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Spiritual Significance and Benefits of Feet Washing

Spiritual Significance and Benefits of Feet Washing

The practice and tradition of washing feet hold a lot of historical significance in various cultures, especially for the Hebrew, Jewish and Egyptian nations.

I heard about this practice in the bible when Jesus decided to wash the feet of his disciples.

After reading about it in the bible, I have grown extremely curious about the historical facts and spiritual repercussions of this particular activity. 

What does it mean for the faithful to do this? Is it safe to do? What would it essentially mean if you let your feet be washed as part of a ritual?

Does it have any other underlying meaning apart from the spiritual sense?

If you continue reading this article, we will try to answer these questions and much more. Let’s now understand the spiritual significance and benefits of feet washing.

What Does Feet Washing Symbolize?

Feet Washing Symbolize

Before we go any further, we must understand the exact meaning of this act of service. For this, we will go back to its Biblical roots.

This practice is also known as the ordinance of foot washing or humility.

It is primarily done to renew the divine act of cleansing that can only come from Jesus Christ.

It also helps the practitioners seek reconciliation and celebrate with other members of the community before attending communion.

During the days of the early Christian church, this activity has been introduced to emulate the humility of Christ as a symbol of his selfless love for his disciples.

In the bible, the washing of the feet happened the night before His crucifixion.  

In connection with this, it is also a symbol of self-sacrifice to do this for your brethren. It instills the value of being ready to serve others with a humble heart always.

Knowing this, it is something that you should explore even if you’re not of the Christian faith.  

It will provide you with a window to other traditions and cultures that subscribe to a different sense of spirituality than yours.

It will also help you connect with other people without having to deal with the superficial aspects of your earthly existence.

You will certainly feel a deeper connection with anyone that would allow you to wash their feet for sure.

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Spiritual Meaning of Feet Washing

Spiritual Meaning of Feet Washing

Spiritually speaking, the act of feet washing shows that you would be willing to humble yourself and serve others without any limitations.

It shows how much you respect other people and treat them as your equals.

It will also allow you to give other people who have lost everything some of their dignity back. 

This activity also serves to bring members of the church together in communion and unity as part of one family much like Jesus and his disciples. 

It reminds them of Jesus’ sacrifice and humility even more.

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Spiritual Significance of Feet Washing 

Significance of Feet Washing

While this act service to show humility and respect for both the one who is being cleaned and the one who is cleaning the feet.

It also serves as a form of reconciliation between members of the community as mentioned earlier.

This gives them to show that Jesus knows that he is not perfect and sees his disciples as his friends or than anything else.  

It also shows that everyone is worthy of the kingdom of God if only they would learn to humble themselves in front of him.

It symbolizes the washing away of the sins of man as part of cleansing and the renewal of the spirit.

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7 Spiritual Benefits of Feet Washing

7 Spiritual Benefits of Feet Washing

Now that some of the most important aspects of feet washing in terms of religious beliefs and traditions are known, let us move on to the benefits that you can get from feet washing.  

Here, you will be able to learn more about the activity as it affects the body and spiritual side of human existence.

We will give you seven benefits of foot washing for your spiritual existence.

If you would like to explore what this is all about, don’t hesitate to go to the next paragraph.

1) It Allows for a New Beginning

This activity does not only bring about good health practices but could also be a symbol of another chance.

It is God’s way of telling us that we’re all equal in His eyes in that we can change our ways given the right motivation.

If you wash your feet, it will give you a chance to start again anytime you wish.

Apart from those already mentioned, there are some other benefits that you can get from doing this activity as part of your religious community.

Here are a few more of them.

2) Provides Balance and Roots

It provides significant balance and grounding.

The washing of the feet allows people to connect and find balance in themselves and others as they feel the soothing water cleanse their spirit.

It clears the mind of all distractions and helps a person focus on what is important.

Because cleansing the feet needs a large amount of concentration, it will allow the person doing it to focus on the task at hand and get rid of all distractions.

It will give them time to focus their thoughts on what is important and not what might have been.

3) Gives Refuge

The washing of the feet also represents refuge.

It signifies that there is peace after any trial that may come your way. All you need to do is to have faith.

If you are tired and weary from your daily life, remembering the washing of the feet as a ritual will remind you that after every trial is a period of rest.

4) Holistic Healing for the Mind, Body and Soul

Aside from this, it also provides relief not only for the feet but also for the entire body.

If you undertake the washing of the feet as a ritual, you will not only soothe one part of your body but the entire vessel as well.

Also, it restores dignity to anyone who is subjected to the washing of the feet.

It doesn’t matter what social status you belong to, if you can participate, you can partake in the healing process that the washing brings.

5) It Grants Forgiveness

The act of washing the feet also represents acts of forgiveness.

If you do this to your enemy, it is tantamount to saying that you forgive them without having to say the words.

This is tied to various acts of service that you can do to show affection and care without too many issues.

6) It Relieves the Spiritual Centers of Your Body

Taking care of the feet also aligns with the spiritual centers of the person that you’re doing it.

It helps the individual become physically relaxed and much more open to enlightenment.

If you want to be more focused and open to new ideas in life, wash your feet before going to work.

7) Symbolizes Rebirth and Renewal

Lastly, it also signifies rebirth and renewal as well as purification.

If you cleanse your feet, the dirt and grime of the day are forgotten, and you will be able to start anew.

It cleanses you of all the negativity in your life and allows you to begin again.

Remember that the foot is the foundation of the body.

If you have well-balanced feet, you will be able to move through life without much difficulty and hindrance.

By cleaning your feet with water, you will be able to take care of your body without having to put forth much effort.

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Should I Perform This African Ceremony?

feet washing ceremony

Feet washing can also be done as part of a ritual in various African tribes.

It signifies submission at servitude for those who do it to another person as part of the ritual and acceptance and restoration of the spirit for those who are washed.

During post-apostolic times, church leaders will choose homes that can represent the faithful.

Once the house is chosen, the owner of the house will then provide the guests with servants who attend to their needs during the visit. The same can be done in African tribes.

In turn, the servants may be the ones to have their feet washed during the ritual.

The act restores dignity and equality among brethren no matter what race or religion they belong to.

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Shall We Conclude?

Now that you know the basic significance and spiritual meaning of the washing of the feet, it would be easier for you to join in the ritual. 

This piece of knowledge will allow you to better understand why we need to practice this activity especially if you subscribe to the Christian faith.

By washing your feet and that of others, you will be able to connect with people at a more personal level.

You will be able to see them at their most vulnerable and allow you to have insight into why they behave the way they do.

What are you waiting for? Go to your church leader and ask to participate in the washing of the feet sooner rather than later.  You will surely not regret doing so.

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