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9 Spiritual Meanings of Jewelry Breaking and Falling off

9 Spiritual Meanings of Jewelry Breaking and Falling off

What is the spiritual meaning of jewelry breaking and falling off? Let’s find out!

Whenever your jewelry breaks and falls off, it is a mystery that needs to be resolved. You cannot take this event likely.

The powers of the spirit world can use this event as a message, and you have the responsibility to figure out what it means. Therefore, I have written this article as a solution.

In this article, we will discuss the different messages that come from broken jewelry. We will also look into the spiritual meanings that come when your jewelry falls off.

Spiritual Meaning of Jewelry Breaking

Spiritual Meaning of Jewelry Breaking

Whenever your jewelry breaks, the universe is showing you an important sign.

However, you will have to look into the material of the jewelry before you understand the meaning of this sign. Different messages come with individual jewelry materials.

Rose Quartz Jewelry Breaking

Rose Quartz Jewelry
Rose Quartz

Whenever your rose quartz jewelry breaks, there can be a good message and a bad message.

Don’t worry, I will give you the things to look out for. However, bear in mind that your broken rose quartz jewelry can bear a good or bad sign. Let us start with the good sign.

When it breaks at night:

Whenever your rose quartz jewelry breaks in the night, it is a good sign.

  • The night is a season of completion.
  • This is when everyone retires to bed after a good day’s job.

Therefore, broken rose quartz jewelry at night is a sign of completion.

Now, the energy that comes from rose quartz is good for healing. That is, people use rose quartz jewelry for their healing.

Whenever it breaks at night, it means that you are free from sickness.

The rose quartz jewelry broke because it has completed its job of healing. You have absorbed all the energy in the jewelry, and there is no need for it anymore. This is a sign of healing.

When it breaks in the morning:

Now, the bad sign is whenever the rose quartz jewelry breaks in the morning. Morning seasons are beginning seasons, and if anything goes wrong during this time, it will affect the rest of your day.

Whenever your rose quartz jewelry breaks in the morning, it means that you need healing.

This is a bad sign.

It is a sign that the energy from your rose quartz jewelry has been exhausted, but you are still in need of healing. Therefore, get another rose quartz jewelry for the completion of the healing process.

If your rose quartz jewelry breaks in the morning, it is also a sign that your energy level is low. Whenever your energy level vibrates at a lower frequency, it is a sign of negativity. It also means that you are vulnerable to attacks. 

Seeing broken rose quartz jewelry in the morning is also a sign that you are not paying enough attention to your health.

This seeks to answer the question as regards your health issue. The reason behind your recurring health issue is a result of your carelessness.

Therefore, take time to care for your health.

Watch the things you eat and rest well. yes, rose quartz jewelry can reveal the reason behind your constant sickness.

Necklace Breaking


Whenever your necklace breaks, it has come to warn you of certain things. It is best to pay attention to these warning signs before buying another necklace.

If you fail to pay attention to these signs, your necklace might keep breaking, and this will make you more vulnerable to attacks and bad luck.

Whenever your necklace breaks, it is believed that you are not carrying out your duties properly.

  • Have you been queried at work countless times?
  • Were you confused about the recent issues in your business or at your workplace?

Your necklace has broken to show you the reason, and also bring a warning sign.

The reason behind your issues at work is a failure to carry out your duties. You have not paid enough attention to the things you are required to do.

This is why your necklace has broken.

Now, the warning sign can come with bad luck if the necklace breaks at work. Whenever your necklace breaks at work, it is a sign that your failure to carry out your duties is about to cost you your job.

Therefore, it is advisable to make quick amends after the necklace break.

Another spiritual meaning of necklace breaking points to pressure.

Whenever your necklace breaks, it is a sign that you are succumbing to external pressures.

Therefore, take this as a caution sign to be content, and never competitive. You will break your necklace as a result of pressure, and this means that succumbing to pressure will make you lose the things you love.

Bracelet Breaking


Whenever your bracelet breaks, 3 spiritual meanings can be attributed to it:

This means that it is time to get out of your comfort zone:

Whenever your favorite bracelet breaks, it means that the time has come for you to leave your comfort zone.

Trust me! It sucks to experience this event. However, taking heed to the instruction will bless you in immeasurable ways.

Once your favorite bracelet breaks, start looking for new ways to challenge yourself. Start looking for opportunities to take on new responsibilities.

Whenever your evil eye bracelet breaks, it is a good sign:

This means that the evil eye bracelet has accomplished its task. You have taken all the energy from the evil eye bracelet.

This is a sign of protection. That is, you are enjoying the protection of the universe. The evil eye bracelet will come to protect you from the evil eye of jealous people.

Therefore, whenever it breaks, the work is completed.

When your bracelet breaks (because of a bigger wrist):

This is a good sign of breaking out. That is, you are entering a new phase of life, which is filled with success and many good testimonies.

Tiger Eye Bracelet Breaking

Tiger Eye Bracelet
Image from: Zessoo

Whenever your tiger eye bracelet breaks apart, it is time to pay attention. As you watch the pieces of your bracelet, it is important to suck in the energy from this event and clear your mind for the message. 

Whenever your tiger eye bracelet breaks in a dream, it is a sign that you are under spiritual protection.

Have you felt vulnerable in recent times? The universe can send a message of assurance through dreams. One of the common dreams to have is to see your tiger eye bracelet break. Once you have this type of dream, it is a sign of protection. 

However, if your tiger eye bracelet breaks in real life, it is a sign that you have exposed yourself to spiritual attacks.

This is a sign that you have let down your guard for evil people to penetrate.

Most times, you will begin to feel depressed.

The best way to fight against this is by buying another tiger eye bracelet. The energy from this bracelet will restore everything to its normal place.

When your tiger eye bracelet breaks, it is also a sign that your root chakra is functioning properly.

The root chakra is responsible for withstanding challenges. This is one quality you will receive from this event.

The breaking of your tiger eye bracelet will impart a high level of tenacity into you, which will withstand every pressure and challenge that comes your way.

Chakra Bracelet Breaking by Itself Meaning

Chakra Bracelet Breaking

Whenever your chakra bracelet breaks by itself, you should know that it is a spiritual sign. Therefore, let us look into this. Whenever your chakra bracelet breaks by itself, it is a clear sign that the work is completed.

A chakra bracelet is believed to have spiritual powers for healing, mental balance, and effective functioning of all chakra points.

Whenever you wear a chakra bracelet, it is believed to supply abundant energy that raises your spiritual vibration to a higher frequency.

However, after a while, the energy in your chakra bracelet will be exhausted. Once this happens, the bracelet will break.

This is a sign that you have taken in all the energy from the bracelet. It is also a sign that everything is functioning perfectly in your chakras. 

Another spiritual meaning of a chakra bracelet breaking by itself is the delivery of a spiritual message.

This is a generic meaning.

You have to pay attention to getting specific messages from it. Whenever your chakra bracelet breaks by itself, it means that the universe wants to deliver a spiritual message to you.

Therefore, you have the responsibility to pay attention to what the universe has to say. We don’t know the message you will receive.

Therefore, it is impossible to give you a clue.

The best clue you can get is an awareness of the spiritual communication portal. As you pay more attention and meditate on the chakra bracelet, the message will be fired into your consciousness.

Carnelian Jewelry Breaking Meaning

Carnelian Jewelry Breaking Meaning
Image from:

Whenever your carnelian jewelry breaks, it means that you are not enthusiastic about life.

In the spiritual world, carnelian is an element of joy and hope. Therefore, its presence fills people with enthusiasm about life.

When your carnelian jewelry breaks apart, this is a message that you are losing your enthusiasm for success. It is a sign that you are not motivated to become better at what you do.

Furthermore, your broken carnelian jewelry means that you are not spiritually active.

Carnelian is also an element of spirituality. It is believed to keep people spiritually aglow. Therefore, seeing your broken carnelian jewelry might be a sign that you have lost touch with spirituality.

However, meditating on the power of the carnelian jewelry can help you to find your feet in spirituality.

When your carnelian jewelry breaks in the dream, it means that you lack self-confidence. This means that you have been living in the shadows of people for a long time. It is time to break out of this mold, find the purpose of your true self and stick with it.

This is a message from your broken carnelian jewelry, and you should take heed to it.

Spiritual Meaning of Jewelry Falling off

Spiritual Meaning of Jewelry Falling off

Whenever your jewelry falls off, it is something never to trivialize. Let us look at the 3 categories of jewelry and their spiritual meanings.

Necklace falling off:

This means that you should learn to take responsibility for your life. This is one of the most important messages of your necklace falling off.

Bracelet falling off:

If the bracelet was given to you as a gift, then, this is a sign that you are about to lose some of your friends. However, if you brought the bracelet, it means that you should make wise financial decisions.

Earrings falling off:

This is a sign of spirituality. That is, you are about to receive a message from the universe, and you need to pay attention to your spiritual hearing.

What does it mean when your Necklace keeps twisting?

Necklace twisting

Whenever your necklace keeps twisting, it means that you are burdened with the issues of life.

It is said that your necklace will twist only when the pendant is heavier than the chain.

In the spiritual world, this means that you are burdened with the challenges of life.

The universe is paying attention and planning how to get you out.

What does it mean when Necklace is backward?

Necklace backwards

Well, this means that you should not believe everything you see.

That is, things don’t seem as you see them.

This is a message to inspire strict attention to detail.

Furthermore, it is encouraging you to act wisely with the people around you. As you do this, it will be easy to identify insincere ones.

Necklace Falling off and Breaking Superstition

Necklace Falling off

When your necklace falls off and breaks, it is believed to be a good and bad sign.

Several cultures agree that your necklace will fall off when you are victorious over your enemies.

They believe that your necklace will break when you have failed to obey instructions from God.

Final Words

The mystery behind jewelry breaking and falling off has been resolved. Therefore, make use of this information for your safety and caution. Once you identify the message from the universe, run with it, and experience a sudden change in your life and mindset.

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  1. I remember when my daughters were little and were so concerned with their friendship bracelets breaking off that they would lose that friendship! 28 years later and they are all still best friends that are practically family!

  2. Hi something not covered in the article is what does it mean if you are guided to take off all your jewelry by a spirit guide? Please email me an answer if possible, thank you for your time.

  3. What is it mean when a Italian horn falls off the necklace and yet the necklace is still intact and not broken and the charm clasp is not broken.

  4. Hi I’m a member of a rock gemstone\ Crystal thing online. Where I receive 2types of stones every month. A couple months ago I got a beautiful Fluorite Point necklace on a leather necklace. I cleansed it and began wearing g it. 3\4 days later I was wormy g with other rocks a\my neice, WHEN SUDDENLY THE WHOLE NECKLACE FLEW OFF MY NECK, Leather cord in fact clasp still hooked. But the FLUORITE POINT BROKE IN HALF ON THE CARPET!!!
    I am a spiritual Gypsy GOOD WITCH , I make healing bags, laying on of crystals to relieve pain,read Tarot and runs for guidance not as a way of life. But I am totally lost on why this happened, although I’m certain it is a strong message?? I’m going through a lot right now.. My sister passed away, I got some bad news about my health and I’m turning 60 Feb 21…..
    Appreciate all your input and time. Thank you, Donna

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