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11 Spiritual Meanings of Having Sex in the Dream (& Biblical)

11 Spiritual Meanings of Having Sex in the Dream

Having sex dreams is a spiritual activity you should never ignore.

Across several religions, tribes, and cultures, this type of dream has been associated with a lot of meanings.

We will discuss all of these in this article.

However, it is important to understand that sex dreams have a biological explanation

It is believed that one of the ways we expel excess sperm as a man is by having sex dreams.

Through the orgasm that happens in this dream, you will feel relieved.

Therefore, it is not seen as a negative omen if you have wet dreams in science. 

However, this belief does not hold weight in the spiritual world.

It is believed that this dream is a powerful omen that can determine a lot in people’s lives.

When people fail to pay attention to its consistent occurrence, it might lead to a lot of negative events and turnarounds.

Although, it should also be noted that having this dream does not automatically point to negativity. 

In this article, I will reveal to you the hidden messages you can get from having a dream like this.

Therefore, read till the end to be enlightened about what it means to have sex in your dream. 

What do Sexual Dreams Mean Spiritually?

Sexual dreams in spiritual world

Sexual dreams in the spiritual world are seen as an omen of intimacy. Biblically and across other religions, it is believed that having sex is the closest form of intimacy anyone can experience with another individual.

Therefore, dreams about sex talk about intimacy in the spiritual world.

This is why people who have this dream should not just have a negative disposition toward it.

There can be a lot of goodness in having this dream.

The only negative side to this dream happens when you ignore it for a long time. 

Another spiritual meaning of having this type of dream talks about the possibility of getting married soon.

This is for those that are single and looking for their soulmate.

Having sex in your dream confirms the fact that you are in a season of love.

Furthermore, it guarantees that your soul mate will connect with you. 

This explains why it is not a common type of dream people have.

Among 10 people, only about 1 – 2 will have this dream in a month. It explains how spiritually relevant it is.

Let us discuss other spiritual facts concerning it. 

What does it mean when You Dream about Someone Sexually?

Mouth kiss

Dreaming about someone sexually has several spiritual meanings. The common and primary spiritual meaning of having this type of dream speaks of developing intimacy with the individual.

For example, if you dream of having sex with your younger brother or sister, it does not necessarily talk about sin or unholiness. It majorly speaks of building a closer bond with them.

This message could be an attempt by the spiritual world to resolve every pending issue between you and your siblings. 

Additionally, it is believed that people can dream about someone sexually when their heart craves that person.

If you fall into this category, don’t think it is a negative sign to have such a dream.

It is one of the messages you can get – especially when the person you crave also has the same feeling for you.

The sex points to a mutual emotional energy transfer.

You don’t need to try to establish a connection with the person.

Over time, the connection will be established, and you will find true love and contentment. 

Dreaming about someone sexually can also be a spiritual attack, which we will discuss later on in this article. Do you want to find out? Then, keep reading

Spiritual Meaning of Making Love in a Dream

Making Love in a Dream

Making love in a dream has a lot of spiritual messages. If you are not spiritually inclined, it is possible to get lost in the myriads of messages that flood your mind.

To break it down and make it easy for you, I have outlined the following meanings to help you:

  • If you find yourself making love with someone familiar, it is a sign that the person needs more of your attention than ever before. It is an omen of love and care for other people. 
  • The moment you begin to dream of making love with the same sex, it is a spiritual sign of misplaced priorities. This means that you are beginning to lose sight of what matters. Therefore, this is a warning sign from the spiritual world. 
  • Spiritually, making love with your wife or husband in a dream reveals that you love each other deeply. This points to a high level of intimacy among couples. With this dream, you can be assured of your commitment to the relationship. 

These 3 spiritual meanings can be used. However, I also have additional 11 spiritual meanings outlined for you.

However, let us answer 2 more important questions before delving deep into the meaning of sexual dreams. 

Spiritual Meaning of Making Love in a Dream in Christianity

Love in Christianity

The bible frowns against making love in a dream.

It sees it as an omen of spiritual attack and unholiness.

Spiritually, God frowns at having this type of sex in a dream. However, there is an exception to this. 

Anytime you dream of having sex with your wife or husband, it indicates that you are more committed to each other than ever before.

God can give you this “weird” dream to prove that you love each other. 

However, whenever you dream of having sex with the following categories of people, it is a bad sign.

  • Making love with someone you are not married to.
  • When you make love with a deceased spouse or girlfriend
  • Dreams of having sex with someone you hate.
  • Whenever you have sex with someone in black clothes

All of these categories of people are bad omens.

God frowns against this. It is believed that you should go for a purification ritual in your church.

Also, pray against the attack of the devil on your life

Spiritual Meaning of Making Love in a Dream in Islam


The Islamic religion has a lot to say about making love in a dream.

Unlike the biblical perspective, which speaks of this dream as a negative omen, the Islamic religion speaks of this as something different.

There are 4 messages you can get from this dream according to Islam. 

According to prophet Daniyal in Islam, making love in a dream that leads to sperm ejaculation is a sign that all your needs are fulfilled or WILL be fulfilled.

A dream like this gives people the rest of their minds to stop bothering about their needs and desires.

Another spiritual meaning of making love in a dream in Islam speaks of making a terrible mistake.

It is said that people who make love to the opposite sex through the anus are going to make a terrible mistake that will cause huge losses.

The next spiritual meaning of this dream approves a man to get a second wife.

This type of dream indicates that the marriage will be successful. 

Finally, it is said that when you make love with a menstruating woman, you are about to experience a huge downfall in your career. 

11 Spiritual Meanings of Having Sex in a Dream

Spiritual Meanings of Having Sex in a Dream

Having addressed some important questions about making love in a dream, let us proceed further to discuss the different spiritual meanings you can get from having sex in a dream. 

1) Having Sex with your Ex

This dream indicates that you secretly desire to return to your past relationship.

Is this a bad or good sign? We cannot tell.

This message is neutral.

If you decide to go back into the relationship, you must be ready to face the consequences – either good or bad.

2) You are Holding on to Your Past

Whenever you dream about making love with your ex, it is also a spiritual sign of holding on to the past.

  • This is not a good spiritual sign.
  • Your past should remain in the past.
  • There is no point holding on to it.

Holding on to the past indicates that you are not willing to make progress. This is why the spiritual world has sent this dream to you. 

3) You desire to be loved by your spouse

The dream you had about making love to your spouse in the dream could be an indication that there are loopholes in your marriage.

It is believed to be a sign that you desire to be loved by your spouse.

Now, the best way to approach such a situation is by initiating a conversation. 

4) Sharing the same trait with someone else

It is believed that sex dreams signify a sharing of traits.

For example, if you dream of making love with a role model or a popular figure, it indicates that you share the same trait with the person you admire.

Also, this could be an omen that you share similar destinies and paths with that individual.

5) Lack of Emotional Control

The pressure you feel when you make love with someone in a dream shows that you lack emotional control.

The implication of this is that your emotional life is out of balance.

It indicates that you find it hard to keep yourself in check.

When you have this type of dream, take time to stay in control of your emotional energy.

If it becomes difficult to accomplish this, then you might need to seek help from a therapist or spiritual elders like psychics.

6) Let go of Negative Habits

Spiritually, when you make love with someone in your dream – especially someone in your past, it means that you are still holding on to negative habits.

This message is a warning sign from the spiritual world.

It is cautioning against these habits and opening your mind to see the possibility of becoming a better person

7) A Spiritual Attack

Another message you can get from having this type of dream is encountering an attack.

Biblically, having sex with a deceased person shows a sign of a spirit husband or spirit wife.

This is a spiritual attack and you need to pray fervently against it.

This type of dream can prevent people from getting married early or giving birth.

8) A Life of Pleasure

The pleasure you feel during orgasm cannot be compared to anything else.

This is why one of the messages from sex dreams talks about living a life of pleasure.

It is given to encourage you to not live an uptight life that is devoid of happiness.

This dream tells you to create enough time for fun. Be happy at all times, and never allow your situation to rob you of true joy and freedom. 

9) You need to unveil your hidden potential

It is believed that people who have sex with strangers whose face is covered are finding it hard to unveil their potential.

If you ever have this type of dream, take it as a spiritual sign to discover and unveil the potentials you have.

Let this message become an inspiration plus a trigger to do great things.

10) Breaking free from sexual addiction

If you are suffering from sexual addiction, and you had a dream of making sex with blood stains, it is a sign that you need to break free from sexual addiction.

Sexual addiction is dangerous.

Through it, we can infect ourselves with other demonic attitudes, behaviors, and mindsets.

Therefore, having this type of dream warns you against it, and inspires you to get rid of it at all costs.

11) Don’t allow anyone to determine your happiness

Having sex with a stranger in your dream is an inspiration from the spiritual world.

This message is given to help your mind.

Whenever you begin to give people an edge over your happiness, you will begin to get dreams such as this.

Therefore, watch out for it.

The moment you get this sign from the universe, it indicates that you are giving too many people power over your joy, and this should stop.

Having Sex in a Dream with Someone You Know Meaning

Someone you know in your dream

This type of dream is believed to be a connection with one another.

Whenever you dream of having sex with someone you know, it indicates that you miss the person, or share a bond with them. 

This dream is often used to communicate how you feel about someone you already know. It does not have to be your spouse.

It could be your close friend, ally, or someone you once shared a bond with

Having Sex in a Dream with Your Ex Meaning

Spiritual unforeseen

Whenever you dream of having sex with your ex, it has 2 spiritual meanings:

  1. It shows that you cherish the memories you once shared with him/her. When this dream becomes too intense, it might be a calling sign from your ex as well. There is a high possibility of getting back together.
  2. Another spiritual meaning of this points to your past life. A dream like this reminds you of the past but encourages you to not live in such moments anymore. It tells you to look forward to amazing times in your future. 

Are Erotic Dreams a Good Spiritual Sign?

Good spiritual sign

Yes, they are a good spiritual sign.

Contrary to certain traditions, wet dreams and sexual dreams are seen as positive omens in other quarters.

The reason is that you can become open-minded through this type of dream.

Additionally, it fosters genuine love and friendship among friends.

Dreams of sex do not always refer to a spiritual attack, an act of sin, unholiness, and other bad omens.

They can be a message from the universe concerning genuine friendship. 

In some cases, they help couples to find their lost love and passion for each other.

Therefore, have a positive disposition to this dream.

Should I be Concerned?


Yes, you should be concerned.

I have not found anyone who was not concerned about having wet dreams.

In the first place, it is weird to have such dreams – especially when you never had erotic thoughts or watched an erotic movie before sleeping.

With this type of dream, you can get several messages, which you should never lose sight of

Spiritual signs should never be ignored for any reason. Dreams of making love or having sex are spiritual omens as well.

Therefore, pay close attention to them.

Your spiritual encounter with this type of dream speaks volumes.

Final Words

After reading this article, what is the next thing to do?

Well, just pay more attention to your dreams.

There is no better information about this dream than what you have right here in this article.

All that is left is to expect to have the dream. Anytime it comes to you, bring out this article as a spiritual tool of discernment and precision concerning it

Through a dream like this, you can unlock your potential. Discover your true friends, find fulfillment in your romantic relationship, and become healthy in your mind. 

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