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What Does a Purple Butterfly Mean? 11 Spiritual Meanings

What Does a Purple Butterfly Mean? 11 Spiritual Meanings

What does a purple butterflu mean spiritually? And what is the purple butterflies spiritual meaning? Let’s find out!

If you come across a butterfly, it carries a deep and powerful meaning despite its color. However, each has a particular or unique purpose that you ought to know.

Purple butterflies are scarce, so when you see them, then there must be a spiritual realm behind them.

A purple butterfly appearing in your life means you have a special message. So, listen to what the universe is trying to communicate and act according to it. This article highlights the purple butterfly’s spiritual meanings and much more. 

What Does a Purple Butterfly Mean Spiritually?

What Does a Purple Butterfly Mean Spiritually

It is pretty hard to come across a purple butterfly, unlike the red, yellow, or black butterflies. For this reason, there are not many myths or stories available about them. Even though this is the case, there must be a special meaning.

Different cultures have a way of interpreting the presence of a purple butterfly in their lives. Usually, purple is a sign of wealth and royalty in most cultures.

Also, this color is pretty elegant and is a preference or favorite color for many women.

One spiritual meaning that the purple butterfly holds is that a prosperous person will find their way into your life. Therefore, you can expect a positive transformation to happen in your life. If you face a rough patch, some intervention will make it easy to walk through.

There will be divine intervention:

A purple butterfly will mean that there will be divine intervention.

It may appear when you are facing pretty much or when you feel like you are losing everything in your life. You want something that will make your path right, and this is what the purple butterfly comes to do.

It serves as an encouragement to keep moving. It will bring light to your life and show you the best way to solve your issues.

Moreover, seeing a purple butterfly might indicate that you have been going through spiritual matters. Therefore, you might be on the enlightenment path.

You are spiritually finding yourself:

The purple butterfly in spirituality may also mean that a person is encountering themselves.

It means that you are trying to learn yourself and your needs. You then strive to be the best version of yourself but as you do this, be careful since you may end up being self-centered and selfish.

You are aware of something happening in your life:

Another spiritual meaning that the purple butterfly carries is that a person is aware of something happening in their lives.

It shows an aspect of your life that you crave to reach, knowing that you will get there. 

If you see a purple butterfly, you need to pose and try and analyze the environment. Look at the spiritual meaning it might be trying to bring into your life. It will give you light on how to carry on with your life.

What Do Purple Butterflies Symbolize?

Purple butterflies symbolism

Purple butterflies come in different mixtures of colors. Some have a mix of red and blue, and others are dark purple, while others will be lavender. Each type of purple butterfly has its meaning that tends to be unique.

Usually, the purple color in butterflies may symbolize change and transformation. For a long time, purple has been a symbol of royalty and a state of grace. Here is what other types of purple butterflies may symbolize.

Light purple butterfly:

If you see the light purple butterfly, then this could be a sign that you are in the process of healing. The phase you are in is pretty optimistic and full of positive thoughts.

 If you have been sick or going through a tough time, then it signifies that you are in the process of healing. Things will get back to normal with time, and you will feel better.

Dark Purple Butterfly:

Dark purple butterflies carry deep and powerful meaning in a person’s life.

They may be a sign that a person is courageous; therefore, they can face their issues with so much confidence. In other cases, it is a symbol that a person will be wealthy and successful in their life

As you know, the purple color represents wealth and riches. In other cases, the dark purple butterfly can signify the faith and trust one has in God. The person believes that despite the storms they are facing in their life, they will all come to an end.

Black and purple butterfly:

Seeing a black butterfly signifies that a person is going through spiritual awakening and renewal.

It shows that the person is experiencing changes in their lives in terms of spirituality. A purple butterfly on the other end can be a sign that one is going through deep spiritual matters. 

So, if you see a black and purple butterfly, they symbolize specific changes in your life. In most cases, they show that you will undergo or are going through reconstruction in matters of your spirituality.

White and purple butterfly:

The white and purple butterflies are not so common, but they might symbolize something incredible happening in your life when you see them.

Usually, the color white shows innocence, clarity, and simplicity. Coming across a white and purple butterfly may be a sign that you will be able to deal with the issues happening in your life.

This kind of butterfly gives your mind clarity on what you do. It reminds you that you should remain calm in whatever you face in life. Also, this kind of butterfly may be a reminder that you need to detox.

Red-spotted purple butterfly:

The red-spotted purple butterfly is not common, but you can always see it from time to time.

This kind of butterfly always seems to appear alone in most cases, unlike other butterflies. It often serves as a reminder that you are not always alone.

If you have lost a loved one, this butterfly may remind you that the person is always there with you. Seeing such a butterfly is a reminder of someone you once lost. It will always bring you a good feeling once you come across it.

Lavender butterfly meaning:

The lavender butterfly is often a symbol of multiple losses.

In the past, a mom who had lost two or more children, this butterfly would appear to show this loss. This color shows both boy and girl babies who have flown away from this earth.

Purple Butterfly Spiritual Meaning: 11 Messages

Purple Butterfly Spiritual Meaning

Generally, butterflies will spread joy, positivity, and fulfillment in one’s life. Purple butterflies will often bring fun to your heart once you encounter them. The purple color combines various other cool colors giving some balance, and most importantly, it creates something beautiful.

You may come across a purple butterfly as you go through your day-to-day activities.

There may be a particular spiritual message it might be trying to pass to you if you do. Here are some spiritual messages that the purple messages might carry:

1) There will be better changes

When a purple butterfly appears to you, it might signify that you will experience significant changes in your life.

When you are going through tough times in your life and see the purple butterfly, it should remind you that all these will come to an end. You are going to experience positive changes in your life.

2) You can handle life well

The purple butterfly may also be a sign that you can handle your life well.

If there are transformations in your life, you can face them and handle them well. In most cases, you control the significant changes in your life without worrying so much.

3) Do personal introspection

A purple butterfly comes to remind you that you need to do some reflection on your life.

You have probably been handling life with so much haste and without thinking about whatever you do.

If you see a purple butterfly, it shows that you need to slow down with life. Then take some time off to reflect on what you have been ignoring. 

4) Take note of what you have been doing

If you see a purple butterfly, it is a reminder that you need to take note of the events in your life.

It will be essential to look at what is happening in your life and see what the butterfly is trying to communicate to you.

You might feel like your life is at a standstill, or maybe you are stuck in a particular situation. The purple butterfly comes to remind you that if you feel stuck, things are about to change for the better.

5) You are on a spiritual journey

A purple butterfly may also pass a message that you are beginning your spiritual journey. If you start this journey, you will experience positive changes in your life.

Also, it proves that you are on the right path that will help you achieve your spiritual goals.

6) You are doing good things with your life

Seeing a purple butterfly symbolizes that whatever you are doing with your life is good.

It brings the assurance that you require to carry on with your life in case you are in doubt about what you do. Once you get this assurance, it gives you the go-ahead to continue with your actions.

7) You will experience a solid connection to yourself

Coming across a purple butterfly shows that one of the seven energy centers in your body is opening.

For this reason, you will start to feel some strong connection to yourself and with those around you. Doing this makes it easy to find solutions for issues in your life.

8) You are strong

When the purple butterfly is your spirit animal, it shows that you have so much strength within you. You have the self-confidence and the power that makes you a respectable person. More so, you can fight your emotions well.

9) You can see the truth in matters

If you see a purple butterfly, then this could be a sign that you are a person who sees the truth before others do. You always trust your intuition, and it never fails to guide you to the path of truth.

Therefore, you are better positioned to fight for the fact if there is a conflict.

10) You will have an easy time in your life

The purple butterfly is also a sign that you will have an easy time in your life.

You will have fewer worries and stress over things in your life, making your life easier. It will therefore be hard for you to succumb to the daily pressures of life.

11) The higher entity will intervene in your life

If a purple butterfly lands on you, it can signify that the higher real will intervene in your life.

You will soon be relieved if you have considerable baggage in your heart. You should therefore open up your heart and mind to the higher entity.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Purple Butterflies?

Light purple butterfly

It can be a concern when you repeatedly see the purple butterflies. Most times, they bring good things and better changes in your life.

It can be a sign that something good will happen in your life very soon. Therefore, anticipate great transformation in your life.

In other cases, the purple butterflies symbolize that an influential person will come into your life.

This person will bring prosperity and many positive changes with them.

Also, the purple butterflies may remind you that you need to be patient and have faith that good things will happen in your life.

Do Purple Butterflies Indicate Good Luck?

White and purple butterfly

Purple butterflies represent so many different things, among them being good luck. Many traditions associate purple butterflies with joy and positive thinking.

It is known to bring good things into a person’s life in most cases.

Coming across this kind of butterfly is an indication that your life is going to change for the better. If you have been putting effort into achieving something, these efforts will finally pay off.

Also, your dreams will come to reality.

Final Words

The purple butterfly bears so many messages, so it is upon you to listen to what the universe is trying to communicate through it. It is a bearer of good things and positive changes in your life. Also, the different forms of purple butterflies carry different meanings that you ought to know.

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