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11 Orange Dragonfly Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism

11 Orange Dragonfly Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism

The common spiritual meaning of dragonflies talks about spirituality.

It opens our eyes to see the essence of the spiritual world and deepens our intimacy with the spiritual world.

There are several colors of the dragonfly, and each has its unique message.

In this article, we will talk about the orange dragonfly spiritual meaning and symbolism.

Therefore, if you have ever interacted with an orange dragonfly in the past, this article will provide insight into its spiritual essence.

Orange Dragonfly Symbolism

Orange Dragonfly Symbolism

The orange dragonfly symbolism speaks about attaining freedom. People who have the desire to explore the world will be associated with the orange dragonfly.

If you dream of an orange dragonfly, it is encouraging you to open your inner wings and fly.

This means that you should become free in your mind, and be ready to explore the world around you.

Additionally, the orange dragonfly symbolism speaks about making new friends. It helps us to establish quality relationships with other people.

If you are an introvert, seeing an orange dragonfly is an encouragement to embrace the outgoing part of yourself.

With quality relationships, you will have access to valuable information that will change your life.

Another orange dragonfly symbolism talks about accepting your uniqueness.

People find it hard to accept the fact that they are not meant to be like others. Everyone wants to blend with the status quo, and it is understandable.

The stigma that comes with being unique might be too much of a burden.

However, the orange dragonfly sees this differently.

Rather than running away from your uniqueness, the orange dragonfly wants you to embrace it, and show it to the world.

Spiritual meaning of an Orange Dragonfly flying around you

Orange Dragonfly flying around you

Anytime you see an orange dragonfly flying around you, this is a sign that the universe is watching over you.

Winged creatures are mostly used to represent the spiritual world, the universe, or guardian angels.

In this case, an orange dragonfly flying around you speaks of the universe.

This opens your eyes to see that the universe is aware of everything you do.

It helps you to be more confident and never feel lonely and abandoned.

Furthermore, an orange dragonfly will constantly fly around you to make you conscious of the spiritual world.

Whenever you dream of an orange dragonfly flying around you, it is a sign that your spiritual senses need to be activated.

Most times, people that have lost touch with spirituality will dream of the orange dragonfly.

The orange dragonfly will fly around you when it becomes your spirit guide.

When an orange dragonfly flocks around you in real life, it is believed to be your spirit animal.

What does this mean? The orange dragonfly’s traits will be similar to yours, and you will share in its energy.

It has physically come to reveal itself to you before it begins to perform spiritual functions.

Spiritual Meaning of an Orange Dragonfly Landing on you


When an orange dragonfly lands on you, it is a sign of divine insight.

This is believed to be an answer to your prayer for wisdom.

If you have been praying for wisdom and insight concerning a particular situation, seeing an orange dragonfly landing on your head is a sign of wisdom.

From that moment, you will begin to demonstrate rare abilities such as creative inputs, spiritual foresights, and deep utterances.

Another spiritual meaning of an orange dragonfly landing on you speaks concerning the future.

It reveals that an opportunity is coming that will change your life.

Take this message seriously. In the spiritual world, when messages concerning opportunities come to us, it has 2 sides:

  1. The good news: This explains the feeling of hope and optimism that fills our hearts.
  2. The caution sign: This talks about the need to become more vigilant. The reason for this is that if you are not vigilant enough, the opportunity might pass you by. In addition to this, it helps us to become prepared to take on responsibilities.

Seeing an orange dragonfly on you does not bring bad luck.

It gives you divine insight, and shows you the possibility of a huge life-changing opportunity in the future.

Orange Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning: 11 Spiritual Messages

Orange Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning

Seeing an orange dragonfly should create a consciousness of spirituality. It is not a common thing to find orange dragonflies around. Therefore, seeing one or two of them means that the spiritual world is trying to pass a message across.

To help you understand what an orange dragonfly means, we have outlined 11 spiritual messages of the orange dragonfly, which will help you.

1) Trust yourself

The orange dragonfly is a sign of deep trust in one’s self. It helps you to see that you have what it takes to accept some levels of responsibility.

If you doubt yourself, try to meditate on the orange dragonfly. It will help you to become more confident in your ability.

People lose trust in themselves due to several reasons:

  1. Their past mistakes.
  2. People’s opinions.
  3. Their background.
  4. Ther self-perception.

This is why you should prevent yourself from getting negatively influenced by the wrong factors.

Let the energy from the orange dragonfly create a new possibility of developing inner trust in yourself

2) You have the power to make the change you desire

Dragonflies and spiritual power

 Do you desire to see certain results in your life? Have you been asking the universe for help concerning certain situations?

The orange dragonfly has come with the answer to your questions, prayers, and desires.

What is the answer?

The answer lies within you. Anytime you see the orange dragonfly around you, it is a reminder that you have the ability to make the change you desire.

It reveals that everything you need to change your life lies within you.

All you need is determination, positivity, and a little faith to bring out the weapon in you for the change you desire.

3) Pay attention to your past

With the orange dragonfly, you will learn the wisdom of paying attention to the past.

Unlike other spirit animals, the orange dragonfly encourages you to look at your past.

Whilst caution is needed, it is of utmost importance to review your past. Why is it necessary?

  • Paying attention to your past helps you to appreciate where you are coming from.
  • It helps you to observe the mistakes you have made.
  • It gives you the wisdom to approach current similar patterns.
  • Looking at your past activities also helps you to know if you are making progress or not.

All of these benefits are the reasons behind the orange dragonfly’s message.

4) Self-confidence


The orange dragonfly is an omen of self-confidence. It constantly reminds you that you have what it takes to be successful.

The orange dragonfly is quite different from other dragonflies; however, it flaunts its colors more than other dragonflies.

This speaks about courage.

It speaks about having positive self-esteem.

Therefore, anytime an orange dragonfly shows up in your dreams, or in real life, it has a message that stirs up self-confidence.

It is telling you to be confident in your abilities.

5) You have hidden potentials

Whenever an orange dragonfly flies out of your bag, this is a spiritual sign of having hidden potentials.

The orange dragonfly decided to fly out of your bag to reveal that your potential is waiting to be explored.

It helps your mind to see the hidden possibilities you have. In addition to this, it helps you to be confident enough to explore the new facets of your being. 

People that suddenly display new talents and skills are believed to have been visited by the orange dragonfly. 

6) Don’t be manipulated by people

Orange dragonfly

The orange color is a sign of femininity and tenderness.

People that are associated with the orange color are tenderhearted.

As good as this sounds, being tenderhearted comes with its challenges, and one of them is being manipulated by people.

Because of your tender heart, people will find it easy to manipulate you, and control you to do their biddings.

This is why the orange dragonfly has come to show itself to you.

It’s encouraging you to never be manipulated by wicked friends. You need to develop a mind of your own and choose to make decisions yourself.

7) Nobody is responsible for your happiness

This is a message of contentment and inner joy.

The orange dragonfly is a sign of contentment and joy. It helps you to realize that you are responsible for your joy and happiness.

If you always look to people’s opinions and judgments to be happy, it might be hard for you to maintain a steady happy life.

With the energy from the orange dragonfly, you will realize that nobody should be responsible for your happiness.

Furthermore, the orange dragonfly says that true happiness comes from within.

Therefore, you should learn to be happy with yourself – even if other people are not.

8) Having an open mind

Open mind in the spiritual world

The 4 wings of an orange dragonfly speak about the 4 cardinal points of the earth, and this represents having an open mind to learn from others.

If you find it easy to learn from people, expect a visit from the orange dragonfly.

The energy from the orange dragonfly helps us to embrace other people’s opinions and ideas.

Furthemore, it opens our eyes to the fact that having an open mind is great for accumulating wisdom, knowledge, and experience.

Therefore, take this message as a trigger to developing an open mind.

9) True friendship

If you dream of 4 orange dragonflies playing around, this is a good sign of friendship.

What does this mean to you?

  • It is helps you to see that your friends are pure in heart.
  • It helps you to see the sincerity of your friends.
  • And it is also believed that the orange dragonfly establishes and deepens the cordial relationship between friends, and spouses. 

If you dream of receiving an orange dragonfly pendant from your friend, this is a commitment from your friend to stand by you every time.

With the orange dragonfly, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

10) It heals your sacral chakra

Dragonflies and chakras

The orange dragonfly helps your sacral chakra to function effectively.

If your sacral chakra malfunctions, you will find it hard to make choices, build solid relationships, fall in love, and attain emotional stability.

However, when you see an orange dragonfly, it is a healer of the sacral chakra.

Whenever the orange dragonfly lands on your back, it is a sign that the healing process has begun; once it flies away, it is a sign that the healing process is completed.

Do you need to wait for the orange dragonfly to pay you a visit? No, you don’t have to.

Through an orange dragonfly tattoo or pendant, you can attain healing for your sacral chakra.

11) Teamwork

Seeing a group of orange dragonflies encourages us to embrace teamwork.

Working independently can only get us so far.

At certain points in our lives, we need people to rely on, and cooperate with.

Therefore, if you are not of the opinion of working with people, expect consistent visits from orange dragonflies. 

From the 11 messages above, we can see that the orange dragonfly has a lot to offer. Now, can we enjoy good luck from the orange dragonfly? Let us discuss this.

Does an Orange Dragonfly represent Good Luck?

Dragonflies and good luck

Yes, an orange dragonfly represents good luck. It blesses us with optimism, courage, peace, and satisfaction.

In addition to this, it gives us hope that the future will be better. Whenever you see an orange dragonfly, it has a positive message to deliver, which influences the outcome of your life. 

Through an orange dragonfly, your mind will be creative, illuminated, and filled with divine wisdom.

Therefore, always look forward to the orange dragonfly symbolism and message.

Final Words

Seeing an orange dragonfly is an omen of good luck. It represents healing, good luck, wealth, and happiness. Therefore, when an orange dragonfly appears to you in the dream or real life, take advantage of its energy for your transformation and healing.

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