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9 Spiritual Benefits of Cinnamon: Burning Cinnamon Sticks

9 Spiritual Benefits of Cinnamon: Burning Cinnamon Sticks

The intense scent and sweet flavor of cinnamon make it a desirable herb for cooking. Beyond this, there are several spiritual benefits of this plant you also need to know

The universe gave us this unique plant as a gift!!!

We must explore all of its possibilities to the fullest. 

In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about the spiritual benefits of using cinnamon. 

When you burn cinnamon sticks, does it bring good luck or bad luck?

What are the spiritual benefits of burning cinnamon sticks?

These and many more will be answered and discussed. 

Therefore, read on to find out more. 

Spiritual benefits of burning cinnamon sticks

Burning cinnamon sticks

You might be wondering if there are any spiritual benefits of burning cinnamon sticks!!! Well, the answer is YES

There are numerous spiritual benefits of burning cinnamon sticks. You need to know all of these benefits, and I will be sharing them with you right away. 

Read on to find out about them!!!

When you burn cinnamon sticks, your home will be purified and free from negative energies. Sometimes, the people we invite into our homes can bring negative energies into our lives. At other times, WE can be the object of negativity in our homes as well. It is important to constantly cleanse our homes, and one of the best ways to do this is by burning cinnamon sticks.
Burning cinnamon sticks is also a powerful way to protect yourself. The smoke from burning these sticks will form a powerful spiritual shield around you. With this, negative spirits can’t come near you, hurt you, or attack anyone in your life. To enjoy this benefit, burn cinnamon sticks often.
Spiritually, when you burn cinnamon sticks, good luck will be attracted to your life. Never forget this! The positive energy from burning cinnamon sticks will diffuse into your environment. It eliminates all forms of negative energy and bad luck from your home.
By burning cinnamon sticks, you will also enjoy spiritual sensitivity. The aroma from the cinnamon incense stick opens up your mind. It brings about a heightened sense of awareness, which leads to an activation of your spiritual senses. 
When you burn cinnamon sticks, all your intentions will be actualized. I have experienced this FIRST HAND. Burning cinnamon sticks for manifestation practices is a powerful way to bring your desires to pass. 

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9 Spiritual benefits of cinnamon

Spiritual benefits of cinnamon

In this section, we will discuss the 9 spiritual benefits of cinnamon. Whether you burn cinnamon sticks or not, you can still enjoy these benefits – JUST BY USING CINNAMON for yourself. 

Read on to find out more about this!!!

1) Good Luck

Without burning cinnamon sticks, you can enjoy good luck. This spiritual plant has positive energy. When you plant it in your garden, keep it in your home, or wear a perfume that has cinnamon as an ingredient, a lot of good things will happen to you, and in your life. 

If you are going through a difficult moment in your life, one of the ways to end that negative season is by using cinnamon. Once you do this, a lot of things will change for the better. 

2) Inner healing

Cinnamon has therapeutic properties!!!

Sadly enough, not everyone is aware of that. 

Well, you’re lucky to be reading this article, aren’t you? (Lol).

Now, if you need to heal from an emotionally traumatic experience, cinnamon is the best spiritual plant for you. Its calm and serene atmosphere reduces the tension in your mind. It helps you to find closure for what has happened to you and also strengthens you to move on with your life. 

Using cinnamon for yourself is one of the ways to attain emotional healing FASTER.

3) Protection

Without burning cinnamon sticks protection can be enjoyed. Just by planting it in your garden, or handing a dried cinnamon stick at your front door, you will enjoy protection from bad luck, misfortune, and so on. 

If you want your home to be free of every form of negative attack and experience, use cinnamon for yourself. 

In ancient cultures, people used cinnamon to shield themselves from evil spirits – especially in areas where black witchcraft was at its peak. You will find the cinnamon stick hanging in front of EVERY DOOR for spiritual protection. 

You can use it in the same manner. 

4) Spiritual blessing

To enjoy the blessings of God, you must connect with cinnamon. This is important. When you use this spiritual plant for yourself, expect to enjoy divine blessings, provisions, progress, and so on

You will be blessed by God – just by using cinnamon for yourself. Keep this in mind. 

5) Healing

If you have any health challenges, you can use cinnamon for your healing. While studying this subject, I consulted a spiritual elder who spoke of the power of cinnamon. He said, “If you desire to be healed, drink cinnamon tea often – but with your intention cast on your greatest need, which is healing”. 

Well, what are you waiting for?

Get a cinnamon tea for yourself right away!!!

By taking cinnamon tea, you will ingest not just the tea, but the healing power of the cinnamon plant. Do this consistently for the next 7 days and watch the results that follow. 

6) Prosperity

If you want to be rich, then don’t despise the use of cinnamon sticks. Trust me, I HAVE EXPERIENCED THIS COUNTLESS TIMES

Whenever I have a financial need, a cinnamon stick is kept on my body for days. The moment I start this spiritual practice, everything will begin to align – bringing me to a place of divine providence. 

Do you desire wealth?

Then, using cinnamon is the surest way to get your desires actualized. 

Once you keep a stick with you everywhere you go, money will come.

The positive energy of cinnamon eliminates poverty and lack from your life. 

7) Spiritual purification

If your environment is contaminated with negative energy, your spiritual receptiveness won’t be as effective as expected. It becomes difficult to get direct messages from the great beyond. This is why spiritual purification is a necessity. 

Burning cinnamon sticks is one of the best ways to attain this purification

8) Spiritual focus for manifestation

During rituals, prayers, meditations, and other spiritual practices, you need a focused mind to get the best out of them

One of the ways to get your mind focused is through the use of cinnamon. Its therapeutic properties keep your mind relaxed, which enhances your focus.

9) Chakra Activation

In Hinduism, the cinnamon plant is associated with the third eye chakra, which is known for spiritual enlightenment, focus, and foresight. If your chakras are blocked, burning cinnamon sticks will open them up. 

Ensure you burn the sticks or use any other derivatives of cinnamon with an open mind – ready to manifest your desires. It’s a powerful spiritual practice.

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How can I burn cinnamon sticks for bad luck?

Burning cinnamon sticks for bad luck

Follow these steps:

  1. The first thing is to clarify your intention. Without a set intention, it’d be impossible to achieve the spiritual purpose of burning cinnamon sticks to ward off bad luck. This is why you need to get your intention right
  2. Once your intention is right, the next thing is to find a sacred space. This must be a quiet place. Let it also be comfortable and relaxing – for the sake of your mind. 
  3. Light a candle (a white candle is preferable).
  4. Hold the cinnamon sticks in your right hand, and shake it slightly as you visualize your intention. Let the image become CLEAR in your head. 
  5. While holding the stick, speak these words out loud “I attract good luck into my life. Let every bad luck give way”. Speak these words 3 times.
  6. Light your cinnamon stick with the candle.
  7. Place the cinnamon sticks in a bowl and sit around its smoke for 3 – 5 minutes.
  8. Express gratitude.

These are the steps you should take. 

Once this is done, the ritual is complete. Bad luck is gone from your life. 

How can I use cinnamon for evil spirits?

Cinnamon stikcs

To ward off evil spirits, you can burn cinnamon sticks as well. Once you get your sacred space, light up your cinnamon stick with a clear intention in your mind. As you do this, speak words of affirmation. Reflect on your wish to ward off evil spirits and negative energy. 

Place your cinnamon stick in a fireproof bowl and walk in between the smoke. Doing this will release protective energy around you. 

It also creates a spiritual shield around you for protection. 

Can you burn cinnamon sticks anytime?


No, you cannot burn cinnamon sticks anytime. The burning of cinnamon sticks is a highly spiritual practice. Expect there is a clear intention in your mind, don’t burn the stick. 

Furthermore, cinnamon sticks should be used in an open space – especially if you have breathing problems, respiratory problems, and so on. Ensure you don’t inhale the thick smoke from this stick.

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When you use cinnamon sticks, expect to enjoy good luck, inner healing, prosperity, abundance, and so on. In the world of herbs, cinnamon is significant and should not be trivialized. Burning its sticks must also be done INTENTIONALLY to maximize the moment. 

What’s your experience with cinnamon sticks like?

Share them with us in the comment section. 

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