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7 Headaches Spiritual Meanings: Left and Right Side

7 Headaches Spiritual Meanings: Left and Right Side

What spirit causes headaches and what is the spiritual meaning of headaches? Let’s find out!

Headaches can pass important spiritual messages to our consciousness.

As funny as this sounds, it is true.

Whenever you have headaches, it is good to not only pay attention to the medical side, but also the spiritual aspect. Having headaches might be an important message from the universe to us.

Therefore, you should always learn to pay attention whenever you begin to experience headaches. In this article, we are going to be looking at all the different spiritual meanings of having headaches and how it can indicate one or two important events in your life.

The universe can deploy various means of communication, and headaches can be one of the means of communication. Although, it is not one of the common ways of passing messages to us.

This will be a life changing experience for you because you will never take a headache for granted after reading this article.

What Spirit causes Headaches?

What Spirit causes Headaches

Biblically, it is believed that headaches are caused by the spirit of anxiety and depression.

This is why the bible tells us to always cast our cares on God. 

Therefore, whenever you begin to have headaches, it is a sign that you have become influenced by the spirit of anxiety and depression.

Whenever you allow anxiety into your heart, you are opening up your physical body and spiritual growth to become affected by this spirit, which will begin to give you headaches.

The moment we allow the spirit of anxiety and depression into our lives, we are going to have a headache, which will never go away until we decide to let go of anxiety and depression.

Therefore, the spirit of anxiety and depression are responsible for headaches.

This might not be a general conclusion, but most of the headaches we have are caused by this spirit. So, if you don’t do anything to stop it it can become a chronic pain and can impact your physical health.

Because if our heads and minds aren’t clear of these types of negative emotions and negative energy it’s hard to do a simple daily task.

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Headache?

Spiritual Meaning of a Headache

In the spirit, our bodies can be used to send a signal to us concerning certain aspects of our lives. One of such body signals is a headache.

Don’t ever think that a pain in your body doesn’t have a spiritual meaning behind it. Because having a headache is something to never trivialize or treat lightly.

You will keep experience negative physical sensations and severe pain if you keep ignoring these spiritual messages.

The reason for this is because there is a lot of danger if we don’t pay close attention to the headaches we have, and how spiritually significant they are.

Spiritually, whenever we have a headache, it is a sign that we are allowing too many negative energies into our heart and mind. It is a sign that we have become defenseless to the attacks of the enemy.

It is a sign that someone is trying to send evil arrows to you (from the Christian perspective).

Most times, having a headache spiritually is not just a warning sign. It’s a way for the spiritual world to tell you that something negative is around you.

This might not always be the case, but it has become dominant among the several cases we have attended to.

Therefore, whenever you have a headache, you should check within yourself to be sure that you have not let down your spiritual guard.

However, the spiritual meanings of having a headache can differ. This can be different based on which side of your head the headache is coming from.

Let us see the possible spiritual meaning of having a headache in the left and right sides of the head.

Left Side Headache Spiritual Meaning:

Left Side Headache

Whenever you have a headache in the left side of your head, the universe is telling you that someone is trying to harm you.

Most times, this is someone close to you. The reason for this is because a headache is mostly caused by something we are familiar with.

Therefore, whenever you have a headache in the left side of your head, it is time for you to begin to tread with caution.

The harm is not physical. Therefore, you don’t have to be scared of losing your life. This harm is psychological and emotional.

You need to be careful about how you become vulnerable psychologically and emotionally whenever you are with people.

This is the only way to protect yourself from falling victim of the plots of wicked men.

Right Side Headache Spiritual Meaning:

Right Side Headache

Whenever you begin to have a headache in the right side of your head, then it is a sign that you have been taking a lot of actions without considering the consequences.

You have been allowing yourself to become influenced by external factors more than your personal conviction and values.

Therefore, the headache is a warning sign and an indication of the damage you are going to cause yourself if you don’t stop making hasty decisions based on external factors.

You won’t be able to have spiritual awakening if you keep ignoring these messages.

The right side of our head dis the center of all logic.

Therefore, whenever we begin to have headaches, it is a sign that we have been neglecting our inner intuition because of the external pressures we are facing.

Always consult your inner intuition before embarking on any action or project. By doing this, you will be opened up to several other choices that will yield more positive consequences.

This is the spiritual meanings of headaches on the right side of the head.

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7 Headaches Spiritual Meanings

Headaches spiritual messages

In the spirit world, there are 7 spiritual meanings of headaches. These meanings are messages from the spiritual word are for our benefit.

These messages are meant to guide us concerning what to do. In addition to this, these messages are from the universe concerning your future. Therefore, if you have a headache, one of these 7 spiritual messages are for you.

1) You are taking too many responsibilities


Whenever you have a headache pain, the universe is telling you to cut down on the responsibilities you are taking upon yourself.

Most times, because of our desire, passion and ambition, we delve into a lot of things, which we feel can make us successful in our chosen path.

However, at the end of the day, we will realize that we simply wasted our time trying to do everything.

Therefore, the best way for the universe to prevent this from happening to you is to use a headache to symbolize the stress you are going through because of taking too many responsibilities.

Taking too many responsibilities is not good for your mental and emotional capacity.

Therefore, if you don’t want to break down, you have to cut down on some of the commitments you have made.

2) Quit Worrying

Bad luck

Earlier on, we have been able to recognize that having a headache is caused by the spirit of anxiety and depression.

So, it is time to stop allowing anxiety take over your heart. It is time to stop worrying about everything around you.

You need to live in the present moment. Don’t put too much pressure and too much responsibility on yourself.

No matter how much you worry about a thing, it does not lead to any significant change.

Therefore, whenever you have a headache, it is time to let go of every thought in your heart about your life, and what you hope to achieve with it. It is time to embrace peace and serenity in your soul.

3) You need to be focused

Spiritual focus

Having a headache can be so intense that your sight begins to get blurry. If this is the type of headache you are having, then it is a sign that you are losing focus on the things that matter most in your life.

It is time to pick up your vision. It is time to let go of every distraction that has come to take your focus away. This type of headache is a sign of caution.

You are getting too distracted by the things that don’t really matter to your life. It is time to let go of those mundane things.

This is the spiritual meaning of having a headache that causes your vision to be blurry.

It also means that you are losing focus on your spiritual journey and your true self. It’s time time to focus on yourself again too. You are having trouble accepting that you matter too.

4) You have to become spiritually alert

Spiritual life

Having a headache is a sign of spiritual insensitivity. When the universe brought this to my consciousness, it amazed me greatly.

I never believed a headache could be a sign of spiritual insensitivity until I had an experience that brought me into one of the greatest spiritual awakenings of my life.

Therefore, if you have a headache, you must check your spiritual sensitivity and be sure that you are at alert.

You have to be able to pick the changing seasons in your life and prepare adequately for them.

5) It is time to let go of every anger


In the bible, it is believed that the spirit of anger has a close link with headaches, even though a major spirit that causes headaches is the spirit of anxiety and depression.

Therefore, whenever you begin to have constant headaches, then you have to release every anger in your heart against those that have hurt you bad.

You have no power to change the behavior of anyone.

Therefore, you only have the power over your heart to forgive and let go of every offence easily. Start your healing process if you want to get rid of headaches.

6) You need to purge yourself of every negative energy

negative energies

Having a headache is a sign of negative energy. Therefore, whenever you have a headache your body will absorb negative energies that you attract.

It might be the best time to purge yourself of all the negative energies.

You can do this by going for purification rites. The negative energies have become too much for your body to handle.

Therefore, the best way for your body to respond is to give you a headache.

Once you begin to have such headaches, you should go for spiritual cleansing and purification rites. For example, try to incorporate meditation into your daily routine.

7) Let go of your unfavorable past


Whenever you have a headache, it is because of self-guilt.

We have chosen to hold on to the mistakes of our past. We have allowed these mistakes to overwhelm us so much.

Therefore, the headache is a result of self-guilt. Self-guilt will stop you from doing all the important things in your life.

The only way for you to move on with your life is to learn to forgive yourself of every mistake you have made in the past.

You are having that headache because you have not made peace with yourself over a mistake in the past.

The moment you do this, you are going to experience peace in your mind. Once you let go of your unfavorable past, the headache always magically leaves your head without a trace.

Therefore, having a headache is an indication that you have to let go of your past mistakes and look forward to creating a better future for yourself because you have grown more wiser and emotionally strong.

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5 Spiritual Reasons for Headaches

Spiritual Reasons for Headaches

Now that we have seen the spiritual meaning of an headache. Let’s take a look at some spiritual reasons of why it happens.

One of all these reasons are why you have headaches. Let us see the spiritual explanation on why you keep having these sudden headache.

1) You have sinned

This is a biblical reason for having headaches. In Christianity, it is believed that whenever you have headaches, it is a sign that you have sinned. Your higher self is trying to communicate with you.

It is a spiritual sign that God is angry with you. Therefore, you need to seek for forgiveness and change your ways before you can be forgiven of God and relieved of your headache.

2) You are holding on to offences

Whenever you begin to feel headaches, it is because of unforgiveness. Our mind will never be at peace if we choose to walk in unforgiveness towards other people.

Therefore, the best way for our minds to communicate this to us is through a headache.

3) You are under a spiritual attack

When you have headaches, it can be a sign that you have come under a spiritual attack because of your low defense against evil.

Biblically, this can be correct as well. it is believed that whenever a spiritual attack is staged against someone, it will come as a headache, before it begins to fulfill its evil motives.

4) You have a lot of negative energies in your soul

This can be a spiritual reason for headaches. Whenever negative energies have accumulated in your soul, your body will also begin to respond negatively, and one of the common signs is a headache.

5) Lack of adequate rest

Spiritually, the universe can send a headache to you. When this happens, it is a pointer to your restlessness.

Therefore, one of the spiritual reasons of having headaches is restlessness of the body and soul. Just because you take some time for yourself a day or two you won’t be stuck on the same page.

It’s time to listen to the higher self and your inner wisdom if you want to stop these headaches.

But, if after all this your headaches won’t stop it’s better to seek professional medical help. As there could be and hidden health issue.

Can I have an headache for Emotional reasons?

breathing in beach

Yes, of course your headache can come from emotional aspects. I feel like sometimes we forget that the stress and emotions for our daily life can cause a physical pain.

From my personal beliefs and experience, people can have knee pain and back pain because of our emotions and negative thoughts.

Having an headache means that you are ignoring your emotions. It is affecting your nervous system by putting too much pressure on your head blood vessels and our body responds with pain.

So, what can you do to relieve those headches? Here are some tips:

  • Invite positive energies into your life;
  • Tap into your inner wisdom whenever you feel stressed or anxious;
  • Stop allowing negative energy around you;
  • Let go of those who don’t add any value to your life;
  • Stop holding yourself to an unattainable and unreasonable standard;
  • Be careful about the psychological and emotional stress people can cause you;
  • Incorporate a spiritual practice or ancient spiritual traditions, like meditation into your daily routine.

I hope you keep these spiritual meaning, messages and signs that can give you a genuinely helpful and valuable insight into your life and struggles. Remember that, in the spiritual world, everything has a deeper meaning.

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Final Words

From this article, I am sure that you have seen headaches in new light and their spiritual meaning.

Rather than running to the doctor for medical treatment, always learn to pay attention to your heart to see what the universe is trying to say to you. The spiritual world can send physical warnings if you don’t listen to any of the previous warnings.

Once you pick up the signals, it is time to begin to act on them.

So, do you already know what is the headache spiritual meaning and even the symptoms? If you still have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below!

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    1. Prayer and Fasting . When you pray while fasting you unlock a higher level of spirituality and your connection to God . This will allow you to destroy and cleanse yourself from any negative energies.

      Also listening to worship songs and being filled with positive thoughts

    2. In order to cleanse yourself you can smudge with a white sage stick or take a spiritual cleanse bath using Himalayan salt

  1. I’m having severe anxiety and depression and the same time headache too and unstable eye movement which I can’t put a stop to it or I have loose self control

    1. I have had this problem recently . You have to start setting up goals that build your self control like Praying more and reading the Holy Scriptures more often and also allowing yourself to not worry much about most things of this world because most things we need for a happy and fulfilling life are in the spiritual realm. For them to manifest in the physical realm you need to stay connected daily with your spiritual form more, chanelling Heavenly realms to your life on Earth.

  2. I’m really suffering from headache I really don’t know how I can do to get rid of it I’ve tried everything but still it doesn’t make any difference 😭

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