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What does it mean when you see a Dragonfly?

What does it mean when you see a Dragonfly

What does it mean when you see a dragonfly? Let’s find out!

Have you ever wondered what a dragonfly signifies in the spirit world?

Have you ever seen a dragonfly in your dream and wondered what it might mean?

If you fall into this category, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss extensively the spiritual meaning of seeing a dragonfly.

In the spirit world, a dragonfly holds weight. It indeed looks fragile and insignificant in the physical world, but it is a powerful animal in the spirit world. There are several reasons why the dragonfly is a spiritual animal that must be paid attention to. In this article, we are going to discuss the different reasons.

Whenever the dragonfly shows up on your path, it is meant to pass a message to you. Therefore, you have to be ready and willing to draw from the wisdom of the dragonfly for your life.

Read on to find out amazing spiritual truths about the dragonfly and what it means to your life.

What does it mean when you see a Dragonfly?

In the spirit world, when you see a dragonfly, it is a symbol of the spirits trying to communicate with you.

There are a lot of places where dragonflies are commonly found.

However, this should not stop you from paying attention to this creature whenever it comes across your path.

There are different spiritual meanings of a dragonfly; therefore, read on to find out the different spiritual meanings of a dragonfly and how it can be of benefit to your life.

Red Dragonfly

Red Dragonfly

There are 3 spiritual meanings of seeing a red dragonfly. Let us look at these meanings one after the other.

1) It is a sign of victory

Whenever you begin to feel like a loser, a red dragonfly can come around to show you that your life is not going to end easily.

There were times in my life when the only voice of hope I had was the red dragonfly. I had a serious health challenge, which made me give up on all hope of ever seeing the light of my next birthday.

However, a red dragonfly mysteriously found its way into my bedroom and flew around my head for a few minutes before vanishing.

Immediately this happened, I received a fresh confident feeling that everything was going to be alright. The passion to fight through the pain increased and, in a few weeks, I was out of bed. Therefore, from my experience, the red dragonfly means that your victory is not far-fetched anymore

2) A red dragonfly means determination and focus

In the spirit world, the red color is a sign of strong passion.

Additionally, one of the traits of a dragonfly is determination and focus.

Therefore, whenever you see a red dragonfly, the universe has come to tell you that you need to be determined.

You need to avoid all distractions and maintain your focus. You need to shut out all the external voices of confusion and pay more attention to your inner voice to truly find what you are made for.

3) A red dragonfly has a lot to do with your root chakra

Therefore, whenever you see a red dragonfly, you have to pay close attention to certain aspects of your life that might need transformation.

It is time to become transformed.

It is time for you to check your habits and approach to life as well, and find what needs to be replaced and rejuvenated for the complete cycle of transformation to take place.

Green Dragonfly

Green Dragonfly

There are 2 spiritual meanings of seeing a green dragonfly:

  • When you see a green dragonfly, it is a symbol of friendship and trust. Therefore, you should expect to meet new friends that can be trusted. This will make sense to you if you just came out of a friendship because of disloyalty or betrayal. Therefore, a green dragonfly has come to tell you that you will find true friendship along your path.
  • It is a symbol of abundance. The green color is associated with plants and whenever a plant is green, we should expect a harvest from it. Therefore, seeing a green dragonfly is a sign that you are going to experience abundance in certain aspects of your life.

Black Dragonfly

Black Dragonfly

The black dragonfly brings strong caution.

Whenever the black dragonfly shows up, it has the following meanings:

  • It is time for you to shut out some people in your life because they are taking advantage of you.
  • You need to act with the highest level of discretion at this point in your life. Various traps have been set for you by the people around you. The best way to avoid this calamity is to become cunning in your dealings with the people around you. Great discretion is the only way out and the black dragonfly will supply you with that.
  • The black dragonfly can adapt to any condition it finds itself. Therefore, whenever you see a black dragonfly, it means that you should become adaptable. It is not every situation that will be comfortable. However, your ability to adapt will give you the strength to go through the not-so-good times without breaking apart.

White Dragonfly

White Dragonfly

The white color of the dragonfly can only mean one thing – and it is love.

Therefore, whenever you see a white dragonfly, it is a sign that you are loved. This can be a message from the universe.

Furthermore, the spirits of your lost loved one can also reach out to you through the white dragonfly.

Therefore, you have to always pay attention to this species of dragonfly.

It brings a strong atmosphere of love and encouragement into your life and fills you with hope, courage, and an optimistic approach to life – no matter the disadvantageous situation.

Yellow Dragonfly

Yellow Dragonfly

The yellow dragonfly has 3 meanings:

  • It is a sign of happiness. When the yellow dragonfly shows up on your path, then the universe is trying to tell you to find happiness in everything around you. Don’t allow the situation of your life to blind you to the beauty of the world around you. Allow yourself to find true joy and happiness even amid unfortunate conditions. This is how you will build emotional stability.
  • The yellow color is identical to the sun. It is believed that the yellow color can shine its light on our path and give us direction. Therefore, when you see a yellow dragonfly, it is time to get clarity into your life. It is time for you to understand the recent events that have unfolded in your life.
  • The yellow dragonfly is an energetic creature. Therefore, when you see the yellow dragonfly, it means that you have the inner strength to accomplish everything you have set out to do. Never look at yourself outwardly. Learn to see what you have on the inside, and put it to good use.

What does it mean when you see a Dead Dragonfly?

Dead Dragonfly

Seeing a dead dragonfly is pesky. When you see the dead dragonfly, it is a sign of losing the will to live as a result of consistent failures in life.

It is a sign that you have decided to give up on your dreams because things are not working on your terms.

However, if you look at the dead dragonfly, it is colorless and ugly – compared to when it was alive. Therefore, that is how your life will end up if you give up.

The dead dragonfly has come to tell you to never stop pushing. It has come to tell you that your life will remain beautiful and vibrant as long as you have the will to live.

What does it mean when a Dragonfly follows you?

What does it mean when a Dragonfly follows you

The meaning of this will depend on the color of the dragonfly that is following you.

However, when you see a dragonfly following you, it is a sign that the universe needs to communicate with you immediately.

Therefore, the best way to respond is to look at the dragonfly, observe its color, and get spiritual wisdom from this animal.

You can pick one of the spiritual meanings in this article, which is peculiar to your situation.

What does it mean when a dragonfly crosses your path?


Most times, when a dragonfly crosses your path, it is a sign that an opportunity is going to open up for you.

This is a good omen and you should be happy to have this experience whenever it happens to you.

The best way to respond is to begin to prepare yourself for the opportunity that is coming.

The reason for this is that the opportunity is going to be sudden, and a lack of adequate preparation will make you lose out on the opportunity. 

Final Words

The dragonfly is a symbol of great transformation and courage.

Therefore, if you are seeking the courage, strength, and wisdom to go after your life’s ambition.

The dragonfly is the perfect spirit animal for this effect. Therefore, it is time to look up to the dragonfly and get its wisdom and courage for your life.

So, do you already know the dragonfly spiritual meaning and what does it mean when you see him? Please, feel free to use the comments below to share your opinion!

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6 thoughts on “What does it mean when you see a Dragonfly?”

  1. Great information
    My ex passed away – 3 days later a black dragonfly came to see me. Stayed for about a minute maybe more – then flew gently away.
    I said hello – fly my friend.

    1. Black dragon flies doesn’t necessarily mean or has anything to do with death….in the Hmong culture, it can just be a symbolism of courage, it can be a warning sign of something bad about to happen, or it’s just a telling you to be cautious for what’s about to come your way….

  2. I recently had an situation with a coworker. Last week there was a verbal altercation and he compromised my safe space at work. I wrote an email and they took statements from my other coworkers. I went to work today and there was nothing in front of the office door then ran an errand and came back I seen a dead black (looked burnt) dragonfly top half with 4 wings right in front of the door. Any thoughts on the meaning of that?

  3. In a beautiful afternoon I went to release a baby turtle 🐢 in a lake located in the back yard of my house, while I was recording I manage to catch in the video a pink dragon fly once video ended. All sorts of dragon flies and different colors pink yellow,green, blue, orange and black/white dragon fly came flying around my sister and I. It was just so beautiful and magical out of a fairy tale… 🧚‍♀️ ✨️ wonder what could be the meaning of it all 🤔

  4. I never understand the true meaning of the difference colors of the dragon flies until now it is amazing to see and love their appearance when they show up.

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