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32 Questions to ask a Psychic or Medium: Very Good Examples

37 Questions to ask a Psychic or Medium: good examples

In this article I will show you the best questions to ask a psychic or medium.

Do you have an opportunity to meet a psychic or medium? Then, you want to prepare yourself for this amazing moment by mapping out the best questions to ask. You have limited time with a psychic, and everything should count.

However, don’t worry. In this article, I have outlined the top 37 questions you can ask. Each of these questions will reveal hidden information about yourself.

Furthermore, it will give you answers relating to different uncertainties in your life.

What should I ask a Psychic?

Psychic reading

There is no limit to the questions you can ask a psychic.

You ask psychic numerous questions relating to:

  • Your love life;
  • Success;
  • Your relationship with friends;
  • Your career, and so on.

Therefore, if you are planning to book a psychic session, don’t limit yourself to a particular aspect of your life.

Open up your soul to the psychic and let the light flow in effortlessly.

37 Examples of Questions to ask a Psychic

Examples of Questions to ask a Psychic

If you find it hard to arrange the questions to ask a psychic, the following examples will help you out. with the examples in this section, you will have a clue about what to ask a psychic whenever you have a session with him/her. 

Questions for financial life:

This has a lot to do with money, wealth, and attracting prosperity.

Therefore, if you need answers about your financial life, you should ask the following questions from the psychic medium.

Now, you can ask questions about the spiritual signs around you, or about the cycles you have observed in the area of your finances.

1. “What do I need to do to align myself to financial abundance?”

People that ask this question need to understand the spiritual steps to take for wealth. Therefore, if you fall into this category, you might want to consider asking this question from a psychic medium. 

2. “Am I holding myself back from making money?”

This question is vital. If you are having doubts about becoming prosperous, you might want to ask this question from a psychic medium. You need to be sure that you are not holding yourself back. Therefore, this question needs to be addressed by the psychic medium.

3. “How can I stop holding myself back from money?”

If the question in number 2 is YES, then, you need to ask this question. That is, if it is glaring that you are holding yourself back from money and wealth, you need to seek solutions to this problem. 

4. “What is my greatest obstacle to achieving prosperity?”

You need to ask the psychic medium about this condition of yours. Understanding your greatest obstacle to prosperity will help you to understand your limitations, and avoid them at all costs.

5. “How can I overcome these obstacles?”

This is the next question to ask. Once you know the obstacle, it is necessary to understand the means of overcoming it. Therefore, ensure to ask the psychic for solutions.

6. “Am I under any spiritual attack?”

If you have tried to make money, but it has proven abortive in the past, it might be wise enough for you to ask questions about it. 

7. “How can I overcome this attack?”

If you fail to ask this question, the psychic will not give you an answer. Therefore, you need to be prepared to ask.

8. “Am I destined to be wealthy?”

You also need to understand this. Personally, this is the first question I will ask a psychic concerning wealth. I need to know if I am destined to be rich or not before asking further questions. 

Love Life Questions:

The following questions should be asked concerning your love life.

9. “How will I recognize my twin flame?”

This question will give you a clue about who your twin flame is. Furthermore, it will give you clues about the signs to look out for in your twin flame.

10. “Will I have a blissful love life?”

You need to ask this question as well. The psychic will give you a definite and clear answer.

11. “I am Leo, can I marry someone who is Leo?”

This question is important. Just as you can ask a doctor about blood group, genotype, and so on concerning marriage, you should ask a psychic medium concerning getting married to your spouse of the same zodiac sign. 

12. “Should I fall in love?”

This is funny, but you need to ask a psychic for clarity concerning this as well. Some people are not destined to fall in love. Therefore, you need to understand if you are destined to love anyone or be single. 

13. “What spirit animal should I marry?”

Now, you have to ask this question only if you know your spirit animal. For example, if your spirit animal is a cheetah, can you marry a spouse that has a tiger spirit animal? 

14. “Can I fall in love with my ex again?”

Have you been dreaming about your past relationship? Then, you should ask questions about it

15. “What can I do to attract true love?”

If you are new to the love game, it is wise to ask this question from a psychic. Seeking psychic guidance will teach you how to attract true love into your life. 

16. “How can I save my failing marriage?

Seeking an answer to this question from a psychic is better than getting answers from a marriage counselor. A psychic will speak to you from a point of spirituality and not logic. 

17. “How do I know she is thinking about me?”

Do you love a lady? Are you unsure of her feelings for you? Then, asking a psychic medium will either assure you or encourage you to look elsewhere. 

Questions for family life:

Do you need clarity about your family life? Then, asking a psychic medium is one of the best ways to get what you seek. 

18. “Why is my family falling apart?”

If you have observed a void in your family life, it is best to ask a psychic medium about the reason for this. The answer will give you a clue into the different ways to fill up that void, and bring your family together.

19. “How can I protect my family from danger?”

As the man in the house, you need to be concerned about the safety of your family members. Therefore, if you feel a sense of danger coming towards your family, it is best to seek the help of a psychic medium. This is one of the questions to ask a psychic concerning your family life.

20. “What am I holding back when it comes to my family life?”

This question will reveal the secrets in your heart, which has prevented you from showing true love to your family members.

21. “What do I need to know about my family members?”

The psychic medium will give you specific details about all your family members. Therefore, you might want to book more than 30minutes with the psychic medium for this question.

22. “What am I doing wrong as a child in my family?”

This question will open you up to your inner self. The psychic will make a discovery about you, reveal it to you, and show you how to amend it appropriately.

Questions related to work:

The following questions will give you answers to your work life, achievements, and advancement in your career. Here are the lists of questions to ask a psychic concerning your work life.

  1. “Will I be fulfilled in my career?”
  2. “What can I do to derive satisfaction at my job?”
  3. “Is there a spiritual purpose behind my job?” (Mention the name of your current organization.)
  4. “Am I destined to work as an employee?”
  5. “Should I resign from my current job or start a business?”

Questions to ask a psychic about health:

Do you need clarity concerning your health? Then, ask the following questions from a psychic.

  1. “What do I need to do to maintain a healthy life?”
  2. “Can my health be under spiritual attack?”
  3. “How can I overcome my health issues?”
  4. “Is there negative energy that is affecting my health?”
  5. “How can I prevent myself from falling sick at intervals?”

Where can I find a good psychic?

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Should I use the psychic’s help?


Yes, always use the help of a psychic. They can answer all of your questions.

Every answer you get from a psychic has to be put to mind.

Never disregard the voice of a psychic medium. 

Final words

Seeking the help of a psychic has benefits. Therefore, the questions in this article are enough to help you concerning the various aspects of your life. For the best result, consult with today.

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  1. Over the past months, my wife and I have been fighting a lot, and we’ve tried counseling, but nothing seems to help our relationship. That’s why I think we won’t lose anything if we speak with a psychic, so I’ll suggest it later. I appreciate your tips on what we’d ask a psychic during our meeting and how we’d talk about our marriage.

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