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What does Whistling mean Spiritually: It Was at Night?

What does Whistling mean Spiritually: It Was at Night?

What does whistling mean spiritually and what happens if you whistle at night? Let’s find out!

Whistling is a common act that is done for leisure. It is believed that whenever people whistle, it is a sign of joy and gleefulness. The African culture attributes this practice to elderly ones. Although, younger ones also whistle.

Now, apart from the historical and cultural facts around whistling, there is a spiritual meaning behind this. Whenever you whistle, something happens in the spirit world, which impacts your life. This might sound funny, but paying attention to everything in this article will make it clearer.

Whistling carries a spiritual message, and we are going to look into this in more detail. Whenever you whistle at night, there is a belief around this practice, and we are also going to look into this.

You must learn to pay attention to everything that happens around you. However, you must also pay attention to what you do by impulse or deliberately. One of such actions is whistling.

  • When you whistle, does it mean that a spirit is calling out to you?
  • Does whistling at night bring bad luck to your life?

All these questions will be answered. The different messages that come from whistling provide clarity to your path, and I am going to show you how.

Read on.

What does Whistling Symbolize?

What does Whistling Symbolize

Whistling symbolizes a divine message. However, it does not come from the universe directly.

Unlike other spiritual messages and signs, whistling is carried out by you, and it is a message from the universe. The sounds you are making through the whistle are a message. You will not understand these messages unless you open your heart.

Another symbolism of whistling is prayer. It is believed that whenever you whistle, it means prayer.

This might be unconscious. The reason for this is that you mostly don’t know you are praying. Whistling is a way of silent prayer to the universe. What you are praying for depends on your heart.

Whistling also means a sign of joy. Whenever you begin to whistle, it is believed to be good luck.

Several cultures and religions believe this to be true. It is believed that whenever you whistle, good luck and prosperity will come into your life. Therefore, whistling is a good sign.

Another symbolism of whistling deals with warding off evil spirits. It is believed that whenever you whistle, evil spirits will leave your life.

Although, this is based on a superstitious story.

You should watch out for this. Whenever you whistle, be deliberate about it. Narrow your energy to chase evil spirits away, and it will work.

What does whistling mean spiritually?

What does whistling mean spiritually

In the spirit world, there are 5 spiritual messages of whistling. These spiritual meanings give meaning to your life and put things into perspective for you. Let us look into the 5 different spiritual messages that come from whistling.

1) Good luck

Good luck in spiritual world

Whenever you whistle, it is a sign that good luck is coming your way.

The African culture believes that whenever you whistle, good luck is coming. It is believed that your spirit has seen the good luck that is coming and is expressing itself through the whistle.

Most times, when this happens, you will begin to dance to the rhythm of the whistle sound.

Whenever this happens, it is best to channel your energy towards positivity. You can stop whistling for a while, and make positive affirmations to release a more powerful energy that will attract good luck and prosperity into your life.

Whenever you begin to dance and whistle, it is believed to be a sign that good fortune is coming your way.

One of the things that happen when good luck is coming into your life is whistling. You begin to whistle consistently, and dance insomuch that you feel you are going crazy.

2) Calling your guardian angel

Guardian Angel

Whistling is believed to call upon guardian angels. Whenever you feel stuck, you can call upon your guardian angel by whistling. The faint sound of your whistling will bring your guardian angel to your life.

The feeling of vulnerability and fear can be overcome by whistling.

The air you release from your mouth will create an atmosphere around you that brings your guardian angel. Whistling at night, or in the morning brings your guardian angel.

You will feel the presence of your guardian angel whenever this happens.

When your guardian angel shows up, you have to speak out about your desires and ask for protection.

When you do this, the feeling of peace and safety will come into your soul. Therefore, you should have this at the back of your mind every time you whistle.

Sometimes, the sound will come out unconsciously. Whenever this happens, you can channel your energy to invite your guardian angel.

3) Avoid distraction


Whistling means you should avoid distraction. The numerous noises of the world can distract us from our life’s goals. Whenever this happens, you will suddenly begin to whistle aloud.

This act calls your attention to your life’s ambition.

Another way to go about this is to whistle loudly whenever you feel distracted from your life’s purpose. Becoming distracted from your goal, purpose, and ambition is dangerous because you will spend your life doing what does not matter.

Therefore, to get back on the right track, you can whistle out loudly in the night.

Doing this will take away every form of distraction from your soul, and awaken your consciousness to see what ought to be seen.

Furthermore, whistling is believed to keep you focused, and disciplined. This is what I do every time I don’t have an urge to work.

I simply take out time to whistle while meditating on the benefit of discipline. Within 3 minutes, I am back on track. Therefore, to avoid distraction, you can whistle.

4) Find your voice

Interior voice

The sound from whistling is an inspiring message for you to find your voice. You have lost your inner voice because of the thirst for external approval. You have allowed the opinions of people to lower don the voice of your inner self.

When this becomes obvious, you should whistle.

This can be a deliberate effort, and it can also be done by the universe on your part. When you suddenly begin to whistle in a soft tone, it is a sign that you have silenced the voice of your mind, and it is time to bring that voice aloud again.

The whistle of your lips will amplify the voice of your soul, and fill you with the courage to listen to your mind once again.

This is a spiritual message from the universe, and it comes with courage. With this message, the universe will inspire you to trust in your abilities, and use them to your advantage.

5) Spiritual vibration

Spiritual vibration

The whistling sound is also believed to talk about negative or positive energy. When the sound becomes high-pitched, it is believed to be an increase in the vibrational frequency of your chakra or energy box.

When you emit spiritual vibration at a higher frequency, it is a sign of good luck. It is positive energy, and it will attract good luck and fortune into your life.

However, if the sound is low-pitched, or faint, it is a decrease in the vibrational frequency of your energy box.

When this happens, it shows a sign of vulnerability.

Emitting vibration at a lower frequency is a sign of negative energy. It indicates an imbalance in your chakra, and this makes you an easy target for evil spirits. Increase the pitch of the whistle sound to change your vibration.

What happens if you whistle at night?

Whistle at night spiritual meaning

Whenever you whistle at night, it is believed to expel nightmares and evil attacks. 

Whistling in the night will calm your mind, and block your chakra from evil spirits. It will create a serene atmosphere around you, which takes away your worries, depression, and fatigue.

Furthermore, when you whistle at night, it is a sign that all of your desires will come to pass.

The sounds you make releases energy into the atmosphere, which brings your desires to pass.

Whenever you make this sound, you will become confident about your dreams, and feel a rush to achieve them. This feeling supplies energy that helps you accomplish your dreams.

Why shouldn’t you whistle in the house?

Whistle in the house meaning

There is a Russian superstition that whenever you whistle in the house, you are releasing your good luck and fortune.

It is believed that the air that comes from your mouth takes away the good luck in your house. This is why the Russians stand against whistling in the house.

Even though we have no proof, it is safer to abstain from whistling in the house – mostly in the afternoon. You can stand in front of your window, and whistle out loud into the environment. However, don’t do it in the house.

Final Words

Whistling is a tool to help us out with our lives. Therefore, we must endeavor to pay attention to the sound we make, and the message that comes from it. By doing this, we will leverage the power of the whistling sound to our advantage.

So, do you already know what does whistling mean spiritually, at night and during the day? Please, feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below!

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