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Home » How to Contact a Loved One who has Passed Away? 5 Ways

How to Contact a Loved One who has Passed Away? 5 Ways

How to Contact a Loved One who has Passed Away? 5 Ways

Hot can I contact a loved one who has passed away? I’ll show you the best way to talk to the dead at home!

When it comes to speaking with the dead, it can be an amazing and intriguing experience if it is done in the right way.

However, it can be dangerous and complicated if it is done the wrong way. Certain people have invoked the wrong type of spirits, which has haunted them for years because they wandered into a dangerous spiritual plane while trying to call upon the spirit of their dead loved one.

This is why you have to be very careful whenever you want to communicate with your lost loved one.

I love supernatural and paranormal kinds of stuff and this is why I am delving into this deep subject.

There are many ways to communicate with the dead. However, I am going to be giving you 5 of the safest ways to communicate with the dead. These 5 ways are safe. You can be assured of this.

I understand that your deep love and affection for your lost loved one has placed a desire in you to always want to communicate. Therefore, I am going to help you to achieve this efficiently by giving you the best means to communicate with a dead one that has passed away.

Read on to learn the 5 best ways of communicating with a dead one who has passed away.

How to contact a loved one who has passed away? 5 ways

How to contact a loved one who has passed away

In this section, I am going to answer the question in your heart about how to contact a dead one who has passed away.

You must come to understand that the spiritual realm can speak with the physical realm. The spiritual and physical can relate to each other on a plane.

To put yourself on this plane, you have to go through a lot of spiritual processes. However, if you don’t want to go through this stress, then you should try out these 5 best methods of easily communicating with a dead one that has passed away.

I have used quite a few of them and it has proven to work perfectly. You don’t need to have magical powers to do this. All you need is to have an open mind and sufficient energy to pull this over. 

Are you ready? Let us get into it right away.

1) Communicate through your paranormal senses

Paranormal senses

Either you admit to this or not, every human has a paranormal sense. This is how you can sense the presence of spirits around you. This is how you know that there is something around you that is different from what you feel when a human is around you.

Therefore, you need to be aware of these paranormal senses in you. You have to come to realize what your paranormal sense is.

It might be a spiritual sense of smell, a spiritual sense of sight, or a spiritual inner intuition that tells you what is around you at the moment.

Once you have discovered this, then you can speak directly to the dead through these senses of yours. How can you speak directly to the dead through your paranormal senses?

Before you can use this method, you must be sure that the dead one you want to speak to is around you.

Using this method will not conjure the dead one you want to speak with from the underworld.

It is meant to communicate with the dead one that is around you. However, there are a few processes I have tried out personally that I am going to share with you.

Read on to discover how to do this without any complications:

  • Before you wander off into the spiritual realm, you must allow yourself to become fully aware of your environment. This will help you to find your way when trying to return to your complete self. You must be sure that you note your location. You have to be fully engulfed with the feeling to be who you are in this present time. 
  • Once this has been achieved. Begin to gradually lose consciousness of what is physically around you. Gradually begin to take your focus off everything that is physically around you. The moment you begin to do this, you will start feeling different.
  • The moment you get to the point where you feel the presence of the dead one you intend to speak with, start asking questions. Begin to talk. While asking questions, you might receive the answers through an aroma, feeling, or a picture. Most times, you will not hear the voice of your dead loved one. Therefore, be open to any channel of communication the dead choose to speak with you.

2) You can communicate with the dead through their possessions

Dead photos

This is another simple, but powerful way of communicating with the dead. If you have possession of the dead with you, then you can communicate with this person using this possession.

It is believed that the spirits of the dead linger in their loved possessions like their jewelry, pillow, or their shoes.

Therefore, to connect with the dead, you should try getting one of the loved possessions of the dead when he/she was alive.

Once you do this, follow these processes:

  • Take the item of the deceased person you have found. You have to be sure that this item belonged to the person and it was not borrowed or stolen. Once you have ascertained this, hold that item in your hands and breathe in deeply while trying to calm your mind of every noise.
  • While doing this, allow the feeling of holding this item to engulf you. Imagine the deceased one holding this item.
  • While doing this, you will begin to feel chills or have goosebumps all over you. Once this happens, it is time to begin to ask questions. 

By doing this, you will be able to call upon the spirit of the deceased one you wish to speak to, and ask your questions or simply communicate with him/her.

3) Visiting the grave of the deceased can also help

Dead grave

When you wish to speak to the deceased, visiting a special place like the grave of such a person will help you to connect quickly with this person.

It is believed that the dead are constantly watching over the living people who are dear to them.

Therefore, you are going to be able to communicate easily with the dead at their place of rest.

This does not require any additional effort. All you have to do is to visit the gravesite and start talking without seeking an answer. You will be able to establish strong communication in that environment.

4) You can contact the services of a séance


This is a group of people, who use their combined energy to summon the dead and speak to them.

It is believed that these sets of people have magical powers to conjure the dead and speak with them.

Apart from a séance, you can use the ouija board to also speak with the dead. It is believed that these 2 methods have proved useful in the past to summon the dead.

With the help of the séance, you will not wander off into uncharted territory.

5) You can employ the services of a medium


This is another external help you can seek if you are too scared to do this alone. Seek the help of a medium.

A medium will summon the spirit and be inhabited by the spirit so that you can speak with him/her directly and receive answers to the questions in your heart.

If you want to talk to a medium to talk to someone who has died, you can click here and enjoy the 5 free minutes offer from Angelical Balance.

Is it possible to talk to the dead online?

Talk to the dead online

Speaking with the dead has been gone beyond the traditional methods. During these days of technological advancements, you can speak with the dead online.

Don’t be surprised. It is one of the easiest ways to speak with the dead these days.

Hey! Before you go wandering off on your own to try this out, you must come to realize that this is very complicated.

Without the necessary help, you might get stuck in the process. Furthermore, there are a lot of fake online mediums that promise to help you but fail in the process.

This is why I am going to recommend Mystic Sense to you.  I have always thought it was impossible to speak to the dead online until I came across this amazing website.

It is filled with the best online psychics and mediums that will help you to speak with your loved one without stress. Click this link to begin the process right away.

I want to talk to my dad who has passed away: Is it possible?

It is possible to speak to your dad who has passed away.

By following the steps, I have mentioned above, you will be able to talk to your dad and wallow in his fatherly love one more time.

In addition to this, if you don’t want to go through the stress alone or if you are scarfed, then contact Mystic Sense to help you out.

My mum died and I want to talk to her: Can I do that?

Yes, you can!

I am sure your mother will be eager to speak to you as well. If you have any of her belongings, then it is easy to speak to your mum in your house.

In addition to this, the memories you have of her will supply you with powerful energy to communicate with her very well.

For further help, you can contact Mystic sense as well.

How to connect with the dead at home?

Dead loved one

This is a very simple act.

You can connect with the dead in your house by doing the following:

  • Summoning their spirits by using their most prized possessions when they were alive.
  • Summoning their spirits by burning a sweet-smelling incense and reciting invocation spells.
  • Using the memories in your head of the dead you want to connect with is also an effective way to connect with the dead in your house.

Using any of these 3 methods in line with the steps I have mentioned in this article will establish a strong connection between you and the dead in your home. It’s very “simple“.

Using a psychic medium to speak to the dead

Psychic medium

This is one of the external means of speaking with the dead. However, I need to elaborate more on it right now. Let us look at 3 major questions that people have asked over the years concerning using psychic mediums to speak to the dead:

Is it reliable?

Using the right psychic medium is reliable. It is not every psychic medium that can be trusted. Therefore, if you find the right psychic medium, then using mediums to speak to the dead is reliable.

Can I be tricked?

Yes, you can be tricked!

Most especially if you are not well acquainted with the pathways of summoning the dead. A fake psychic can pretend to be possessed by the spirits of the dead.

You can be tricked by a trickster spirit – most especially if your psychic medium wandered off the spiritual frequency that is required to summon the spirit of the one you want to speak with. 

This is why you have to select the best psychic medium to help you with this.

I have a website for you that has been helpful to me over the years and I am sure of their services every time. If you have been longing to meet the right psychic medium for summoning the dead, then scroll below to see the recommended website.

To get the best psychic medium for peaking with the dead, go to this website right away You will enjoy the best psychic medium from any location in the world.

Final words

You don’t have to miss your loved one for long. You can initiate a conversation with them by summoning them. The methods I have listed above will help you to feel the presence of the dead and establish communication with them.

So, do you already know how to contact a loved one who has passed away? If you still have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below!

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