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Dead Loved Ones in Silent in Dreams: What Does it Mean?

Dead Loved Ones in Silent in Dreams: What Does it Mean?

The impact of losing a loved one is huge. Sometimes, it becomes too much of a burden to bear.

However, the power of our minds can cast imaginations and visions of the deceased loved one.

In those visions, we will find ourselves playing with the dead one, talking and chit chatting with him/her, and doing other interesting things together with the deceased.

This is to help our minds to heal up and never feel lonely

Also, the spirits of our lost loved ones can come to us in dreams.

When they do, they will communicate with us, smile at us, or hug us so tightly. 

However, something strange can happen, and this is what we want to discuss.

Have you ever dreamt of seeing dead loved ones silent? Rather than talk and play with you, they are suddenly silent and almost motionless. If this has ever happened to you, then, this is a spiritual dream you should not take for granted. 

The fact that they are not saying anything does not mean you should discard that dream. That is more reason to pay more attention to the dream than ever before.

There are different ways to understand what the universe is trying to say through this dream.

Read on to find out. 

Is it Normal to Dream about Dead Loved Ones in Silent?

Dead Loved Ones in Silent in a dream

It is not normal to see your dead loved ones silent in a dream. In reality, this dream is not a common vision. Out of 1,000 people, it might only happen to 2 or 3 people. This means that having this dream is not a normal occurrence. 

When people die, it is believed that they remain who they were on earth.

Also, they recognize people’s faces, and names, and can relate to them.

An example of this is the biblical story of Abraham and Lazarus, the beggar. Even after they died, Abraham still recognized Lazarus.

And in that vision, they spoke to one another

Dreaming of dead people should normally come with utterances. However, if you have a rare dream that comes with silence, then, pay close attention to it.

There is a spiritual reason behind having such an experience.

The dead loved ones we see in our dreams should relate with us in a friendly, conversational, and lively manner.

When this does not happen, then, there is a reason we need to know. 

Does the Deceased want to Convey a Message to Me?

Message from dead ones

Yes, this is an act to convey a message to you.

When you see a deceased person silent in your dream, it is not due to an unwillingness to communicate.

The message they want to communicate might require a bit of silence to show how serious and important it is.

While conducting my research on the spirituality of this dream, something caught my attention.

2 out of the 8 people we spoke to attested to the fact that they had a second dream where the deceased spoke eventually.

This is why you should not discard the first appearance as inconsequential.

Rather than that, ask questions about the reason for such a dream occurrence

In most cases, silence is a bid to communicate spiritual truth to you. When you pay enough attention, you will understand the relevance of this.

Even when it does not seem clear in the first place, expect a second appearance

Meaning of Dead Loved Ones in Silent in a Dream

Someone in silence

When the dead loved ones are silent in a dream, it brings a warning sign from the universe. This sign is telling you to retrace your steps.

In that dream, the dead ones will look unhappy. A sign like this is a visible expression of the consequence of the step you are about to take.

Also, the dead loved ones are silent in your dream as a message of a lack of spiritual sensitivity.

This dream depicts that your spiritual senses are not functioning as they ought to.

In some instances, you will see the mouth of the deceased moving but not hear a word.

All of these point to the fact that your spiritual senses are not heightened enough to understand why the dead are in your dream.

The best way to avert all the negative consequences that this dream brings is to adhere to the instruction from the spiritual world.

Heighten your spiritual senses and get clarity from the universe about the step you are about to take. 

9 Spiritual Meanings of a Dead Person not Talking to You in a Dream

Spiritual Meaning of a Dead Person not Talking to You in a Dream

When a dead person is not talking to you in a dream, this is a spiritual omen you should ignore. To understand what the universe is saying through this dream, there are 9 messages you should pay attention to.

1) You find it hard to adapt to change

Spiritually, whenever you dream of a dead person not talking to you, it indicates your unwillingness to adapt to change.

This is an omen you should pay attention to.

In the spiritual world, when dead people refuse to speak, it is because the dreamer or the one to whom they appear has decided to not adapt to change

2) You are not alone

The presence of the deceased in your dream is telling you to never feel lonely.

This is a divine message from the spiritual realm.

Even if you cannot feel the presence of your deceased loved one, seeing him/her in your dream brings this message.

Whether the dead speaks or not, this is an indication that you are never alone. 

3) Don’t be disobedient

It is believed that the dead loved ones will not speak to you because of your disobedience.

Several signs have been given to you, but you have not acted on all the instructions.

Therefore, take this as a warning sign from the spiritual world.

Obey all the instructions you have been given. 

4) The message has been delivered

Another meaning of this dream points to the fact that the message has been delivered and there is nothing more to say.

The fact that you did not know when the message was delivered shows a sign of spiritual insensitivity, which you must beware of. 

5) You are missing the person

When the dead shows up in your dream, it is a sign that you miss the person.

This is not a direct message.

It only reflects how you feel.

If the deceased was close to you in person, then, this could also be a sign that the person is missing you. 

6) You have offended the spirits

It is also believed that seeing dead people silent in your dreams means that you have offended them.

This is an African tradition.

When this happens, it is believed that giving an offering to the spirit of the dead works wonders.

It will appease the lost souls and bring peace to your heart as well.

7) Someone is keeping a secret from you

Sometimes, this dream has nothing to do with the spirit of the dead.

It could signify that someone you trust has not been entirely honest with you.

This is a caution sign that you should be careful of those you trust. Your secrets should also lie in your heart.

A sign like this helps you to avert looming betrayal.

8) The soul of the dead is at peace

When you dream of seeing the dead loved ones silent in your dream, it is a sign of peace.

This indicates the spirit of the dead is at peace.

A sign like this comes when you are concerned about the final destination of your lost loved one.

9) Your guardian angel

The spiritual world can use the image of your lost loved one as a sign of their presence.

When you dream of seeing a dead person silent, this is a sign of your guardian angel.

Your angel has appeared to you in the form of your lost loved one

Are Silent Dead Loved Ones a Bad Sign in Dreams?

Silent Dead Loved One

Yes, they are a bad sign in dreams.

Whenever you dream of silent dead loved ones, this brings bad luck.

Although, there are few inspirational messages you can get.

However, most of the messages from dreams like this bring bad luck.

They could either be a warning sign, or a message that you are not on good terms with the spirit of the dead.

Should I be Concerned?

Spiritual problems and messages

Yes, you should be concerned about this dream.

It is not a common thing to see. Whenever you see dead people in your dream, it calls for serious concern.

Now, imagine their silence and emotionless look! That is a whole lot to meditate on

This is why you should keep this in mind.

The next time you have such a dream, take it seriously and act on the instructions that come from it. 

Final Words

Seeing silent dead loved ones in your dream is spiritual.

This rare sign is significant.

Understanding its spiritual meaning is as important as having the dream. Therefore, act on what it says.

In this article, we have fully examined this dream and discussed all the spiritual meanings that are given. When next you have this experience, see it as an opportunity to retrace your steps, and become more cautious than ever. 

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4 thoughts on “Dead Loved Ones in Silent in Dreams: What Does it Mean?”

  1. All your information and interpretation about seeing a dead one in the dream is correct. Most importantly, seeing a dead one silent in the dream is a very serious omen one must pay much attentions to.
    But in my case I do see dead ones in my dream regularly and some will work with me or play with me, some will show or tell me some secrets of the things another person did to me or to someone else, while some will attack me especially when they have just passed away.

  2. My best friend visited me in my dream lastnight for the first time. She was hanging out with me & my current boyfriend at my moms house. She seemed happy but thinking back, I don’t recall her speaking but I could feel what she was saying. I saw a folded up letter on the ground that was written to her but she wouldn’t let me read it, she didn’t say why but I knew in my head, it was because it was a personal letter. The only time I heard her voice was when she was hiding in the room next door and scared my boyfriend when he opened the door, I heard her say “Boo”. . then she rushed back over to me, I then told her to go visit her mom. and then I when I asked her what happened that night she passed away, she looked confused and then she froze like an old static tv screen and some kind of black blob started to form on her right shoulder and then she was gone. I also remember after that, me and my boyfriend were still sitting in that same room but there was a mirror, and if I concentrated in a spot in the reflection of the mirror, a black hole looking thing would start to open, in my head I knew it was like a portal for the dead. but I was scared too keep it open because of the way my friend looked when I asked her what happened to her that night, so I looked away and let it closed… what does this mean?

  3. My late father visited me in my dream last night ..he was in a waiting area of an hospital were I work for bowel test .he wasn’t talking ..but I tried to communicate but felt he wanted me to leave him in private…. really confused of this meaning ..he didn’t pass with this condition..but if the lungs ?
    Any insight on this dream world be really appreciated..
    Thankyou for Ur time on this matter.

  4. Earlier this year I dreamt about my youngest sons grandfathers older brother whose passed a long time ago, I’ve never met him just heard stories. He came into my dream and I can still vividly remember everything that happened. We were standing on the front porch of the house (I live with my sons grandfather with my kids) and I remembering vividly seeing him and every detail from the length of his hair tone of his skin and his height. He was silent just gazing at me and I was talking to him trying to introduce and show him my youngest son and introduce my kids to him, I remember my kids and their grandfather trying to call my name and watching me and I could see myself talking to him in their point of view and it looked like I was talking to the air. I got back into my body and even though he was not talking he was glowing and looked so healthy (he passed from overdosing) and I know he was thanking me telling me thank you for being here with his brother and looked so grateful for me. I woke up the next morning and asking my sons grandfather if he has a picture of his brother whose passed after I described him in my dream and that’s when I knew it was him every detail was him. I might not have ever met him but our first encounter I will never forget

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