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Home » Spiritual Meaning of Colon (Bowel) Problems: 7 Causes 

Spiritual Meaning of Colon (Bowel) Problems: 7 Causes 

Spiritual Meaning of Colon (Bowel) Problems: 7 Causes 

Warning: None of the informations in this article are intended to replace the need for professional medical monitoring, medical examinations, diagnoses or treatments. You should always consult your doctor and seek professional help.

My officemate came up to me the other day looking so distraught. His father was diagnosed with colon cancer and he was worried.

The doctors said that they caught the cancer in its early stages. And so the prognosis was good. My officemate, however, was anxious. Why was this happening, he asked.

Couldn’t his father be spared from pain given his old age?

My officemate was so upset that he insisted that we talk about the spiritual meaning of colon problems right away.

I told him to stop panicking and we will find the time to talk.

We did spend quite some time talking about colon problems and spiritual messages after office. I have included in this article what we have talked about.

Spiritual Meaning Of Colon Problems

Spiritual Meaning Of Colon Problems

When you have colon problems it is because you fail to realize the importance of the supreme being.

You are likely to realize that the supreme being is the center of everything, your world, actions and purpose in life should revolve around the creator.

You may recognize that the supreme being is the most important in our life but your actions fail to reflect this belief.

You may believe that the one above is the most powerful and nothing can be done without the heavens’ help but your actions do not show this faith in the one above.

The colon problems are signs that you need to put the supreme being in the front and center of your life.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer in Spiritual World

Colon cancer carries the spiritual meaning that you are unable to cede complete control to the supreme being.

This means that you are still working on believing that the one above is in control of everything.

This could be a sign that you have been leaning more on your strength rather than lifting everything to the creator.

You are trusting more in your own abilities than the love and powers of the one who created you.

Colon cancer is a sign that you need to trust in your creator wholeheartedly rather than your own powers or abilities.

He is the greatest teacher, healer, and the most powerful.

You may do your best but if he does not do something for you, then you will never have it.

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The Chakra Associated With Bowel/Colon

Woman meditating

The chakra associated with the bowel or the colon is the third chakra also referred to as the solar plexus chakra.

This chakra is said to be responsible for the digestion-related organs to work or function well.

Blockage of this chakra causes pain or illness and so it is believed that colon or bowel problems are also due to blocked solar plexus chakra.

You can also expect your balance will be affected as this chakra is found in the center of your body.

Think about it, when you have digestive-related pains, you are almost unable to do anything else. This is because the chakra related to the colon or bowel is practically in the middle of the body.

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7 Possible Spiritual Causes Of Colon Problems 

Spiritual Causes Of Colon Problems

1) Inability to forgive

Many say that being excessively angry or holding on to anger for a long time will have its physical manifestation. Your colon-related health problem is an example of this.

You are having colon problems because of your inability to forgive someone. Maybe there is this person who has badly hurt you and you want revenge on this person. 

Maybe this anger has been going on for years and until now you shake with anger when you remember what happened or the person.

2) Consuming too much junk

Your colon problems are spiritually believed to also be caused by the poor food you have fed both your body and mind.

Think then of your eating habits, of what food you have been feeding off. Chances are you are consuming food that is not good for your body.

At the same time, reflect on what you’ve been feeding your mind as this is equally important as what you feed your body.

The colon problem is a reminder that you need to treat both body and mind properly.

3) Too many broken relationships

When you are suffering from colon or bowel problems then this could be a sign that you have too many broken relationships.

You may have been walking away when there are conflicts rather than working to fix or save them.

Think of the family members you have been alienated from.

You may have also been treating friendships as optional, meaning you no longer make an effort to let the friendship flourish or don’t even bother to see your friends.

4) Backsliding in your faith

The bowel or colon problems you are experiencing could be because you often backslide on your faith.

The heavens are unhappy with your spiritual journey and send bowel problems to call your attention.

You may be inconsistent in your spiritual life. Sometimes you would be very eager and aggressive in praying and reading the word and the next few days forget that you have your faith.

The ones above are reminding you consistency is key to growing your faith. And backsliding will do you no good.

5) Excessive materialism

The heavens are likely sending you this bowel problem to call your attention that you have become too materialistic.

This means that you are prioritizing the accumulation of worldly wealth and almost forgetting everything else.

Your personal life may have taken a back seat in your desire to be rich. You may be missing so much with family as you prefer to work than to spend time with your loved ones. 

6) Lack of rest

You may be having some problems with your colon or bowel because you lack of rest.

This is the universe’s way of telling you that you need to take a break and rest your body. Perhaps you have been spending long hours at work and not getting the sleep or rest you need. 

You may have taken more responsibilities than you can handle at work, church, or family. Perhaps you could not refuse other people’s requests so you now have so much less time for yourself. 

The bowel or colon problems are physical manifestations of your lack of rest, which the heavens want you to address.

Spiritual Practices To Reduce Bowel Problems 


Various groups and cultures have different spiritual practices to reduce bowel problems.

Some cultures ask the tribal healer to visit the sick person and pray over the person. At the same time, this tribal healer will chant and burn leaves to drive away the bowel problems.
Similar to the one above, some people have a designated healer who will use his or her hands for healing. There may be some chanting other times there’s only the movement of the healer’s hand that will take care of the bowel problems.
Some people also take special brews which were made specially by someone who got the recipe from his or her family. The special brew is often passed from one generation to another.
Other cultures rely heavily on prayers but the prayers are said at the same time or hour every day to heal the sick. 

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Colon problems are some of the most common health-related problems but can cause too much discomfort and pain to many.

Aside from going for some medical check-ups, make sure to take the time to reflect on the spiritual message or what the cause of the problem is.

The heavens are telling you something important.

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