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11 Signs of Spirit Attachment: Entity Attachment Symptoms

11 Signs of Spirit Attachment: Entity Attachment Symptoms

How to tell if a spirit is attached to you? You need to know the signs of spirit and entity attachment.

  • Have you ever felt watched by an invisible force?
  • Have you had weird dreams about being followed by a strange being?
  • Or have you heard of spirit attachment, but lack adequate knowledge due to the scarce information about this deep subject?

This is the best place to get all of your answers. Spirit attachment happens to several people; however, they don’t know of it.

Some people feel that their condition is mental or psychological. This article seeks to open your mind to see the spiritual implication of your condition. If you don’t have this condition, the knowledge you will get will help you to proffer solutions and answers to the question of people concerning this subject.

Spirit attachment is a subject that must be discussed because a lot of people experience this.

Therefore, I have carried out deep researches, and come up with the best answers to the 11 signs of spirit attachment. By paying attention to these signs, you will be able to tell if you have a spirit attachment or not.

I am eager to release what I have to share. Therefore, let us get into this without delay.

How to tell if a spirit is attached to you?

 to tell if a spirit is attached to you

Do you know that a spirit can be attached to you?

It sounds weird, scary, and dark, but it is true. Several people have had experiences with this condition.

Spirit attachment can happen to anyone. It is possible to experience spirit attachment. A spirit can be attached to you. This feeling can be scary at times because of how real it feels.

If a spirit can be attached to you, how can you indicate if a spirit is attached to you?

This question came from the numerous inquiries about spirit attachment from our readers all around the world, and it is important to address this question. Although we will break this down into 11 distinct signs later on in this article, let us get a general overview.

When you begin to sense the presence of a spirit around you for more than 7 days, it is an indication that a spirit is attached to you.

In rare cases, people go through spirit attachment without seeing the form of any spirit.

Therefore, you don’t always have to see a spirit around you before you experience spirit attachment. Once you begin to sense the presence of a spirit around you for more than 7 days, it is a sign of entity attachment.

This is a general overview. In common cases, you will begin to see the form of spirits around you.

It might get scary at first, but when you get used to it, you can begin to converse with the spirit whenever it shows up.

There are 11 signs of spirit attachment. These signs will address individual differences; you will be able to look out for these signs and act accordingly whenever they show up.

It’s possible to identify the negative entity attachment symptoms?

Negative entity

You can identify negative entity attachment symptoms. There are certain symptoms of negative entity attachments.

Symptoms like depression, anxiety, or a sudden fear of the unexpected. These symptoms are not farfetched. They are linked to what you do daily.

Spirit attachment does not come in the form of a distant experience. It creeps into our lives unawares and begins to build up. Only the spiritually sensitive people will pick the signal early, and take the necessary action against negative entity attachment

A negative spirit can become attached to you when you open up your thoughts. We are going to talk about this in the next section.

To answer this question directly! It is possible to identify negative entity attachment symptoms. When you identify these symptoms, you should take drastic measures against the attachment to prevent yourself from becoming vulnerable.

11 Signs of Spirit Attachment you should know

Signs of Spirit Attachment

This is the section you have been anticipating. After uncovering several important truths about spirit attachment, let us look at the 11 signs to look out for.

Some of these signs indicate the attachment of a positive spirit, while other signs indicate the attachment of a negative spirit.

Paying attention to these signs will help you to spot spirit attachments when they are at their early stages.

1) A sudden change in your behavior

This is a sign of spirit attachment – most especially the spirit of the dead. When you notice a sudden change in your behavior, it is an indication that a spirit has attached itself to your soul.

This sudden change is not a result of meditation or inner reformation.

It just suddenly happens and begins to manifest itself more visibly.

When this happens, it is an indication of spiritual attachment.

This can be a good or bad sign. When you become suddenly aggressive or hostile towards people, it is a sign of a negative spirit attachment. However, when you observe a sudden positive change in your behavior, it is a sign of a positive spirit attachment.

2) A Sudden change in your preferences

This is identical to the first sign, but they can happen individually. When you observe a sudden change in your preferences, it is an indication of spirit attachment.

Whenever you begin to observe a change in preference and the choice you make, it is an indication of spirit attachment.

Spirits can enter our souls and deposit their fragments.

These fragments will influence us greatly, and align our preferences with that of the spirit’s fragment. This is why you should pay attention to yourself often. It takes a while for us to change.

Therefore, whenever it happens suddenly, it is a paranormal activity – which is likely a spirit attachment or entity attachment as some call it. Therefore, you should pay attention to your preferences.

3) Your thoughts

When your thought pattern changes, it might be an indication of spirit attachment. Our thoughts are one of the common entry points of spirit attachment.

Spirits operate at several frequencies, and our thoughts emit vibrations at different frequencies.

Therefore, when a spirit gains access to us, it influences our thoughts to emit the vibration that aligns with its frequency. In doing this, the spirit will be able to thrive in your soul and become dominant.

Therefore, when your thoughts begin to follow a pattern for a consistent period, it is an indication of spirit attachment.

4) You will begin to have dreams about the spirit of your dead loved one

When you constantly dream of your deceased loved one, it is a sign of spirit attachment.

You need to be careful at this point.

Through grief, spirits can attach themselves to us and influence us according to their whims.

Therefore, you have to be careful to not lose your guard while grieving over the loss of someone close to you. When you begin to have constant dreams about your lost loved one, it is a sign of spirit attachment.

If you don’t take the proper step, it might become pronounced beyond a normal frequency. Several people have experienced mental disorders as a result of this.

5) You start hearing a voice

This is something to also look forward to. Hearing voices is not a sign of spirit attachment. However, when you begin to hear a single voice more than 5 times a day for 1 week, it is a sign of spirit attachment.

This voice can start by telling you that it is your friend or angel.

It will find a way to worm itself into your mind and hold fast to it. This is a negative entity attachment. There is a positive side to it.

However, it will not become burdensome. The positive voice comes once in a while to guide you and leaves. However, when the voice gets so loud and consistent, it is a sign of spirit attachment.

6) When you start finding people with certain behavior everywhere you go

This is another sign of spirit attachment. When you constantly find people with identical behavioral traits everywhere you go, it is an indication of spirit attachment.

You will be able to understand what type of spirit it is by observing the behavioral trait of these people.

If you observe a similar positive behavioral pattern, then there is a possibility of a positive entity attachment. However, if the opposite happens, it is a clear sign of negative entity attachment.

7) The reaction of people towards you

When you observe a trend in the reaction of people towards you, it is easy to tell the type of spiritual attachment you are going through.

It is believed that if a negative spirit attaches itself to you, you will experience resentment and hatred from everyone around you. If a positive spirit attaches itself to you, it will bring good luck to you.

People will love you and open up their hearts to you.

8) You begin to see spirits in your house

Whenever you begin to see spirits in your house, it is an indication of spirit attachment. You will begin to see forms of spirits around you, which will become visible as your mind becomes influenced by the presence of the spirit. 

9 Dreaming of getting married to a stranger

When you have this dream, it is believed to be a sign of spirit attachment. In African folklore, it is called spirit husband or wife.

The Christian religion also believes that this type of spiritual attachment must be dealt with.

It is believed that with this type of spirit attachment, you will find it difficult to get married or have kids because the spirit will constantly show up to disrupt your plans.

10) When you constantly feel like everything around you is wrong

This is a selfish feeling that comes with spirit attachment. When you suddenly begin to feel like everything around you is going wrong, it is a sign of entity attachment.

You will be trapped in the cycle of cynicism, which will keep you trapped. If the proper caution is not taken, you will become possessed by the spirit, which will influence your thought pattern and action.

11) Your addiction can also be a sign of spirit attachment

You need to check what you are addicted to. Addiction can also be a sign of spirit attachment. When you suddenly develop a taste or habit that you cannot let go of, then it is a sign of spirit attachment.

Can a Spirit Harm a Person?


Spirits can harm people. 

Spirits are indeed intangible, but they can possess objects to harm us. They can also possess people to harm us. It is not all spirits that can harm us. Any spirit that seeks to bring harm to you is a negative spirit that you need to cast away.

Protecting yourself from the influence of such a spirit is necessary. 

Is there any way to protect me?

Spiritual protection

You can protect yourself from the dangerous spirits that seek to harm you.

You can protect yourself from such a spirit by chanting a protection spell. With protection spells, you will create a spiritual boundary against every negative force that seeks to penetrate your soul.

Furthermore, you will be able to protect yourself from the negative spirit by smudging sage. Smudging sage is the act of burning white sage leaves for protection. It is believed that the smoke from the sage leaf will cleanse your environment of every evil spirit.

Furthermore, your energy is important. If you emit negative energy, you will become vulnerable to evil spirits.

Therefore, you must ensure that your energy and vibrational frequency are positive. Look for ways to increase your spiritual vibration. You can use smudging sage to also clear off negative energy. 

By following these steps, you will be protected from the attacks of evil spirits. 

Furthermore, you can offer prayers to the universe for protection. Prayers of protection will trigger your guardian angel to protect you from the attacks of negative spirits.

Final Words

Pay attention to the 11 signals of spirit attachment, it will help you to know the different steps to take for or against the situation.

If you still have any question about this article, please, feel free to leave your comment below.

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11 thoughts on “11 Signs of Spirit Attachment: Entity Attachment Symptoms”

  1. Hi I am 51 and have had spirits attach to me which has been picked up by massage and acupuncture therapists.
    Have had 3 removals by Kinesiologist .
    I have never understood why until I read yiur articles.
    I would appreciate as much help in how to deter such following. I can feel the shifts in my personality and thinking.
    I makes my body heavy.
    Kind Regards

    1. So since the entities went into you from the therapists… Does that mean that they left the massage therapists? Or does that just make both of you plagued by evil entities? Seriously… ??

  2. yes i can feel spirit attached to me..always black flying like invisible fly poking my head to toe always…im keep trying to kill th mosquito bat..but how much i kill more it will come to poke me

  3. I can understand, on may 6, my life changed, when I sent a card to actor Benjamin Hendricksons niece, on the 17th anniversary of his death by suicide, I didn’t know the evil that was about to embark on my personal life. After the card, I started doing the donation every month to the ABTA, for cures for brain cancer, short time after that, I was sitting in my bedroom in pain from arthritis, when I looked up and I literally seen ben’s spirit looking at me, he was wearing black pants and a gray shirt, and then vanished. Next thing I know is it’s in the 2 mths his spirit is still attached to me. He came to me in a dream and followed me in a ofc room, locked the door,stood behind me and when I told him to leave, to let this go, he grabbed me by the arms , looked me in my eyes and told me, I can’t let this go, this was not supposed to happen, then vanished before my eyes, ever since then , his spirit has been trying to get me to commit suicide so I can be with him in hell, which is where he was and needs to go back forever. I used to think so much about this man, that now I have nothing good to say about him, or don’t ever want to ever think of him again. I need for some one a professional who can tell me what needs to be done to get his entity/spirit out of my home, out of my life forever. This morning I got an email from someone saying that a man named B wants to hurt me. For those of you who think the spirit world is a joke, I can assure you, it’s not. Iff something doesn’t give, his spirit will torture me until the end!!!! Please only serious comment’s. I have enough problems to deal with then to listen to people who think people like me are crazy. Benjamin, I never knew, but because he allowed the demon to control his mind, he is in hell because he didn’t care about no one. He was a selfish bastard who needs to go back to hell and burn.

    1. Well, about a year ago, My Grandmother passed away, from Dementia, and she also suffered from Alzheimer’s. She was 96yrs. old. She expressed that she wanted to die in her home…and that’s exactly what happened. My Grand father passed away some years ago, He too went to Glory in there home…
      Soon after my Grandmother’s passing, I inherited my grand parents House. Things were going well
      and then strange things started to happen.. I would start to hear noises coming from what I assumed was the attic, then several other random weird occurrences began to happen, first one voice( muffled sounding ) and then it began to be two different voices having a conversation, but I could never make out what was being said. And then and then I stared to experience the spirits/entity climbing into bed with me and my boyfriend almost every night!! and I complained to my boyfriend, but he say’s that I was crazy, and then I realized that I was the only one that was being affected by all that was going on..I felt so so lonely xx
      happen… r&b

  4. You are the only teacher who has spoken of 1. Meeting the same identical type of horrible person over and over again and 2. The anger and hostility from people you just met or barely know. All my life this has happened to me (I’m 70 yo) and I have been baffled and heartsick wondering why. What is wrong with me? I had an extremely abusive childhood and feel very damaged even now. Besides sage, what can a person do to get rid of a negative entity? Thanks for any help.

  5. Hi my name is Linda each house I move in spirits follow me around I have many photos on the Internet it bad bad I need help short story they not only following me but my children as well can you please help 🙏.it’s bad! Very bad! I have over 50 photos of these spirits.

  6. I love my spirit guide. Strong and proper and It’s such an honour to be in her company. Thank you for caring for me. This comment is a public gesture of appreciation. Thank you.

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