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Home » 9 Scarlet Tanager Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

9 Scarlet Tanager Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

9 Scarlet Tanager Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

You were taking a walk and noticed this little red bird with black wings… What is it? It’s a Scarlet Tanager!

Take a moment to appreciate them because they’re quite rare. Seeing one is a true blessing as it’s definitely an eye-catching bird.

And as we all know, birds are known to be messengers from above. So, whenever you see one, it’s sending you a message.

Remember, there are no coincidences in this world. Look at where you are now… Researching… You understood that little bird had something to tell you.

Let’s now explore the spiritual meaning and symbolism of a Scarlet Tanager.

What does a Scarlet Tanager symbolize?

Scarlet Tanager

The Scarlet Tanager (also known as the Piranga Olivacea) is a small, brightly colored songbird found in and between the Americas.

As bright as they are, encountering one in the forest is rare and therefore held in high spiritual regard.

The spiritual meaning of the Scarlet Tanager is as beautiful as this little bird looks.

First, let’s look at the Scarlet Tanagers’ symbolism throughout various faiths to better understand its significance:

  • In Christianity: it is said that the Scarlet Tanager is representative of the Blood and light Of Christ
  • In Native American traditions: the Scarlet Tanager is a ‘Bird of Power’. A messenger from the divine of love and transformation
  • In China: although not native to China, due to its beautiful color the Scarlet Tanager may be seen in Chinese artworks and literature as a symbol of good luck, abundance, joy and prosperity.

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Spiritual meaning of seeing a Scarlet Tanager

Spiritual meaning of seeing a Scarlet Tanager

According to birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts sighting a Scarlet Tanager is rare and quite special.

Spiritually, seeing a Scarlet Tanager is believed to be an omen or message of luck from the universe.

It is always important that we take note of the context, circumstances and details involved when trying to interpret and understand the nature in which a symbol is presented or viewed as many factors may influence the outcome.

As a spirit animal, th Scarlet Tanager is a symbol of hope and fresh, new beginnings. Their beautiful red color can be a reminder to:

  • Chase your passions;
  • Pursue your dreams;
  • Stay true to yourself;
  • Do everything with love.

Its sudden appearance may also be a sign that you are about to undergo a journey or are on the right path with blessings from the divine and the universe

One thing is clear, if you spot a Scarlet Tanager in real life it’s important to take time to connect with your higher self, guides and inner voice.

You need to work on yourself so that the energy you carry with you is positive, transformative and ever-flowing.

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Spiritual meaning of a Scarlet Tanager in dreams

Scarlet Tanager in dreams

Dreaming of a Scarlet Tanager is also a spiritual sign with meanings and messages. It signifies hope and fresh beginnings.

For those experiencing a tough moment, the Scarlet Tanager is a sign that your ancestors, guides and highest selves are working to lead you on the right path and send help your way.

Alternatively, it could mean a great and positive change is coming your way, paving the way for new experiences. 

Be more mindful of any messages, prophecies and signs you may receive. Be wary of who you are sharing your power and gifts with.

Let the light guide you towards and also away from things and people that will no longer serve you positively. 

Consider yourself divinely protected and guided if you see a Scarlet Tanager in your dreams.

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9 Scarlet Tanager Spiritual Meanings and Messages

9 Scarlet Tanager Spiritual Meanings and Messages

So far, we have addressed the Scarlet Tanager in different faiths historically, what it may mean to encounter a Scarlet Tanager and what it means when one appears in your dream.

Let’s have a look at and briefly discuss 9 Meanings and Messages associated with the Scarlet Tanager:

1) Prioritize Your Spiritual Well-being

The appearance of the bird may mean that you need to spend more time connecting with your ancestors, guides and higher powers.

Pour love and energy into your faith and you will only benefit greatly from it.

Whether in your dreams or in real life this could signify a spiritual awakening and therefore requires nurturing and guidance.

If you are moving towards and or looking for enlightenment the Scarlet Tanager may be a message of that journey beginning.

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2) Be More Courageous

Tanager” is a name that comes from a Latin word for “fire”.

The beautiful, bold and fearless nature and appearance of the bird may be interpreted as a message to be bold and confident in your life and choices.

Trust in your gut and be fearless.

You are divinely guided as well as encouraged through your sighting. Be courageous in the face of any challenges that may arise and all will be okay.

3) Embrace Transformation

Whether you are going through a personal, spiritual or emotional transformation.

The Scarlet Tanager reminds you that change and transformation are possible and may just be a great and inspiring thing.

Because of its spiritual power and more obviously migration habits the Scarlet Tanager is a reminder that transformation is a force and necessary for growth, renewal and change.

4) Explore Your Passions

As a bird with close associations to the element air, combined with its bright color the Scarlet Tanager ignites passionate energy and vitality.

Observing It’s energetic, fiery behaviors as well as its fiery colors can serve as a trigger and reminder of our strong emotions.

As well as inspire a want and need for chasing and uncovering our passions.

Allow the vibrant sighting of the Scarlet Tanager to ignite your passions and inspire you to chase your goals, passions and dreams.

5) You Must Be Patient

It is believed that the Scarlet Tanagers spirit is a symbol and message for patience.

The message here is that the universe has a grand design and plan in motion.

The special appearance of this bird is a message to trust in God, the Universe or your higher power and let go of your fears and doubts

6) Spend Time in Nature

As a rare bird sighting, the Scarlet Tanager and its presence are a wonderful reminder to spend more time in nature.

Cultivate better connections with spirit and nature. This sighting may be a powerful experience that connects you to nature.

As many cultures believe the Scarlet Tanager is a symbol and manifestation of the connection and beauty between humans and nature.

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7) Hold On to Hope

Often associated with feelings of hope and sensitivity.

The Scarlet Tanagers’ uplifting nature, behaviors and song, the Scarlet Tanager remains a symbol of hope that: There is always beauty and light even in the darkest of times.

The Scarlet Tanager is also associated with the spring season.

As a seasonal bird its arrival in the springtime is often seen as a sign of new beginnings and fresh starts.

8) Open Up Your Heart Chakra

In some cultures and traditions, the Scarlet Tanager is thought to be a messenger from the divine of the importance of unconditional love.

Although it is not directly associated with the heart its beautiful vibrant color is said to be able to stimulate the heart chakra and its energy.

A reminder to love yourself, and lead with compassion, empathy and kindness.

Balancing your heart chakra will open you up to the joys and beauty and wonderful experiences out there waiting for you.

9) Open Up Your Root Chakra

The type of spiritual journey that a Scarlet Tanager would inspire is often associated with the energy and healing of the Root Chakra.

When we choose to open up to and connect with that energy it will open up and elevate our minds and lives to the ability to overcome obstacles, embrace change and transform ourselves.

The root chakra Is also associated with grounding energy and stability.

If you are feeling unsettled, disconnected and unstable this Tanager could be a message from the root chakra that: you are in need of security and staying connected to your roots.

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Is a Scarlet Tanager good luck?

Scarlet Tanager

By experiencing the rare and captivating presence of the Scarlet Tanager either in your dreams or in real life, you are reminded that there is meaning, purpose and forces behind even the most fleeting moments.

Although you may not be able to say that a Scarlet Tanager is good luck, this powerful spiritual symbol is an affirmation that you are divinely touched, guided and blessed.

Allow your faith, culture, beliefs and intuition to be the driving force behind your interpretation and reassure you through this unique sighting that every experience has, is and holds an opportunity to transform, grow and connect.

What better luck is there than that?

Final Words

We can see that the Scarlet Tanager is a powerful, spiritual bird with many different interpretations as to its meanings and messages.

To be so incredibly beautiful and powerful yet rare to see, the Scarlet Tanager teaches us that there is a power in invisibility and guidance within the air.

Whether viewed as a reminder of the important things within ourselves and our practices, or a sign or message from the divine. Treasure an appearance from this stunning bird and commit to the spiritual journey.

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