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11 Spiritual & Biblical Meanings of Hearing Knocking at the Door

11 Spiritual & Biblical Meaning Hearing Knocking at the Door

It’s not a question worthy of asking if you’ve ever heard knocks on your door.

But have you ever heard a knocking sound at your door, but no one was there when you opened it?

If it’s not your siblings or friends playing pranks on you. This experience is known to have different spiritual and even biblical meanings. 

Hearing the sound of knocking is an omen of some sort. 

In this article, I will explore 11 potential spiritual and biblical meanings behind hearing a knock at the door.

What Does it Mean When you Hear Someone Knocking at Your Door?

Someone at your door knocking

Someone knocking at your door could mean a few things.

It could be a pleasant surprise from an old friend, or it could be the beginning of something much more unexpected.

You never know what to expect when someone is asking to come in.

The knock at the door can represent potential opportunities and possibilities.

It’s a chance for a new friendship, or maybe even love.

It can also signify an unwelcome guest showing up on your doorstep without warning. 

In either case, you should always be aware of who is knocking before opening the door and entering into any situation without caution. 

It may not always turn out as expected but being cognizant of your surroundings will help ensure that you are not put in any undesirable positions.

What Does it Mean When you Hear Knocking in your Sleep and it Wakes You Up?

What Does it Mean When you Hear Knocking in your Sleep and it Wakes You Up?

I already had this experience! I can tell you it’s a little scary… Let’s start?!?

I was sleeping and suddenly I heard someone knocking on my bedroom door. I woke up scared, went there to see (very slowly)… And nobody was there.

I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water and noticed that I had left the oven on.

I was surprised!!! It was quite a shock! The knock on the door was a warning sign that I had forgotten to turn off the oven. At least, that’s the message I got.

It was a warning message! A message to wake me up and warn me about something.

If the same thing happens to you, remember something you should have done, but didn’t.

Biblical Meaning of Hearing Knocking at Night

Biblical Meaning of Hearing Knocking at Night

20 Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

Revelation 3:20

Just like me, many people have gleaned their knowledge of the spiritual world from the Bible.

If you’re like that too, then pay attention. 

Generally speaking, the Bible is filled with spiritual teachings that many people draw upon to make meaning of life and the world around them. 

In the Bible, there are two primary understandings of what it means to hear knocking at night: a warning from God or an invitation into angelic presence

According to some interpretations, hearing this sound could be a sign from God that something urgent awaits us; perhaps we have neglected our spiritual practice and need to refocus or repent for our sins. 

Alternatively, some believe that these knocks come as an invitation by angels for us to enter into their realm and receive divine guidance for our lives or healing for our souls.

Read the meaning of hearing your name called while sleeping.

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing a Knock at the Door

Old open door

An effective way to interpret the meaning behind a knock is to ask yourself what energy or feeling it brings with it.

Is it an invitation for growth or healing?

Does it bring with it peace or joy?

And if you’re someone that gets scared when you hear knocks late at night, there’s nothing wrong with you.

It’s natural to be scared at least a little in such scenarios especially when you’re not expecting someone. 

However, you must understand things don’t just happen in this world, and things have their significance and reasons for happening.

These reasons and significance are often spiritual. 

It’s a sign that you’re being called or invited to an arena of new possibilities and fresh opportunities.

I’d explore more of these as we move on. 

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing 2 Knocks Sound at Night

The meaning of hearing 2 knocks

I remember some years ago, the year I got into college.

Just the night before I moved, I was fast asleep and suddenly I heard two knocks on my door, I opened the door but no one was there.

I heard it the second time, I went to yell at my younger brother but he wasn’t the one, I was terrified! I barely got any sleep till daybreak. 

However, regardless of its source, hearing this sound can elicit a sense of spiritual awakening and lead to profound changes in one’s life

Hearing two knocks at night is seen as an omen that something important is about to happen. This could mean anything from a change in fortune to the emergence of new opportunities or challenges. 

For example, for me, it meant an indication of a new stage in life, new possibilities, and new challenges.

Whether you take this seriously or not, it can still be an interesting way to reflect and gain insight into your life journey.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing Knocking in Your Sleep

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Knocking in Your Sleep

The unconscious mind often sends messages through symbols to the conscious mind and knocking is one such symbol that has multiple spiritual interpretations

Particularly after my experience and what it meant and how that experience guided me through college.

I hunted for those who’ve had similar experiences.

Below are 11 powerful spiritual meanings of hearing knocking in your sleep.

1) An Opportunity has Opened for You

Saying it simply and directly: a new opportunity is knocking at your door.

Won’t you rather let it in?

It can be easy to ignore these moments, but it’s important to recognize that they are the universe’s way of letting you know something special is just around the corner. 

2) It is time to take an action

When you hear a door knock, it is a sign that the time has come for us to take action.

We may not be sure what exactly needs doing; we may feel paralyzed by uncertainty or overwhelmed by too many options.

But all you need to do is to pay attention and keep a still mind and you’d know what to do, open the door, and take one small step forward in trust.

3) You need to be spiritually sensitive

When we experience a knock on the door, it often brings with it a reminder to become spiritually sensitive.

To be spiritually sensitive means to open ourselves up to the divine guidance that is all around us and within us.

It means listening more deeply to discern our highest truth – what we know from deep within our souls. 

4) A new season is coming

A new season is coming! A new season is knocking!

When you hear that familiar sound of knocking on the door, it means that a new season is coming.

Each season brings with it unique energy and offers you an opportunity to reflect on your lives and how you can grow spiritually. 

You can use this moment to take stock of where you are in life as a way of preparing yourself for the new season upon you.

Make an effort to be thankful for all the blessings you have received throughout the year.

5) Someone is trying to access your life

When you hear knocking on the door, it may be a sign that someone is trying to worm their way into your life or your heart.

They’ve been standing there at the door of your heart, knocking and knocking, hoping that you’d open up yourself to them. 

This could be for a new love, especially if your heart just got broken

It’s important to pay attention to these signs and learn how to position yourself to take advantage of situations like this

6) Pay attention to your spiritual self

When you hear knocking on the door, it could be a sign that you need to pay attention to your spiritual life.

Whether it’s a gentle reminder or a loud call to action, it is important to recognize this as an opportunity for growth and transformation

7) A spiritual alignment

Spiritual alignment? Yes! 

Usually, in this case, you’d have this experience when other spiritual premonitions have come your way but you’ve ignored them.

Then you might hear knocks to tell you to get connected and in sync with the divine

This connection can be created through meditation, reflection, or any other practice that allows us to go deeper into our understanding of ourselves

8) You need to get back on track

Flowing from number seven (7) above, it’s a call to get back on track.

Life can be filled with distractions and detours, leading us down a path that isn’t necessarily the one we intended to take.

But when we start hearing that persistent knocking at our door, it’s time to stop and consider if we’re where we want and need to be.

9) Something needs adjusting

It is a reminder from within ourselves that maybe something needs adjusting to reach our goals and fulfill our true purpose.

This could take effect through seeing someone who might have inspired us before or being reminded of something meaningful from the past.

It could even come in the form of constructive feedback from another person pointing out areas for improvement or growth opportunities.

10) Increased Awareness

The unmistakable sound of knocking on the door or even a dream of someone knocking on your door is a sign of something exciting or important.

It can also be seen as a sign of increased awareness – an opportunity to open up our minds and hearts to new possibilities and experiences. 

11) An Opportunity for Growth

Knocking on the door indicates an opportunity for growth just around the corner, both personally and professionally.

Opening up to new ideas, people, and places can ultimately lead us down paths we never expected to take – ones that have the potential for a great reward if we are brave enough to answer the call.

Number of Knocks Meaning

Spirits and ghosts

Knowing fully well that, hearing knocks on your door is not without its spiritual significance. 

Let’s discuss the different spiritual meanings associated with the different numbers of knocks. 

Hearing 2 knocks:

It suggests that you should ask questions and look for answers to questions you’ve always had through meditation and introspection.

The spiritual meaning of hearing two knocks could indicate that someone is trying to send you a message or warning about something significant in your life. 

Hearing 3 knocks:

Sounds generally are associated with the worship of deities and spiritual beings

Hearing three knocks is to show you that you’ve been estranged from your spiritual heritage. 

In some cases, the sound could represent a warning about danger or an invitation for communication.  

Hearing 4 knocks:

Hearing four knocks is a sign of powerful energy surrounding you.

It is thought to be a communication from the other side and can represent angelic assistance or messages from departed loved ones.

Many believe that four knocks symbolize balance and serenity, as well as an ultimate power over all things.

Hearing 5 knocks:

Five knocks could signify protection or guidance from angels or higher sources of power beyond our current understanding.

The frequency is to show you the intensity of the message they’re passing across. 

Hearing five knocks also symbolizes an invitation to meditate and reflect on one’s life path. 

Final Words

In conclusion, hearing knocking at the door is a spiritual sign for many people.

It could be a reminder of God’s presence in our lives or a call to faith. It could also mean something else entirely, as we’ve seen throughout the article

Ultimately, it is up to each person to interpret the meaning behind the sound, but I believe you have enough guidance through this article already.

Regardless of what it symbolizes for you, taking time to sit with it and observe can open up an opportunity for growth and transformation.

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24 thoughts on “11 Spiritual & Biblical Meanings of Hearing Knocking at the Door”

  1. When I awoke this morning on a Cold Winters morning I was alert and awake and I heard three loud knocks at my door but I didn’t open tge door til I looked out tge window to see no one out there and it scared me to! This happened Jan 16th at 8 am!

    1. this knocking on the door has happened several times while i was a first i thought i just dreamed it,but this is not the case .i finally decided to read up on what this 3 knocks on my door waking me up from my sleep ment . i now realize i am not losing my mind ,and am not afraid of going to the door and not finding any one there.

      1. Hello Bernice, my name is Samantha and I’m from Australia, hope you are well. I heard knocking while i was asleep also, 3 distinct loud knocks (bang, bang, bang, a second apart between each knock, at 3 different times, the third time i heard it was the loudest) each time, these 3 knocks startled me from my sleep and made me sit up from my sleep and look at the bedroom door (my husband and i were living with my his family at the time in Egypt, so I just assumed it was his mum or someone knocking on the bedroom door wanting something. My husband did not hear any of these knocks and I said to him “someone’s knocking on the door” and he said, “I didn’t hear it” and we both just sat there looking at the door waiting for another knock but there wasn’t another knock, but it was like the knocking wasn’t on the door itself, i just assumed it was on the door, as you do. I can’t explain it but the knocking seemed to be just in the atmosphere.

        1. I actually had heard two knock at my door around seven but I didn’t get up n see but it happened several times I got up my bed to see who was at my door it wasn’t nobody else there.even I ask people who I see walking they said nobody didn’t knock at my door I figured it was an angel so I was puzzle n confused.

    2. This same scenario has happened to me as well a 3 -4 days from now an its crazy everyone else is saying they heard theirs at night , but here am i looking for answers .. by the way I’ve noticed you made this post on my birthday its a bit nuts to me

  2. I been going through a spiritual rebirth along with an awakening and I been hearing knocks on my room door or front door. Supposedly we’re not supposed to open right away but I opened my room door ofc I though it was my sister and no one was there and my son heard it. Usually kids hear the same things as you because their third eye is open but no one else hears knocks in my family except me and my son and he opened the door right away which got me scared for a bit. The first time it was 5 knocks, then 3 & last night it was 2. I been seeing 555,222,333,000,111, 911 & 11:11 frequently so we will see what they are trying to tell me with so many synchronicities

    1. Hello I see similar numbers too I also experienced bashing on door
      But thumping about 6 times but over period three bangs.
      Numbers unusual came up while I was trying to look at my phone bill online.
      But wasn’t the bill amount it was in a section that wasn’t related to this
      I saw like 00211 or 5656 then I refresh my page was t there never experienced anything like this before thou I’m very spiritual and can communicate with earthbound spirits. With what I heard this morning 5.15 am is unreal any one can explain ?

  3. I was awakened by a knock on my door this morning. I wasn’t afraid when I saw no one was there. It also is my late baby sisters birthday and I feel strongly that she was coming to me cuz she knows how much I’ve missed her
    This isn’t the first time it happened so I I keep my heart and mind open

    1. I hear knocking at night. Last night I heard two rather loud knocks. I lost my mother who I was caregiver one and half years ago. I lost my brother who I was caregiver for two months ago. I have no family .very lonely. I was very close to both. My brother Patrick my mother Betty Joan TY. Mark

  4. I heard 4 knocks last night. It woke me out of a dead sleep at 11:30 pm. Got up and opened the door. No one there. I wasn’t scared, I’ve seen many things during my life. My ex after 22 years wants to get back together. I figured it was a sign.

  5. Avatar
    Patricia Enriquez

    I heard loud knock on my door this morning around 1:45am I waited a few minutes i opened my bedroom door no one was there .

  6. This morning at 3am I was awaken by 3 knocks on a door. And it happened 3 times. When I went to look no one was there. I wasn’t afraid. But confused.

  7. My family and I have experienced the sound of one knock on our front door, at 7pm, almost on a regular basis for nearly one year. We live in an old farmhouse which dates back to the 1870’s. We have lived in our home for 17 years. I acknowledge that our metal door may expand and contract with temperature changes, however, the nightly knock even takes place throughout the change of seasons, and again, at 7pm. We just put up security cameras at all doors. Though a knock was heard this evening, nothing showed up in the footage for the front door camera. Throughout the past year, we have raced to the door to hopefully catch someone in the act of knocking on our door but nothing. We live in a very rural area on a small farm. I and my family are totally baffled! I believe there is something not of this world which visits our home each evening.

  8. I heard 2 knocks on my bedroom door at 430am. My husband passed away Dec 30th 2021. I know it was him and seeing butterfly 🦋 also

    1. Hi! Is there a way to let me know what 8 knocks mean? I’m desperately trying to figure it out because my friend and I have been freaking out about it. It happened at 10:32 pm on Dec 15th. The knocks were happening before but I wasn’t able to count how much it was. It came from my friends little brothers room, but he was not in there he was sleeping with his mom. No one was even near the bedroom expect of course, me and my friend. I’m am really curious what this means because no other place was able to tell me what it means.

  9. Last night, while asleep, a few hours apart, I heard distinctly 2 knocks on a house door. At the same time, I heard the words in my head “power-knock” and clearly visually/saw Roman numeral II. The first time my dog did not bark but the 2nd time the dog barked and leapt to the door. Although it is 4th of July weekend here in States, I know very well difference between fireworks, gun-fire, and a door knock. I do not drink, take meds, or feel insecure…so this is a mystery for me. I have been praying to God for a sign (clarity/direction) on a matter of concern, however, if this is a “sign” I am not sure what it means? I am keen on 888, which in gematria traditionally points to Jesus…but I have never encountered knocking and my dog barking like this. I am not afraid, rather trying to decipher. May God protect and help all.

  10. After my significant other passed . I kept hearing the knocking on the door at the same time he would come home after partying. Then it stopped. 2yrs later it was 4th of July his favorite time if the year and I was sad and I had asked him to show me a sign he was still here then at 3:30 am there the knocking on the door. Your article was right on with all the questions I had about what was going on in my life Thank you I now know I am on the right track snd I told him it was time for me to move on I am too young to be alone. So maybe I will meet someone new.

  11. I’ve heard knocking before but I’ve never paid mine to it like I’m knocking on the door but this time I know it was four or five with a seven knocks not sure I was half asleep when I answered the door but I know now I give it I leave it in God’s hands to show me what I don’t know and to guide me but my heart is open I asked for forgiveness and every pen for motion to make it into humble my heart and I ask you to bless me to heal me and may his hand be above me on me and widen my territories after that I may be a testimony through the work of my hands I thank you for being in my life and the holy Spirit also in the name of Jesus I pray and I give all this to him today I think you my brother God thank you for your son who I receive is my Lord my savior most of all my refuge in the name of Jesus I pray amen

  12. I usually stay up until 4 am or later. On Friday morning July 15, 2022 about 5:50 am, I was awakened from a deep sleep by several sets of very light knocking. As I opened my eyes, I then heard the whistling sound of something that sounded like a bottle rocket and then I saw a red glow that lasted for just a few seconds then it went out with a bang. This was happening in my living room which is right beside my bedroom but I could only see the entry way to the living room and I could see the front door where the knocking came from. All the windows in the living room were closed as well as the blinds pulled down. I got up and could not see any thing like a fire cracker or anything burning or any damage at all. There was also no smell of anything that blew up. No trace of anything I just saw and heard. I called my friend and woke her up and she came over and couldn’t see anything either but she was glad I woke her up because she had to unlock some gates at 6 am and if I hadn’t called she would have overslept.

  13. Today while sitting on my grandsons bed while he was sitting in the floor I heard a soft knocking. I was painting and thought okay it’s just me and kept on painting. Then my grandson came over and said grandma someone is knocking. So I looked through the front door glass and no one was there. Later, I went to my room and laid down. I heard it again. Looked out my window and no one was there. Asked my daughter and grandkids if they heard it and they had not. This just started today.

  14. The Date is August 7th and the time was maybe 11:10 I’m not a big person on time management or watching time but I woke up from my job while I was taking a nap alone. post inside this little building and heard loud knocking in my dream it was way more than 7 times. it was loud and consistent. it felt scary at first but I eased my mind and looked up the meaning because I was curious and I didn’t know that this had meaning.I would had never thought that the spiritual world would be trying to tell me something or God maybe trying to tell me something because alot has happened throughout my life recently and im not sure if its because of that knock or if something good is actually coming but im scared to find out what is coming wether it is good or bad.I hope it is really good but just wanted to share this experience that happened to me today because its so strange it feels like da ja vu which means im in the right place at the right time.I swear i want to make the world a better place but im afraid to let people into my home and where i live because the world is where i live im not saying that im homeless but i have gone through alot of things this passed year because my home is my internal environment and thats how i see it.But hopefully who ever im telling this too and reads this is either what is ready to come your way and im also talking to myself as well.

  15. Well this seems nuts. I’ve recently had a melt down which I’ve suffered with since losing my parents within 2 months almost 16 years ago now. But the melt downs only really began around 6 years ago.
    I have a new hobby… a weird one but just over a year ago I started ghost hunting with my brother. Since then I each one I do I feel more open. So this past Thursday in a Fort 3 times I felt like a rain drop on my head. And also in a group of 10 I had the desire to knock my hand on a table and I got a repeat knock back on the door. I repeated this several times either 2,3,4,5 and at different speeds and it copied me. I had 9 witnesses.

  16. About 30 minutes ago I heard 4 knocks on the door,I ignored it,then 8 knocks louder,with More urgency,so I got up and answered it,nobody around the gate was closed still and everything.

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