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11 Dreams of Dead Family Members: Spiritual Meaning

11 Dreams of Dead Family Members: Spiritual Meaning

Words fail to describe how much people have asked questions surrounding this topic. 

“What are the spiritual meanings of dreaming of dead family members?”.

At first, I thought it was a mental issue. However, after conducting enough findings on this concept, I realized that there is more to it than meets the eye.

This is why you should read till the end. 

You are about to get the 11 spiritual messages of seeing your dead relatives in your dream

What does it Mean to Dream of Dead Relatives?

Dead relatives in dreams

Dreaming of dead relatives means that you miss them. It spiritually indicates that you desire to see them once again, but it is too late.

This situation happens a short while after the loss of a loved one. It shows the state of your heart and how hard you are taking the loss of that relative.

This could also mean that you shared a bond with the lost relative.

All of these are the emotional effects of losing someone you love and care about. It means that you are in your grieving moments.

Through this dream, the universe can speak to you about your life. It is believed that dead people can be used as a spiritual omen of the past.

Seeing them consistently means that we are trying to dwell on the past.

It indicates we are not ready to let go of the past.

The spiritual world wants you to let go of the past and move on with your life.

This is why the dream will keep coming until it becomes very disturbing to your mind. Once this happens, take it as a spiritual sign.

Furthermore, a dream such as this can be given to people after they have committed a mistake. Mistakes can affect our mental state.

They can cause us to do certain things we never planned for.

Also, mistakes can make people stagnant.

Once you are weighed down by your mistakes, it becomes almost impossible for you to make progress.

To help you out of this condition, you will begin to dream about a dead relative.

This is to spur you to learn from your mistakes and most importantly, move on with your life. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Dead Family Members in the Dream?

Dead family member

Dreaming about dead family members spiritually talks about establishing a spiritual connection with your ancestral lineage. In certain cultures, dreaming about dead family members is seen as a rite of initiation into the family lineage.

It is believed that the dream will also transfer some family traits to your soul. You will wake up from that dream feeling different.

Consequently, your actions, attitudes, and mindset will start fashioning themselves in certain strange ways.

All of these are the latest developments from the spirit world.

When you have this dream, it indicates that your family members are ready to accept you into the ancestral lineage. 

Another spiritual meaning attached to this dream speaks about your mind. It reveals that you don’t feel loved by your family members.

This message is true because your mind is conjuring only images of dead family members.

It reflects what you are pondering on, and what you desire.

Therefore, it might be time to do something about this mindset.

  • Are you sure that your family members don’t love you?
  • Have you asked questions about this feeling?

Be sure that your mindset about your family members is true.

If not, you might eventually ostracize yourself from the company of people who truly love you for who you are.

  • When you only dream of dead female family members, it is a spiritual sign of love and compassion;
  • It is believed that dreams such as this come to people as inspiration;
  • It is given to help them embrace their tenderness;
  • Also, this dream inspires compassion in their heart.

Through this dream, the universe can inspire you to become compassionate towards other people.

It tells you to be warm-hearted. That is, you can make the world a better place.

11 Meanings of Dreams of Dead Family Members

Meaning of Dreams of Dead Family Members

When you dream of dead family members, the following 11 spiritual meanings should come to mind.

The reason is that they are the precise messages you will get. Now, all of these messages don’t have to appeal to you.

Look out for the one that specifically talks about your situation and apply it where necessary.

1) Dead family members you don’t know

Relatives who passed away that you do not know

Spiritually, dream about someone you don’t know, speaks of a desire to meet new people.

The desire you have is also not ordinary. It was inspired by the universe because you are approaching a season in your life where you need more people to support you.

This explains the reason you desire to meet new people.

In addition to this, the dream you are having is a confirmation of your feelings. It is also telling you to be open to meeting new people.

2) Dead family members you know


If you can identify them in your dream, it means you miss them.

It’s okay to miss the people we love – especially when they are dead.

Therefore, this message has nothing negative or evil attached.

It simply describes the state of your heart and encourages you to heal up. Even though they are gone physically, they will always be in your heart.

This leads to the next spiritual message.

3) You are not alone

You are not alone

This dream also speaks of this.

When we lose people that are dear to us, it becomes difficult to find other people to fill those gaps.

Because of this, we might wallow in despair and loneliness.

However, the universe does not want people to go through loneliness – especially after losing the people they love.

This is why dreams about dead family members come.

It is an omen that lets you feel the presence of your dead family members around.

It makes you see that you are not alone. Stop feeling lonely and dejected because of the loss you have endured for a while. 

4) It is time to move on

You need to have strength and move forward with your life

After holding on to the loss for more than 2 years, your dead family members can come to you through dreams to tell you to move on with your life.

In that dream, they will push you into a flowing river and wave you goodbye as the river carries you farther from them. 

When you have this dream, summon up the courage to move on with your life. This will be hard.

However, respect the wishes of your dead loved ones. Live the best of your life without them.

Their memories will always be a part of your existence. However, only let it inspire you and not drag you down

5) Embrace who you are


Seeing dead relatives in your dream identifies you with your family.

Just so you know, your family is not perfect.

There will be a track record of horrible histories surrounding your family. This happens to every family.

Now, this dream does not just identify you with your family. It is also an eye-opener for you to see who you are

The spiritual world is encouraging you to embrace who you are. There is no point in trying to run away from this reality.

It eventually catches up with people.

6) Stop holding on to the past

Forget the past

As hard as it sounds, you should know that dead people are in the past

Whenever you constantly dream of your dead relatives, the spiritual world is telling you to move on with your life.

This message focuses more on your life.

It talks about the errors you have committed in the past.

You have paid the price for those errors. Therefore, move on.

Dwelling on your past mistakes stops you from making significant progress. Make sure you keep this in mind.

Dreaming about dead relatives is a sign that you are holding on to the past. You need to let it go.

7) The spirits of your dead loved ones have come to check up on you

Message from the spirits

This is a common message everyone gets.

When you dream of your family members, it means that they have come to check up on you

Can spirits come to check up on people? Yes, they can.

Therefore, be open to this message.

When the spirits of your dead loved ones are around, you can pray to them, ask them for clarity, seek protection, and perform other spiritual activities together.

8) Confidence

Spiritual confidence

Dreams about your dead father inspire confidence.

It reminds you that there is no one to be the father figure for you.

Therefore, you have to be strong for yourself and your siblings.

This message tells you to be ready to face the uncertain future.

In that dream, your dad might be talking to you, counseling you, or praying for you.

All of these are tailored towards a singular spiritual message, which is patience.

9) There is hope for you

Hope in spiritual world

Through dreams about your dead family members, it is possible to be inspired to never give up.

When people die, it is clear that they are never coming back to life. It is normal to give up because the hope of seeing them again is lost.

However, what happens when you begin to dream about your dead family members coming to life? A glimmer of hope rises in your heart.

This is exactly what the universe is saying to you.

It used that dream as the perfect symbolism.

All hope is not lost. If you don’t give up, you have a chance at succeeding sooner than you expect.

10) Prepare for change

Spiritual change

Death is a translation.

Beyond the events of the afterlife. People need to adjust to the reality of not having the deceased around anymore.

This is what happens when you dream of dead family members

In the spiritual world, the message embedded in this dream is meant to prepare you for change. This dream has nothing to do with the deceased.

It has a lot to do with your life.

You need to learn how to adapt to change

Do you know why?  It is because you can’t avoid change. It will come at one point in your life.

Therefore, embrace reality right now and prepare yourself mentally for it.

11) They miss you

Sign of longing

Dead people can also miss people they love. This is why they come to check up on certain people. 

Therefore, whenever you dream of your dead family members, it signifies that they miss you.

This should make you feel special and important.

Additionally, it also gives you the impression that you are not alone.

If you are struggling to find people who care about you, this dream is the best soothing message you will ever get.

It reminds you that your dead family members still care about you, and want to be with you all of the time.

Is Dreaming of Deceased Family Members a Bad Sign?

Deceased family members and bad spiritual signs

No, it is not a bad sign.

Your deceased family members can come to you in the dream to speak with you, bless you, protect you, counsel you, give you direction, and so on.

There is nothing to fear about having this dream.

When the universe shows you a dream about your deceased family members, it brings a message you should pay attention to. 

Should I be Concerned?

About this dream

Yes, you should be concerned about this type of dream.

Seeing dead people in dreams is not normal. This is not one of the common things people see in their dreams.

Therefore, watch out for it.

Pay attention to the events in that dream and let the information in this article guide you till you get a full understanding of what the universe is saying to you. 

Dead family members come to you via dreams for specific purposes.

Therefore, let your mind be connected enough to pick up this signal from the spirit world.

Final Words

The mind can indeed play out its feelings via dreams. However, this has its limits.

When it comes to dreaming about a dead family member, it is a definite message, and you have the responsibility to get this message.

You don’t need to sweat it out further. With the information provided in this article, the perfect message can be seen, understood, and applied. We hope that you find the answers you are looking for through this spiritual sign.

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  1. I had a dream about my son that died from sids, he was blue in the face in my dream. I blew in his face and then tried to get him to breathe. He then told me everything was ok and smiled at me. He would be in his 30’s now. Jacob was born in August 10, 1985 and died October 19, 1985.

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