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What Does it Mean When you Feel Drops of Water?

What Does it Mean When you Feel Drops of Water?

Feeling drops of water on your body feels good, but what does it mean? There is a cool sensation that comes when you feel drops of water on your body. This sensation is a message from the spiritual realm and must be paid attention to with utmost importance.

When I experienced water drops on my body, I could not get answers to the spiritual meanings of this experience. I had to seek spiritual help.

My experience has awakened a curiosity in me to understand the spiritual meanings of feeling drops of water on my feet, and I found 5 powerful spiritual messages.

If you have been looking for an article that will give you sufficient answers to all of these questions, then read on to find out the 5 spiritual meanings of feeling drops of water on your body.

About the Phantom Water Drops

Phantom Water Drops

This is a rare experience. It is not something that commonly happens to people. Most times, it is believed that the people who feel phantom water drops are highly sensitive. It means that they are spiritually active than other people.

However, in case you don’t know what phantom water drops mean, let me break it down for you.

Phantom water drops are the feeling of water touching your body. Most times, it feels as if rain is falling.

When you have this feeling, one of your most common responses is to look up to check if it’s raining or not.

The feeling is surreal. You might even check your skin to confirm if there is water or not. This is the meaning of a phantom water drop. It is a spiritual contact between your skin and the spirit realm. 

You can experience this in any part of your body. Therefore, it is not restricted to your hand, head, or neck.

Therefore, whenever you have the phantom water drops, it is a sign that the spiritual realm is opened. As I have stated earlier, it is a sign that you are very sensitive spiritually. 

Phantom water drops are nothing to be scared about

Although, you might be scared during your first experience. Most times, you are having this sensation because the spirit world is trying to connect with you.

This is what a phantom water drop entails. It is 100% spiritual and not commonly experienced by many people. However, it does not mean there is anything wrong with you physically or spiritually – if you have experienced this more than once in your lifetime.

We are going to see the 5 different spiritual meanings of phantom water drops. This will give you clarity as regards this spiritual experience and its significance in your life.

What does it mean when you Feel Drops of Water?

Drops of Water in Spiritual world

Whenever you feel drops of water on your skin, it might mean that your spirit animal has something to do with the river.

The universe might be awakening the abilities of your spirit animal that has lied dormant in you for years.

It might be your spirit animal that is calling out to you whenever you feel drops of water on your skin.

Also, whenever you feel drops of water on your skin, African believes that it is a sign that you belong to the marine kingdom.

In Africa, it is believed that whenever you feel drops of water on your skin or dream of swimming in the river, it is a sign that you come from the marine kingdom.

Some believe that it is a sign of initiation into the marine kingdom.

Let’s see some other meanings:

  • When you feel drops of water on your skin, it means that your spiritual senses are actively working;
  • It is a sign of freshness in your spirit;
  • It is a sign that you are actively picking up spiritual signals;
  • And it is a sign that you are an easy being to be reached by the spiritual realm;
  • It might even have a deeper meaning – it might mean that you are a psychic, even if your abilities have not been fully formed at the moment.

5 Phantom Water Drops Meanings 

Water drops

Feeling water drops on your body has 5 different meanings.

These spiritual meanings will guide you. In addition to this, you will not be confused about feeling the phantom raindrop on your body afterward.

1) It is means joy and gladness

If you feel the phantom water drops on your head, it is a sign of joy and gladness. In the bible, David said that God anointed him with the oil of joy and gladness.

Therefore, whenever you feel phantom water drops, it is a sign that your life is going to be filled with joy and gladness.

Most times, it is a change that has happened in your life. The universe is going to reward you for every moment of pain with joy and gladness.

Most times, the feeling will be cool and refreshing. When it happens this way, it brings good news into your life.

2) Your spiritual foresight is sharper than ever before

If you feel phantom water drops on your eyes, it is a sign that your spiritual foresight is sharper than before.

This will feel as if you are crying, but there will be no water.

When you have this feeling, the universe is sending a message to you concerning how you see the future.

You will begin to see the future in more clear and precise terms. You will be able to predict the moves of people and prepare yourself for every situation that is about to come your way.

3) You are receiving a spiritual refreshing

Whenever you feel a phantom raindrop, it is a sign that your spiritual life is being refreshed.

Most times, you will have this experience when you are in the process of spiritual reawakening.

When the phantom water drops on your body, you will feel as if a thirst has been satiated.

Once this happens to you, it is an affirmative sign from the universe that your spiritual reawakening process is successful, and you are receiving spiritual refreshing.

After this experience, you will feel connected to the universe and the power of the universe will begin to flow in your soul; thereby making your consciousness active than before when it comes to the spiritual realm.

4) You are free of every negative energy

Water is spiritually known as a cleaning agent. Therefore, whenever you feel the phantom raindrop, it is a sign that you have been purged of every negative energy.

It is a sign that you are full of positive energy.

Most times, whenever I feel the phantom raindrop, I begin to use my words for positive affirmations.

By doing this, I rightly position my consciousness to recognize the opportunities along my spiritual path and take full advantage of them.

5) Healing

When you feel the phantom raindrops, it is a sign that you are undergoing a healing process.

This can be bodily, psychologically, emotionally, or spiritually.

The aspect of your life does not matter. What matters is that you are going through a healing process.

When the healing process is completed, you are going to feel whole.

Water is a healing agent in the spirit world. Therefore, whenever you feel the invisible raindrop, then you should prepare for total healing.

Does the Feeling of Water Drops on your Skin mean Anxiety?

Feeling of Water Drops on your Skin

The feeling of water drops on your body does not mean anxiety. Although, it is believed that when you experience the phantom water drops, it feels as if you are sweating.

However, the feeling that comes with this raindrop is what we have to pay attention to spiritually.

Whenever you have the feeling of water drops on your skin, it is a sign of peace and calmness in your soul.

It is a sign that every anxiety in your soul has been eliminated.

If you were anxious when you had that experience, it will be based on the fact that you were scared by feeling water drops on your skin.

Can it be my Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angel

When you feel water drops on your skin, it is a sign that the spirit realm is trying to communicate with you.

Therefore, it may be from your guardian angel. Having a feeling of water drop on your skin is a sign that your guardian angel might want to communicate with you.

Should I be Afraid?

Spiritual wold and bad luck

This is one of the numerous questions from people about the phantom water drops. 

However, whenever you have this feeling, there is nothing to fear. There is no bad news concerning this experience.

The phantom water drop is a good luck sign and has a lot to do with your spiritual transformation.

Final Words

The next time you experience a phantom water drop, let your mind pick up the signals from the spirit realm. Allow your mind to receive the divine message from the spirit world. This is how to align your soul to your spiritual path.

It is only when our consciousness becomes more aware of the spirit that we are going to truly enjoy the spiritual illumination and enlightenment that lies in the phantom water drop.

So, do you already know what does it mean when you feel drops of water? If you still have any questions, feel free to leave your comment below!

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37 thoughts on “What Does it Mean When you Feel Drops of Water?”

    1. Body parts do not matter, as long as u get the sensation of the phantom water droplet(s) anywhere on your skin, it means the spirit realm is sending message(s) to you

      1. Now, what if the water drop is real, not phantom. All tho, still, came from no where. 2 times in 24 hours, same spot looking down or straight across the plain of view did a real drop hit my forehead. It just happened to me. I’m not looking for any answers, for o already now, just sharing.
        May peace be with you

        1. Me too. Real water. The other day while in the car/ puddle-like (usually a single drop) appeared in the the crux of my arm, I have not heard any messages though. And I have shown the water to my son, if he is with me when it happens because I did start thinking, am I “crazy”/ Thank you for the post. Seems no one talks about it.

        2. Yes, my water is always real as well. I wipe it to see. I’m always inside when it happens. It is usually on my face. I look up and exam the ceiling above. Nothing! Just ceilings. I have always been sensitive to energies around me. Very curious of course.

          1. Avatar
            Tsepo Bernard Mohale

            When l was phahling l.saw drops of water like teardrops coming under the saucer which l was lighting a candle on it. I want to know what does it mean.

    1. Body parts do not matter, as long as u get the sensation of the phantom water droplet(s) anywhere on your skin, it means the spirit realm is sending message(s) to you

    2. I have this too. Both ears, all the time. I’ve had my ears checked and nothing, Doctors say I have very clean ears.
      My abilities/gifts have been increasing your very the past 2years though. I can hear/see spirit much clearer so I assume it has to do that with.

  1. I just felt a huge droplet of water on my head, it ran down my nose and a bit splash onto my hand. There is no leak above me and I’m completely alone.
    What does this mean ? Has the veil been lifted?

  2. I have been feeling water on my face lately like i dipped my head in water or just finished swimming in water its crazyy

  3. I was at a park, and I started to place my hands on a tree, initially just trying to tap into the universe’ energy and I felt a sudden drip on my ankle and I genuinely thought that it was my friend behind me who was playing about and may have spat on me🤣, which they did not. So I felt my leg for water but there was none. At that moment I told my friend that the universe is sending me ‘water’ not knowing what I even mean’t, all I knew is that I felt lighter all of a sudden and I was curious as to what it mean’t which lead me to this thread, which has made complete sense to me, I feel more connected with myself and I’m excited to tap into my spiritual energy as I’ve always felt like it was there.

  4. 3 times in the last week I’ve experienced a fairly large drop of water on the top of my wrist. Real water, same place all 3 times. So I decided to look it up considering there were zero clouds, no rain, no birds, no planes, nothing. Found this article and wanted to share. Thanks, any thoughts?

  5. I just felt a rain drop in my hand finger while I was using my cell phone I just look at the fan theres no sign of crack in the wall it was raining outside but I thought if rain would come through the window
    by the air it’s must not only one drop I’m confused with it is it ?

  6. I was sitting inside at the table at my son’s house when I felt a cold drop of water on my back. I immediately looked up and there was nothing. Everyone looked at me as I said I just got a drop on my back. My friend touched it and it was wet but we didn’t figure where it came from.

    1. Wow, I’m so happy for this it has help me a lot, I have been having this but don’t know all this, I just know is time for me to use my spiritual authority but now I know more better thanks very much for this

  7. I once felt drop of water on my forehead while I was asleep at night then when I wake up i did felt watery in my my hand and at first I was scared but I prayed Our Father who-art in heaven then I went to sleep peacefully until I wakes up in the morning

  8. I was sleeping and I felt drops of ice water on my lap I just rushed up to check if it’s raining or if someone sprinkled water or water was leaking from my roof I did see any physical drop of water I only rushed her to confirm if it’s a medical condition because it’s the second time now.

  9. This just happened to me last night, only it was REAL water. I woke up and there were water droplets on the back of both of my hands. It hadn’t rained, no leaks, I don’t sleep walk, nothing… What could it be? It had no scent and it did not feel like oil…

  10. Thank you I feel more relieved now, and knowing that I wasn’t going crazy. I was in my living room one morning when I felt the droplet on my forearm. I looked at the ceiling, because I got scared there was a leak somewhere but of course there wasn’t. A month and a half ago my son died, so I’ll take that as a blessing. Thank you so much!!!!!

  11. In my long experience with this phenomenon I finally realize it only happens right before a visitation. Whether good or bad, when a door or portal opens i’ll feel these phantom drops before I’m visited. I also have psychic abilities, I’m able to cross the dead over, and sometimes hear and see them. Most likely you are all being visited my spirits when u feel these drops, right before they enter your space. Hope this information helps. May the universe keep you safe and send abundance your way.

    1. Hey sweetsomebody,

      Today I went to sit down at my dining room table, and it felt as though someone had poured a jug of water down my back. There was alot 9f water and it soaked my entire dress, chair and left a large piddle on the floor. My friend and I both saw and I had a feeling it was positive and most likely my dad, grandma, or aunty as I know these are guides of mine. Later on I’m now in bed and feel there is something in the house with me. Is it normally a visit from a known spirit 9r could it be soneone/something else? I have some physic abilities but I don’t have full understanding or control

  12. I’m a Spiritual Intuitive with many gifts (Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Clairaudient. Clairgustance and Clairalience, connect with deceased animals/people, etc). I have been experiencing water and/or a thicker liquid covering my mouth for the past 1.5 yrs. It happens only at night when I am asleep which jolts me awake. Sometimes the liquid resembles chicken juice (that thick stuff at the bottom of the chicken container). Last night it was the thick liquid. Although some people have said they feel the sensation of water but it’s dry, I actually feel it. Sometimes there’s so much liquid that I think the ceiling is leaking though it is not. I have to wipe my mouth and when I do, I check to see if it’s really wet and it is. I have cut cords, asked for protection from Archangel Michael, Warrior Angels, my Guides, etc…al the no avail. I’d love some more insight on this because regardless of my gifts, I can’t figure this out!

    1. Yes! It happened in my sleep, also it feels thick, so it was “traveling down my legs” but I felt it to wipe thinking it was sweat, and nothing. I mean absolutely nothing, no moisture whatsoever. It’s really puzzling me and I know I am very spiritual inclined and maybe even a little psychic. I need to find mt calling and stop “ignoring” not that I particularly IGNORING, more so lack of knowledgeand awareness. If you or anyone else reading could reach out and help guide me in the right direction to being fully spiritually aware of my possible abilities or whatever it is that’s happening to me I know I shouldn’t ignore it anymore. I feel, different this time. Maybe so that part of me that didn’t believe is no longer a part of me. If that makes sense?

  13. I was asleep iny room, I was actually dreaming about “witches,” can’t remember every detail. But it was a positive dream. However I woke up suddenly, and my two knees were laying on each other, so my first thought was sweat, but not only was it not cold, I went to wipe (with my hand) and felt absolutely, nothing. It was so odd to me and I am very spiritual so I immediately looked something up (power of google) and here I am. I have lost two husbands in my lifetime, I feel as though one of them is reaching out to me every now and then. I guess my ❓ is, how can I find out who, and how would I communicate and let whomever know, I received their message.

    Also, I know my dream really has maybe nothing to do with the “phantom water drops,” however I do take dreams VERY seriously and I always have since I was little. It’s also very rare lately I have a happy dream or a dream of something positive, considering the trauma. It’s usually night terrors waking me up at all hours of the night. In fact these droplets felt even a little, oily. I have an injury on my left leg so I had a snippet of a draining injury but the thing is it couldn’t be that because tje injured leg was being laid on and the injury is mainly internal, it’s not an open wound. I just have so many questions about this. And I truly believe it has more meaning.

  14. Like other people here, I had a water phantom sensation early one morning, I was walking through my hallway, and felt what seemed like sprinkles of water coming from above me. it felt so real, but there was no water. I looked up and raised my hands up, to where the water had been coming from, but there was nothing.
    If this is a message, Im unsure about what the message was all about.


  15. I googled this question this evening because this is the second time it has happened to me.. sitting in my living room and a big drop of water hits my forearm. No leaks in the ceiling nothing. I’ve been going through a lot of things in my life, I pray this means things will get better. Another site said you have a lot of guilt and shame and needed to be cleansed.. 🤷‍♀️

  16. I believe is my Angels that brought to this page because I was going crazy with this.. it has been occurring to me for sometime..I get angry sometimes immediately after prayers because I felt I was being attacked spiritually. I have asked questions but no one has drawn attention like your right up. Sometimes it happens on my head, shoulders but this days is always on toes either left or right mostly whenni want to go out, and I will be binding it because I feel is attacked against my progress. Thanks for the article from today I will watch very well to understand in lines of what it means according to your writeup. Peace from Nigeria.

  17. Sitting at my desk today and had just hung up the phone with a client. Suddenly there was a large droplet of water on my face and I actually saw the water on my fingertips. My eyes were dry. This water ran across my cheek horizontally. The past 2-3 days I have been carrying a small book of Psalms and Proverbs…this book was right next to me at my desk today.

    I am feeling that there is a major shift happening for me and all of us on Earth. Those of us who are awake are now feeling this shift happening. Sending Love and Peace to you all.

  18. This has happened to me 3 times in the last couple months I do feel my mom n dad as they have both passed on .. It is a good feeling knowing there around
    God blessed

  19. I am going through a very rough and unsettling period in my life, and I keep feeling sprinklings of rain on my arms and face, so reading the meaning of this is facinating and has given me peace.

  20. Avatar
    Lawrence FUNKE CYNTHIA

    Mine is that lots of water poured out from my laps when i was 21years old. I woke up just like that and i saw plenty water pouring to the floor from my laps. The clothes was not wet… and the whole floor filled with water. What does thos mean? Am i a water spirit or what?

  21. Hi ! I’m a Tarot Healerand i wanna say :)Thank you Thank you Thank you so much @Jorge Silva for clearing all the doubts and for filling all the souls reading this post with all the positive vibes….🥰✨🙏🏻🕉️🪷🌈

  22. My daughter just passed 3 weeks ago. Yesterday at two different times, I had a drop of clear water on my hands. No explanation for the water except it might have been a sign from her. What does this mean if anything.

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