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11 Blue Dragonfly Spiritual Meanings: Loyalty and Trust

11 Blue Dragonfly Spiritual Meanings: Loyalty and Trust

In this article I will talk about the dragonfly spiritual meaning and what it has to say about loyalty and trust.

The dragonfly is one of the oldest creatures on earth. According to history, the dragonfly has been existing for 300 million years. This is huge, right? Yes, I bet it is.

Amongst all of the winged insects in the world, the dragonfly seems to hold a special place in my heart, and I will tell you the reason.

  1. The dragonfly is very fragile. The flexibility of its body makes it so adorable, fragile, and tender. 
  2. The dragonfly is a strong survivor. Despite its lack of strength (compared to other winged insects), it is a strong insect with survivor instincts. Whenever the dragonfly finds itself, it always thrives.

These 2 qualities make it adorable and special to me. This is also why I pray to see the dragonfly in my dreams.

Now, you might be wondering the reason for this article. Well, let me spell it out for you.

At one point or the other, we are all going to encounter the dragonfly. It might fly above our heads, appear to us in dreams, or perform other tasks to show us its presence.

However, it is not everyone that gets the best out of this sacred animal.

Therefore, this article was written to serve as a guide. It will help you to further understand the spiritual relevance of the dragonfly, and how it impacts the world around you.

What does it mean when you see a Blue Dragonfly?

Blue Dragonfly

Dragonflies are spiritually sensitive. They can react to people based on the energy they transmit.

Furthermore, they can become spiritual messengers from the spirit world to speak to people about different things. The universe can send dragonflies to us for certain reasons.

However, the best way to get this done is through the different colors of dragonflies.

Dragonflies come in different colors, and each of these colors carries divine messages and meanings.

The blue dragonfly is one of the commonly seen dragonflies, and understanding its spiritual meanings is crucial to harnessing its energy.

Therefore, you should know that a blue dragonfly is a signal of harvest.

It is believed that farmers look forward to seeing blue dragonflies all over their farmlands.

Once this happens, it is seen as a divine blessing, which yields huge harvests for the season.

In the natural world, this is also a spiritual sign.

Seeing a blue dragonfly tells us that we are going to enjoy the proceeds of our labors. In the spiritual world, a blue dragonfly is saying that everything you worked for in the past will become a success.

It is also believed that whenever people become tired, frustrated, or depressed because of hard times, the blue dragonfly will come to remind them to not give up.

It gives them the hope of a better tomorrow.

This is why the blue dragonfly is seen as a creature of hope.

Now, other spiritual messages come with seeing a blue dragonfly. We will look into this later on. However, let us answer another important question concerning the blue dragonfly.

What does it mean when a blue dragonfly lands on you?

Blue dragonfly landing on you

It means that something good is about to happen. The blue dragonfly is believed to be a carrier of good news. It is also known as good omens or good signs.

Therefore, whenever it lands on you, it is saying that something is about to happen.

Spiritually, this is a sign to prepare you for the coming good seasons of your life.

In the spiritual world, a blue dragonfly is also associated with the spirits of our ancestors.

Whenever a blue dragonfly lands on you, it is closely associated with the spirits of our lost loved ones.

It means that the spirit of your loved one has come to visit you.

This can also happen shortly after losing your loved one.

This is a sign that the spirit of your loved one has come to check up on you. It also indicates that he/she misses you as much as you miss them. 

Blue Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning: 11 Messages and Meanings

Blue Dragonfly Spiritual Meaning

In the world of spiritual omens, the blue dragonfly is revered as one of the purest creatures that bring good luck. 11 messages and meanings of the blue dragonfly prove this to us.

Whenever you see a dragonfly, one of the messages in this article will speak directly to you.

All that is required is a little attention to detail, and everything will become clear.

Most times, the reason why people fail to understand the message of a blue dragonfly is that it is small, insignificant, and flies away easily.

However, that is about to change because of the following blue dragonfly spiritual meanings that will be revealed.

1) You possess spiritual abilities

When you see a blue dragonfly, it reveals that you possess a lot of spiritual qualities. Some of these qualities might be visible, while others might still be hidden.

However, the blue dragonfly has come to remind you of the spiritual abilities you have.

How should you respond to this? Simply meditate on the different supernatural abilities you displayed in the past.

If you can’t point to one, simply meditate more on the blue dragonfly, and watch what happens in a few days.

You will begin to see surges of new abilities from your soul.

The blue dragonfly is known as a revealer and an amplifier of divine abilities.

2) Harvest time has come


Farmers look forward to the blue dragonfly. The reason for this is that it is a spiritual animal that reveals the time of the harvest.

It is believed to be closely associated with the goddess of productivity, which blesses the efforts of people.

Therefore, whenever you see a blue dragonfly at your place of work, it is an encouragement that the fruits of your labors will come.

It is encouraging you to keep putting in the required efforts to make the most out of your life.

This is a guarantee that everything is going to be fine.

3) Good luck

Dreaming of 3 blue dragonflies is a sign of good luck. Especially when you are having a hard time in life.

Once you consistently dream of blue dragonflies, it is saying that something good is about to happen.

Spiritually, it is also believed to be a cleanser of energy (we will talk about this later).

The blue dragonfly reveals that the universe is going to bring good things to your life. Do you desire good luck? Look out for the blue dragonfly.

4) Inner healing

Dragonfly wings

If you dream of wearing a shirt that has the image of a blue dragonfly, it is a sign of inner healing.

This message is specific, and not for everyone. Therefore, if you are going through emotional trauma or a betrayal, having this dream says that you are going through inner healing.

You can take this message in 2 forms:

  • It is a sign that you have decided to move on from the past.
  • It is an encouragement from the universe to set you on a path of inner healing. 

Once this message comes to you, it is a guarantee of inner and emotional healing.

5) Bodily healing

This is another spiritual benefit of seeing the blue dragonfly.

If you are sick, and you constantly see a blue dragonfly in your room, this is a signal from the universe concerning healing.

It brings a message to give you hope and relief.

The spiritual world is saying that the energy from the blue dragonfly is going to heal you of your sickness.

Will this be automatically activated? No, it will not.

You need to consistently focus on the power of the blue dragonfly, open your mind to its healing energy, and begin to observe changes.

6) An opportunity is coming


If you are going to work, and 5 blue dragonflies keep following you, this is not a bad sign. It is a sign that the energy that is following you to work will create a massive opportunity for you.

This opportunity will lead to a huge leap in your financial status.

Therefore, expect good things to happen to you during the day.

As you go to work, expect good news, which might be in form of a commendation from your boss, a promotion, or a change of job to a better one.

7) Guardian angel

If you dream of a blue dragonfly, this is an obvious sign of your guardian angel.

Commonly, it is believed that every creature that has wings is associated with an angel. However, this is not always true.

One of the creatures that speak about your guardian angel is the blue dragonfly.

The tender and pure energy of this creature reveal this.

Therefore, if you see a blue dragonfly, take it as a sign of the presence of your guardian angel.

Now, why is your guardian angel around? It is to protect you or deliver a message from the spiritual realm to you.

8) Inner strength

Spiritual strength

Looking at the qualities of a blue dragonfly, you will realize that it is fragile on the outside, but strong on the inside.

Therefore, seeing this spiritual creature describes who you are.

It is saying that the definition of people does not accurately describe who you are.

However, the inner qualities you possess are the true definition of your worth and value.

Furthermore, the blue dragonfly has come to reveal that nothing can break you.

Even if you feel like losing your mind, your inner strength will always be there to bail you out. This is telling you to put your trust in your inner strength at all times.

9) Growth

Another spiritual message from the blue dragonfly talks about growth. It reminds you of the importance of growth, and why you should pay attention to it.

Furthermore, it opens your mind to see that even though growth is painful, it is necessary, and will be of good to you.

Furthermore, a blue dragonfly is a sign that you are growing.

If you doubt the pace of your progress, blue dragonflies will come around to show you. Through blue dragonflies, you can see that your life is moving from one phase to another in a progressive manner.

10) Spiritual connection

Spiritual connection

In the spiritual realm, the blue dragonfly can be sent to the world of nature as a connector.

What does this mean? The blue dragonfly is known to be the link between the spiritual world and the natural world.

This is why angels and the spirits of lost people can possess a blue dragonfly.

Therefore, if you dream of blue dragonflies in the sky, it is saying that a spiritual connection has been established. It reveals that your spiritual senses are active enough to receive divine signals.

11) Purpose

Anytime you are confused, and a blue dragonfly flies across your face, it is a sign of direction.

Through the blue dragonfly, the universe is saying that you will have clarity of purpose and a sense of direction.

The Blue Dragonfly Symbolism

Blue Dragonfly Symbolism

The blue dragonfly symbolism speaks about positive changes.

It is saying that you are experiencing a positive transformation. This will affect your mindset, habits, actions, emotions, and decisions.

Furthermore, it could reflect positive changes in every aspect of your life.

Are Blue Dragonflies a Symbol of Loyalty and Trust?

Blue Dragonflies

Yes, blue dragonflies are a symbol of loyalty and trust.

It reminds you that the people around you can be trusted.

Seeing a group of 7 blue dragonflies mean that you are in the company of good friends.

It also teaches and encourages you to treat them well. Spiritually, blue dragonflies inspire you to trust your inner voice. 

Final Words

The beauty and serenity around blue dragonflies cannot be denied. Furthermore, their spiritual impacts cannot be overlooked.

Therefore, make use of the 11 spiritual meanings and messages in this article as a guide. The next time a dragonfly visits you, pay attention to it, and expect a good message from it.

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  1. I was out tending to my yard and visiting my family after my husband came home from work .
    Anyway i was off to a corner by myself , a huge blue dragonfly fry past my face and into a big spjdersweb . He was tangled so i quickly and gently removed him in the cup of my hand . Took the webs off the wings and he flew away .
    On this day my mother married her late husband. As well my common law(i say husband. ) his father had taken his own life wen my husband was 15. My husband was the person to find his father . It was verry hard and still is.
    Anyway.. i was curious if u could help me figure out this visit between me and dragonfly .

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