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11 Spiritual Meanings of Anklet on the Right and Left Leg

11 Spiritual Meanings of Anklet on the Right and Left Leg

Have you ever felt strange after wearing your anklet in the morning? Do you feel a sudden spiritual connection to your anklet? All of these could be signs that the universe has something to say to you

Whilst it is difficult to understand these messages, I have discovered easy ways to never miss out on every spiritual message that comes through this ornament.

In this article, I will unveil the different ways you can use anklets for spiritual purposes, and how to benefit from them. 

What does an Ankle Bracelet Mean?

Ankle Bracelet

An ankle bracelet or anklet as it is called is a piece of jewelry that is tied around the ankles. This ornament has been used for over 8,000 years by various cultures and traditions.

It is believed to be an ornament of beauty. Women who desire to look exotic use this as an additional beauty accessory. 

An ankle bracelet can be made with silver or golden chains. This depends on the taste of the wearer.

Your skin color also determines what type of anklet you should wear.

You can use this ornament on both the right and left leg.

Although, it is believed that there must be a spiritual reason attached to wearing it on either the right or left leg.

All of these will be discussed later on in this article.

An anklet spiritually means an ornament of inner beauty:

  • It is said that people who use ankle bracelets are beautiful inside and outside;
  • It speaks of the inner beauty that is full of honesty, virtues, intelligence, wisdom, and respect;
  • Also, it encourages people to work on their inner selves rather than adorning their physical qualities. 

What does an Anklet Symbolize?

Anklet in spiritual world

An anklet in the spiritual world is a symbol of grace.

When you hear the word “grace”, it means a supernatural intervention on behalf of people.

This indicates that God will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

The universe can send this sign to you as an assurance. Whenever you dream of wearing an anklet, it means every step you take will be blessed by God.

This also assures you of enjoying success in your business.

The anklet symbolism also points towards making a difference. It is given to encourage people to stand for their belief system.

It does not matter if what you believe is popular or not.

All you need is to stick with what you believe.

When you do this for a long time, people will pay attention, and this will give you the platform to make a difference.

Another shade of this message points towards the courage to be unique

What does this mean? It means you should not be ashamed to differ from others. We don’t run the same race.

Also, we differ from each other in our perspectives and views.

Wearing an anklet might be an inspiration for you to stick to your view and choose to embrace your uniqueness.

What does Wearing an Anklet mean Spiritually?

Woman Wearing an Anklet

There are superstitions surrounding this.

When people wear an anklet, it could be passing a message to their subconscious.

Spiritually, this singular activity can communicate 11 different messages to you.

However, before we talk about that, we need to understand what it means to wear it on the right or left leg.

Anklet on Left Ankle Meaning:

Anklet on Left Ankle

Wearing this ornament on the left ankle is a spiritual activity.

Beyond the beauty it adds to people’s looks, it can also protect the wearer.

In some cultures, this is used as a talisman or charm that protects people from evil spirits, attacks, diseases, bad luck, and so on.

Therefore, you can wear it on purpose.

Spiritually, dreams about wearing the ankle bracelet on the left ankle indicate protection from harm.

It guarantees that you will not be affected by the negative plans of people.

Also, it tells you to beware of trusting people – especially when you feel there is something off about such people. Therefore, watch out for these people. 

Anklet on the Right Ankle Meaning:

Anklet on the Right Ankle

Spiritually, wearing an anklet on the right ankle means good luck.

The spiritual world gives this sign to people via dreams as an omen of goodness and prosperity.

Another spiritual meaning of wearing the anklet on the right ankle is encouragement.

It tells people to be consistent with their craft or their businesses.

Do you want to attract your soul twin? Then, try wearing an ankle bracelet on your right ankle.

It is believed to release energy that connects you with your twin flame

11 Spiritual Meanings of Using an Anklet

Spiritual Meaning of Using an Anklet

Using an anklet can help you get the following spiritual messages:

1) Stick to your conviction

Spiritually, using an anklet encourages you to stick with your conviction.

Anytime you dream of using this ornament on your right or left ankle, it is an omen of encouragement.

It tells you to never back down from what you have chosen to do.

Even if things go wrong, staying with your conviction helps you to take steps and decisions without anybody’s input. 

This message can be given to anybody.

Therefore, open your mind to this spiritual message.

2) Good luck charm

Good luck

To attract good luck, wearing an anklet is a good way to do this.

Whenever you wear it on your left ankle, it attracts good luck to you.

It tells you to also expect something good to happen to you

People experiencing difficulties can use this for good luck. They can leverage the power of anklets to attract good luck to their lives.

Furthermore, dreams about wearing anklets assure you of enjoying something good in your life.

It tells you that your life is about to change. Therefore, open your mind to this message whenever it is given to you by the spiritual world.

3) Wealth and prosperity

For wealth purposes, wearing a golden anklet is effective.

It attracts good luck to you and eliminates bad luck from your life.

Because of this, you can enjoy wealth. Whenever you use golden anklets, it draws money to you.

It is believed that people can attract lucky money to their lives by using golden anklets on either their right or left ankles

Therefore, use it for yourself. Do you want a financial breakthrough? Use golden anklets. It is a charm for wealth and prosperity.

With this sign, your life can change for the better.

4) Emotional stability

Stability in spiritual world

Once you notice an emotional imbalance, it is advisable to use anklets.

  • They serve as boundaries for people.
  • They also keep the emotional energy of people together.
  • It is believed that wearing this ornament around your left ankle keeps you emotionally stable. 

With this, your mind will be clear enough to make certain decisions.

Furthermore, you will be able to discern people and understand what they stand for.

When it comes to falling in love, wearing anklets around your left ankle keeps your mental state in the perfect shape to accommodate the stress of a marital and romantic relationship. 

5) Protection from negativity

Do you want to enjoy positivity? Or is your environment full of negativity?

Using ankle bracelets can help protect you from this.

Your mind will be shielded from negative energy by wearing anklets around both your right and left ankles. 

When you dream of wearing these accessories, it could inform you to protect yourself from meditating on negative events.

Spiritually, when you expose yourself to negative thought patterns, they form your mindset, and this eventually affects the outcome of your life.

To protect your mind from negativity, it is advisable to wear anklets often.

This keeps you in check, and also creates an invisible boundary around your mind against negative energy.

6) Wearing an anklet with an arrow pendant

Set new goals for your life

This is a sign of setting a goal.

Before you shoot an arrow, a target must be in place and the arrow must be aimed at it.

Therefore, if your ankle bracelet has an arrow as a pendant, it means you should set realistic goals.

This is an encouragement and not a warning sign.

Also, this can be an affirmation from the universe.

It could be a green sign for you to take certain actions, or go ahead with your plan.

7) Wearing an anklet with a hollow pendant

In the spiritual realm, a hollow or circle speaks of union, love, and commitment.

Therefore, this could speak of getting married (for those who are not married).

However, if you are married, this message could be given to help you love your spouse much more.

The hollow pendant on your anklet encourages love, support, and commitment.

Another spiritual meaning of wearing an anklet with a hollow pendant is an invisible boundary to people.

This talks about setting boundaries for people.

These boundaries define how people should relate to you. It also protects you from bad relationships. 

8) An anklet with a love pendant

Anklet with a love pendant

Spiritually, it is an omen of sacrifice.

Anytime you buy anklets with love pendants, this is telling you to be ready to pay the price for your dreams. The love pendant inspires a love for your dream.

It tells you to never lose your passion.

Additionally, this also encourages people to show kindness to other people. It tells you to never be hostile.

Meditating on anklets with love pendants softens your heart.

It makes you a channel of blessing to other people.

The universe can inspire you to shed the light of love for other people. 

9) Clarity

Do you want a channel to clear your mind? It can be difficult to achieve this without any spiritual aid.

Whenever you need clarity, you can wear a silver anklet on either your right or left ankle.

When you are confused, holding a silver anklet in your hand can clear your mind.

Furthermore, dreams about walking around with a silver anklet bring an assurance from the spiritual world.

It tells you that the questions in your mind or the issues in your life will be resolved soon.

This brings peace of mind and ensures stability.

10) Courage

Spiritual courage

History has it that people wear anklets when they are about to take a bold move.

The reason is that it is believed to give people courage.

Do you want to be courageous? Try wearing this anklet on your ankles.

The energy supplied to your feet helps you to take bold steps. It also helps you to venture into new projects without the fear of failure.

The spiritual meanings of anklets help the mind to focus on the potential success of a plan. It eliminates pessimism.

With this sign, the universe is encouraging you to be courageous.

It inspires you to be bold enough to take steps.

11) Spiritual Connection

When people want to be connected to the spiritual world, it is said that they use anklets on their ankles.

The reason for this is that the energy from this ornament draws the soul.

It helps you to meditate more on spiritual things, which eventually heightens your consciousness.

Whenever you dream of using this ornament, it is a message from the universe. This tells you to pay attention to the spiritual world.

Your mind needs to think more about spirituality.

Also, you should be sensitive enough to identify certain ominous signs around you

What does it mean when you Lose an Anklet?

Meaning of losing an anklet

It means carelessness and lack of attention to detail.

Furthermore, it could also point to a lack of protection.

That is, your guards are down, and this will make you an easy target for evil spirits.

Losing an anklet either in dreams or in real life is a warning sign you should beware of

Should I use an Anklet?


Yes, you can use an anklet.

Whether for spiritual or physical purposes, anklets are beautiful to behold; yet, carry divine powers.

Therefore, using it brings great spiritual benefits to you.

Final Words

If you have an abandoned anklet, you should get it out of your trinket box.

Wearing this ornament does not pose a threat to your daily activities. Rather, it further strengthens you to crush your goals, dreams, and ambitions

The information in this article has explained all there is to know about the spiritual meaning of this ornament. Therefore, make use of them for spirituality and mindset development.

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