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Spiritual Meaning of Constipation: 7 Spiritual Causes

Spiritual Meaning of Constipation: 7 Spiritual Causes

I believe that nothing happens in our bodies without a spiritual implication.

Understanding this spiritual cause or reason gives us a clue into the message from the universe concerning the health problem. 

In this article, I will discuss the spiritual meaning of constipation. Not only that! I will also unveil the 7 main spiritual causes of this health problem. 

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What does constipation mean spiritually?

man with constipation

In the medical world, constipation happens when you refuse to pass stool. This can be caused by several factors such as dehydration or digestion problems. 

The spiritual realm has a lot to say concerning constipation. If you have it, one of the likely messages for you is as regards letting go of what no longer serves you.

Just as constipation reveals holding on to too much stool in the excretory organ, it could also reflect your unwillingness to let go of irrelevant things

Right now, it is time to let go. Constipation makes people restless and uncomfortable.

In the same way, you will find it hard to make progress with this baggage in your life. 

Another message concerning constipation speaks of the things you believe.

In medical science, the things you eat can cause constipation. Spiritually, your belief system can be corrupted by the information you ingest

This is why it’s important to carefully select what you listen to, hear, and think about. It drives your life either in the right or wrong direction. 

Furthermore, constipation tells you to let go of emotional hurts. This speaks more of forgiveness. It encourages love and genuine compassion. 

Do you know that constipation also speaks of friendships? Yes, it does.

For example, if you visited a friend and had constipation over the night, it might be a sign to draw back from such a friend. 

In summary, here are the spiritual meanings of constipation:

  • You have to let go of irrelevant things in your life.
  • It is time to watch the things you believe.
  • If you’ve been hurt in the past, constipation inspires you to let go of such hurts. 
  • It might also mean carefulness — especially when it comes to your friends.

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Can being constipated be related to spirituality?

woman constipated

Yes, being constipated can be related to spirituality

Your body plays a vital role in explaining spiritual terms to you. For example, your eyes represent focus, foresight, and direction.

Your feet represent determination and prompt action. Your hands represent skill, talent, and potential. 

Therefore, constipation has its spiritual omen, sign, and message. You will only understand by paying more attention.

Whenever you are constipated, it is best to seek medical help immediately. After treatment, spend time meditating on the reason behind this health sign.

Doing that opens you up to the spiritual world – which has plenty of messages for you.

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Spiritual meaning of constipation

Spiritual meaning of constipation

When you are constipated, it speaks of your physical well-being.

Through this health challenge, the spiritual world wants you to be watchful of your health. This might be a sign that your body needs more rest or quality food intake. 

If you’ve gone through stress lately, this might be an indication that you need to rest

It is important to not ignore this message. Instantly take measures to get your body back to its vital state.

Furthermore, constipation warns against greed. I had a funny experience some years ago.

During a friend’s party, I lost control of my appetite and ate more than my belly could take.

Well, you would have expected to use the toilet frequently, right? That wasn’t the case for me. 

I didn’t stool for 3 days and felt uncomfortable and heavy. This taught me a lesson to not be greedy

In the same way, if you also have constipation, it is because the universe wants you to work on your appetite – not just food; but also in every aspect of your life.

When you have constipation, the universe wants you to implement all the ideas you have.

Constipation could be a spiritual sign of idea overload. It means that your idea bank is filled. Take out of it for implementation purposes.

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7 Spiritual causes of constipation

7 Spiritual causes of constipation

Having discussed the spiritual meaning of being constipated, it is time to talk about the spiritual causes of constipation. 

Whilst it is best to take medical action against this situation, you can also prevent constipation by preventing or working on these spiritual causes – if one or more is/are present in your life

1) Unforgiveness

If you find it hard to forgive people, you will likely suffer from constipation.

The reason for this is that unforgiveness leads to the storage of bad energy and thoughts towards an individual.

When this gets too much, your physical body will react through constipation. 

The best way to deal with this is by forgiving people easily. Letting go of hurts makes it less likely to suffer from constipation – from a spiritual perspective.

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2) Unhealthy Living

Spiritually, if you are not taking enough care of your body, you will most likely suffer constipation as a spiritual indication. 

Therefore, watch out for it. 

The next time you experience constipation “out of the blues”, it might be best to check if you’ve ignored your physical well-being in recent times. 

Adjust your schedule. Deliberately create time for your health

3) Refusing to let go of the past

A lot of times, the reason why we suffer from constant constipation is tied to our unwillingness to let go of the past.

This happens mostly to people who have failed in the past. They feel guilty for everything that happened and are stuck in that rut. 

Well, as long as you stay there, it will be impossible to make visible progress. 

Therefore, act on this message today! The cause of your constipation is that you’ve refused to move on with your life

4) be patient

It takes patience to overcome constipation. Now, if you find it hard to heal from constipation, it might be a reflection of impatience. 

Once this happens, make plans to slow down on your expectations. Let life happen to you on its own accord

5) Negativity

Constipation is spiritually caused by negative energy. 

Whenever you have constipation in the morning, negative energy has likely stayed long enough in your body.

This has made you physically vulnerable to illnesses like constipation. 

First things first; practice positive affirmations and thankfulness. Afterwards, smudge sage for self-purification.

6) Low self-esteem

Spiritually, constipation could be caused by low self-esteem

If you have low self-esteem, then, you are likely susceptible to constipation and other health problems. 

Work on your mind. Start seeing yourself as valuable and important. Doing this puts you on the path of healing, which eliminates the root of constipation

7) Anxiety

If you are anxious, you are likely going to have constipation.

Whilst it is not bad to be concerned about issues, ensure to not dwell so much in the anxiety zone

Rather, hand it over to God through prayer and expect things to turn out for the better. 

This is the message for you right now!

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Shall We Conclude?

As we have discussed, constipation can be a spiritual sign. When paid attention to, several messages can be squeezed out for daily living and mental balance. 

Henceforth, as soon as you get treated, learn to think of the spiritual significance of constipation and how it impacts your life

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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