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What do Cold Hands Mean Spiritually? 7 Spiritual Meanings

What do Cold Hands Mean Spiritually? 7 Spiritual Meanings

What do cold hands mean spiritually and what can cause that? Let’s find out!

Whenever you have cold hands, it is a sign that should not be ignored because it can help describe the state of your mind at the moment. It is important to always have a spiritual perspective on everything that happens to you. 

This is how you are going to ensure that your soul is constantly opened to receive messages from the universe through any necessary means and channel. There are natural causes of having cold hands. However, the spiritual meanings supersede the physical meanings.

Having cold hands goes beyond the physical aspect of it. There are a lot of spiritual meanings and significances when it comes to having cold hands and, in this article, we are going to be seeing all of these spiritual meanings and significances.

If you have been looking for the spiritual meaning and significance of having cold hands, then you should read this article until the end.

Spiritually, what can cause Cold Hands?

What can cause Cold Hands

When you suddenly begin to feel cold hands, there are 3 spiritual causes of this body condition. Out of these 3 spiritual causes, you are going to be able to identify the reason for your cold hands.


Spiritual fear

whenever you allow the fear of the unknown to grip your heart with so much intensity, you might begin to develop cold hands.

From my experience, I can tell that one of the common signs of fear is having cold hands.

When I got a new job, I was happy about the new opportunity to explore a different world. However, deep within me, I was scared of the challenges that will come my way. I was terrified at the thought of taking a leadership position.

This fear gave me days of sleepless nights, until the day I started noticing that my hands were always getting cold at certain times of the night.

After several spiritual consultations, it was discovered that the fear in my heart has found a way to affect my physical body.

Therefore, whenever you are scared of something, you might begin to develop cold hands. This is one of the spiritual causes of cold hands.



There is a level of sadness that can engulf your soul, which will lead to having cold hands. This type of sorrow is synonymous with the pain of losing someone important in your life.

For example, when you lose your mother, father, or a dear friend to you, you may suddenly begin to develop cold hands because of the deep pain you feel in your soul.

The cold hand is an expression of the pain your feel in your heart. our bodies can identify with our emotions and having cold hands is one of the ways that your body can identify with the deep sorrow in your soul.

When a breakthrough is about to happen in your life

Breakthrough in spiritual world

One of the major spiritual causes of having cold hands is when a breakthrough is about to happen in your life.

At this moment, your hands can begin to drop in temperature.

It is a sign that your current phase has ended, and you are about to enter into the next phase with exciting achievements.

Most times, it is how your hands show excitement for what is to come.

What do Cold Hands mean Spiritually?

What do Cold Hands mean Spiritually

In the realm of the spirit, whenever you have cold hands, it is a sign of inability.

It is a sign that you have been unable to carry out all the responsibilities that are entrusted to you by the universe. This can be a good omen and it can also be a bad omen.

It is a good omen if the reason for your inability is due to fear or low self-esteem. If this is the reason, then you are having cold hands because the universe is trying to encourage you to carry out the tasks in your hand.

It is an encouragement from the universe that you can do everything in your heart because you have the inner strength to carry out everything committed to you.

It is a bad omen if the reason for your inability is due to disobedience or laziness. The universe has given you cold hands to signify that you are at risk of incurring a major loss if you don’t curb laziness.

Furthermore, whenever you have cold hands, in the realm of the spirit it means that the spirit of your loved one has come from the other world to check up on you.

In ancient tradition and history, it has been recorded that certain spirits bring cold to our bodies whenever they appear to us.

Therefore, your cold hands may be a sign that a spirit is around you – it is most likely the spirit of your loved one.

7 Cold Hands Spiritual Meanings


There are 7 spiritual meanings to having cold hands. These spiritual meanings are meant to guide us, inspire us and warn us against negative situations that lie ahead.

1) Let go of every fear in your heart

Previously, we saw that cold hands are caused by fear.

Therefore, whenever you have cold hands, the spiritual realm is encouraging you to let go of every fear in your heart.

Most times, the things we fear are not as real as we are. Sometimes, it is our fear that brings negative situations into our lives.

Therefore, it is time to let go of every fear in your heart and pick up the courage to go for your dreams.

No matter how unprepared you are, you will be able to do everything in your heart once you allow courage to settle in your heart.

2) Prosperity is coming

When you begin to develop cold hands, it is a sign that you are going to be prosperous. Having cold hands is a good omen. Most especially if you are into a business.

Whenever you have cold hands, the universe has come to tell you that prosperity is coming.

Your business will become profitable and you will get new clients.

3) The spirits of your loved one are around

When your hands suddenly get cold, it is a sign that the portal between the living and the dead has been opened, and one of your loved ones has popped out to check up on you.

You might be left in the dark concerning your identity. However, this is to give you the impression that you are not alone.

4) Don’t be lazy

Whenever you begin to develop cold hands, it is a sign of laziness. Therefore, the universe is giving you this sign to encourage you against laziness.

If you are a student who suddenly starts getting cold hands, then it is time to start reading voraciously.

It is time to pay attention to your academic life because there are a lot of opportunities in the outside world waiting for you.

If you are into business, then you need to be hardworking before you can enjoy the success you desire.

5) You have suffered a heartbreak

This is for those in a sexual relationship. When you begin to develop cold hands, it can come from a deep sense of sorry because of the heartbreak you recently suffered at the hands of the one you love.

The spiritual realm sees your pain, and they are willing to support you through these hard times and strengthen you to love again.

6) You have grown spiritually cold

When you have cold hands, it is a sign of a spiritual cold. Therefore, it is an indication that you have left the spiritual side of yourself unattended.

Due to this, you have become defenseless and a lot of negative things are beginning to attach themselves to your soul.

The best way to get out of this is to begin to pay attention to your spiritual side in a greater measure than ever before.

7) You lack a constant flow of ideas because you have closed up your mind

When you have cold hands, it has a medical explanation. It is a result of the lack of blood flow in your hands.

This can be brought to the spiritual as well. whenever you have cold hands, it means that you lack creativity because of your closed mind.

You need to open up your mind to learn new things – this is how the genius in you will be unleashed.

You can check here the medical explanation.

Could it be Dangerous?

Cold hands and danger

Having cold hands is not dangerous.

Cold hands are simply physical indications of the spiritual state of our minds.

Therefore, whenever you begin to experience cold hands, the best method to remedy this situation is to find the spiritual meaning to it and act accordingly.

Cold hands are not spiritually dangerous.

They only come to warn us against what lies ahead. Once the needed actions are taken, we will stop having cold hands.

Final Words

Cold hands are one of the least expected signs that can be given by the universe. However, you should never rule out the possibility of receiving such a sign shortly. This is why you should arm yourself with the spiritual insights you have gotten from this article for proper guidance.

By paying attention to your cold hands, you will be able to overcome all self-induced hurdles and issues.

So, do you already know the cold hands spiritual meaning for your life? If you still have any question, feel free to use the comments below!

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