in a haunted environment? Well, the best way to keep these wicked ghosts from your home is by burning the rosemary incense. Doing this releases a spiritual shield over your home, which repels ghosts. 

3) Inner healing

If you recently suffered from an emotionally traumatic experience, then rosemary is the best plant to use. The therapeutic properties of this plant will take away your pain, hurts, and so on.

It fills you with inner peace, tranquility, and forgiveness. It gives you the inner strength to forge ahead with your life despite how bad you feel. 

4) Physical healing

If you are sick in your body, the rosemary plant should be around you at all times.

For example, if you have an inflammation, rub the rosemary oil on the affected part of your body. This releases its healing properties, which brings an ALMOST-INSTANT relief to you.

5) Direction

If you need direction about an issue, then, burning rosemary incense is one of the best ways to get clarity. The smoke from this spiritual plant can provide answers to the questions you ask. 

If the smoke goes upward, it is a GREEN SIGNAL

If the smoke goes sideways or is scattered by a gentle breeze, then, this is telling you to reconsider the options you have and pay more attention to details. 

6) Favour

The beautiful scent of this spiritual plant attracts favor into your life. This is closely linked to its positive energy. If you want people to like you, use deodorants that have rosemary as an ingredient. This works perfectly!!! 

The alluring scent of rosemary attracts people to you. It also causes the hearts of people to MELT when they see you – itching to help you out in any way they possibly can.

7) Spiritual protection

The shield that is cast over your home by rosemary incense can protect you and your family members. If you need protection against evil spirits, then, burn rosemary incense today. It’s a major spiritual benefit of rosemary incense

8) Love portions

This spiritual plant can be used for love potions. If you want your love portions to become effective, I suggest you add rosemary oil, or leaf to your ingredient. 

9) Exorcism

In the past, the rosemary plant was used by exorcists. Till today, the same energy lies in this spiritual plant. If your home or workplace is infested with demons, get a rosemary plant into that space. You will find NO DEMON there anymore. 

Rosemary by your front door meaning

Rosemary by your front door

In the spiritual world, placing rosemary by your front door has the following spiritual meanings:

  • It means good luck. 
  • It indicates good fortune, wealth, and abundance.
  • This means you are ready for new opportunities, seasons, and experiences. 
  • It is a way to ward off any evil spirit, or negative energy coming towards your home. 
  • It speaks of love, romance, and genuine friendship between everyone living in your home. 

Burning rosemary spiritual meaning


When you burn rosemary, here are its spiritual meanings:

  • This is a sign of spiritual cleansing. It inspires you to constantly purge your home of negative energy. 
  • Spiritually, this is a sign of protection. Burning rosemary means you are surrounded by cosmic forces for protection. 
  • It also speaks of attracting good luck and fortune.

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The immense benefits of rosemary cannot be overemphasized. In this article, I’ve revealed everything you need to know about this spiritual plant. 

Explore all the possibilities and numerous spiritual benefits of the rosemary plant and its several derivatives. You won’t regret doing that. 

Thanks for reading through!!!

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