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Chest Pain Spiritual Meaning: Left or Right Side?

Chest Pain Spiritual Meaning: Left or Right Side?

Chest pain is linked to heart attacks, circulation issues, respiratory issues, and more…

But, it can also be a sign of an urgent spiritual message, a call to give blessings to other people, or even a sign that blessings are coming your way.

Spiritual meanings and messages are subjective, and deeply personal to each individual, but let’s take a look at what your chest pain spiritual meaning might be. 

Why Does My Heart Feel Spiritually Heavy?

woman with chest pain

When your heart feels heavy it’s likely that your emotions are weighing heavy on your mind, too.

Sadness, anger, loneliness, betrayal, and other negative emotions can be overwhelmingly suffocating, so heavy on your height that you can actually feel the weight of them. 

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Chest Pain Spiritual Meaning

man feeling chest pain

Chest pain is symbolic of several things but is very closely linked with emotional distress and upset.

This could include current situations that are causing you emotional pain, or previous situations with trauma and pain attached that you haven’t yet resolved. 

Whether it’s current or past, however, you must fix the problem before you can return to full heart health. 

Right Side:

Masculine energies are associated with the right side of the body, and it is also linked to power, control, winning, logic, action, strength, and aggressiveness.

This is ‘yang’ energy, representative of logical decision-making and connected to how others might perceive you or think of you alongside matters of your social and career life. 

In terms of action, the right side suggests outward actiongiving rather than receiving

Left Side:

The left side of the body is where feminine energy is stored, and it’s also associated with spiritual connection, a message or meaning relating to a female-identifying person in your life, or gut instinct/intuition. 

Also linked with creativity, dreams, the subconscious mind, and your spiritual self, it’s more a message of emotions, processing and understanding those emotions, and dealing with your gut instinct. 

In terms of action, left-sided chest pain suggests an inward actionreceiving blessings, money, or happiness instead of giving

Heart Pain Spiritual Meaning

woman waking up in pain

Physical heart pain can be caused be emotional heartache or heartbreak.

So, if you’ve recently separated from a significant other, lost a much loved relative, or suffered from any other type of emotional distress, the two are likely linked

Chest Tightness Spiritual Meaning

man with chest pain

Issues with the chest could relate to issues with your heart chakra, which is located, as you might’ve guessed, close to the heart

This is the fourth energy center in the body and is known in Sanskrit as Anahata.

This is where all things love, compassion, balance, and empathy are stored – so issues in that area signify issues with those things. 

A lack of empathy paired with difficulty in maintaining relationships are two symptoms that are very common in those suffering from a blocked heart chakra.

Your heart pain or chest tightness could, therefore, represent difficulties with relationships coming up. 

Other symptoms associated with a blocked heart chakra include

  • Heart problem;
  • Chest or heart pain and tightness;
  • Respiratory issues;
  • Inability to make new friends;
  • Inability to keep friends;
  • Feelings of worthlessness;
  • No ability to forgive – others or yourself.

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Burning Chest Spiritual Meaning

feeling burning chest

Intense emotions are associated with a burning chest, such as burning love, anger, or passion.

Perhaps you don’t want to feel those things, or as many of those things as you do. Alternatively, you might not even realize that your emotions have been burning so brightly. 

Either way, a burning chest indicates super intense emotions. Can you pinpoint yours? 

7 Spiritual Meanings of Chest Pain

7 Spiritual Meanings of Chest Pain

To discover the right spiritual meanings of chest pain for you, you must clear your mind of everything you think you know.

Then, when you’ve done that (meditation is a great way, alongside yoga and manifestation), you can read through these potential meanings and easily observe the ones that feel relevant to you.

If it speaks to you, even if it is in ways that you don’t understand, you’re on the right path to deciphering your spiritual message

1) Stop Ignoring Your Emotions 

Bottling up or ignoring your emotions is only going to result in an emotional explosion, and that won’t do you or anyone else any good.

Your emotional pain is manifesting itself as a physically-felt pain, which is a call to action. Keep ignoring your emotional or spiritual pain and your chest or heart pain is going to get worse. 

If you believe this is your chest pain spiritual meaning, I urge you to look deep within yourself to find unresolved trauma, negative emotions, or other unprocessed and still-hanging-around trauma.

You can’t let go of whatever is holding you back until you look it in the face and admit that it’s a problem.  

2) A Sign of Spiritual Transformation or Awakening

For some people, chest pain on either the left or ride side is related to a spiritual awakening.

You are going through an awakening, and your heart is bulging with all the energies being sent your way. As a result, you’re experiencing pain

Chest pain is painful, but it’s also sometimes a good and positive sign.

You should use the stronger spiritual connection by asking for guidance from your angels, seeking answers to burning questions, or manifesting your dream life. 

3) Overwhelming Feelings of Guilt

Guilt can overtake the heart, every other emotion you might feel, and your entire life, if you don’t get things in check.

Feeling guilt for something bad you have done or said is good, but you can’t constantly live with that guilt lingering over you. 

With guilt comes forgiveness. You must be able to forgive yourself in the same way that you would forgive other people.

And if you wouldn’t forgive other people, perhaps that’s the thing you need to work on. 

4) You Need to Let Go of Old Patterns 

Lingering heart or chest pain might be a sign that you’ve been holding on to old patterns, ways of thinking, or beliefs for far too long – and it’s time to change.

New experiences will lead to new insights in life, and you can only gain wisdom by actually living your life. 

Change leads to evolution, which leads to better (mostly) ways of living and thinking. It’s time for you to let go of those old views or patterns of behavior

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5) It’s Time for You to Pay Attention

The angels, universe, or someone/thing else from the divine realm has been trying to reach you, but you haven’t been paying attention to the signs and symbols.

Have you recently seen the same bird over and over again, or the same numbers (angel numbers), or something else?

Repeated sightings of something are often a symbol with a deeper meaning attached, and the same can be said for dreams. 

6) A Need to Realign the Heart Chakra 

You can unblock or realign your heart chakra my meditating while visualizing lotus flowers, the color green, or vibrations of love, compassion, and forgiveness surrounding you.

Self-care is important, too. Positive affirmations can help, such as:

  • “I am capable of forgiveness”;
  • “I am worthy of love and happiness.” 

7) Warning or Message of Unpleasant Things to Come

Chest pain is unpleasant and could relate to something unpleasant that’s going to happen in your life.

Spirits, angels, and other places or people in the divine realm will send you messages in any way they can, and if they think the message is urgent, they’ll send it in a way that is urgent.

Chest pain is one of those urgent ways. 

There’s an urgent message out there for you to decipher and use to your advantage.

What might it be? What’s happening in your life right now that could potentially need a sprinkle of positivity? 

Is Chest Pain a Good or Bad Spiritual Sign?

woman with a painful chest

Well, it depends. For some, chest pain will be a good sign. For other people, however, it will be a bad one.

In the latter, the message is usually a warning, which seems bad, but can actually help you to avoid unpleasant or uncomfortable situations in the future. 

When you receive a warning and then understand it, you can better protect yourself and your heart from things that are coming your way.

You can also make changes to prevent those bad or negative things from happening.

So, technically, even a bad message is a good message in many ways

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Final words

If you’re experiencing chest pain, please get it checked out by a medical professional.

You can’t heed any kind of spiritual meaning if you’re… well, dead. Your health must come first, before anything else. 

Once you have sought medical assistance, then you can look towards the potential chest pain spiritual meanings that stand out to you.

And when you do figure it out, you can then take steps to put it right again. 

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