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Will Short People Go To Heaven Or Hell? Answered!

Will Short People Go To Heaven Or Hell? Answered!

Most religions see dwarfism or other defects as a punishment from God for past sins. So most believe that such people will not go to heaven but rather purgatory. But there is evidence in the Bible that concretely suggests otherwise!

There are many myths surrounding the height requirements for heaven. While some believe them sincerely, for most, it is just hogwash. So what do the scriptures say about who gets to enter heaven or hell? Do noble deeds in the past life bless people with a good height?

From the days of Moses, people have seen dwarfism as a blemish. A passage from the Bible quotes that people are born as dwarfs for the punishment of their sins.

They must repent in order to enter the gates of heaven. Let us see the different ideas and myths that surround short people and heaven:

What does the Bible say about short people?

Short people in the Bible

Some verses in the Bible portray short people in a good light while others do not do so. It equates dwarfs to people with defects like scabs, itching, or blemishes in the eye. But there are also verses saying how God does not discriminate between people based on their looks and stature.

Leviticus 21:20

In this verse, a dwarf or short man is clubbed with those having eczema, a hunchback, and people with a broken hand or foot. The Bible calls them defective or broken.

It also says that such defective people cannot give the Lord’s fire offerings. They also cannot give offerings of food to their God.

Luke 19:3

Here again, it mentions a man called Zaccheus who was a rich chief tax collector. This man was short in stature and could not see Jesus because of the crowd and his height.

So runs ahead and climbs a Sycamore tree to Jesus Christ pass that way.

This devotion of Zaccheus earned him a special place in the heart of Jesus. It also elevated the status of short people in the eyes of God, seeing their love for His only son.

Samuel 16:7

This verse states that the Lord says to Samuel that he does not reject people for how they look. Their outward appearance or height does not matter to Him.

What matters is what is in their hearts. So, short people can take comfort in the fact that God sees your good heart and thoughts, not your dwarfism.

Romans 8:38-39

Yet again, in this verse, God proclaims his impartiality among his creation. He says that nothing can come between Him and His creation’s love for Him.

Even things like height, depth, life, death, rulers, or angels mean nothing in front of this love. That is the power of love between the creator and His creation.

Plenty of such verses in the Bible appreciates short people for their deeds and hearts. They will not be denied entry into heaven because of their height. God sees everyone, man, woman, beasts, or nature, equally. The deeds you do in this life define you.

Do short people go to heaven?

Do short people go to heaven

Most religious texts do not treat short people any differently. It guarantees them a seat in heaven. This, of course, depends on their deeds in their current life. Those doing good, selfless acts will find a place in heaven.

Misdeeds and sins:

The Bible is very strict when it comes to sins committed by people. Such people, whether they are tall or short, will go to hell. Those committing adultery, greed, murder, and any of the grave seven deadly sins according to the Bible will do down to the depths of hell.


Initially, dwarfism was considered a mark of sinful and unworthy as per the chapter in Leviticus. But Jesus later brought dwarfs back into the Christian fold, as mentioned in the Gospel of Luke.

Wisdom and stature:

Jesus again points out in the Bible that a person’s worth is measured by his wisdom. His worth determines his stature in society and not his height. Such people with great wisdom, knowledge, and kind acts will gain entry to heaven. 

Who will not go to heaven according to the Bible?

The sinners

The Bible says that there are eight kinds of people who will not go to heaven. They are each placed according to the sins they commit. You have people who are unfaithful or those who lie, cheat, and murder.

1) The Murderers

Yes, actual murderers are, of course, included in this category. Taking another person’s life is, after all, a cardinal sin. But Jesus also says that if there is hate in anyone’s heart for another. That person is also a murderer.

He was talking about murdering the inside; in your heart. This is for those people that wish someone was dead. This is also akin to committing an actual murder. Such people will not enter heaven.

2) The Fearful & Unbelievers

The fearful are people who are afraid of standing up for themselves and Jesus. They will never defend Jesus against their colleagues and friends or even the world. They care about what others think of them.

They easily forget what Jesus means to them. They have forgotten the sacrifices of Jesus.

Then there are those who mock Jesus and his teachings. They are people who don’t believe in the Bible and make fun of the cross and other Christian traditions.

They do not fully embrace Jesus in their heart and so will never gain entry to heaven. The Bible says such unbelievers are said to go to hell.

3) The Abominable

This also includes people who perform acts of sexual perversion. There are many among us who are very lustful and always seek sexual pleasure. Such people cannot ascend to heaven.

The Bible warns such people against using God’s gift of sexuality to do perverse things.

These include acts like child molestation, homosexuality, and pornography.

These things that pervert human society as a whole are thoroughly condemned by the Bible. Such people must repent for their acts and apologize and surrender to Jesus to go to heaven.

4) The Sorcerers

In this case, it means people involved in black magic and demon worship. God sends such people straight to hell.

There are many people these days who make deals and sacrifices to the Devil to acquire fame, money, and success. The practitioners of the new age movement, things like spiritism and occult worship, are also a part of it.

The Bible says that they are the followers of the Devil and warns against them. And so, these people will follow the Devil in the Lake of Fire. The Devil lives there and his worshippers will follow. Such people are said to have rejected God.

5) The Liars

Nowadays, lying is like second nature to most people. Some are even experts at it. The Bible, however, takes lying very seriously! Jesus says that liars too will be denied entry to heaven. White lies told to protect someone or bring someone good are exempt from this.

Many churchgoers visit mass regularly or give tithe. But in their personal lives, they are not very honest.

They even make a living by cheating and lying. The Bible also warns such people that they are cursed to burn in Hellfire. The Bible encourages honesty among its followers.

Can you go from hell to heaven?


Just like people go to heaven for their good deeds. Bad people who carry out sinful acts are sent down to hell.

But many have asked this question, is it possible for me to ascend to heaven once I’m in hell? Will God ever forgive me for my sins?

This question of heaven and hell has troubled people right from the time of Gilgamesh.

Most people believe that yes if God wills it, there is a chance that people can go from hell to heaven.

This also depends if people repent for their sins.

Do they feel regret for the things they have done?

If people have genuinely changed for the good, God will invite them back to heaven. So, the Bible says that here on earth itself, people must repent for their sins and come back to Jesus. They will be ensured entry into heaven upon death.

There is also the concept of final judgment. Here God calls everyone from Heaven and Hell and measures their sins and good deeds. After balancing each person’s life, they can still show their repentance and go to heaven.

Even people who have done one genuine act of goodness can have it outweigh their sins.

I’m short. Should I be worried about that?

Short people in heaven

There is nothing in the Bible or any other religious scripture that says that short people must be worried; at least not because of their stature.

God loves everyone equally and selflessly. As it says in Samuel 16:7, God does not reject people because of their height or appearance. The Lord does not see people as they see each other. He only looks into their heart.

So as long as you are a good person doing good deeds, you have nothing to worry about.

Also, don’t believe or listen to haters who quote specific verses from the Bible like Leviticus to bring you down. Jesus has brought even people suffering from dwarfism back into Christianity.

You can see this change in plenty of the new verses in the New Testament.

There are a few other verses that confirm Jesus Christ’s love for short people and dwarfs. As Romans 8:39 says, there is nothing on this earth that can separate us from the love of God.

Neither angels, rulers, life, death, nor depths or heights can come between such pure love and devotion. So even if you are short, don’t lose heart. Be good and do good. You will surely go to heaven.

Final Words

Many of us who are shorter than average or dwarfs even have the fear of never ascending to heaven. It’s like our height is a barrier or a defect that is placed on us for past sins.

But none of this is true.

While there are one or two verses that call short people sinners, there are many more that counter this view.

In the Bible, Jesus says that all those with love in their heart and good deeds in their lives will surely go to heaven. Their height does not matter. The Lord treats everyone equally.

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