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Home » Pain In The Ribs Spiritual Meaning: 7 Causes and Signs

Pain In The Ribs Spiritual Meaning: 7 Causes and Signs

Pain In The Ribs Spiritual Meaning: 7 Causes and Signs

What is the spiritual meaning of pain in ribs? Let’s find out!

Do you feel an odd pain in your ribs lately?

Well, believe it or not, it’s probably the universe trying to hold you back from something!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about rib pain and its spiritual significance. 

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

What Do Ribs Represent Spiritually?

Ribs in spiritual world

Spiritually, ribs represent protection, warmth, and family

Since they keep your heart safe and secure from the inside, they’re believed to be a symbol of shelter that only family can provide you with. 

Some even believe ribs symbolize the family tree and how each member joins with the other to create a harmonious circle of life. It’s truly just beautiful how the human body and its composition can be interpreted in so many ways.

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Rib Pain Spiritual Meaning

Rib Pain Spiritual Meaning

Pain in the rib can be a sign that you feel unsheltered, vulnerable, and neglected by your loved ones

It’s common to experience something like this after a divorce/breakup or conflict with your family.

You may feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to or emotionally connect with and this isolation can put you through real depression over time. 

Rib pain can also indicate that something or someone broke you deep inside and the pain of it has been quite disturbing on your mental and emotional health.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Broken or Fractured Rib

Woman with Fractured Rib

If you’ve ever had a rib fracture, you’ll know it’s much worse than it sounds; the same goes for its spiritual meaning

In particular cases of minor rib injuries, the universe could be trying to tell you that your family has grown distant and could potentially fall apart.

This obviously applies only if you do notice some strange changes in the time you share with family.

Generally, however, a fracture in the rib means that you’re being too harsh on yourself and deliberately putting yourself through challenges that aren’t doing much for you in the long run.

Think of it as a sign to ease off and not drown yourself in hardships.

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7 Possible Spiritual Meanings Of Rib Pain

Spiritual signs from a broken rib

1) A Heartbreak

Spiritually, heartbreak and disappointment can be a major cause of rib pain

And, no, this heartbreak doesn’t always have to be a romantic one. Your friends, colleagues, family, and anyone in your life can break your heart. 

If you did have your heart broken recently, the pain in the ribs could mean that the grief and emotional turmoil is getting unbearable for you.

Changing your lifestyle in a way that allows your mind to move past the dreadful pain may be the best way to get out of it. 

2) You Need To Let Something Out

Since the ribs line up to protect the heart, pain in this area could mean that your heart wants to let something out but you’re forcibly trying to suppress it

In most cases, it’s some kind of a secret or disturbing event that could be eating you away from the inside. You may try to ignore it or forget about it but the rib pain suggests that you can’t. 

It’s your body telling you that you should distribute the heavy load with a trusted loved one and create space in your heart for better things

3) Not Giving Time To Family

Frequent rib pain can also be a sign that you’ve been slacking on family time a lot lately.

Now, you may have your reasons for it i.e. heavy workload, stress, responsibilities, and other commitments but neglecting family for an extended period of time can have unpleasant consequences in the long run. 

Therefore, consider the rib pain as a warning to get back to your family and cherish them all you can.

4) Self Blame

Although it’s a good habit to examine your own conscience before calling out other people, when you blame yourself for everything and anything that happens in your life, you may experience pain in your stomach and rib area

The pain likely signals to you that you’re being too harsh on yourself and even taking the blame for things you had no involvement in.

Slowly ease yourself out of this toxic habit and learn to NOT be overly critical about yourself. 

5) Address Your Emotions

Oftentimes, your body can react to you ignoring and dismissing its important signals. One of its reactions can be pain, especially in the rib area

More than likely, you’ve been ignoring your emotional health for far too long, and your body is adopting new ways to divert your attention toward the stale old emotions that have been rotting inside of you

It’s time to address those emotions and stop them from spoiling your heart any further!

6) You Hurt Someone

Sometimes rib pain may indicate that you hurt someone and now feel really guilty about it

Again, you may have your reasons for it and I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t deliberately want to hurt them.

However, there’s still that terrible guilt in your heart gradually devouring you from deep inside. 

Now, obviously how you deal with this situation and the pain is up to you but, generally, reduced guilt should ease the rib pain in most cases.

You can do that either by accepting that what you did was the only option or by sincerely apologizing and seeking forgiveness from the person you hurt. 

7) Bad Energy Surrounding You

Surprisingly, even just simple bad energy around you can become a reason for rib pain. 

When you’re constantly surrounded by bad energy, one day or the other your mind and heart will have enough of it.

The rib pain suggests that you’re not hanging out around the right kind of people and they’re having a negative impact on your development as an individual. 

Try cutting off all kinds of bad energy for a while and you’ll find yourself unlocking new levels of motivation, optimism, and persistence. 

Is Rib Pain A Bad Spiritual Sign?

Woman with right rib pain

Yes, rib pain is definitely a big bad spiritual sign!

Any pain near the heart or vital areas of the body is especially bad both spiritually and in the real world.

You must take immediate action and address it according to what phase/episode in life you’re dealing with at the time. 

If you have family problems going on, rib pain is definitely not a good sign and it likely means that something or someone will eventually tear apart your family.

Even other underlying emotional problems like feeling neglected, isolated, and broken inside can embody themselves in the form of rib pain.

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Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: rib pain is generally NOT to be ignored or taken lightly, especially if you are about your family.

Since the structure of the ribs is believed to represent family bonding, any sort of pain or weakness in the area may hint at a potential problem in your family life. Your traumatizing experiences, lowered spiritual health, vulnerabilities, and personality weaknesses can also be potential causes of your rib pain.  

Since the universe keeps its signs simple and effective, it surely won’t take you long to figure out what the spiritual cause of your rib pain is.

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  1. Could it be that you are expanding and cells are upgrading so that’s why the rib hurts until it settles in with the new expansion and frequency ? It feels like that to me

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