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When you Dream About Someone are They Thinking of You?

When you Dream About Someone are They Thinking of You?

You wake up a little surprised and a little confused.

Maybe you dreamed about someone you haven’t thought of for a long time or someone who doesn’t normally come in your dreams.

It wouldn’t make sense to dream of them now, or perhaps someone else has appeared in your dreams repeatedly, and you don’t know what to make of it.

Dreams are crystal clear themselves when you’re asleep, but now awake, you are curious.

Does it mean more? You’ve heard that when someone thinks about you constantly, you can dream about them… Is this person thinking of you?

Why did you dream about them, you might be wondering. 

Here we explore the possibility of you dreaming about them because they were thinking about you, with other reasons why this must have happened.

Remember, dreams are complex, and they require a little analysis in depth to be fully understood.

When you dream about someone are they thinking of you?

When you dream about someone are they thinking of you?

This depends on different factors. You’ll have to explore and understand your dream, this person, and the contexts they inhabit in your life.

Take out a magnifying glass and gloves! It’s detective time.

Who are they, some new, recent, or old?

It could be so that they are thinking about you if you’re dreaming about someone new in your life that doesn’t normally come into your dream but they are making appearances.

This is the person’s energy reaching out strongly to you if you’ve been in their thoughts.

Perhaps they are thinking of contacting you or wanting you to contact them. This desire of theirs is growing strong, and its energy is being directed toward you.

By being in your dreams, they have subconsciously manifested themselves into your life, in a way!

This could also be told about someone from your past who is thinking of you intensely. 

Sometimes people can obsessively think about another person and not reach out, with the energy building.

Then this repressed energy reaches out through dreams and feelings instead of this person taking action.

This is, however, a judgment for you to make.

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When you dream about an ex are they thinking of you?

Spiritual connection with your ex

Past relationships can hold so many meanings and connotations when they come in our dreams, as they have so many personal contexts.

Dreaming about your ex can mean that they are sometimes thinking about you.

When we are in a relationship with someone, we bond energetically, connecting to them in certain ways, even if we don’t physically meet them. So yes, this is possible, especially if you’ve been out of touch with them and nothing has recently reminded you of them!

It’s the same way you might get an inkling to call or reach out to someone suddenly!

The energy from the other person reaches out, and your body receives the message loud and clear.

This is why your body brings out the impulse for you to reach out to them in response, even though they may be months or years apart!

They must be thinking about you, or perhaps their soul is reaching out to connect to you in a dream.

When we are sleeping, we are more energetically open and feel safer feeling our emotions.

This way, we can reach out and say things to people even if we’ve lost touch with them because we feel less restricted. Sometimes this is reaching out for comfort, or sometimes, the other person isn’t doing well. 

It depends a lot on how the dream feels.

At the same time, dreaming about an ex could also mean that your subconscious is trying to signal that this ex of yours is going through emotional cycles.

Another reason you could be dreaming about them is that your subconscious is trying to signal that there are things you need to overcome.

Perhaps emotions, dreams, or communication stayed unresolved between you both.

Explore your emotions, and you’ll be able to discern whether that dream has more to do with them or you. 

If I dream of someone, are they dreaming of me?

About the spiritual connection

This is very much possible. Often people can end up meeting and communicating in dreams. Dreams are just another plane of existence, but that doesn’t make them any less real.

Historically many people would even choose to meet in dreams for specific reasons intentionally to connect, but this is more lucid dreaming.

However, if you do want to find out, you’ll have to investigate and communicate.

Muster up some courage and ask the other person. How else can you confirm this scenario? Unless you think they’ll bring up a dream about you by themselves.

There is also a chance you might be the only one dreaming about them; the same doesn’t go for them.

The messages in the dream could also be just meant for you, rather than the energy they have projected on your life.

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Is Someone thinking about me when I dream about that person? 7 Reasons

Spiritual connection with someone through dreams

There may be many reasons that you might be dreaming about someone. Take time to discern what reason feels right to your gut.

1) Yes, You Are Being Reached Out To

There is this theory that your brain is processing the subconscious messages that a person has been trying to give to you, and you have received them.

This means that, yes, they might have been thinking about you earlier, and now that message has traveled across time and space like telepathy.

You are seeing this because you’ve received a message from them. This can be intentional and non-intentional.

For example, this person may have been thinking about you more than usual, and that energy is being directed to you constantly, and that’s why you’re dreaming about them. They wouldn’t even know the impact of the energy. 

On the other hand, if it’s someone who does believe in the stuff and does it consciously, they might be reaching out to you very intentionally to see if you can pick up on them.

It would be great if you brought up the dream casually to test the waters.

If there are particular details or messages in the dream, you can also understand them to be things their higher self wants to say to you, even if their 3d self hasn’t made that growth or realization. 

2) Are You In Love?

This is an important question to ask yourself.

In reality, they take over our thoughts, mind, heart, and dreams when we fall in love with someone.

Sometimes it takes time for us to catch up with the realization. 

If you dream about someone and wonder if they are thinking about you, be more curious about your feelings. Are you wishing they were thinking about you?

Were you hoping for a connection with them? Did you want to be connected to them in a larger way?

This is important for you to ask yourself, as sometimes we can make an impaired judgment when we don’t consider our situation’s facts.

Are you dreaming and asking out for love? Is this you longing and searching for a connection?

This might be the time to ground yourself and look for a way to practically connect with this person in the 3D world.

3) Your Future Soulmate

If you are someone who believes in soulmates and energies, and this is someone you don’t recognize in your dream, it could be a soul mate that hasn’t come into your life.

They are perhaps wondering when they’ll enter your life, and you are receiving their energy through your dreams.

This could be them wondering when you will cross their path, or perhaps it could be things they wish they could tell you in current times.

This is their higher self on the spiritual plane, reaching out to you to love you and encourage you. You are not alone. They will be waiting for you in the future eventually.

4) Your Subconscious Is Hinting At Something.

Another reason your brain brings them out in your dreams is that they play a role or association in your life that needs to be explored.

Rather than them thinking about you, this is you thinking about something, using them as a symbol. 

For example, an old friend could represent a longing for intimacy, comfort, and familiarity. So then, their appearing in your dream is your soul’s way of translating what kind of feelings you are longing for.

If this is someone who hurt you, there may be some hidden hurt in your life that you are repressing.

Sometimes current hurt can bring up the intensity of past hurt.

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5) Strong Soul Ties

If you keep dreaming about someone, you could have a strong soul tie to this person. This means that your souls have been connected in one way or another, whether in the past life or the higher plane.

Some people even believe these dreams are your realities in another dimension of this universe.

You keep dreaming about them because their higher self communicates with you and tries to show you certain things.

The dream realm allows for energetic connections to manifest more easily, so this is where both of you a chit-chat.

However, keep in mind that the person in the 3D will not have the same memories, associations or even awareness.

It is very common for people to be at completely different points in their journey.

6) Wish Fulfilment & Longing 

The same person coming again in the dream could also represent a wish fulfillment for you. This is your mind’s way of expressing your desire strongly. Consider this person and try to figure out what you have in common.

Ask Yourself:

  • Is there a common trait?
  • Do they represent a certain thing to you?
  • What do they remind you of?
  • What feelings turn up for you when you think of them?

Dreaming of them repeatedly is your soul desiring an association you have with them.

Some people dream of resolution and coming together with people who’ve left them.

These dreams can help resolve our emotions, especially if we are given an ending.

You are craving closure.

7) A Passed One Is Reaching Out To You

If you believe the deceased souls can also see what happens to others after they die and can communicate in the present – it could be their soul reaching out to you.

If you are dreaming about someone who has passed on, this is your way of receiving a message from them.

At the same time, if you’re dreaming about other people and them, perhaps they want you to show something about those people.

They ask you to think about these people and what they mean.

Do I have a special connection with that person?

Connection between two people

Connecting to anyone in your dream is special. If this is a connection that doesn’t matter, then trust yourself in what you’d feel like.

If you feel like it signifies a connection, then you are right!

Only you can understand the meaning of this connection through understanding yourself and the universe. The universe can also send us messages using people to signify things.

Some people start dreaming about past relationships when they are craving love or care.

It helps them figure out what they are feeling.

At the same time, dreaming about someone alive does mean that they have a special connection to you, whether that means they have had or will have a profound impact on you. 

Some people even believe our dreams allow our souls to interact with others, with the knowledge of our past life, and act out what our higher self knows. However, not everyone is connected to their higher self.

Final Words

There is no definitive answer if the dream came from the person thinking about you, but if you take time to explore, you can figure out why the dream came to you.

If you really want to confirm, you can ask this person, and if that’s a conversation that you don’t want to have, you can go to a psychic reader.

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