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Home » 11 Black and Blue Butterfly Spiritual Meanings (Flying around you)

11 Black and Blue Butterfly Spiritual Meanings (Flying around you)

11 Black and Blue Butterfly Spiritual Meanings (Flying around you)

Do you know that butterflies can bring guidance to your life? You are probably asking the question “How?”.

Well, it is pretty simple.

When you see a black and blue butterfly, observe the way it flies and how this affects your emotion or mental energy.

You will notice slight changes, which can give you a clue into what the universe is trying to say.

However, this is not all there is to butterflies.

To also understand what they mean to you, observe their colors.

Colors are wonderful signs from the spirit world. They are sent to us as helpers and guides.

When you see a butterfly, it’s possible to get more than one spiritual message by observing the color, activities, and your emotional and mental reaction to it. 

One such color is black and blue.

The black and blue butterfly is a special species of butterfly that has a highly revered spiritual significance.

Therefore, this article is dedicated to discussing the spiritual meanings of this butterfly.

Over the years, people have attached the message of death to this butterfly.

  • However, is this true?
  • Can black and blue butterflies really bring death to us?
  • Are black and blue butterflies a bad spiritual sign?

To understand more about this, ensure you read this article till the end. I have some interesting things to discuss right here.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in. 

Black and Blue Butterfly Visit Meaning

Black and Blue Butterfly Meaning

You might be asking if a black and blue butterfly can visit you. It is very possible. Especially when they are sent to you as a spiritual sign and message.

For a long time, it was hard for me to understand this spiritual truth.

As time went by, it became clear to me that the black and blue butterfly species is a special breed.

It can be embodied by a spirit who visits people from time to time.

Therefore, we need to be conscious of this and position our minds to accept the message it brings.

When this butterfly visits you, what does it mean? 

This is a sign that the spirit of a deceased loved one has come to visit you.

You will observe the behavior of this butterfly.

  • At first, it might stay on your window frame.
  • Then, it flies into your home and perches either on your bed or on your chair.

All of these are signs to show that this creature is someone familiar with your environment. 

It could also mean good luck and the blessing of the spirit world, which we will discuss later on in this article. 

What does it mean when a Black and Blue Butterfly Lands on You?

Butterfly landing on someone's hand

It means that you have been selected by God to carry out a divine assignment.

It won’t feel like it at the moment. However, as time goes by, you will begin to feel a burden in your soul to do something special in your generation.

All of these are tied to the butterfly landing on you.

If you have not had this experience before, then you should keep this information in your heart.

Whenever a black and blue butterfly lands on you, it is marking you for a special spiritual destiny.

This is saying that you have a part to play in your generation.

Another spiritual meaning that comes with this experience points to a craving for attention.

Secretly in your heart, you desire to be admired by everyone.

This is why you have been exceptional at everything you do.

Well, the black and blue butterfly has come to grant your wishes.

It is said that whenever this butterfly lands on you, it has come to put the spotlight on you.

Therefore, expect people to begin to pay attention to you henceforth

Spiritual Meaning of Black and Blue Butterfly Flying Around You

Spiritual Meaning of Black and Blue Butterfly Flying Around You

Anytime you observe a black and blue butterfly flying around you, it is a sign that some spiritual signs and messages have been lingering around you for a long time.

However, you have not gotten any of these because of your lack of attention. Therefore, this is calling you to spiritual sensitivity.

It is telling you to become more observant.

Open your mind to receive from the spiritual world. 

In line with this message, this experience also reveals to you that several opportunities are around you.

You are in a season of open doors, and opportunities will begin to come into your life.

Therefore, you need to consciously seek out these opportunities

Do you know that some opportunities pose themselves as challenges? From my experience, I have made thousands of dollars from what seemed to be difficult.

This is why you must ensure that challenges don’t scare you.

Be very sensitive and vigilant enough to identify the beauty of challenges, and leverage them for a life-changing opportunity. 

11 Black and Blue Butterfly Spiritual Meanings and Messages

Black and Blue Butterfly Spiritual Meaning

In the spiritual world, this butterfly has 11 messages it can bring to you. Now, each of these messages speaks individual languages. They address specific areas of our lives. Therefore, you don’t need to make use of all the messages in this article.

Look out for the ones that are closely identifiable with your situation, and then apply them to your life.

Below are the 11 black and blue butterfly spiritual meanings and messages.

1) A black and Blue Butterfly with Broken Wings

Butterfly with broken wings

Anytime you see this, it is a sign of your situation.

This means you are going through a tough time at the moment. It describes the state of your life as “broken”.

Furthermore, because of how bad things have gotten, you find it hard to make progress with your life.

The spiritual world sees what you are going through.

Hence, expect a miracle to happen.

This explains why you saw that butterfly with broken wings. It does not only identify with the situation of your life but also assures you of a lasting solution. 

2) 3 Black and Blue Butterflies Sitting on a Flower

Butterflies in flowers

Spiritually, this is an omen of good friendship.

The 3 butterflies represent the cordial relationship between friends while the flower shows a sign of goodwill and good luck.

In essence, this is a message that addresses your friends.

It shows them as good, positive, trustworthy, and blessed. Additionally, it also encourages you to trust them much more.

Rather than looking for new friends, build a stronger relationship with the ones you have.

They will do a perfect job as your confidant and support whenever you need them to. 

3) Black and Blue Butterfly in the Midnight

Seeing butterflies at night

It is strange to see this creature at night. They should be sleeping peacefully in a beautiful flowery garden.

Whenever it comes to you at midnight, something is wrong. This could bring bad news to you concerning someone you love.

For example, it is believed that seeing this butterfly at midnight means someone close to you is dead or is about to die.

This is believed to be a harbinger of bad news and bad luck.

Therefore, prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario.

Through this sign, you should also prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for whatever comes next.

4) Black and Blue butterflies Falling from the Sky


Biblically, this is a sign of victory. It means that you have become victorious over your fears. 

Have you been battling with the fear of insecurity? Then, butterflies falling from the sky bring good news to you.

This is an omen of victory. It is telling you to abandon the feeling of insecurity that you have and focus on the inner strength you possess.

With this spiritual sign, you will become motivated to dream big and crush every goal you once termed as “impossible”. 

Therefore, take this spiritual omen seriously.

Anytime you see black and blue butterflies falling from the sky, it is a sign of victory over your insecurities. 

5) Dead Black and Blue Butterflies

New journey in your life

With this sign, you will realize that the time has come for you to start a new journey.

In spirituality, death is seen as an opportunity for a new beginning. This is why it is believed that people don’t really die.

They only leave this world to begin a new journey in the afterlife. This is the same with these dead butterflies.

Seeing them inspires you to open up to new things

When the universe gives you this sign, it is because something is coming in your future, which is new.

It might be challenging at first, but you will get a hang of it by opening your mind consistently.

6) A black and Blue Butterfly Sucking Juice out of a Flower

Negative influences in your life

Stay away from negative influences. This is a simple and powerful message you can get from this sign.

The moment you constantly see a black and blue butterfly performing this action, there is no other message apart from the presence of negative influences.

Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for them

The moment you discover any iota of negativity in an individual, you are expected to stay away from such.

The reason is that negativity will affect your life.

If you keep it around you for a long time, everything in your life will turn out negatively. 

7) A Black and Blue Butterfly Flying in Front of You

Spiritual clarity and precision

Spiritually, this brings clarity and precision to you.

Whenever you are walking and a black and blue butterfly flies ahead of you (as a guide), it is telling you to expect guidance from the spiritual world.

Like flashes of light from the sky, you will suddenly know what to do, and how to tackle difficult situations in your life.

With this omen of direction, you can always trust in God to lead you on your path to destiny.

8) A Big Black and Blue Butterfly

Big Black and Blue Butterfly

This shows a sign of dreaming big.

With a sign like this, your mind needs to be enlarged. God has sent big black and blue butterflies to inspire your mind to think BIG.

Stop thinking like a mediocre person.

You have the inner potential and strength to conceive big things.

Overcome the doubt in your heart about your life and the future you crave.

By using the power of your imagination positively, nothing good will be impossible for you to accomplish.

Therefore, expand the power of your imagination by meditating upon great accomplishments.

9) A lot of Black and Blue Butterflies in Your Home

Spiritual fruitfulness and abundance

Anytime you find black and blue butterflies in your home, it is believed to be a sign of fruitfulness and abundance.

Therefore, expect something good to happen to you soon.

Furthermore, expect all of your efforts to become fruitful.

It is believed that this also affects your business. You will become more profitable than ever before.

10) Small Black and Blue Butterflies

Small blue and black butterfly

They speak about patience in growth.

It takes a lot of time for butterflies to become big and beautiful.

However, they are one of the most patient creatures in the universe. Learn from them, and embrace the power of patience.

Anytime you see small black and blue butterflies, see them as a message that tells you to go through the process of your life without haste.

11) Peace of Mind

Spiritual peace

This is an important message from them.

Black and blue butterflies are an omen of inner peace and stability.

Wherever they are, people become peaceful in their minds. This is irrespective of what goes on around them. 

You can also harness this energy for yourself.

The next time black and blue butterflies come to you, see them as an omen of peace.

Let them restore stability to your mind. 

Seeing a Black and Blue Butterfly in Dreams Meaning

Morpho butterfly in dreams
Morpho butterfly

The moment you find this animal in your dream, it means that the universe has come to visit you.

The 11 spiritual meanings we have discussed above also apply to your dreams.

Additionally, this creature will come into your dreams when you need emotional and mental healing

Furthermore, you will experience this when your soul is hurting from a heartbreak.

This is why a dream like this is called an emotional healing omen or the healing of the soul

Are Black and Blue Butterflies A Sign of Death?

Black and Blue Butterflies and death

Yes, they can be a sign of death.

Whenever they come to people at midnight, it is believed that they bring messages of death.

This is not about the person, but about their loved ones.

Some traditions have abhorred this creature due to this. However, they have misunderstood the spiritual relevance of this creature. 

The fact that it brings an omen of death does not mean it is an evil animal.

Through black and blue butterflies, you can be blessed with peace and stability as well

Should I be Afraid of Butterflies?

Butterflies and bad luck

No, you should not be afraid of butterflies. Whether dead or alive, they are one of the most tender and compassionate creatures in the universe.

This is why most of the messages they bring are positive and heartwarming. 

Keeping them around you also helps you to embrace positivity.

Whenever butterflies flock around you, they purify your environment by sucking every negative energy and releasing positive energy.

Therefore, there is nothing to fear about them.

Final Words

Embrace the presence of black and blue butterflies. When next they show up (in real life or your dreams), be open to their energy.

They bring a lot of messages to us, which serve as wisdom and guidance

Therefore, it will do us a lot of good to not lose sight of their spiritual relevance. This article has provided the best spiritual information concerning black and blue butterflies. Make use of it to your advantage. 

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2 thoughts on “11 Black and Blue Butterfly Spiritual Meanings (Flying around you)”

  1. On 7/5 I had a bad fall on my deck and had a whiplash, concussion, RE injury to my back and neck and multiple bruising as the wrought iron furniture crashed down on me as I fell from a chair and into another same chair.
    The next morning I slowly approached my deck to find a blue black butterfly slowly walking around the exact spot where I fell. Walking. In a circle. Then it moved six inches to the left and repeated this exorcism/dance/victory. I came and sat down bravely where it had happened. The butterfly then flew
    Towards me , over me and onto the side of the house. It returned a few minutes later, tears in my eyes,
    To the same spot of the fall. It then flew into the kickplate of the door three consecutive times!!! HOME!
    Then it flew by my feet and landed showing me the most exquisite crystalline blue edging on the lower wings. Then it elevated to a few feet above and in front of me, hovered, and left.
    Tears of joy streamed down my face. My husband had died 8 months prior and I was struggling how to have a reconciliation with him.
    It never flew away. It disappeared.
    He has returned three more times briefly, two fly by’s and once landing at my feet.
    He appears out of nowhere and then disappears.

    I was a believer before I read your article.

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