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Sleep Paralysis Spiritual Meaning: 7 Spiritual Causes

Sleep Paralysis Spiritual Meaning: 7 Spiritual Causes

Have you experienced sleep paralysis, but don’t know what it means and the spiritual meaning?

Then you have come to the right place. All of the questions in your heart will be answered in this article. Sleep paralysis has a lot of spiritual meanings and I am going to talk about them in more detail.

There is a medical side to sleep paralysis. However, there is a more spiritual side to sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis has a lot of spiritual meanings, which many people do not know. When they experience this condition, they will always run to meet their doctor for prescriptions and medications.

You should always be calm enough to recognize the spiritual side of this condition. Most especially when it is happening consistently. 

Let us look at the meaning of sleep paralysis as a build-up to this interesting topic.

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep Paralysis

This is a condition where you find yourself in a state between sleeping and waking. During this state, you will find it hard to move your body.

Sleep paralysis is a state that renders you partially paralyzed as you are gradually becoming conscious of your environment from the state of sleep.

During this state, you are going to feel partially conscious, but you will not be able to move your body. You will not be able to speak or shout. Even if you use all the energy in you to speak, you are going to only mutter a whisper out of your mouth.

This is how serious sleep paralysis can be. Although, it only lingers for a while before you regain your strength. 

During this period, you are going to feel as if a heavy force is holding you down. You will feel overpowered by something stronger than you.

Whenever this happens, that is sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis happens to a lot of people. That period when you are about to wake up, but cannot move your body, arms, and feet is called sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is an indication that your body has had difficulty with movement when you were sleeping. Therefore, it has become stiff and it will take a while before you can move your body again.

These are the simple definition of sleep paralysis. Therefore, if you have ever woken up, but are unable to move your body for a few moments, then you are suffering from sleep paralysis.

It is different from a hypnic jerk, which is a startling feeling that wakes you up in a sharp manner. Sleep paralysis will render you immobile for a few seconds when you become conscious of your environment

Medically, it is advised that you should not struggle to stand up. It is advised to let your body become fully awake before you try to move it again.

However, there is a more spiritual significance to sleep paralysis. Let us see the spiritual meanings of sleep paralysis.

Sleep Paralysis Spiritual Meaning

Sleep Paralysis Spiritual Meaning

In the spirit world, sleep paralysis has several spiritual meanings. These meanings are tied to either an activity around you while you are sleeping or something that happened to you in your dream.

Let us look at these spiritual meanings in more detail:

Be cautious of your environment

Dangerous environment

Whenever you have sleep paralysis, it means that you should be cautious of your environment much more.

There is evil energy around you, which is trying to hurt you and render you powerless.

The universe allowed you to feel that paralysis to send this message to you. Learn to pay attention to your surroundings.

Something is tampering with the frequency around you, which is opening a pathway for evil to gain access to you. Once you get up from sleep paralysis, go for spiritual purification and cleansing. 

It might be a sign of protection

Guardian Angel

Whenever you have sleep paralysis, it might be a sign of protection from the universe.

The little delay might be for your good. If there is danger ahead, the universe might allow sleep paralysis to happen to you to delay you from falling victim to danger.

For example, a friend of mine shared his experience with me concerning how a little delay saved his life. He woke up and tried to get up, but could not because of sleep paralysis.

After the paralysis has worn off, he got off and hurriedly went out to visit the gym. This was when he realized that a huge pole has fallen right across the street.

If he had stood up immediately, he woke up, there is a high possibility that he will be underneath the pole and shattered by its weight.

Therefore, whenever sleep paralysis happens to you, you have to put on a positive approach. The universe might be protecting you from a dangerous situation that is meant to hurt you. 

It can be a spiritual attack

Spiritual attack

Whenever you have sleep paralysis, then it can be a sign of a spiritual attack in a dream.

If you were attacked and overpowered in your dream, then when you wake up, you might have sleep paralysis.

Therefore, whenever you have this type of dream and wake up with sleep paralysis, you must use protection chants and spells on yourself when the paralysis wears off.

This is how to protect yourself from falling victim to the various attacks of evil spirits. I will also recommend getting an evil eye bracelet. It will ward off every evil energy around you by absorbing it and leaving your energy purified.

It can be a sign of victory


Sleep paralysis can also be a sign of victory.

When you have a fight in your dream against demons or evil powers and win, your physical body can be weary for some seconds when you wake up.

However, the way you are going to know if it was victory or not is how you feel when you wake up.

If you sense a deep fear around you, then it is not a sign of victory. However, if you sense confidence even while in that state of sleep paralysis, then it is a sign of victory.

When you wake up, you can burn incense and chant protection spells to purify your atmosphere.

These are the spiritual meanings of having spiritual paralysis. There is another question concerning sleep paralysis that will be answered in this article. Read on to find out more about this.

7 Spiritual Causes of Sleep Paralysis

Spiritual Causes of Sleep Paralysis

There are 7 spiritual causes of sleep paralysis. Whenever you have sleep paralysis, one or more of these spiritual causes are the reasons for this phenomenon.

If there is a spiritual meaning of sleep paralysis, then there must be some spiritual causes of sleep paralysis. Let us look at the 7 spiritual causes of sleep paralysis.

1) The presence of evil forces in your house

Whenever there is an evil force in your house, you are going to experience sleep paralysis.

This will always come with deep fear and most times, you will feel a hand holding you down on your bed or sofa. Whenever you have this awkward feeling, you must purify your house immediately after you get up from sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis can be caused by an evil presence in your house or your environment.

2) Someone is doing evil magic that is releasing negative energy into the air

Whenever you have sleep paralysis, it is a sign that someone in your environment or street is doing evil magic, which is releasing negative forces/energy into the atmosphere.

It is possible to be affected by the negative energy that is coming from another person’s spiritual practices.

This is why you should always use protection spells against evil. However, when you have this experience, don’t be afraid. No evil is targeted against you.

Your body is just responding to the negative energy in the atmosphere. After a while, it will wear off without any side effects.

3) A ghost is present in your house

I have experienced this before, and that is why I know that it can lead to sleep paralysis.

Whenever a ghost comes into your house, you will experience sleep paralysis. Most times, this is to prevent you from standing up and walking right into the ghost.

Other times, it is to keep you in a state of restfulness so that you can hear the message from the ghost clearly without fear.

You may run away if you see the ghost without sleep paralysis. Therefore, the ghost will make you paralyzed so that it can communicate a message to you for your benefit.

4) The fear of death

If you have become obsessed with death so often, you are going to have sleep paralysis. Your mind will play spiritual pranks on your body to make you feel as if you are about to die.

This is to help your mind to stop thinking about death. If you are always scared of death, then you will experience sleep paralysis at one time or the other.

5) It is caused by a bad dream

When you have a bad dream, which has a lot to do with ghosts, spirits, or angels, your body will react to it when you wake up.

The reason for this is because the dream world is deeply connected with the physical world.

Therefore, whatever happens in your dream always find a way to affect your body. Sleep paralysis is caused by having a bad dream about evil spirits trying to attack you in your dream.

6) When the negative energy in your house is too much

Whenever the energy in your house is too much, you will experience sleep paralysis.

As I have stated earlier, the best way to stop this energy is to perform a purification spell and use positive affirmation to drive away negative energy.

7) Sleep paralysis is caused by an attack in your dream

Whenever you are attacked in your dream either by spirits or by a man, you will have sleep paralysis when you wake up. 

These are the 7 spiritual causes of sleep paralysis. I am sure you can relate to one or more of the spiritual causes.

In case you have not experienced sleep paralysis before, then, read the next section of this article. I am about to reveal a deeper truth to you about sleep paralysis.

Does Everyone have Sleep Paralysis?


Everyone can have sleep paralysis.

However, every sleep paralysis is not a negative event. You might not have sleep paralysis for the rest of your life.

This depends on the energy around you, the environment you are living and how the universe chose to communicate with you.

If you have not experienced sleep paralysis before, it is not a sign that something spiritual has gone wrong with you.

The best thing to do is to be open to the other means of communication to you – either it is a communication of good or bad news. The universe might just be trying to speak to you through other means.

Is it Possible to Cure Sleep Paralysis?

Spiritual cure

Sleep paralysis is not a sickness. Spiritually, it is a response to a spiritual situation or event.

Therefore, sleep paralysis is not something that can be cured. After a few seconds, you are going to be relieved and you will be able to move your body and go on with your normal daily activity.

Therefore, curing sleep paralysis is not necessary.

Can Sleep Paralysis be Dangerous?

The danger while we sleep

It can be dangerous because you will be in the most vulnerable state.

You will not be able to move your body and mouth. Therefore, it is the best time for evil spirits to strike. However, do not fear.

The universe will always be there to protect you. Furthermore, you can use your mind to cast protective spells around yourself when you feel an evil presence around you, which is causing sleep paralysis to happen.

Final Words

Stay away from negative energy and always learn to cast protection spells around you occasionally. By doing this, you will set up the best defense against every evil force that might want to harm you eventually. 

If you have not experienced sleep paralysis before, nothing is wrong with you. A lot of factors can determine this. Therefore, don’t go about looking for sleep paralysis. Trust in the universe to lead you on the path that is best for you.

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5 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis Spiritual Meaning: 7 Spiritual Causes”

  1. I need a reply on this , I have been having this sleep paralysis for 15 years now or more , it happens to me anytime I find myself in a suspicious environment, I have come to a stage I notice immediately, I even see the face of the spirit usually a woman or girl , and I usually end up pushing it away I dont know how but it takes my energy to push it aside , sometimes it tries to come back and I still do the same thing . I dont know why my body is so sensitive to any form of energy around me

  2. I just had sleep paralysis and in my dream, I dreamt I and my friend was gifted 2 gourds, one has a turtle art and the other was a bird but I begged to have the turtle just because I thought it was cute, soon after I lay on the chair even though I had a place to be, as I lay on my sisters chair in the dream which happened to be my brothers chair in real life I could not move immediately it happened, I knew I was having sleep paralysis even though I was neither asleep nor awake so I relaxed, then I got scared I’ll be like that forever that I started to fight it, my fingers were moving but not my whole body and I could move my eyes too before I could move my whole body……… please I need to know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

  3. I went through a period a few years ago where I had sleep paralysis frequently. My most common episodes were the sensations of my bed shaking violently as well as being pulled by my feet off my bed and dragged around the room. Very unpleasant and scary but I was paralyzed and couldn’t move or speak as this was happening. One time I had a pleasant SP episode where a woman in the form of blue light danced with me in circles. Not sure if she was a force of good or evil but it felt good dancing with her. Anyway for whatever reason my SP gradually became less common and now I never have it. Not to say it could never happen again but at this point it feels like I went through a SP phase that has come and gone.

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